Boy Having Fun When Parents Out For Temple Run


Boy Having Fun When Parents Out For Temple RunHi this is Rishi, age 23 from Mumbai; my height is 6.1 ft. I have a 6 inches long dick and it’s a little broad as said by my earlier gfs. This story is about me and a friend of mine named “Jyoti”.’She was with me in my degree college. She is 24 yrs old.5.3 in height a little on the bulkier side with assets of 38d 32 36 the best part about her is her boobs their shape can be easily seen through her top. I don’t think she might have ever worn a plain bra there were always fancy designs on her cups with different colors and which can be seen a little through her white top which she wears someday.OK now coming to the story this happened 3 years back when i was in my 2nd year of degree. I had a friend named Rohit. We used to be together almost all the time in college. We both were weak in our accounts subject and we hardly knew anything about it. So 1 day Rohit told me that he has a friend of his who is ready to teach him a few basics of that subject and I asked him that if his friend doesn’t have a problem then can I join in too. He asked her and told me that she doesn’t have any problem.We had planned to meet in CCD near our college and as we reached there she was waiting there for us though she was from the same college but we had never met as I hardly went to college as to hang here and there during college hours. She was surprised to see me as she also dint see me ever in college. So we met and she thought us well and this how we met each other for the first time.After that we started talking over messages and Facebook daily then we started meeting each other frequently but it was never a feeling of love we were just becoming good friends and could share everything with each other this is the best part about friendship that you can share anything with them (especially if your friend is of the opposite sex) wherein love you have to think before what you say.Then we joined the same classes for next semester and we used to be always with each other the whole day. We started having a bond with each other and as I said we can share anything with each other so talking about sex wasn’t a new thing for me and Jyoti. We both had physical encounters in the past with our partners but we both were virgins yet. So gradually our topic moved to sex more these days hugging each other and holding hands was common for us but now I was getting hot for her day by day.It was the time of 4th sem when we got more close as she was good in studies so she used to clarify my doubts over türbanlı bitlis escort the phone. We used to study late night so we used to text each other before going to sleep one night as I was tired I told her that I’m too stressed now so going to sleep.Jyoti: why don’t you release your stress and stay awake with me for a whileMe: (a bit shocked as we dint talk so openly about it) I don’t have the stamina to do it nowJyoti: would you mind if I give you any help?Me: of course not but I would appreciate if that help would have been in realJyoti: for now in real is not possible but I don’t mind giving it someday if i get the same favorThis is how we started having sex chats regularly and even phone sex till our exams got over. Till then both of us were restless and wanted to feel each other as much as we could. So as it was vacations and we were free. I told Jyoti that my mom dad are planning to go to our village as it was summer time and so my house would be empty and if she wants then we could plan something hot for which she readily accepted.As she was staying a little far from my place and as she dint knew my locality so she asked me to pick her up from her area so i took my car and reached her place on time and she was there waiting for me. I had already purchased flavored dotted condoms before reaching there as i knew there would be no barriers today. As soon as we left from there, she kissed me on my cheeks and was blushing after that “Can’t you wait for a while in sometime you can do whatever you want” I said “I’m not able to wait anymore now” she said giving me a seductive look.I then just held her hand pulled her towards me and our lips met for the fist time. It was an amazing feeling as her lips were so juicy and pouting. She really knew the trick of kissing and using her tongue at the right time. As I was driving the car we couldn’t continue it for long. As we were about to reach my home I told her to get down a little early as going together in my building would be a little risky.I reached my house and kept the door open for her to enter easily without the neighbors noticing. As soon I closed the door and turned around, she jumped on me and started kissing and sucking my lips like crazy In the same state I carried her to the bedroom and put her on the bed but still she wasn’t ready to leave my lips nor was I above her and we were smooching so passionately.Then i caught her huge boobs and started pressing them above her top and they were the softest türbanlı bitlis escort bayan boobs on earth I feel so huge and yet so soft with her erect nipples which could be easily felt through her top. I came down and was licking