Brian, Life as a Mormon -The Incest


It was my life changing moment, or one of them, what I’m about to tell you about. When other guys or their families were paying their own way to be missionaries for two years with the Mormon church I decided to see the world my own way and get paid for it.

I was an eighteen year old Mormon lad just finished high school. Dad worked for Thiokol at company Headquarters in Brigham City, Utah. They make rocket boosters at nearby Promontory. Dad being a big shot Mormon and the idea of him being born at Brigham City, named for Prophet Brigham Young, just made us reek of being Mormon. Except for me.

I had four brothers that did the two year Church mission gig and come home and go to college. Dad got them all set up for success at well known business. His biggest pride was my brother working at the Mormon Church Headquarters itself.

Four daughters all went to college and married well. Mom dropped nine babies, including when I dropped five years later. Dad never liked me and Mom was smothering. I was the family fuck up. My sisters did the Mormon thing and had six or eight kids apiece. My brother’s wives followed the lead. Sophia has eleven and carrying number twelve. At that point Mom and Dad had 74 grandkids.

There was never really a time I fucking fit in. I always noticed that I looked like Mom, but not at all like Dad. And, believe it. All my siblings had a “Dad look” to them. I think my siblings noticed, too. There was that 5 year gap in babies before I was born.

Truth became stark reality on a Thursday at lunch time when I was part way through my senior year. Fucking Tommy Perkins called a real sweet little Mormon girl a “Cunt” after she had turned him in for quite franking telling her she should come by his house and fuck him. For some reason I felt like the protector type. Tommy Perkins got him face busted open and I got sent home for fighting.

“You come back here Monday with either you mother or father to get back in school.”

Shit. I’d tell Mom, but she’d tell Dad. Then I’d get my ass beat with his belt. He loved unbuckling it and making that noise with it that a belt makes being jerked from a pair of pants. Not that my brothers didn’t get the belt from time to time, but the old man loved to whip my ass with a belt. At least I was getting some attention.

The way home had detours. I was going to wait until school was out to go home and fake the situation for the weekend. Something told me just to go on home.

At 1:15 P.M. I hit the front door. It was almost always open, but not that day. I fished out my key and went inside. It was quiet. Maybe Mom had gone someplace with someone. When you live in a Mormon home there are a lot of bedrooms. With 6 bedrooms there were a lot of open doors and made beds. Upstairs was Mom and Dad’s room and me.

At the top of the stairs I heard a noise. I thought it was a house noise. I froze and then heard it again. “Uh … oh … uh …!”

God! I thought, it sounds like Mom. I crept towards her open door and peeked around to the bed. There was Mom on her back and she was naked with her legs spread. I knew that wasn’t Dad’s ass moving up and down and not the old man’s cock fucking her.

I almost giggled at the thought. Mom was fucking around on her husband. I hated the son of a bitch. I wanted to cheer. Something locked me in place. I watched my mother get fucked by a stranger until she humped at him extra hard and started cussing.

“Fuck me, Sweetie. Shoot your hot load of cum in me.”

I could see well as he had been sawing in and out of her that she was taking him bareback. This stranger was going to put his seed deep in her willing cunt.

“Oh, Larry. You always fuck me so good!”

Oh, Boy! This wasn’t a one time thing! I realized. Way to go Mom!

I laughed to myself that the old man would not have a clue. This was better than Christmas.

They laid together for several minutes talking silly. Mom bragged about his cock and he told her how good her pussy felt.

“Maybe you should fuck me again then?”

Evidently his dick was still in her during the silly talk and hard again. Mom rocked up to get a good feel for the length of it when she looked towards the bedroom door and saw me standing in the hallway with a full on view.

“Oh, my God! Brian, Honey! How long have you been standing there?”

The guy fucking her looked over his shoulder at me. It was like I was looking into a mirror. It was someone that looked like me!

“Get off me, Larry!”

Mom got from under him and moved towards me. I saw everything. I always told myself that I had a hot mom, but here she came towards me in all her naked glory. For a woman with nine kids she was still pretty special. Her boobs where big and jiggling hard. Her nipples poked out from what Larry had been doing to them. But, nice. My naked Mom hard nice tits. Never in my wildest dreams would I see my Mom without clothes. Especially without her Jesus britches which lay beside the bed.

