Bob and Becky Ch. 11


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I decided to do a few more chapters. Please keep the feedback coming! I’ve had great constructive criticism. I love to hear from you folks.


Becky and I pulled back into the driveway after we had finished the shopping for the party. We overbought, as usual, and we realized just how much so as we pulled bag after bag from the car and ferried them into the kitchen. We had purchased lots of appetizer type foods that only required a little bit of preparation, and lots of drink mixers (the liquor was supposed to show up just after noon).

After packing the groceries away into the fridge or into coolers with ice, the phone rang. It was Sheryl.

“Hey sexy,” she said, as soon as I had said hello. “I just got the rest of the day off. Have you guys already done your shopping?”

“Yeah, we just finished putting things away. You want to come over?” I asked her.

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes!” she replied. They said their goodbyes and I told Sheryl the new plan. Sheryl was thrilled.

“I was wondering what you were going to do this afternoon, I have some shopping I need to do, and I doubt you’d want to come with me, but I didn’t want to leave you to be bored alone. I’m pretty sure Sheryl can keep you distracted.” She said to me.

As Becky got ready to go shopping, I decided I would do some yard work. It was really pretty good, but I thought I’d trim it and edge it and get the flower beds weeded and all taken care of. It wasn’t that I thought I would impress my party guests tonight, but as my parent thought I was working today, they would think I took some of my precious week-end time to do this favor for them. It was a minor deception, and I did have some guilt, but I decided this is what teenagers do. And really, it was pretty minor.

As I was mowing Becky came out and told me she was leaving for shopping. Shortly after that Sheryl showed up. Sheryl came into the back yard and gave me a lovely kiss on the mouth. I turned off the mower and told her my plan to clean the yard.

“Not terribly romantic, you know,” she said, smirking at me, “but why don’t I give you a hand.”

She went inside to change, and I started mowing again. Our yard isn’t huge, but I was doing it carefully, making the mowing patterns that my father liked so much. Sheryl soon came back outside and I gaped at her. She was wearing a very thin white cotton shirt. It was a little beat up, but more importantly, it was nearly sheer. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra. Even though her little breasts did not sway and wiggle much without the bra, the slightly upward turned breasts with the puffy areola and stiff nipples were clearly discernable both by shape, and by the slightly darker color obvious through the flimsy shirt. She also had on an impossibly small pair of shorts. They looked like they might have belonged to her in the third grade, and she just forced herself into them again. They were satiny, and dark blue. Combine this with her bare feet, her easily tossed hair, and she was a goddess. This girl was so hot she had no need of lingerie or even nudity to make me want to fall all over her — a worn cotton shirt and old shorts made her look good enough to eat. I immediately turned off the lawn mower and went to her, hugging her and kissing her deeply.

“Now you behave!” She said, pushing away from me. “We’re going to work in the yard, remember?”

“You come out looking like that, you have to expect me to notice!” I moaned to her.

“Oh yes, you go ahead and notice, and then you think about what we’re going to do later. But no touching until later! Let the anticipation work on you.” She smiled and pulled away from me.

She went to the flowerbeds and started weeding while I started the mower back up. Our back-yard was very private. There was a seven foot wooden privacy fence which was pretty good, but additionally there was ivy growing on the fence, making it a solid wall. Not to mention we had older neighbors on either side who would be at work this time of day. Sheryl put on a wonderful show for me. She planted her feet about shoulder width apart, and bent from the waist to pull the weeds. Her lovely behind seemed to point at me wherever I was in the yard.

I finished the mowing and pulled out the weed-eater. I carefully trimmed all around the yard, and received the usual grass bits all over my legs and shorts from the trimmer. When I was finished I pulled out the garden hose and sprayed off my legs. Then, being affected by the heat of the day, I pulled off my shirt and sprayed my head, to cool myself down. Sheryl came over and, taking the hose from me, said “I’m pretty hot too. It is going to be too hot tonight to make a ataköy escort fire to sit around.” And with that, she ran the hose over her long hair and then, to my delight, all over her torso as well.

Her shirt, which already was somewhat see-through, became translucent. It was clear that the water coming from the hose was cold, as her nipples constricted and pushed at the fabric, becoming more visible as the material soaked through. I looked at her shirt, and said, “Oh, what’s the point of wearing this?” and started to lift it over her head.

