Blond Filth


Blond FilthNicolette was beautiful and I had wanted her for so long. I was sure of our future and that we would be married, that is until her father, who had once approved of me changed, his mind. He said that the high society families of the Jupiter Circle had purchased land at the outskirts of town then built ostentatious mansions, huge garages for their elongated million-dollar cars, and a pleasure palace near the glen. They had gained influence over everything. They were haughty and considered themselves superior and Nicolette’s father believed that uncertain futures faced anyone who was not in at least the lowest rungs of Jupiter high society.”I can’t let Nicolette be in jeopardy. She’s gotta marry up. That Brad fella finagled his way in. She could marry him.”I was devastated. Then, I had an idea. I told him I would do what Brad had done. I would get into that Society somehow. He gave me 30 days.The haughty core of Jupiter group was only accessible for those born into it. And, it was nearly as hard to get into any of the lower layers. But,I was determined. I would die without Nicolette so I would do whatever it took.I went to the Jupiter compound and strode across a huge lobby to a desk with a heavily-lipsticked brunette whose nameplate read, “Patricia”. I explained my desperate need. She looked at me without expression. Her face seemed hard. She left for five minutes and returned with a five-page application. “Show your gratitude by having this back to me in 30 minutes. Understand, fuckface?”Fuckface? How dare she. Yet, all I could think of was Nicolette. I finished in 17 minutes and that included a 300 word essay that pleaded my desperation. I handed the application to Patricia. She told me it would reviewed and to return the next day at 2pm.Twenty-four hours later, my fingers trembled as they gripped the long metal handles of two 12-foot high glass doors. My legs were numb as I walked toward the receptionist. This was it. My entire life. Patricia looked up. Her eyes were firm. My insides were not.”I … I … I–“”You are Bryan.””Yes! I–“”Shut up and wait here.” A few minutes later, her head peaked from behind a stainless steel door and she told me to follow her. She led through long hallways and double doors and into a room as big as a gymnasium except outfitted with elegance and one wall of solid glass. Most of the space was like a lavish lounge while the rear had plush office furniture and equipment. A tall blond stood in the distance. She walked toward us. I guessed her to be 28.”Athena, this is him. See?” She held up papers that had my picture and information. How could they have those? But then, they were Jupiters so why wouldn’t they?”Yes,” the blond replied. She looked me up and down before moving to a plush chair and sitting down. Patricia did the same. I was confounded. Was I suppose to stand or sit? I felt incidental and vulnerable. Athena wreaked of travel and privilege and worldly experience. She was regal and pristine. My shirt was plaid. “Hundreds want in,” she sneered. “Few make it. Most want our luxuries and parties and to grovel for our spare money. They are often rejected. You have desperation. I might like that. Do you understand that without me, you lose Nicolette? Without me, your life is nothing. That is how it should be, now isn’t it?”I forced myself to nod.”And so piss-ant, you are beginning to understand that I am superior and you are a peasant. Yes?””Y … Yes.” I would have said anything.She lit a cigarette. “What you don’t know is that those like your friend Brad—yes I know you know him because we do our homework—we permit them to be among us, but they are our playthings.” She laughed. “We have too much money and time and we have spent ourselves silly on all of the usual entertainments. They have become banal. We have become bored. We need you peasants to be our playthings and provide us with amusing decadence.”She leaned forward until her face was about a foot from mine. My nerves quaked.”Brad and his kind may seem to have wealth but their cars and clothes and money are just our rejects. Don’t you see, what we have already consumed and tossed aside as refuse, your people clamor for as your treasure? They bow in gratitude for the privilege of consuming what we have already used.”She inhaled. Very slowly, she pursed her and breathed into my face. I knew to hold still and take it.”Very good piss-ant, just like that. I inhale smoke, then you inhale it what I’ve already used. I am a Jupiter and you are a piss-ant peasant. I am superior and you are beneath me. Comprende’?”I had to agree. I fought a gnawing sense that maybe she was right. After all, I was the one doing the begging.She said it