Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 89 There is only a few more chapters left and I am working hard on trying to get them done. Current estimate is 95 chapters. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my story, it has been a heck of a journey writing it, but has been worth it. I am writing other stories which you can find on Nifty and my website. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: [email protected] or comment on my website https://theboyfromtheshed.wordpress/ Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html Please check out the website for the story, it has all the chapters on it in a more content rich environment, it also has character lists and images of things and places we see in the story to give more context. Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 89 By Sparky Paul got to experience a whole new world of love, as did his son David during the week they spent at the farm. They found a new closeness between them and also to grandad Jack, Paul did get to reunite with his fathers beloved penis and it reminded him of happy times when he was a boy. David slept most nights with Grandad Jack and they shared a loving intimacy together and made many happy memories. David was looking forward to his Grandad moving to Spain so they could spend more time together, he also hoped that Mateo would love his Grandad too and they could all play together. Everyone was sad when their guests from Spain went home, Grandad Jack was still torn between moving to Spain and staying at the farm. After talking it out with Leo he decided his son and grandson deserved to have him in their lives for the time he has left. Paul decided he wanted his dad as close as possible in Spain, so he had their detached garage converted into an apartment, it was a two car garage with a decent loft area with plenty of space. It took his building crew just 4 days to complete the work, that’s the benefit of being in the tourist property management industry. Mary and Sarah were happy too, they loved Grandad Jack as well, David was excited at being able to stay over with grandad when ever he wanted but still be at home and close to Mateo. In the week between getting back from the farm and the farm family coming to Spain on holiday David had told Mateo all about his trip and the things he had learned, Mateo was excited to try out all the things David had learned at the farm, he was also excited to meet the farm boys. During that week David had told Mateo that he loved him during one of the many love making sessions, Mateo responded that he loved David too. Paul talked to them both reminding them that not everyone would be accepting of their relationship and to be careful who they told and and what they did in front of people. The boys knew that around Paul was ok, it didn’t take long for Mateo to realise that Paul liked to watch them having naughty fun, he was ok with that, Paul had always been kind and loving with him, he had always treated him like he treated David, which was a damn sight better than his parents did. It didn’t take long for the boys to include Paul in some of their fun, Paul never let it go too far but was happy to cuddle with them naked and let them do stuff together on his lap. He let them play with his dick and he would play with theirs. They even got him to cum on a few occasions, but when they started to rub his boner over their boy-holes he gently lifted them away. That was his limit, he loved them both very much but he could not bring himself to do anal with them. After a talk the boys understood and were happy to play as they had been and not try the butt stuff with Paul. Paul was more than happy to watch them do butt stuff though and got to see it often as the boys were randy little devils. Back at the farm a few nights before they went on holiday to Spain, Leo had just gotten off a video call with Tucker in America, they talked regularly as Tucker felt very connected to Leo. It had been a hard conversation as Tucker had again made it clear he wanted to live with Leo and again Leo had to tell the boy it was not up to him or Tucker, Over time Tucker’s arguments had been getting better at explaining why he wanted to live with Leo at the farm. At first they had just seemed like a whim, but now he was making sense and his wishes were becoming harder to ignore. The same arguments were being had in America too, Gabby was trying to stay on the fence about it all but even he was starting to see that this was important to Tucker. He loved Tucker and didn’t want him to leave but he could see how a fresh start would be good for the boy who was so very damaged. Once he had Gabby on side Papa John could no longer ignore the issue and was working to find a solution. Leo was unaware that John was now trying to find a way to let Tucker move to the farm, he had his lawyers working on it. John and everyone at Ravens roost had helped Tucker break free from his past, but now it was time to let him take control of his future for that would be how he would learn to grow