“Hang on, I said no touching, remember?” Sheryl said, pushing my hands away. “I’ll make you a deal, I’ll take off my shirt and my shorts if you take off your shorts and underwear.”

I glanced around, suddenly very aware that we were outside. “No one can possibly see,” Sheryl reassured me, “Come on, let’s get a tan on our naughty bits!”

I snickered and thought. I said, “I will, but not yet, I have to run the edger, and I’d rather not be so exposed while bits of rock and dirt and grass are flying around.”

She considered this for a while, and then said, “Okay, but you have to promise you’ll get naked as soon as you are done with the machine.”

“Deal.” I said. And she lifted her shirt off, and stepped out of her shorts. My suspicions had been correct, no underwear! She stood there, naked as the day she was born, and looked gorgeous.

“Back to work!” she said, and turned and resumed her same position for weeding. I stared at her lovely backside, but just for a minute. I was now anxious to be done the work. I ran the edger, and had everything looking very good in no time at all. As soon as I was done with the edger, I stripped out of my shorts and underwear and socks and shoes, and stood in my back yard for the first time ever, totally naked.

“This feels quite nice!” I said. She finished the weeding about the same time, and the yard was complete. The front could be done another time, I quickly decided, though it would be quite something to move to the exposed front of the house still naked!

We cleaned up the tools, and put them away. This did not take long, and Sheryl said, “I was hoping to hang out in the yard like this, but now I feel sweaty and gross. Let’s take a shower, then maybe we can come back out and do some naked tanning.”

“Well,” I hesitated, “Becky will be home by then, likely.”

“So what?” Sheryl said. “She can join us if she likes. I bet she will.”

“You know,” I began, “You seem awfully comfortable letting my sister be in on our sex life.”

“And does that weird you out?” Sheryl asked me, looking at me carefully.

“Well, I’m not sure. I don’t think it is ‘normal.'” I said. “I’m not complaining, I don’t think, but what is your motivation? Why do you tell her to watch?”

Becky looked at me, and seemed to decide to tell me whatever her secret was. “Bob, please don’t get weird about this, but I have had incredibly strong desires to fool around with a woman for a couple of years. I’ve never done anything about them, but they’re always there.”

“What, like you think you are a lesbian?” I asked, starting to feel slightly sick.

“No, I don’t think so.” She said to me. “I think it is just something I want to experience. I think your sister is lovely, and I have to admit that I am very attracted to her. I would never do anything to cheat on you, but I thought if we brought your sister into our intimacy, you might not mind if I started experimenting with her.”

I looked at her. “Well,” I began, not quite knowing what I was going to say, “then I really have something to tell you.” She looked at me, and I started choosing my words carefully. “Just a while ago Becky and I started noticing each other’s sexuality. It was a mistake in both directions. I saw her going into the bathroom for a shower while she was naked, and she mistakenly walked in on me masturbating. Since then we’ve been doing things together. It has even escalated to oral sex.”

I stopped and looked down. I was more nervous than I imagined I ever would be. “We’ve never had full sex or anything,” I said, trying to justify myself, “but I do have an incestuous relationship with my sister. I’m so sorry.” The last was a whisper.

But I need not have worried. Becky wrapped me in her arms, and her face bore an expression that immediately told me she was not angry.

“Bob, you should have told me,” she said, “and if you ever do anything sexual with another woman again without my permission, I’ll rip your nut-sack off. But this doesn’t surprise me, or shock me, or disgust me. I think what you two are doing is natural, and the secret stays with me.”

We hugged for a while, relief flooding through me for a couple of reasons. First, my girlfriend knew what I had done without her, and was not angry. Second, my dirty secret about my sister was in the open with another person, and the feared judgment had not come.

Becky detached from me, and pulled me inside. She headed to the shower with me in tow. Under the water we touched bakırköy escort and explored each others body with renewed enthusiasm. There was no rush, no extreme urgency. Instead it was two lovers, looking to find ways to please the other. After we were both clean from top to bottom, Sheryl turned off the water. We dried off and headed to my bedroom.

Once we got there Sheryl pushed me onto my back and then climbed onto me in a classic ’69’ position. We tenderly ate each other, by now knowing what the other liked. She came surprisingly quickly, lifting her head and grunting as she pushed her vagina against my tongue. She then climbed off me, and was beside me, on her back.