was too early to tell if I would be offered a contract of service or told what the specifics of my service to her might be. “Maybe tomorrow you will be ready.”She doused her cigarette and added, “You have a chance, piss-ant. A chance. We shall see. Tomorrow, 2pm. Now get the fuck out of my sight you disgusting piss-ant!”I was humiliated and hated not knowing the specifics but I reasoned that if others had tolerated such things then so would I. Besides, I had more desperation that any of them.I returned the next day and things went about the same. She looked at me with eyes that flashed side-to-side with excitement before she blew in my face and laughed, “Not today!”The following day, her eyes danced with even greater fervor and after a half-hour of derision she said, “Maybe today. Maybe. Are you ready?” I blurted, “Yes! I’m ready. I’m running out of time with Nicolette’s father and–” “Get the fuck out of my sight you disrespectful retard! How dare you say this has anything to do with Nicolette! This is about me! Tomorrow is your last chance fuckface! Come back here and be ready to worship me! It’s all about ME you stupid bastard!”I felt helpless, hopeless, and clueless. The meeting went much as the others. Athena clearly demanded and relished control. She reminded me it was my last chance and she told me of many things others had done to get into the Society.”Today or never!” she hissed. “Once you leave here, your status is your fate. Either you are in or you are out—–forever! Understood?”My hands were sticky. “Yes. Yes.””Then, are you ready to hear your terms of service?”Y..Yes.” I was too close to my dream to say otherwise. “Are you sure you are ready to hear?” Her face brimmed with devilish anticipation.I nodded. “Y…Yes.”She laughed and Patricia giggled behind her hand.”Very well then, I will tell you. To get into the Society and to stay in my service . . . “She brought her face close to mine. Her eyes darted with ecstasy. “To be in my society, you must…”She paused and took a long drag on her cigarette and blew it in my face. It hurt my eyes but I refused to blink.”You have to . . . Are you ready? You have to . . . “She paused again.”Eat . . “She paused. Here eyes scanned mine.”my . . .”She waited. Her smile widened.”shit!”They both laughed. I nearly passed out. What the hell. I couldn’t have heard her right. canlı bahis “Wha—” “Listen damnit! I’ll say it again. To be in my service … (pause) … you must … (pause) …… eat …… (pause) …… my …… (pause) … SHIT! … (pause) … Eat my shit! Do you understand what that means, fuckface?”I was confused. Was she serious? How could I ever… I nodded.”You should have known, piss-ant. I gave you clues.””C…Clues?””Yes. Remember? You piss-ants come into our Society and you treasure what we have already consumed. That means it is appropriate for you to consume what I have already eaten and that means this: I shit and you eat it!” She was nearly panting with depraved lust. “In time, you will see that my shit is your treasure. In time, you will brag to others. You will be envied because you have been chosen to eat my shit.”I was horrified. She was serious. What in the hell was I going to do?”Stupid piss-ant. The only way you can marry the girl of your dreams is to eat another girl’s shit.” She nearly fell off of her chair with laughter. “And when you kiss her at night, you better brush your teeth so she doesn’t taste my shit in your mouth.”She was clearly evil.”There are two others who eat my shit so you won’t have to eat it every day. And, I’ll start you off with small amounts. But, in 30 days, you will eat it all!. Now, sign these fucking papers or get the hell out of my sight forever!”I was in agony. I could never eat her shit. But I could never live without Nicolette either. “If you sign it, you have Nicolette. We’ll see to that. If you don’t sign it, you lose her forever. You have one minute.”My head said “no” but my hand seized the pen and signed the paper. The two women laughed and Athena roared, “He just signed up to eat my shit! What a piss-ant!” With her face close mine again, she began chanting, “Eat my shit! … Eat my shit! … Eat my shit! … Eat my shit!” She was insane! “Another lowly peasant to eat my shit! Tomorrow! We start tomorrow!” She flipped me the bird and said again, “Eat … my … shit!”I left in a daze. How would I face NIcolette. I wanted to be her husband and her hero but I had just contracted to eat another woman’s shit. It was filthy and unimaginable. How would I ever put my mouth on Nicolette’s again? When I returned to Jupiter, my head didn’t work right. It was overloaded and filled with dread. It’s only safe haven was the thought that Athena wasn’t serious and it was all