her neck which was making her so mad that she started moaning and biting her lips and at once she opened the buttons of my shirt and removed it at once and started sucking my nipples and moving her hairs around my chest She then rolled and came over me and started going down. I caught her and pulled her up and started kissing her again and removed her top and started licking her neck, removed the bra straps from her shoulders and started licking her neck as well I knew she gets mad when someone licks her there as she had told me earlier in our sex chats.I unhooked her bra and removed it and there were they. Those 2 huge softest jugs in front of me; I pounced on them. Her nipples were light pink in color of medium size and erect. I started sucking it like crazy and she was pushing my head into her boobs and was moaning aaaaahhhhhhh.mmmmmmhhhhh u are great Rishi don’t stop; bite it; chew it. I kept doing it was 5 min and was pressing the other boob at the same time. Then i got up and opened the button of her jeans and put my hand in. Felt the warmth of her pussy over her panty and rubbing her pussy harder over the panty. Now she was out of control and held my dick over the pants and was pressing it harder as if she would tear my pant and take it out. She at once opened my pant buttons and got my pants till my knees with my underwear too and caught my dick and was moving it to and fro.I too couldn’t take it and removed her pant and moved her panty aside and started fingering her. We both were playing with each other’s private at the same time we both were oozing pre-cum and our hands were completely wet. I got up and removed my pant and underwear and she too removed her panty. I never had such a strong erection and my dick was paining a little due to such an erection. Now Jyoti came over me and was kissing me I asked her to suck my dick but she denied as she hasn’t done it before I was not in a mood to listen that so I caught her hairs and took her mouth near my dick. She looked at me with a little anger but I smiled and winked at her for which she also melted down and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it I couldn’t believe she was doing it for the first time as she was doing it so nicely she did it for 10 min türbanlı escort bitlis and my hands were massaging her boobs all this time.I then pulled her up and asked her if she is ready for the final round?? She said yes in a seductive way. I gave the condom packet to her and she was happy seeing the strawberry flavor as it’s her favorite; she quickly rolled the condom on my dick and came on top of me. She caught my dick and started positioning it I was looking at her face all this time as I could see the eagerness on her face to have my dick in her asap. Finally she started to push it and asked me to apply force as well as it’s our first time so her pussy was too tight.She was in total pain and was holding her scream too I gave a final push and my dick was in her and she was in the same position for some time and then she started to ride me slowly I was also trying to match the rhythm and as her pain subsided she started moving faster and faster making her boobs to bounce more which I love seeing so much I caught them and bend a little to suck them but she pushed me down and said” first fuck me hard and then only you’ll get them” in a very seductive way. This was like a challenge to me and I started fucking her from beneath real hard She was moaning aaaahhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh .fuck me your fat dick feels so amazing, fuuucccckkkk me dog, make me your slut. You are such a bastard. I was getting crazy listening to this as I love the girl saying bad words while getting intimate.Her moans started getting into screams and she was fucking me like a true bitch. Then she shouted “ohhh Rishi im gonna cum. I can’t hold on anymore” and she came and slept besides me. I wasn’t done yet so I caught her and made her stand on a small table and I stood on the floor(as she is quite shorter than me) and I lifted her 1 leg and put my dick in her and started ramming her as fast as I can. I knew I won’t be able to hold for long so I started giving deep strokes and she was just moaning loudly and abusing me the whole time I told her that I’m gonna cum and want to spray it on your face. She said not there but can do it on her boobs. I just took my dick out of her pussy; removed the condom and she quickly bend down held my dick and positioned it on her boobs and i started shooting jet after jet till the last drop came out.Then we slept together for sometime cuddling each other and then she left we did have many encounters after that but never had sex again. We are still great friends but now we don’t get intimate as her parents have started searching a boy for her and she don’t want all this to continue as it may spoil her future life. I totally respect her thinking and feeling and I never force her to go physical with me. We still meet and share everything and I even tell her about my encounters with other girls and she comments on it and she herself helped in getting a friend of hers.

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