and be truly free of his past. None of them wanted him to go, they loved their often naughty and mixed up wild child, but they had let him decide his future. After the call with Tucker, Leo was a little stressed and emotional, he loved the boy and it was hard to see him so upset. Leo went off to find Timmy, he knew the little boy would cheer him up. “Come on… bath time stinky!” Leo chuckled picking Timmy up and throwing him over his shoulder. John got up to go with them but Mike stopped him, “I think Leo needs some time with him” Mike whispered as he pulled John into his lap. “Does that mean I get some time with you?” John replied grinning with a naughty look on his face. “Sure it does” Mike said smiling as his dick started to rise. John turned to face Mike straddling his legs, he lifted Mike’s t-shirt up and off his daddies body. He threw it on the sofa and ran his little hands down Mike’s chest, Mike ran his hands down naked John’s muscular chest, feeling his little 6-pack, he was still amazed at the transformation John had achieved by working out with Martin and eating healthy. John jumped out of Mike’s lap and tugged Mike’s shorts down and off, he soon had Mike naked like he was. Mike’s dick was now at full hardness like John’s was. John planted his face into his daddies groin and rubbed the huge hard dick against his face, his hands rubbed up and down the shaft as he pressed Mike’s hot boner to his cheeks, soon he was planting kisses all over it as he worshipped his daddies cock. Mike moaned and smiled as he appreciated his sons enthusiasm and love. John grabbed some lube and smeared it all over Mike’s dick and his butt hole, that was more than enough for John to take Mike’s dick comfortably, Martin made love to John every week sometimes twice and Martin was a little bigger than Mike. John straddled Mike’s legs with his feet on the sofa, he held on to Mike’s shoulders and lowered himself down on to Mike’s boner moaning as it slide into his welcoming boy-hole. The two of them looked into each others eyes as John lowered himself further and further. As he bottomed out he leaned into Mike’s chest and the two hugged tightly. It felt wonderful to both of them to be connected like this. “I love you daddy” John said softly into Mike’s ear. “I love you too son” Mike replied into John ear. Upstairs Leo had given Timmy a bath and himself too, they spent a while cuddling in the warm water just relaxing and being close. Leo lovingly and gently dried Timmy after the elazığ escort bath and carried him to his and Mike’s bedroom, he laid a large towel out on the bed, like he had so many times before, and laid Timmy down on it. He got Timmy’s cream and gently rubbed it all over Timmy’s body. He softly massaged Timmy till the little boy fell asleep, he then cuddled up to him till he woke up again. Leo loved these tender moments with Timmy and all the boys, just to be close and feel their love meant the world to him. When Timmy woke 15 minutes later both he and Leo felt relaxed and happy, they cuddled up under the covers for a while and snuggled. They did giggle a few times when they heard John moaning and calling out loudly downstairs, there was no doubt what he was up to. Leo loved all the boys deeply, they were all special in there own way, Jacob had been their first son, Tanner their second, Jason, John and Ben were all boys that they had in some way rescued and had become beloved sons too. Max had always been a part of their lives and they had always loved him, Brandy was their eldest son and very much loved, they also loved all of the boys friends too. But Timmy was different he wasn’t just one of their sons, he was their baby, the one that everyone cherished and pampered. Even with Baby Luke around now to Leo and Mike Timmy was still their baby boy and always would be. At Josh and Steven’s house the brothers had been spending time with their little sister Tilly and their parents before they joined the farm boys on holiday in Spain. Carl and Lizzy would have loved to go with them but they couldn’t get the time off work, with Steven away for two weeks Tilly would be looked after by Susan at the farm. Tilly was happy about this as she gets to play with Baby Luke as well as be naked, which she couldn’t do at her old childminders house. Josh and Steven were now comfortable making love with their sister or their parents present, Tilly often spent the night with her brothers and was now well practised in lubing them both up so they could make love to each other while she watched or cuddled one of them. Neither Josh or Steven tried to make love to Tilly, but they didn’t mind helping her get her tingles or letting her play with their dicks. They both loved her dearly and enjoyed her company, when she wasn’t being annoying. Carl had continued to make love to John during sleep overs but not his own boys, he and his wife did have fun with their sons in bed and often watched them make love to each other, sometimes doing it also next to their sons in bed together. They were all happy and had become closer than every