just a test. They wouldn’t make me eat shit. Athena just wanted to know if I would. Yes, that was it! At the last second, she would call it off.Patricia led me to the pleasure palace and then to a room far in the back. It was an enormous room with more extravagance. Athena sat in a tall chair with red velvet and gold trimmings. She nodded and Patricia pushed me down into a chair nearby.”Well piss-ant, you are here. That is a good sign. The first day is the hardest even though you don’t have to eat much.” She motioned for Patricia to set an elegant white china plate edged with gilded vines on a table. Athena stood and smiled at me. “I am so much going to love this, my new peasant.” She pulled up her short black skirt and stepped up to stand on the table. She straddled the plate and pulled her panties to her knees. “You will watch. Do you understand? You will keep your face close and you will watch! That is what you signed up for.”My head slowly nodded.”If you do not obey what is expected, you will be thrown into confinement for days and you will not see Nicolette. If that doesn’t solve your disobedience, you will be confined for as long as it takes for you to perform your service and in those days, your only food will be my shit. So, choose, fuckface. Obey me now or be confined.””Okay. Okay.” I was a defeated man.She lowered herself to a squatting position over the plate. “Put your face up there. CLOSER! NOW!” Patricia pushed the back of my head. I surrendered. My face was just inches from Athena’s asshole and I felt miles from reality. It was disgusting and overpowering.”You will watch me the entire time. I am expert in the diet for perfect shit and I am expert in laying it beautifully as needed. It will come very slowly. You don’t deserve to even smell it so count yourself very fortunate!”Her anus puckered and expanded again and again. Then, the crown of her “log” appeared. Patricia yanked my hair and ordered me to watch. Athena threatened punishment if I closed my eyes. That crown began to push out and then, the cone of her rectal “banana” appeared and it pushed until three inches of rich brown shit pushed through her anus. “Watch fuckface! Watch!”It was a little thicker than a banana. She pushed another three inches and the smell overwhelmed me. I wanted to plug my nose but I knew I would be chastised. I had to smell it. Seven inches dangled from her anus. It was smooth and soft yet somehow firm. The tip touched the china plate. Athena pushed more and nine inches began to curl around the outer ridge of the plate. And, it just kept coming! It was a single ‘banana” ten inches and then eleven. Twelve and then thirteen. Would it ever end? I felt nauseas. Then, she pushed out the last inch and the log plopped in a perfect wrap onto the plate. f******n inches of girl shit! Despite my disgust and nausea, I was amazed at how perfect and smooth it was and even more, that one girl could layout f******n inches of shit. She moved aside and told me to put my face over the plate and to inhale the smell. The stench filled my dizzy head.”Get used to it.” She stepped from the table. She pulled the plate of shit near and turned it this way and that while speaking of its beauty. “You see piss-ant, THIS is award winning shit!” What the hell? “Last February at Other World Kingdom in Europe 58 superior females shit on plates like this. Seven judges judged it. I won first place for the best looking shit. I was fifth for texture, second for smoothness, and number two for smell–out of 57 others! The next day, the top ten each shit on a plate and our shit was divided into seven parts and put on plates for the seven judges. Each judge had shit from ten girls. All they had to do was taste a little and judge it. But, every one of those judges ate all of the shit of ten different girls! Then, they said that my shit was the winner; the best tasting shit of them all. That’s why I say it’s award winning shit and why you should be grateful to even smell it.” Patricia handed her a fork made of pure silver. Athena tapped the shit with the prongs and said, “Mmmmm perfect texture. Inhale peasant.”It was just too outrageous and I became more certain that it was all just a test and would end soon. Athena set the edge of the fork atop that log approximately two inches from the end and she pushed downward and began to divide her shit which revealed the inside which was composed of disgusting fibrous grains and particles of who-knew-what. She twisted the fork and separated it from the rest and she brought up before my face. “See? Award winning excrement. Yum, don’t you bahis siteleri think?” She pushed it under my nose and told me to smell it. She brought it close to my