“Get the lubricant!” she whispered. I reached into the bedside table and pulled it out. I squirted some into my hand, then gave it to her. She applied some and I rolled on top of her. She grabbed my head in both hands and said, “Go slow!” I nodded, and after she released my head, I felt her hand on my penis. She guided it to her pussy, and my cock-head touched her. I pushed just a little, and my head slipped into her with surprising ease. She giggled and said, “I guess I’m well lubed!”

I pushed a little further and stopped. It was tight, but soft. It was wonderful, and though I desired to push myself fully into her immediately, I took my time. It took nearly twenty minutes to work myself completely into her. At no point, I later learned, did she feel pain. When our bodies met, with my penis fully inside her, she grabbed my hips, and started to rock me against her. This obviously felt good for her, as each of my little thrusts caused her to gasp.

I knew I would cum soon, and she seemed to sense that as well. She pushed me off her and then climbed on top of me. Slowly she lowered herself onto me, fully plunging my penis into her. After a few experimental thrusts, she settled down into a nice rhythm. She ground her pelvis against mine, which did not stimulate me as much as it seemed to be stimulating her. I could last like this, but she was obviously really enjoying it. Her mouth hung open, and as I watched her nipples grew thicker, harder, and longer. I reached up and touched them, and she gasped. I put both my hands on her breasts and lightly tweaked her nipples. She moaned quietly and her body tensed. I could feel her pussy contracting powerfully, squeezing my hard member deep inside her. Her whole body seemed to tense and relax with her orgasm, and she sounded like she stopped breathing.

Finally, she started to come down. She lightly rocked herself against me and gasped each time she did. Then she laid down on top of me, my penis still buried in her. “Give me a second,” she said, “that was incredible. I didn’t think I’d cum the first time we tried this, but wow, that didn’t hurt at all.”

I just rubbed her back gently, trying to be patient, but I wanted to get off now too. After what seemed like a long time, I felt her hips undulating again, and she slowly pulled me almost out of her, then quickly pushed down until I was fully inside of her. “I can’t believe your cock is inside me,” she whispered. “It is so hard, and it fills me up, it is amazing.”

“Can I get back on top?” I asked. When she nodded and rolled over I got back between her legs. She grabbed one of her knees in each hand, and pulled them up to her chest. I pushed myself back into her in one, slow push. Then, I started pumping. Just a bit at first, but she urged me on, calling for more, for harder. And I did. I thrust my cock in and out, and she gasped each time. With her legs up like this, I felt like I was going deeper and deeper. I slowed down just a bit, and said, “I’m going to cum soon, are you sure I can do it inside you?” She nodded and bucked her hips up against me.

I pumped her with renewed vigor. I could feel myself in her, her velvety vagina felt wonderful against my cock-head in particular, as it pushed in and out. And then I was there. I tensed, and put my hands out on the bed, buried deeply in her, and looked into her eyes. As my semen splashed into her, her eyes opened wide, and her mouth opened in surprise. “I can feel your cum inside me!” she said in a whimper. And then she started to cum again. She moaned a little, and her knees came together, increasing pressure on my penis. This seemed to trigger a bit more from me as well.

I lay on top of her panting. We both seemed to be okay just laying there for a while, my penis still inside her, but growing soft after my powerful orgasm.

After a while, I rolled over and lay beside her. She kissed me deeply, and we both felt that a new level of love and intimacy had been reached. Neither of us said it, but we were both glad this was our first time, that we waited for each other.

“We should clean up. How about another shower?” She finally said. I nodded and we went to the bathroom. I noticed, as she got up, that there was a big, dark, wet spot on my comforter. I made a mental note to put the sheets into the laundry right after the shower.

The shower was a lovely affair. topkapı escort We washed each other tenderly, and finished up quickly. After drying off, Sheryl said to me, “Now remember, we were going to go naked into the back yard and sun tan for a while.” I remembered, but was not yet reconciled to hanging around naked with both my girl-friend and my sister. I told Sheryl I’d be right out, that I was going to launder the bed clothes, and she went off to the back yard. When I got to my room, however, the comforter was already gone from the bed. Puzzled, I went to the laundry room and heard the machine running. My comforter was inside, as well as my sheets. Seems we soaked through a few layers.