before. Everyone was looking forward to the holiday in Spain, even though they all knew Grandad Jack was not coming back with them. He would be staying in Spain with his family there. Susan, Tina Karen and Janice would be staying at home, they were planning their own holiday together to Ibiza later in the year. Karen still had to teach over the summer holidays, she had students that she couldn’t just abandon. Tina couldn’t get time off work at the same time as Mike, it would leave the ward understaffed. Susan couldn’t go because it would be too much for Baby Luke and she still needed to run the office while the men were away. Janice simply decided it would be more fun to spend time with the other mums on holiday together, so it was her who organised the Ibiza holiday for the mums. Between the mum’s the farm would be in safe hands till everyone came back. A few days before most of the farm family flew out to Spain, Bradley, Tyler, Jacob and Jason drove Leo’s pickup truck across the channel and down through France to Spain. They were loaded up with Jacks possessions and were dropping them off at Grandad Jacks new home. It was originally planned that only Bradley and Tyler would be going on this trip, But once Jacob had got wind of it he kept bugging Leo and Mike until Leo gave in much to Mikes amusement. Leo was always a push-over when the boys really wanted to do something. Jacob had several reasons for wanting to go on the trip, first he had seen where Bradley planned to take Tyler, across France from Calais and down past Germany, they would then cross the Swiss Alps and further south the French Alps. Their journey would then take the further south into Spain and down to Alicante where David lived and Grandad Jack new home was. He saw the pictures that Bradley show Tyler and knew this journey would be epic. His second reason was to play with David and Mateo, he wanted to get in some fun with them before ten other farm boys took up all their time. It’s not that he didn’t want to share, he just knew getting them alone at the villa with everyone else there would be impossible. Both Jacob and Jason loved David a lot and were looking forward to seeing him again. They set off very early getting the ferry from Dover to Calais, so early it was still dark, the boys even as excited as they were, soon fell asleep on the ferry during the 90 minute crossing. Bradley had to wake them up as the bursar announced it was time for passengers to return to their vehicles. Thankfully the crossing had been calm so no one got sea sick. The drive from the port of Calais to Basel at the Swiss border took 6 hours, they reached there early afternoon, the boys had slept for quite a bit of the journey so far but now the landscape had become interesting and the boys and Bradley were enjoying it immensely. Along the way the boys had helped out by sorting out the euros for the toll booths and reaching out the passenger window to put the money in the basket. This was something new to the boys as the UK only has a few toll roads. Bradley explained to them that the tolls helped pay to maintain the roads, which was why the road in France were so much better than the UK. After passing through Basel they climbed up into the Swiss Alps, the boys and Bradley were astonished by the mountains, the shear scale of the rocky peaks around them was unimaginable for people like them who lived on a small island with just a few small mountains. Jacob had his face pressed to the window trying to look up, frustrated he soon wound the window down. “I can’t see the top” gasped Jacob as he stuck his head out the window and looked straight up. “How high are they?” Tyler asked in awe of the landscape. “Well the highest is Mont blanc at 4800 meters… that is about four times higher than anything in Britain… in fact were are just about higher than the highest point in Britain right now” Bradley explained secretly trying to teach as he drove. “So we higher than Snowden?” Jason asked amazed. “Yep… you wanna know something cool?” Bradley asked the boys enjoying himself. “What?” the boys asked. “If we stood on the top of Mont Blanc… we would be half way to where the air planes fly” Bradley told them. “No… really?” Jacob asked excitedly. “Yeah really” chuckled Bradley. “Cool!… what else?” Tyler asked excited to know more. “Well the higher we go the less oxygen is in the air around us… tomorrow we will drive the highest road in France it is over 2000 meters high… when we are there you will feel when you breath there is less oxygen in the air” Bradley told them. “Is it dangerous?” Tyler asked. “No honey… but if you run around you will get out of breath really quick as we are not used to it” Bradley assured him. “I’m gonna try that!” Jacob said full of excitement. “Me too!” Jason agreed. “Me three!” giggled Tyler. “I’ll just watch” chuckled Bradley. The boys teased Bradley calling him a chicken as they continued to their campsite for a well deserved rest. elvankent escort They had reserved a pitch in a little rustic lake side campsite in a huge valley, it’s views