Breaking in the New House III


Breaking in the New House IIII was pretty spent by the time Chris finished with me. I knew that we had the rest of the day- and night- to go, so I needed to revive myself. Chris had gone to clean up and I went to the cabinet and grabbed a handful of vitamins to get some energy back. My as was leaking Chris’ latest deposit, so I headed to grab a shower. After showering and cleaning myself out, I went into the bedroom and found everyone asleep but Terri. She is so frigging hot! I love making love to her as much as I do to Sandra- maybe more. She motioned with her finger for me to come over to the bed, which I gladly complied. She stood up and began kissing me, while exploring my body with her hands. She ed me to the living room where we continued to caress and fondle each other. Terri is a nurse practitioner. She knows all the right spots to hit to make love making fun! In short time, I was inside her, pumping away like a man possessed. I looked up and saw that Chris was in the room with us, enjoying the show. He came over and got on his knees and presented his monster cock to me to nurse on. How could I resist. After all, his wife was underneath me taking a good fucking. I began to suck away while continuing to pound away on Terri. We must have been such a sight. Pretty soon, I felt hands rubbing my ass and playing with my balls. Sandra had come into play with us. I was in heaven. With all of this going on, I lost my load inside of Terri. I guess Chris felt me giving it up and he blew his load down my throat. As I swallowed the last of Chris’ nectar, I rolled off of Terri and Sandra planted her face in Terri’s swollen cunt and lapped up every bit of our blended juices like a hungry kitten. We all just fell on the floor and fell asleep. We must have slept for an hour or so. I woke up to feeling Chris behind me and his cock getting stiff as he had his arms around me pulling me close. Terri was spooned up to Sandra, both of them lost in peaceful bliss. I was trying to get the cobwebs out as I felt Chris trying to enter me. I spread my legs enough to let him slide in. I was so worked over that there was barely any resistance. He worked me over pretty good and had me flowing again from the massaging of my prostate. Soon, he was erupting again in my waiting love tunnel. We finished and quietly headed to the shower and got cleaned up.Chris went back to the living room to “watch” the girls sleep. I headed to the kitchen and began preparing dinner. We had been so busy pleasuring each other we had missed lunch! Well, I guess we had a “high protein” lunch. As I was finishing dinner, Terri stumbled into the kitchen, still groggy from her nap. I told her she had time to grab a shower before we ate. She went back and woke up Sandra and they headed to the shower. “Don’t take too long” I hollered at them as they walked down the hall holding hands. I had the table set and dinner on it when they finally came back in the dining room in just panties. We sat and began eating.some grilled salmon, salad, and grilled asparagus. The conversation went from talking about our upcoming week to sex, then it took a different twist. Terri asked me if I had thought anymore about her proposal. “Which one?” I asked.”About you boobs.””Oh, that one.” I chuckled a bit. Terri has her own clinic where she works with only women. Several times she had heard Sandra make comments about my breasts growing. She had remarked that if they kept growing she might have to get me fitted for a bra. I have been dealing with some gynecomstatia issues that come with age. Terri had made some remarks that she could help me with them. Sandra chimed in “Terri, are you serious about this?””Yes, I am. I think it would be fun to see how nice a pair we could help him grow.” “So,” Sandra asked, ” how would all of this happen?””Well, started Terri, “I would put him on some female hormones. Mostly low levels of estrogen.””How long gaziantep suriyeli escort would it take before there would be a noticeable growth?””Everyone is different. But, probably he would feel some changes in a few weeks.””What kind of changes?””Sandra, you know how your boobs hurt when you are in your period- well did hurt.?””Oh yeah, how could I forget that?” “That is what he will feel at first. His nipples will also become very sensitive. You may need to introduce him to a camisole at first.””Well that might be interesting. A man feeling what we have to put up with just because we are women. Anything else?””He will feel them getting heavy. I want you to know that this is not reversible once they grow. And, I would want you doing good exercises to build muscle structure under them. And, you will probably see changes in your body shape over time. You will get more womanly looking hips and waist. Are you good with that?”Sandra chimed in immediately “Hell yes!”I said “I’m not real sure.How will it affect my sex drive?”Terri responded “It may reduce it some, but we can do something to minimize that.”Sandra jumped in and said “You would rather get fucked in the ass anyway, so what does that matter?” She had a point. “Anything else I need to know?” I asked.Terri replied, “Well you may have more, shall we feminine emotions. You may cry more easily.” “Holy shit. Really? Cry?””Yep. Part of being a woman. Sandra, how big do you want them to grow?””Hmmm, I don’t know. Let me ask this, how do we explain this to other people. I mean, at some point it will be pretty damn noticeable.””Just tell people that it is just the gynacomastatia. Lots of older men deal with it, but they don’t have help like this to make them, well nice.””Is there any way to tell how they will develop? Sandra asked.”Look at his mother and sisters. How are they developed?””Well, both his sisters are about 40D. His mother was a bit bigger.””Then, that is his genetic potential. Sandra, would that freak you out if they got that big?””I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about that.””Hey’ I injected, “do I get a say in this? After all, it is my body.”Terri grinned and said “Now you know how we feel about men trying to take charge of our bodies. Besides, we wouldn’t be talking about this if you weren’t ready to do this, now would we?””I don’t know” I replied.”Oh, shut up” said Sandra. “You’re doing this and that’s the end of it. I would rather have you with nice, firm tits than the droopy things most old guys have. Besides, it will be fun. I just wish we could make you have a period.”Terri and Christopher both laughed at that. “Chris, you’ve been quiet through this, what do you think?””I’m good with it.” Chris replied. “I think it might be fun to make love to a guy with nice tits.””I guess I’m sunk” I replied. “So what do we do next?””On Monday, I’ll come over and draw some blood so we can check your testosterone and estrogen levels now. Then, I’ll determine starting dosages” Terri replied. “OK. Now, can we let this go for now and get this kitchen cleaned up and get back to the fun at hand?” I chirped.Everyone laughed. “See” Sandra spoke up, “you’re already such a sex slave. Hell you might even be a whore!” This brought more laughter and a big tongue-tangled kiss from Sandra. “I promise you that this will all be OK. Remember, you’re the one who brought me into this world of bi sex. So, my turn to bring you into my world.” she whispered in my ear. After we finished in the kitchen, Terri took Sandra by the hand and headed down the hall to the master bedroom. I could hear them giggling all the way down the hall. Chris and I headed to the guest bedroom where we spent the rest of the night with his cock buried deep in my man pussy or down my throat. I wondered if this new chapter of my life was going to make sex with Chris more exciting and satisfying. And, how would it be making love to the girls? My mind was racing as I fell asleep with Chris’ cock in my ass and his hans wrapped around my manhood.

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