mouth then pulled it away while laughing.Let her have her fun. I knew the bluff. It would be over soon.”So, enough of the games.”Aha! I was right! It WAS just a game!”Now let’s see how devoted you are.” Her eyes flashed. “Bryan, eating shit isn’t easy. You will find the earth-dirt flavor offensive at first and you have to learn how to ‘process’ it so you can swallow. Today it is only two inches, but a month from now you must be able to eat all of my shit every time.” She looked at Patricia. “This is delightful, watching a peasant’s first time and knowing it isn’t easy which means that when he does it, he is proving his peasantry and my superiority.”Still, I believed it was a test.”Now Bryan, I want you to open your mouth. (pause) “Open your fucking mouth! Open it or you will be confined! You signed up for this so now it’s time for you to follow through. Open your fucking mouth!”It couldn’t be real. It had to be the final seconds of the test. Without my approval, my mouth opened. Her face broke into a wide smile. She pushed the fork toward my mouth. Her eyes were glazed. Mine were fearful.”Oooooooo I love this!” she squealed with triumph. “A peasant’s first taste of shit–my shit! So exciting!”The fork was under my nose. It stopped. I brightened. The bluff was over! But then, she pushed it forward and I felt the top of her shit brush my lip. I was horrified! I was frozen. “Now, close your fucking lips. Seal them to the fork. (pause) Very good. Now keep them sealed while I pull this shitty fork out of your mouth!”I was numb. I couldn’t reason. I couldn’t have shit in my mouth–but I did. It overpowered me. Paralyzed me. Disabled my brain. Athena leaned close. “I am so fucking turned on right now! I was worried about you except for your need for Nicolette. Now to eat shit you must start by softly munching. move your mouth slowly. You’ll feel it squish. You will find the smell and taste awful but you’ll get over it. Now start— munch softly.”My ability to logic had been replaced by the inebriating essence of her shit.Her face tightened. “I gave you an order! Now do it! NOW! Eat ……………………………… my…………………… shit! Do it NOW!”Her command was so strong. My mouth obeyed. Her shit mashed in my mouth and against my teeth. I felt sick. She told me to not heave. “That would be disrespectful! You must understand this privilege. You must eat it, piss-ant. Now eat it! Eat my shit! Eat my shit! Amuse me!” She laughed.It was awful. It was inhuman. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. Images of Nicolette’s face were all that kept me going. After a few minutes Athena told me to open my mouth. When I did, they both laughed Athena pointed at me. “Look at that! Eating my shit!” she laughed again. “Just how it should be! Just how I love it. Now listen shitface, run your tongue through it and divide it in two. Then swallow half.”Swallow? Actually swallow? “You want Nicolette, don’t you, piss-ant?”My eyes closed tight with the pressure of my predicament.”Swallow it!” Her voice was were afire. “Do it! …………..Eat……………… my ……………….. SHIT!” She squealed with delight. “Do it! Swallow! NOW!”I used my tongue. Then… then … I did the unthinkable. I swallowed. It was a half-bite but I felt devastated. What had become of me? I had swallowed. I had just eaten Athena’s shit. That could not be changed, denied, or ever reversed. Patricia offered me a small dose of water. Athena commanded me to swallow the rest. They laughed but Athena praised me for doing it better than she had predicted. She commanded Patricia to take the remaining shit to Brad. “Brad loves driving my discarded cars and our orgies. He doesn’t like eating shit, but he eats it anyway.“Nicolette’s father accepted me as a Socialite, but I had a problem: I hated the depraved secret that I was keeping from the girl I adored. When I kissed Nicolette’s mouth, it was not like before. I was tentative and I cut our kisses short. It was sheer betrayal to put my mouth on hers while knowing that earlier in the day, my mouth had been full of another girl’s shit.On the 22nd day, I surprised Athena by eating all 14 inches of her squishy, award-winning log. She was gleeful and praised me which exhilarated me. Along the way, other things changed. I was beginning to see how royal and special and wealthy and aristocratic and superior the Jupiters actually were. I was beginning to realize that what Athena had said about “the privilege” to be in her personal service. Others in my Socialite peer group worshiped the Jupiters. They envied anyone in intimate service to any Jupiter and I began to feel honored. And when pride one day got the better of me, I impulsively told them that I had been a chosen one and that I was