were like that of Lord of the rings, a truly epic sight to behold. “Your gonna get stiff necks if you keep looking up” Bradley teased the boys as they were setting the tent up. “We’ll get stiff willies if we keep looking down” Jacob retorted and flashed his dick out. The boys giggled but still kept trying to see the tops of the peaks around them, they were amazed that the peaks they could see had snow on them yet it was really warm where they were standing, they had never seen anything on this scale before, their young minds were overwhelmed by how big and epic everything was. As they looked across the lake they could see log cabins scattered around the valley and up the sides of the mountains a little way. It truly is a beautiful place. After they got the tent set up they had some food, they had packed lots of cold food like sausage rolls and sandwiches to eat over the next few days. The campsites they would stay in had no food services, they were quite basic and small sites with just a small shower and toilet block. A nice old man came around once a day to collect pitch rent from the campers. After eating it was starting to get late, the valley was already shrouded in darkness as the mountains blocked the sunlight from reaching the bottom. Bradley took the boys to the shower block to get cleaned up, they were all a little sweaty from being in the car all day and he didn’t fancy sleeping with them being stinky. The boys were just happy to get naked and maybe have some naughty fun in a new place. They found the shower block was just an small open room with a few benches and a few shower cubicles that didn’t have doors or curtains, just tiled walls dividing them from the room. The boys didn’t mind as they liked to show off, it reminded them of the changing rooms at school that they loved so much. They also found a boy of about 13 in there cleaning the floor, Bradley hadn’t noticed till he got inside the shower block that the showers close over night. “Are we too late?” Bradley asked the young teen. “Non… er no… is ok to use now… I wait for you to be done” the teen replied in broken English. “Tu es bien anglais” Bradley told the boy. “Merci” the boy replied smiling shyly. “What did you say?” Jacob asked tugging on Bradley’s sleeve. “I said his English was good” Bradley replied smiling. “Oh… that’s cool!” Jacob replied grinning at Bradley and the teen. “We’ll be quick so you can get home” Bradley said slowly and clearly to the teen. “Is ok… not rush… I stay here in tent” the teen replied earnestly. “You don’t go home?” Tyler asked. “No… my er.. how you say… Grandpa yes? he own the camping… so work here summer… live in tent” the teen explained as best he could. “Oh that sounds fun!” Tyler told him. “Oui… er yes… meet nice people like you” the French teen replied. “Your nice too!” Jacob told him making him blush a little. By now Jason had stripped naked and was walking into one of the two largish shower cubicles, Bradley, Jacob and Tyler saw the teens eyes follow Jason’s naked body. “I’m Jacob…” Jacob said smiling at the teen. “I’m Marcel…” the teen replied. “This is Tyler and his daddy Bradley… the one with the cute butt is Jason” Jacob giggled. Poor Marcel blushed and looked embarrassed, he didn’t know how to reply. Jason hearing this wiggled his butt at Marcel and the teen couldn’t help but stare. When Jason turned around and flashed his little boner at the teen Marcel gasped a little. Then he remembered Bradley was there. “Sorry… not looking… sorry” the teen panicked and turned away. “Hey Marcel… it’s ok to look… don’t worry ok?” Bradley said softly as he reached out and turned Marcel to face him. “I’m not bad… I promise” Marcel said getting upset. “Calm down… no one thinks your bad” Bradley comforted the teen. “Sorry Marcel… we didn’t mean to make you cry” Jacob said as he hugged the teen. Bradley hugged him too as did Tyler. Sometimes they forget that not everyone is as comfortable with attraction to boys like they are. Marcel realised that he was not going to get trouble for starring at Jason and stopped crying, he had feared being found out for liking boys for a while now. Bradley sat Marcel down on one of the benches and Jacob climbed into the teens lap. “You like boys?” Jacob whispered into the teens ear. “Yes” he whispered back so Bradley wouldn’t hear him. “Cool… me too… so do my brothers and Bradley and all our dads… so you don’t need to worry ok?” Jacob replied louder. “Really?” Marcel replied. “Sure” Jacob replied. He jumped off marcels lap and stood on the bench next to Marcel, he pulled his pants and undies down and wiggled his boner at Bradley. Bradley knew what Jacob was doing, he was trying to show Marcel that it was all ok. So Bradley came closer and sucked Jacob’s boner for a few seconds. “It really is ok see?” Jacob grinned. Marcel looked shocked, he also couldn’t take his eyes off Jacob’s little boner. “You ok now?” Tyler asked as he came closer and licked Jacob’s willy. Marcel couldn’t speak so he just nodded his head, in all the times he had hung around the showers trying to