The despair of getting caught by her son showed Ankara escort on her face. Not that I kept any focus on her face. I could see my mom’s naked pussy. She didn’t have much of a tummy and her pussy was so cute. No sign of gray and Mom was a blond down there, too. Larry fucking her had her outer lips puffed open and cum running out of fresh fucked cunt.

That was 1974. There was no internet or porn on cable TV. This was my own mother raw naked. I almost blew my load in my pants. By then she had grabbed me and was hugging me.

“Brian, Honey. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for you to see that.”

In the background Larry was scrambling for his clothes.

“Larry, you need to leave us. I’ll pick you up next week.”

“You mean walk to my car right through the neighborhood?”

“Oh, fuck!”

WTF? My Mom would never say damn, or, shit, or piss, or ass. Now she says fuck?

“Brian, Sweetie. I have to take Larry back to his car.”

“Want me to take him?”

“No, you don’t need to drive. Do you think this is funny?”

“I think it’s hilarious!” I laughed. “You? This guy? The old man? Yes, I love it!”

Some times there can be a defining moment in life between Mother and Son that shapes their lifetimes. This was ours.

She kissed me on the mouth. Yes, a Mom kiss on the mouth and she turned to walk back to the bed. I watched her tits catch up with her chest as she turned. I watched the way her ass moved while she walked away with that dribble of sperm escaping her cunt to drip below her thighs to the hall carpet.

“Mom.” I called after her. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be in my room.”

She turned to smile at me as she closed the bedroom door. I can’t say for sure if Larry fucked her again that day, but it was another thirty minutes before I heard the garage door go up and down and Mom pull out the driveway. I thought about what I had seen and put a big load of my own into a couple of tissues.

I don’t know how far away he was parked. They could have talked some in the car before Mom came home. I was beginning to wonder if they just kept on going when I heard the garage door go up.

Mom kept it casual. She didn’t show any embarrassment or guilt. She asked how was my day at school and if I had any homework I needed help with.

I told her straight out. Maybe it was the compromised position, but she nodded and agreed that I had done the right thing by smashing Tommy Perkins in the face. I even said “Cunt” right it front of her and Mom didn’t even flinch.

“Well, we better not tell the old man. You know he’ll fucking freak out. I’ll get you back in school Monday.”

What a change in dynamics. My Mom? Fucking freak out? Did the world just tilt?”

“You didn’t seem bothered by catching me fucking around on my marriage. What gives?”

“The old man and I never have seen eye to eye, and look around. Where do I fit in?”

“Oh, Honey. You’ve always fit in!”

She stepped forward and gave me a hug. I guess she just pulled on sweats to take Larry to his car. She felt really naked underneath as her still firm tits jiggled against me, pressing nipples into my chest. My Mom was making me hard and I think she knew it. Her nipples were turning into little bullets when she pulled back.

“I would suggest that you consider that I am not the mother you thought you had. I’m sure the whole facade crumpled for you today. Instead of being the Church lady you must think your mother is a whore. No matter what you think, I love you. Would it be silly if I ask if you don’t tell the old man?”

The old man. Neither of us were calling him my Dad.

“Why would I tell him, Mom? You looked real happy with the way you were fucking him. I kind of wonder if the old man wonders where I belong himself.”

“We’ve had that discussion. I told him the truth. You look like one of my cousins.”

“Really?” I laughed. “Which one?”

“My cousin Larry … you look like him because he really is your Dad!”

I sputtered a little bit.

“Your cousin Larry? Is my Dad? Have I met that cousin Larry?”

“You just did, silly!”

My mouth dropped open. The room, maybe the whole world was spinning.

She pulled me to her for a hug. There were those nipples again. They hardened against my chest. I gave her a hug back that did not feel at all like any hug I had ever given my Mom before. I was getting a boner she had to notice. She started talking to me from within the hug.

“Are you disappointed in me?”

“I don’t think so. Larry seems nice. This has been going on for eighteen/nineteen years? Jesus, Mom!”

“Well, longer than that. Larry and I started doing it in high school as curious cousins at my grandparents farm one Memorial Day weekend. We had eaten a big noon cookout. Families were visiting. Cousins were playing. Larry and I ended up in the barn exploring. We looked at each and it just happened. We kissed for a bit and he got his hand inside my shirt. The feel of of fingers on my nipples made me slip out Ankara escort bayan of the shirt and start taking off my jeans. I wore panties but really didn’t need a bra at that time. So, there I was naked for my cousin.”