regularly eating Athena’s shit. And, I told them that in 22 days, I had eaten her shit every third day and by pure estimate, it amounted to over five-and-a-half feet of rich excrement. They’re jaws dropped. Obviously, they were very, very jealous!My relationship with Nicolette ended. I could not keep betraying her. Sometimes while kissing her, I was remembering how an hour before, Athena had taken a complete shit in my mouth and I had eaten it all and even thanked her for the privilege. I could no longer betray Nicolette. Besides, I was beginning to live for Athena’s shit. It was as if her shit had become like a new girlfriend, like I should date her shit and kiss it and fondle it. It was crazy. Maybe I was crazy.I learned that c***dren of the Jupiters were also introduced into decadence, albeit with less-perverse acts. I didn’t know how that worked until one day, Patricia told me to meet her in a Pleasure Palace ballroom. Near one wall was a long, low, narrow table with seven dividers, like voting booths. Patricia had me kneel on the other side of one booth with my chin on the one-foot wide table facing the inner room. The wood dividers blocked my vision to the left and right but I could hear other unknown people being placed in booths. Then, I heard Athena’s voice and the click of her heels coming my way. I heard the voice of a young girl with a much quicker clickity-clack which told me her legs were much shorter. I reasoned it might be a young daughter. “Okay Daphne, keep hold of my hand and let me know when you see what you want.”Daphne’s voice was a sing-song composition of “No, no, no, (pause; modulation) no.” It was repeated many and it seemed to be coming my way. Then, I saw blond hair and blue eyes, barely taller than the low table. The energy of her body and her sing-song composition stopped. She looked at me. Her eyes widened. She smiled. She yanked Athena’s hand. “That one!” She tugged again. “Mommy! That one! LISTEN!”Athena turned to her daughter. “What?””That one! That’s the one. That face! That one right there!” she said while pointing at me and glaring at me the entire time.Athena güvenilir bahis laughed. “No Daphne. Not that one. What about those others you were talking about?””No! NO! I want that one! I want that one!” she protested. “I want that face in my BUTT!” Her hands swiftly went under her dress and grabbed her buttocks.What the hell–“No Daphne. Go for someone closer to your age.””NO! I want that one! I want that nose in my butt!” She stuck her tongue out at me.’Why that one sweetie?””Because. Watch.”She came to me and turned around and yanked up her dress and put her pantied bottom right up near my face. “See? That face fits my butt. You said I could have any face so that’s the face I want.”Athena had been distracted by one of the Jupiters. Daphne yanked her hand again. “Mommy! Listen!””Daphne–“”That’s a peasant’s face and it belongs in my butt.”“But sweetie, mommy uses that mouth–” “NO!” the blond brat asserted. “I want that face! That’s a peasant’s face and I want to fart all over it!”Fart? What–“But Daphne, the sign says he has no experience.””I don’t care. That’s a face for farting and I want to fart, fart, fart in THAT face! You said the more they are peasants the more they should be farted, so I want to fart in his face! You said I could!”“Okay Daphne, if you’re positive.””Yes!” she squealed. “That’s the face! I want to fart in his face all day! I want three farts pills!”“No, you cannot have three fart pills. You’re too young. You can have half of a fart–“”NO! I want a full fart pill. I want to fart fart fart fart fart all over his face all day! I want a full fart pill!”Athena laughed and looked at me. “Well, too bad for you then.”Daphne came to me and put her face to mine. “I am going to fart in your face. I’m going to fart fart fart fart my stinky-p*o farts all over your face the whole rest of the day! I am going to fart fart fart right in your face!” She laughed and stuck her tongue out again.While Athena stayed in the ballroom, Patricia and Daphne began to lead me away. The girl suddenly ran to Athena and covertly dug a bottle of black disk-like tablets from her mother’s purse. She poured fart pills into her right hand. We ascended to a second-story room that was like a bedroom but also like a living room. It was filled with lace and pink and stuffed a****ls. I was layed in a prone position on the the floor and Patricia told me to lie perfectly still and keep my face pointed upward “so her little girl can sit right on it”. A minute later, Daphne came to the room carrying a small glass of water. She stood over me so that I was looking up her dress. She looked down and smirked and laughed and