Brad And Cathy, Part 1


I have been a bit bi-curious for a while now. But I have no interest in anything anal! I guess you would say that I’m orally bi-curious. I’ve been on adult sex sites but if you put in your profile that you’re curious all they want is to fuck your ass. I’m just not interested. I travel, by car, on business. There are times that I’m barely home long enough to do my laundry before I have to leave again. On this trip, I checked into my hotel. The room was adequate but after driving all day, I was looking forward to the hotel hot tub.I walked across the parking lot to the diner for dinner taking the dessert to my room for later.I changed into my swimsuit looking forward to a relaxing soak. Little did I know . . .When I got to the indoor pool/hot tub room, there was a couple already in the tub. They seemed to have been engaged in some hanky-panky, under the bubbles but sat up a little bit as I approached. They were about my age and an attractive couple, so I asked if they minded if I joined them.They glanced at each other with conspiratorial looks in their eyes. They said sure so I stepped in. We introduced ourselves, first names only. They were Cathy and Brad.After a little small talk, Brad got out of the hot tub. I had noticed a wink exchanged between them as he dried off and left.The tub was not very large. With the jets going you could not see below the surface. Sitting across from her, Cathy and I were intermittently engaged in small talk. All of a sudden, I felt her foot on the inside of my thigh. The first thing I did was to look around to make sure we were still alone. We were.Cathy had a devilish look in her eyes as her foot stretched up to my groin. Since we were alone, I sank down and opened my legs to see how far she was willing to go. Then the jets turned off.I got up, climbed out, and reset the dial as far as it would go. When I turned around to step back into the hot tub, Cathy noticed my growing reaction to her actions.This time I sat down beside her. The jets were rather loud, so I leaned to her ear, my hand brushing her breast as I leaned across, and asked her what about her husband. Even in that hot water, her nipple was hard on her C-cup breast.She told me her husband would be back shortly. I started to get up to move back to the other side but putting her hand on my thigh, she kept me from getting up. I settled back down and soon her husband returned.He smiled when he saw that I was sitting so close to his wife and joined us sitting on her other side. Next, I felt Cathy untie my swimsuit and slip her hand in to get ahold of my, by then, full erection. The way her body was moving, I figured that she had done the same to Brad.I thought that I knew where this was all leading, but felt I needed full clarification. I had never tried a threesome, so I was somewhat apprehensive. I told them this and as it turned out they hadn’t either, but it was a fantasy of Cathy’s.Brad looked apprehensive as well but wanted to indulge his lovely wife. While we were being apprehensive, Cathy kept stroking both of our cocks. I decided to slip my fingers inside the leg of her swimsuit and feel her as well.I didn’t mention it earlier, but Cathy has beautiful auburn hair. I could feel some hair on her pussy. I was hoping that the carpet would match the drapes. I love red pubic hair on women! I especially like to watch my cock sliding between red fringed lips.Cathy started squirming which indicated to Brad what I must be doing and that it might be time to retire to one of our rooms.They decided on their room. Off we went with Brad and me holding pool towels in front of our erection-tented swimsuits.By the time we got to their room, our cocks had mostly deflated due to wet suits and air-conditioned hotel halls.When we were finally in their room, Cathy turned to me and started kissing me passionately, running her hands all over my body. I reciprocated by sliding her one-piece suit off her shoulders and peeling it down to her waist. I desperately wanted to get her nude but restrained myself.I dropped to my knees in front of Cathy and was at the perfect height to give her firm natural breasts the attention they craved. She had big brown nipples; I love to suckle. I can get most women to orgasm, just by suckling on their sensitive nipples. Cathy, who was already in a very high state of arousal, came quickly.Finally, I felt it was time to see if she was a true redhead. I took the top part of her suit and continued peeling it off of her lovely figure. She had red pubes!! I was in heaven!I removed her suit and then dried her off. I love eating pussy, so I gently pushed her to sit on the edge of the bed. I was still on my knees. I gently pushed her knees apart for my first view between her legs. I just stared. She was amazing down there.I hadn’t intended to, but by staring at her perfect pussy, I had made her self-conscious. I didn’t say anything, I gently pushed Cathy back to lie down and open her up so I could eat that wonderful pussy. She tasted great as I, once again, used my tongue on the underside of her engorged clit to suckle as a newborn suckles instinctively on a nipple.Cathy had just had a nipple orgasm. Now it was time for her first clitoral orgasm of the evening. I altered between sucking/suckling on her clitoris and tongue fucking her. I was beginning to realize just how tight she might be every time I push my tongue inside of her and met with resistance.Cathy came very quickly! She grabbed my hair pulled my face tightly against her delicious vagina then clamped her thighs tight to my head. I could hear muffled screams and kept on licking until she couldn’t take any more and pushed my face away from her now swollen sex.She slid off the bed, onto her knees putting us face to face. She attacked me with her kisses. She seemed to relish the taste of her juices all over my face. I loved the attention and kissed Cathy back, just as fervently!

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