My confusion continued until I walked to the back yard. There was Sheryl AND Becky, totally naked, lying in the reclining plastic chairs. It was a beautiful sight.

“Welcome back, Becky, did you put the sheets in the wash?” I asked.

“Yeah, you guys made a mess.” She replied causally.

“Did you watch us?” I asked her. Sheryl looked at Becky.

“Yes,” Becky said. “You guys did not shut your door, and you could have had 20 people watching, I don’t think either of you would have noticed.”

“What did you think?” asked Sheryl. “Did it look like something you’d enjoy?”

Becky sat up and looked at Sheryl. “Yes, I am sure it is something I would enjoy. And I hope to, sometime soon.”

Sheryl and Becky eyed each other. “What do you mean, exactly?” Sheryl asked. “Do you mean you would like to try sex soon? Or sex with your brother? Or sex with me, or sex with both of us?”

The silence seemed as eternal as it seemed tense. Becky looked at Sheryl, and then at me, and back to Sheryl. “It is alright,” Sheryl said, “Bob told me you guys have done some stuff, it is fine with me. In fact it is more than fine with me.”

Becky looked at me sharply. Not in anger, but more in relief, I think. Becky said, “I’d like to try all of those things, actually.”

We all looked at each other, naked, in the back yard, talking about having sex with each other. Despite the fact that I had just had sex, I started to get hard again.

“I hardly think here is the place,” said Sheryl. “It is private enough back here to sun bathe, but certainly not for sex.” We all laughed, and moved into the living room.

“Wait,” said Becky. “I don’t know if I want to do both of you at once! I’m not experienced, you might be too much for me.” She smiled.

“Well, how about this:” began Sheryl. “I’ve wanted to go down on you for a very long time.” She looked at Becky’s surprised face. “I want you to sit in the couch, and I’m going to eat you until you cum. Then you can decide what we do next. Deal?”

“What about me?” I asked.

“You sit next to Becky,” said Sheryl. “If she feels like it she can do things to you.”

Becky sat on the couch, and leaned back, her knees spread. Sheryl was already between them. I sat on Becky’s right, my cock erect at the sight before me. Sheryl started slowly, and worked Becky up deliciously. I could not tear my eyes away from the sight of my girl-friend eating my sister’s pussy, so I was surprised when I felt Becky’s hand close around my cock and start pumping me earnestly.

“Oh, I’m so wet,” said Sheryl. “Bob, get behind me and do me again. But don’t cum yet! Stop before you cum!”

I hardly needed a second invitation. I got behind Sheryl, who was on her knees, and held her waist with one hand, while guiding my penis into her with my other hand. She most certainly was wet. I slid in with ease. I grabbed her hips and started pumping her, matching my pumps with her finger which was working on Becky’s pussy. The sight of this must have been too much for Becky because she cried out, and Sheryl’s finger came out of her, and a jet of Becky’s cum sprayed full on in Sheryl’s face. Sheryl spluttered in surprise, and backed against me.

“Wow, that was hot,” said Sheryl. “I didn’t know you were a squirter. You are definitely lubed up. Want to try some cock in here?” She stroked Becky vagina slit, bottom to top, causing Becky to twitch. When Becky nodded Sheryl pulled away from me, and told me to move forward on my knees until my penis was at the entrance to Becky’s pussy. “Now go slowly, Bob.” She said to me. “And don’t finish inside her. When you’re ready to cum, pull out and let me stroke you until you finish all over her belly and breasts. She came all over me, now I’ll stroke you all over her.”

This was an impossibly hot situation. Sheryl took hold of my penis, and guided it right into Becky’s hot, waiting hole. Becky was very well lubed, and she had been penetrated by Sheryl’s finger. I pushed into her much more easily than I had with Sheryl, and there was no pain on her face. When I was completely inside her, Becky grabbed my waist, and told me to just hold still for a moment. She then wrapped her legs around me and squeezed.

I gently started to slide in and out of her. She felt different than Sheryl, but just as wonderful. She was not as tight, somehow, and I was quickly pumping her, making sure (at Sheryl’s direction) that my pelvis bumped her every time I pushed into her. Becky was crying out, louder and louder with each pump, until she was nearly screaming. Then she cried, “Oh there, oh, oh, oh, just like that, I’m going to cum again.” I pistoned in and out of her, and I felt her start to cum. That was enough for me and I grunted,

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