said, “My butt in your face! My butt right in your face!” She knelt and straddled my face and pulled up her whispy white dress. Her panties were a very soft white cotton and very thin. She looked down at me. “Bye-bye fart face!” she laughed and then she nestled her butt down onto my face. I felt her soft-but-taut buttcheeks meld to my facecheeks and I felt my nose go up into the warm “pocket” of her stinky butt.She dropped her dress and it formed a tent over my head. I felt her full weight on my face, but she was small so it wasn’t much. My entire world was under her dress. She laughed and wiggled while grinding her butt right in my face while I lay still and let her do it.Then, she pulled her dress up and she looked down at me over her left shoulder. She held a full fart pill in her hand with the glass of water. She sneered at me. “I can’t wait!” she said while holding the pill before me. She popped it into her mouth, drank some water, put the glass down, dropped her dress around my head and wiggled her butt in my face.A few minutes later, she pulled her dress up again. “I am soooooo ready!” she laughed. “I’m going to fart fart fart all over your face! You’ve got a peasant face and I’m going to fart all over it! Get ready fartface!”She dropped her dress and lifted herself just slightly and then, I heard it. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ffffffff-t-t-t-t.She blasted a full-blown fart right in my face and she laughed so hard that her butt cheeks jiggled on my face. She pulled her dress up. “Did you like that?” she asked. “Too bad. It doesn’t matter. Get ready. Get ready!” She dropped her dress and in the next 15 minutes, she must have farted 100 times. The smell was pungent and sulphuric and compounded by the tent of her dress that trapped her farts and multiplied their strength. She laughed and sang with glee about “fart fart fart all over your face”. After nearly 45 minutes, she got off of me. Ten minutes later, she got on all fours at the edge of the bed. She pulled her dress up and exposed her little butt in those soft thin panties. “Sniff my butt!” she commanded. When I did, she laughed at my helplessness and demanded more. She made me sniff her butt for nearly a half hour while she said, “Keep your nose in my butt. Keep smelling my butt hole!”Then, she took another full fart pill and in less than three minutes, she began farting and farting and farting and demanding that I sniff all of her farts and tell her how good they smelled. It took nearly an hour before her blasts ebbed and I breathed fresh air.Then, she took her third fart pill and had me lay on my back with the back of my head against the headboard. She straddled me, pulled her dress up, backed her rear-end to my face and farted in my face for another hour.It was humiliating and I felt sick from over three hours of smelling Daphne’s farts. But, if there is one thing I’ve learned about being with Jupiter girls it is to do what I am told and just take the filth their butts push into my face. It isn’t easy to just let a precocious bratty girl with fart pills just fart in my face for hours but since then, she has done it many times and I am beginning to understand the honor of it. After all, no one else could brag that they had been chosen to eat Athena’s shit AND also to smell her daughter’s farts. The fact is, others don’t even ask for those things because they know they aren’t special enough, like me. They will never hear those chants of “eat my shit, eat my shit, eat my shit!” or that c***dish sing-song voice singing, “smell my farts, smell my fart, smell my farts!”. I love it that I am so special!I have come to terms with losing Nicolette. I suppose life changes and when it throws you a faceful of shit, you just need to take it. For me it just was never meant for me to kiss girls like Nicolette. All along, my fate was to eat shit from Athena and smell her daughter’s farts. It’s a new and unexpected world, but it’s where I belong.~~~~~ Except . . . Yesterday, I came to an extremely anguishing realization: Nicolette’s dad will have her marry a Socialite. That means that someday, SHE will be among us and then —– then —– THEN! — she will learn that while I was engaged to her I was eating Athena’s shit! And, she will also learn that while I was engaged to her, Athena’s daughter’s was farting in my face—a lot! She will know that I had sometimes kissed her mouth right after eating Athena’s shit and other times when we had made out, it was right after a precocious and bratty girl had just let 100 smelly farts all over my face! Those were horrifying thoughts. What would I do? How would I ever face her?

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