“Jesus Christ, Mother! How old were you two?”

“Larry’s two years older. I’m not going to tell how old we were then because I don’t want you to know how old your mother was giving up her virginity. Every Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day we hit that barn. Thanksgiving and Christmas was kind of hit and miss depending how cold it got in Utah each year and whether or not we could sneak out a blanket.”

“Wow, Mom! You’re like a secret agent, except it’s about sex.”

“Kind of, I tricked the old man about me being a virgin and he was dumb enough to fall for it. Larry and I had done it two nights before the wedding, which he attended, and then again two weeks later. I guess I pushed my luck through all of having your siblings until I got sloppy after five years and hit a time I didn’t realize I was giving Larry a chance to knock me up. We’ve done it so many times over the years. Now that he is retired we are even fucking more often. I go pick him up and bring him here, much like I would do when you kids were in school in classes.”

“All of this was going on and no one knew?”

“Your grandmother caught us once, but I’d caught her several times. I’m pretty sure she even fucked Larry. Of course, they kept that little gem a secret.”

All this was crashing down on my head. My dad fucked my Grandma?

“I’m older now. I guess I’m lucky Larry still comes around. Nine kids have left my body in ruin.”

I was played for a sucker as I replied.

“That’s not true. I’ve watched you around the house for years. And, and, just now, you naked and fucking Larry. You are still so beautiful.”

“I suppose next you’ll tell me that you would fuck me if I wasn’t your Mom … “

“Well, yes!”

I was choking on my words. My mother talking about me fucking her. All I had ever done was feel up Susie Banning’s tits, and that was a year ago. Now my mother was teasingly tugging at her sweat top. She was bouncing on her toes making her boobs bounce. She had the bottom of the top right below her boobs.

“What’s the matter, Brian? Don’t you want to see your mother’s boobs again?”

She flipped the material up to let her tits drop into view. They had about a three inch sag to them. But, who would expect them to stand straight out after having nine kids? Plus, those things were 36D-Cups! I know. I’m enough of a pervert son to check her laundry . I had jacked off with her freshly worn panties wrapped around my cock. Now this! I thought I’d shoot a load in my pants.

She tossed the top off and took the three steps to me and hugged me around the neck so her tits were pressing into me.

“Take your shirt off, Brian. Feel my hard nipples and breasts press into your chest!”

Her voice was sultry. I flung my shirt off and spiked it towards the floor. She went right back like we were, only now naked skin against naked skin. Her rack felt so good. She squirmed against me mashing her tits and getting her pussy mound to rub onto my cock.

When I looked at her face she kissed me. Just a peck at first. Then a few seconds, turning into minute. Then she broke away gyrating so her chest would dance at me.

“What do you think of your Mom? Have I gotten too old? Were my boobs okay?”

I couldn’t answer. Mom was putting on a show that would have a dead man fucking her. She turned and had here ass swaying at me. Then her hands went to her waistband. She tugged the pants below her ass. Bare cheeks were jiggling at me. Then back up with the pants again and she turned to face me.

Now for the most Holy of moments. She danced towards, put her tits against me and kissed me with her tongue into my mouth. Mine found hers and tangled with hers for probably five minutes. I felt like Mom was orgasming against me. The only thing that kept me from blowing my load was the stark raving fear of what we were doing.

The kiss parted and she danced backwards from me again, her tits bouncing and swirling on her chest. This time her hands went to her waistband to pull her pants down while facing me. No teasing this time. She pulled her pants to her ankles and kicked them aside. That left her full naked before me. I was so mesmerized by her big tits when I caught her with Larry I didn’t noticed that she shaved her pussy.

She moved her feet apart a little which opened her cunt slit. A trickle of sperm started escaping as semen drooled from inside her. She wiped it with her finger and took it into mouth and swallowed.

“That Larry! He always leaves me in a mess!”

I was kind of glad she didn’t say, “your father’. I had someone that had put a roof over my head. Larry was just my sperm donor. Meanwhile I was fascinated by that V-gap between her legs and the shaved pussy now that the look of her bare tits was burned in my mind.

“You like that Escort Ankara I shave it?”