see naked boys he had never seen anything as explicit as this, a few boners here and there but not blow jobs and stuff. Bradley could see like the boys that Marcel was very erect too, he walked over to the door and closed it and locked it. He reasoned that the shower block was supposed to be closed by now anyway. He walked back over to Marcel who was openly starring at Jacob’s little boner right in front of his face. Jacob had his hand on Marcels shoulder as he kicked off his pants and undies. “I think you need a shower too” Bradley said smiling at the teen. Poor Marcel looked shocked, he had never dreamed he would be in this situation, he felt Jacob lift his t-shirt so he raised his arms. Jacob lifted it up and off the teens body. He saw Bradley getting undressed and could see the man also had a boner like him and the other boys. It was starting to sink in that this was really ok and that they wanted him to join them. As soon as Bradley’s hard cock was out the now naked Tyler started to suck on it right in front of Marcel. “Stand up!” Jacob gently prompted the transfixed teen. Marcel stood and Jacob lowered the teens shorts and underwear, Jacob let them fall to the ground and gently pushed Marcel to sit down again. Jacob removed Marcel’s shorts and undies leaving the teen naked as he was already bare foot. Jacob lifted his arms standing in front of Marcel and the teen understood that he needed to lift Jacob’s t-shirt off the little boy, which he did willingly. “Come on stinky boy” Bradley said pulling Tyler off his dick and into the free shower. “You too stinky teen” Jacob giggled as he pulled Marcel into the shower with Jason. Jason pulled Marcel’s head down closer to his and Jacob’s. “You ok now” he asked smiling warmly at the teen. “Yes… was just shocked I think” Marcel replied feeling very much happier than a few minutes ago. “Just relax and have fun ok?” Jacob said as he and Jason kissed Marcel’s cheeks. “Thank you” Marcel replied. Jacob and Jason worked together to wash Marcel from head to toe, they were careful not to make him cum, but he was close every time they washed his dick. Marcel then washed Jacob and Jason feeling their bodies in ways he could only ever have dreamed of. “Sit down” Jacob said grinning to Marcel. The teen sat down with eryaman escort his back against the wall as the water rained down on them from the shower head, Jason and Jacob knelt down either side of him and gently played with his boner, he gasped as Jacob took his teen dick into his young mouth and gently sucked the super hard shaft. Jason took over as the two boys shared Marcel’s throbbing dick. Before long Marcel couldn’t hold back any longer and shoot his load into Jacob’s mouth almost screaming with pleasure. Marcel almost passed out his orgasm was so powerful, Jason licked the remains from Marcel’s dick before the two boys snuggled up to the teen under the warm cascade of water. As Marcel got his senses back he wrapped his arms around the two boys snuggled into his sides, he was still feeling emotional but in a good way. For the first time in a long time he didn’t feel alone anymore. After a while Bradley appeared and knelt down in front of Marcel, Jacob and Jason with Tyler at his side. “You look much happier” he said softly as he reached out and stroked Marcel’s wet hair. “I am” Marcel replied smiling. “Well we better get dressed and head back to the tent” Bradley said as it was getting late and they had been in there for nearly an hour. The boys all stood up and moved to the benches to put on shorts to walk to the tent in. Bradley saw Marcel looking sad. “Come on you… your staying with us tonight ok?” Bradley said helping Marcel up. “Really?” Marcel asked. “Yes… I don’t think the boys are done with you yet” Bradley replied patting the teens naked butt softly. Marcel spent the night in the tent and the boys and Bradley showed him many wonderful things, he even got to make love to Jacob and all the boys made love to him. In the morning the boys were sad to be leaving Marcel and Marcel was sad to see them go. Bradley assured him they would be back in a few weeks on their way back to England, he even suggested they may stay a few nights when they came back. Jacob made sure they had each others contact details so they could keep in touch. Bradley before they left reminded Marcel that not everyone was like them and to be careful, he also suggested that if his parents agreed he could visit his new friends in England and that he was welcome at the farm anytime. In a few years time Marcel would move to the farm full-time and help run the activity side of the business after he finished school. They spent another day driving further south, crossing the highest road in France which indeed left them breathless as they ran the short distance to the summit the road wrapped around. Their next campsite was in Spain and sadly they didn’t find any nice boys to play with. So they played with each other and still had lots of fun. They set off early and finally arrived at David’s house just after lunch, Bradley was pleased