Brian, My First Gay Experience Ch. 04


“This is the end of my first time gay story and the end of Brian and I however as you will see as one chapter of life closes another always opens. I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination and I hope you will give me your honest feedback about my storyline, since I would like to know how interesting my life is to others.”

It had been a few weeks since I had gone to Brian’s college to visit him. The weekend ended with us watching the football game and partying with a few of his friends.

We had spoken a couple of times and Brian had seemed much more distant when I asked him what was wrong he told me he had been struggling with some of his courses and left it at that. I decided on Friday to go up to his school and surprise him so I packed my car told my parents I was going to be away until Sunday and headed there.

I had left so early that morning that I arrived while Brian was still in his classes, when I went to his dorm I found his door locked. I was leaving to go wait in my car when one of the friends we had partied with the last weekend I was here came up to me, his name was Manny.

“Manny”: Hi your Brian’s friend Bob, right?

“Bob”: Yes, I came up to visit him but didn’t realize he would be in class.

“Manny”: Well you can wait in my room; he won’t be back for a few hours.

“Bob”: Sure if you don’t mind, and we left for his room.

When we got to his room he told me to put my bag on the other bed and offered me a drink. It turned out that his roommate couldn’t take being away from home and had left school a few weeks earlier and he had the room all to himself, as long as the college doesn’t put someone else in with him he told me.

“Manny”: I hope you like screwdrivers since the only thing I have is vodka and orange juice.

“Bob”: Sure, I told him as we drank our drinks.

We had another drink or two before it was time for Brian to come back to his room, we left to go find him. We looked all over before we saw him coming around the corner near the library. Brian noticed us and came over to where we were.

“Brian”: Hi Bob what are you doing here?

“Bob”: “For some reason something didn’t sound right in poker oyna his voice, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was” I decided come up to see you.

“Brian”: Well I have a new roommate and he is here you won’t be able to stay in my room.

“Bob”: I didn’t think about that, I’ll have to figure something out then.

Just then Manny came over and broke into our conversation offering the spare bed in his room if I wanted. I thanked him and agreed I would stay there as long as he didn’t really mind.

“Brian”: That’s great thanks, but I have to go study now. Can we go out to the bar tonight when I get back? Manny why don’t you come with us.

“Manny”: No thanks.

I thought Manny’s sounded funny when he replied, almost as if he was mad about something but I couldn’t figure out what.

“Bob”: Manny come on join us, it’s the least I could do for letting me use your room.

“Manny”: Ok, I guess that would be fine thanks.

Brian left and we went back to Manny’s room, when we got there he made the spare bed up for me.

“Bob”: Is there something wrong between you and Brian? You seemed like you were mad about something.

“Manny”: Brian just did something I didn’t appreciate a few weeks ago, but don’t worry about me.

“Bob”: Is there anything I need to know about you two?

“Manny”: No I knew there was something going on between the two of you and would never have anything to do with breaking you guys up.

I was shocked when he said that, I didn’t know he knew about us and kind of felt funny that he knew I was gay. He must have noticed the look on my face since he reached over and grabbed my shoulder.

“Manny”: Yes Brian and I talked a lot about things since we were both gay. I introduced him to a few other guys in school that were also gay.

It felt like a weight had just been lifted off my chest, I didn’t know how I was going to hide it all weekend staying in his room.

“Bob”: Wow I am kind of glad you know it would have felt weird staying here wondering if you could figure it out.

We talked for a while and it seems he lived only two towns from where I was from and that he knew many of the same people I canlı poker oyna knew from my hometown but I had never seemed to meet him. After about a few hours a knock came to his door, it was Brian with a few friends, their names were Dave, Joe and Mike.

“Brian”: You guys ready?

We got to the bar; it was a small dimly lit place with a band playing. We went to a booth in the back that could sit six and ordered drinks. After a couple of drinks Mike asked Brian to dance he said yes and they went to the dance floor. Dave and Joe both went with them, it all happened quickly and it took me a few seconds to realize the only people dancing were guys and it hit me I was in a gay bar.

“Manny”: I see you didn’t know about this place!

“Bob”: No I didn’t, I have never been in one of these.

It was then that I turned and saw Brian and mike locked in a kiss on the dance floor groping each other’s crotch while dancing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; I must have had a shocked look on my face because Manny grabbed my hand.

“Manny”: Are you ok, I didn’t know how to tell you.

“Bob”: How long has this been going on?

“Manny”: A few weeks now since I introduced Brian to Mike.

“Bob”: I want to leave are you staying?

“Manny”: No let me go with you.

We walked back to his room, I was pretty wasted and he had to hold me from falling over a few times. I was going to pack my things and leave but he talked me into staying since he didn’t want me to get into an accident in the state I was in. He handed me a drink and we talked for a while it seems Mike was his boyfriend and that is why he sounded mad at Brian earlier.

“Bob”: I’m so sorry; I guess we’re in the same boat.

It was then that I noticed Manny more closely for the first time. He was Hispanic about 5′ 3″ tall with dark brown hair and eyes thin but not skinny, kind of well built for a small guy. My eyes went down to his crotch I could see a bulge starting to grow in his jeans. He must have seen me looking since he took my hand and put it on the bulge that was growing in his pants.

While I was rubbing his cock through his jeans he reached over and stared rubbing internet casino my already hard cock, sliding his hand under the waist of my shorts to touch my bare cock. I pulled my hand from his jeans and took them off to uncover his cock. It was very long about 8 ½” but also very skinny my guess only a little over 2″, I have never seen one that thin before or since. He was also completely shaved including his balls, totally smooth my cock jumped when I saw it.

“Manny”: Now let’s see yours!

Manny undid my shorts and took out my cock, I was much shorter than he at only about 4 ½” and always thought mine was skinny at a little over 3 ¼” in circumference. Manny stood up and put his lips to mine and we locked in a long kiss.

We moved to the bed he had made up for while still locked in our kiss, I pushed him onto the bed and broke our kiss lowering my mouth to his cock. I had to run my tongue all over his bare skin that he had shaven all his hair from, my tongue touching his bare balls they were the smoothest thing it had ever felt.

“Manny”: Oh god yes that feels great.

It was then that I took his cock in my mouth taking it deeper with each stroke, it took several minutes and figuring how to position my head but I was able to take his whole cock in my mouth several inches sliding down my throat. A few minutes later I could feel his cock start twitching in my mouth as he suddenly shot his load I swallowed as it filled my throat.

“Manny”: Wow that was great, let me reciprocate.

Manny lower his head and took my cock in his mouth as he started to suck my cock. He was very skilled his tongue flicking against the walls of my cock with each thrust of his mouth as he went down on it. What seemed like an eternity I finally shot my load in his mouth, he wouldn’t release it until he had sucked every drop my cock had in it. We both collapsed on the bed Manny’s hand reached for my cock and he started slowly stroking.

“Manny”: Do you like that I shave?

“Bob”: Yes it is so smooth. I have to ask you how do you do your balls though?

“Manny”: Very carefully, as he laughed. Would you like me to shave you? I think you would look good bald.

I don’t know what I was thinking of cause I said yes and we decided to do it in the morning when we were both totally sober. But that story will be in the future. We both put our arms around each other and fell soundly asleep………….

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