Brainy to Barbie – Sandra Ch. 02


Sandra was on her way to dinner at Jenny’s after an eventful week. They hardly talked during the week because of the demands of their individual work schedules. Sandra expected to have a nice evening with her new friend, whose wild nature was entertaining for her. Jenny lived in an upscale apartment in the heart of downtown. Sandra was surprised by how nervous she felt in the elevator up to Jenny’s room. She checked the room number over and over again on her phone as she waited for Jenny to respond to her arrival message.

Jenny greeted her at the door in a low-cut white top and blue jeans. She looked and smelled fantastic, Sandra thought, as the two kissed each other on the cheek. Jenny’s apartment was clean, but judging by the fact that it had no art on the walls, it hardly looked lived in.

“The food is almost ready, let’s have a seat on the couch,” suggested Jenny.

On the table by the couch, Jenny had laid out several cheeses and meats for Sandra to snack on while they waited. They shared the events of their week as they settled and relaxed. Jenny had trouble with her supervisor who asked her to conduct interviews with seniors about how they felt about machines. Her supervisor accused her of doing interviews that didn’t go anywhere. Jenny told Sandra that she couldn’t help it if she distracted some of the seniors. Though Sandra suspected Jenny lacked professionalism, she also didn’t throw away the idea that Jenny’s looks and personality might have thrown people off course in a conversation with her.

Sandra, who was normally gerçek seks hikayeleri so shy, found herself making Jenny laugh heartily. It caused her to almost squeal with glee as she prepared to deliver a joke that would surely make her friend laugh. After Jenny laughed, she sighed longingly and looked at Sandra, inching closer to her. Sandra, catching the look in Jenny’s eyes panicked as she realized that Jenny was moving to kiss her. Jenny cleared the hair from Sandra’s face as Sandra sat paralyzed by what was happening. When Jenny’s lips met hers, her body filled with warmth and she gave in rapidly. Jenny’s lipstick combined with her perfume overwhelmed Sandra’s senses and she found herself forgetting that this was her first kiss, that she barely knew Jenny and that she wasn’t supposed to like kissing another woman.

As their kiss deepened, the oven timer went off. Sandra motioned slightly to suggest that maybe Jenny should get it and Jenny said, interrupting their kiss, “A little longer,” causing Sandra to get even wetter. When Jenny finally pulled away Sandra gently tried to keep her close. While Jenny got up to get the food, Sandra felt cold. She wanted her close to her. When Jenny finally sat beside her again, Sandra rested her head on Jenny, wrapping her arms around her.

“Wow, you’re so cute,” gushed Jenny.

“Mhm,” purred Sandra.

“After dinner, you still haven’t told me anything about you.”

Sandra could barely sit through their conversation. She poured out information about herself, hoping that her incessant talking would speed up Sandra’s meal. It did. It wasn’t long before Sandra had contorted her body and mind to submit to Jenny in a way that surprised both of them. Sandra loved how Jenny kissed her all over. She enjoyed the way she appreciated her large breasts, which have gone untouched her entire life. Sandra herself was amazed by the fullness of her breasts as well as her awareness of the pleasure her body could give Jenny. Yet, as Jenny lifted Sandra’s top off, Sandra suggested that they slow down. Jenny obliged and they stopped kissing and laid close to each other on the couch in silence.

After light kissing, groping and intimate staring, Sandra said that she felt tired and that she should go home. Jenny invited Sandra to stay the night instead.

“Can I just fall asleep right here?”, asked Sandra.

“Sure, or you could sleep in my bed,” suggested Jenny.


“It’s huge, don’t worry.”

“Ok, let’s go I’m so tired.”

Jenny’s bed was indeed quite large. Sandra quickly undressed and climbed into the bed, pressing up against the edge. Jenny, who was not as tired, brushed her teeth and slowly made her way to bed. When she climbed in, Sandra was still awake.

“Hi,” she said after a short while.

“Hello there,” cooed Jenny.

“I’m cold,” said Sandra.

“Oh, are you?”


Though she invited Jenny over to her side of the bed, she didn’t expect her tight body to feel so good against her back. Instead of turning her around as she had hoped, Jenny continued to fondle her as she kissed the back of her neck. Sandra nearly cried as she realized how much pleasure she had missed out on in her life. Sandra pressed into Jenny as her muscles melted into her embrace. As Jenny’s hand inched closer to Sandra’s crotch, Sandra began to wonder if begging Jenny to hurry up would make her less likely to rub her pussy. Instead, she let out a soft girlish moan to invite Jenny further.

“Somebody’s needy,” joked Jenny. Sandra could only moan in the affirmative. When Jenny’s fingertips caressed her clit, she nearly exploded.

“Oh my god, I love this,” said Sandra.

“I can tell. You’re so wet,” explained Jenny.

Jenny delighted in overwhelming her friend with pleasure. Sandra writhed under her light touches. Jenny knew every trick in the book to show Sandra a good time. She felt incredibly comfortable giving her friend pleasure. She loved the way Sandra moaned and lost control. As Sandra’s mind was consumed with pleasure, Jenny began suggesting to Sandra that she was all hers now, that she would not be able to resist her and that in the future Sandra would pay her back for all this pleasure. Sandra agreed to everything as she felt herself leaking and gushing from below. She agreed to do anything to please Jenny if it meant this feeling wouldn’t stop. She loved giving up control and wanted to push it to extremes. Sandra started to confess how much she wanted to be Jenny’s plaything and learn everything from her.

Jenny spent the night diligently pleasing her insatiable friend as they negotiated their new relationship between orgasmic jolts. From now on, they decided, Sandra was Jenny’s fuck toy.

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