at how well the boys had coped with the long journey, the boys had never complained even once and had kept each other occupied. He was amused they took turns to sit in the back so they could have naughty fun, although sad he couldn’t join in as he was driving. As they pulled into the driveway after Paul had opened the electric sliding gate, they all saw David rush out of the house to greet them, behind him Mateo stood in the doorway. Now the boys had seen Mateo on video chat a few times but Bradley had not. He couldn’t help but stare after he stopped the car. Bradley was stunned by Mateo’s beauty, never in all his life had he seen such a beautiful boy and being a teacher he had seen many. Tyler leaned over after the other boys had gotten out and shook Bradley from his trance. “I know right?” Tyler giggled to his older boyfriend. “I…er…wow…” Bradley mumbled. “Now you understand why Jacob wanted to come” giggled Tyler. “Sure do… but you know what… I’d still have you over him any day… I love you more than anyone ever!” Bradley said not wanting Tyler to feel threatened by Mateo and his own obvious reaction. “Your such a goon… and I love you too… lets go meet him!” Tyler said quickly kissing Bradley cheek. Tyler was not worried at all about Mateo, he knew Bradley loved him and would never leave him, he was also looking forward to having fun with the angelic Mateo. Bradley and Tyler got out the car and Paul was there to meet them, David and Paul shook hands and watched Tyler go over to Jacob, Jason and David who were standing next to Mateo. The men chuckled as they watched Jacob and Jason gently stroking Mateo’s face and hair with great reverence. Mateo stood there a little confused as he was touched by the farm boys, David was holding his hand and smiling lovingly at him. “See… I said you was super cute and they’d love you” David told Mateo grinning. “He’s beyond cute” Jacob said entranced, the farm boys were realising that the video calls they had with Mateo did not do his beauty justice. Paul walked over and picked Mateo up and sat him on his hip. “He’s not a puppy…are you? Your gonna wear his cute face out stroking him like that” he chuckled and started to tickle Mateo’s tummy making the boy squeal and laugh. “You ok?” he whispered into Mateo’s ear knowing the little Spanish boy could easily get overwhelmed by new people. “Si Paul” Mateo replied smiling. “You wanna go show them the pool?” Paul added giving Mateo a wink. Mateo nodded his head enthusiastically, Paul set him down and ruffled his sun bleached brown hair that was almost blonde. Mateo and David took the farm boys hands and pulled them around the side of the house to the pool. “Can they be seen around there?” Bradley asked Paul grinning. “No… they can do whatever safely around the back” Paul replied knowingly and chuckling. The men unloaded the car and put Grandad Jacks stuff in his new apartment, it was also where Bradley and the boys would be staying tonight. They talked about lots of things as they worked, including how Tyler had come into Bradley’s life. Paul was shocked and a little upset having not been told the story before. He knew about Jason and his mum as Tina had talked to him in the UK, he also knew that Jacob was the boy from the shed who had kinda started this whole farm family thing off. After getting everything moved Paul took Bradley inside and they got a beer each and went out to join the boys, the sight that met them outside by the pool was both heart warming and erotic. Mateo was laying on his back on some towels that the boys had laid out, kneeling around him were the other boys gently massaging moisturiser into Mateo’s beautiful caramel skinned body. Paul and Bradley could see they were being very tender and gentle with the little Spanish angel. “This is how the farm boys show their true love… it’s what started with Timmy but has become a sensual thing they only do with those they are really close to” Bradley said softly so as not to disturb the boys. Bradley explained to Paul about Timmy so he could fully understand the significance of what the farm boys were doing. They both watch quietly as Mateo, even though his willy was hard and getting gently rubbed as the boys hands moved slowly over it, started to fall asleep. The men understood that this was not sexual but sensual. As Mateo succumbed to the relaxing massage and feel asleep the farm boys carefully put David on his back and massaged him too next to Mateo. The boys took their time and David started to get sleepy too, as he faded Tyler got up and walked over to Bradley who was sat on a garden sofa with Paul, and climbed into his lap. Bradley snuggled his little boy tight and kissed his still damp hair tenderly. The men watched and inwardly wanted to go join in, but they both knew this was a bonding time for the boys, this was their time and the bonds they make here will last them a lifetime. Chapter 90 soon! Read it first or check out my other stories ess/ Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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