“Uh, yeah … I like it fine. It looks great!”

“Just great?”

Mom turned, bent over from the waist with her feet apart a bit to open her up. I was staring from behind straight into my Mother’s slippery cunt.

“How about now? What do you think of your forty-nine year old mother?”

“If you weren’t my Mom I’d fuck you right here and now. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“Something like that.”

She was up and facing me again, hands on her hips she was gently swaying as she moved towards me. Her arms went around my neck and her tongue went into my mouth again as she started kissing again. I pulled her tighter to me and moved my hands to the sides of her tits and ran my thumbs across her bullet hard nipples. It was way better than groping at Susie Banning’s tits.

“Oh, you do know what your mother likes!”

She was laughing at me. I pinched her nipples between my thumbs and fingers and massaged her mounds.

“Now you’re making Mama happy … “

Was something so wrong suddenly seeming so right? She continued kissing me, only breaking the kisses to talk.

Then her hand went to my cock and squeezed and tugged. I have no idea what except for the fear of ejaculating blowing at load.

“Why am I the only one naked here?”


“Come on Brian. Fair is fair!”

By then she had my button undone and my zipper down. One downward swoop put my shorts and tighty whities on the floor. She was stroking my cock while my hand cupped her pussy. My God! I had no idea how wet, soft, and wonderful that would feel.

“Oh, Honey. Now you really know what Mommy likes.”

Mom simply turned and walked naked to her bed. I followed and she laid back and spread herself open to me. All those things called out about someone being a motherfucker in school now seemed to be a good thing.

I put my cock right in her. No foreplay. No kissing. No messing around. Straight and true right into her slit. Mom started moving before I did. After a moment of feeling the sensation of actually being in a pussy I fucked down and into her deeper.

Legend would have it that in my first pussy, albeit it was my Mom’s, I’d blow my nut in twelve seconds of less. I was hanging in there and at what had to be the five minute mark I fired a load of cum deep into my own mother’s cunt.

Being a kid I kept fucking. Mom picked up the pace a little and started cumming herself.

“Oh fuck, Brian. That’s so good!”

We kept fucking to soon bring out the comment:

“Jesus! Your as big as Larry. You got more than your good looks from him. You’ve both got about three inches on the old man!”

I felt sorry for the old man if that was the case he had about a four inch cock. No wonder Mom had fucked someone else. So, in that case I felt bad for Mom being married to a guy with a Mormon cock. as she later called it.

I finally fucked her to the point that we were pretty pleased with ourselves. We stayed naked in the house and got a snack and something to drink together. We showered together and almost fucked again until Mom realized it was time to start dinner and that the old man could be home soon.

I sat in the kitchen and watched her cook. We smooched a few times, but mostly I sat back and thought about how I had fucked that sexy body.

The same thoughts stuck in my head when the old man came through the door and when we sat down to dinner. At the end of the meal he reminded us that it was Church meeting night for the men. I didn’t even look up. I’d be fucking his wife again.

We fucked for almost three hours while he was gone. I took her from behind for the first time. I loved being behind her with my hands on her hips and watching my cock jam into her. We fucked face to face again with lots of kissing and me playing with her tits. She sucked my cock and I fucked her from behind again.

When the old man got home I was in my room. Had I come out I would have had to yell, “I’ve been fucking your wife!” to his face.

I got to fuck her one quickie on Saturday. More of a chance to get each other off. She was surprised at how much I could cum in her. Sunday the old man hung around Church like always. Mom and I, as always, came home as soon as we could. No Sunday football or video games this Sunday. I was fucking my Mom.

This went on the rest of my senior year. When the old man wasn’t around had me fucking her five and six times per day. Through the summer it was fuck, fuck, fuck. As summer ended the old man wasn’t pleased that I hadn’t signed up for a mission or enrolled in Utah State.

Mom and I were fucking like crazy and neither of us wanted to give it up. I wasn’t even giving girls my age a second look. I wanted to fuck my Mom. The hell with a Mission or a career. Finally the old man got shitty about it and I blurted out that I was joining the Air Force.

Mom was stunned and the old bastard was pissed.

“The Air Force? Why would you waste your life in the Air Force?”

“I think I want to be different than the rest of the family. The Air Force is a good career.”

The old man half stormed out of the house saying that he needed to cover some Church work.

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