Briefs Buddy Part 11


Briefs Buddy Part 11Matt opened the fly of Luke’s briefs and pulled out his cock. He gave a sharp intake of breath. The lad was huge. Seriously huge .Such a slight build but he was packing a full 10 inches of thick cock. All growing out of a forest of bright red pubes. Matt had never seen red pubes before, and hadn’t seen a bigger cock either, but his mouth and throat were ready. Lowering his head to the tip of the dick, he began to work away with his tongue and lips, gradually taking more in but never stopping his tongue movements across the sensitive cockhead. He knew he liked this so he reckoned the lad would too. He wasn’t wrong . Luke’s soft moans said it all.”Suck it, mate” said a sexy deep voice. “Suck my fucking dick. Get it all in there. Suck it. Suck it.” More urgency now but Matt needed no encouragement. He soon had the full length in his throat, and though he nearly gagged the first time it went in he managed to control his reaction. He soon got up a good rhythm, blond head bobbing up and down yet always tonguing away at Luke’s glans as he reached the top of his up stroke, to the boy’s evident delight. The downstroke gave Matt his own reward. His face plunged into Luke’s Under Armour briefs and it nearly blew his mind. The day was hot, Luke had been on his motor bike for most of it and all the lad’s sweat, crotch smell and precum were in those briefs. Matt’s own cock responded, stretching his M&S briefs till it stood a good two inches above the waistband. Matt got one hand in, under the crotch of Luke’s briefs, and using just his fingers he gently tickled Luke’s balls through the briefs. His balls were big, matching the size of his cock, and Matt had noticed how low they hung in the Under Armours when Luke first took off his jeans. Now they’d tucked themselves up below his cock, ready for action and that was where Matt’s fingers went. Luke was past rational thought by this stage as pleasure triggers went off in his head like fireworks on Bonfire Night. If he could have thought, he’d have felt that nothing else could add to his excitement at that moment. But he’d have been wrong. The touch of Matt’s fingers as they caressed his balls took him to a whole new level, and made him achingly weak with desire.Dave was standing behind Luke and had been rubbing his dick against Luke’s arse through his briefs. He put one arm round the lad’s chest and squeezed his left nipple. Then he stood back a little and brought his right hand to where his cock had been, the arse of Luke’s Under Armours. He worked his hand into the arse crack, then moved it up and down until his forefinger found the puckered ring of the boy’s arsehole. For a few minutes his finger toyed with the arsehole through the briefs, then he lifted it away, spat on it and slid his hand under the waistband of the Under Armours. “Tell me if you don’t want this, mate” Dave whispered in Luke’s ear. “Yeah – stick it up my bum” was the hoarse reply. “Stick it right up my bum. Stick your fuckin’ finger up my arse. Fuck me with your finger, man.”Dave needed no further encouragement and thrust his finger in as far as it would go. Then he twisted it round and probed with it as Luke’s tight ring clamped around his finger and the lad squirmed with pleasure. Not as good as a cock up there, Dave thought but it will have to do for now. He had other ideas about the arse he wanted to put his cock up. But there was something güvenilir bahis else he could do for the boy. He took his hand off Luke’s tit, and used it to take off his own briefs, still keeping his finger up the arse. Then he picked up his briefs from the floor and rammed them onto Luke’s face.As Luke drank in the essence of Dave from his pants, he thought he had died and gone to heaven. Everything was a blur now. He had felt his spunk mounting up for the last few minutes, thanks to Matt’s expert cocksucking skills, the ball play from his fingers, and Dave’s finger fucking. Now the thrill pulses were getting closer and closer together, each one more intense than the last. Matt had responded to Luke’s heavier breathing and heightened arousal by increasing his speed and the activity of his tongue and lips around the lad’s cockhead. The smell and feel of Dave’s briefs was the thing that finally tipped Luke over the edge. He breathed in as deep as he could on the briefs and felt the surge of spunk rising up inside him. “I’m cumming” he gasped and shot his load into Matt’s eager mouth.Matt had anticipated Luke and made sure the cum went into his mouth and not straight down his throat. He had plans for it. Luke’s first shot hit the roof of his mouth with great force and so did the second, third and fourth. Then the thrusts got weaker but there were still about ten in all, and a huge load of cum. Matt got to his feet and pulled his mates in towards him. Then he put his lips to theirs, first Dave, then Luke, and each lad in turn opened his mouth to receive some of the spunk. Then they all put their mouths together, opened their lips and for a minute or two played snowballs with the spunk, grabbing one another’s crotches as they did so. Then one by one they swallowed the cum and kissed one another softly.”Thanks” said Luke. “That was the best one ever.” He felt euphoric, unable to believe his luck and the excitement and fun he’d had with these guys. “You’ve got an incredible cock” said Matt, who’d had the full benefit. “Really huge.” He could have added, given Luke’s small stature, that it felt like Luke was a man attached to a cock rather than the other way round, but he kept that thought to himself. “Thanks, mate” Luke smiled shyly at Matt. “Appreciate that. Especially from an expert cocksucker like you.””Don’t I get a look in” laughed Dave, determined to interrupt this mutual backslapping . “How’d you like my pants?””Awesome, mate, honest” said Luke. “Never smelt anything so horny in my life. It was your briefs brought me off in the end.””Er… with a bit of help from a friend” Matt joked.”Sorry, mate. Didn’t mean to imply ….” Luke looked confused. He didn’t want to lose two new friends almost before he’d met them. Especially such hot friends, into underwear like himself.Matt cut him off with a grin. “Don’t apologise, man. No offence taken. Dave’s briefs are just about the sexiest things on the planet. Wouldn’t have been able to hold out with them up my nose for two seconds.” The guys all laughed. As Dave started to put the sexiest things on the planet back on, Luke suddenly said, with real concern, “But you guys didn’t cum. Don’t you want to? Was something wrong?”Although he’d come out a couple of years before, and had had a couple of boyfriends and a few casual encounters, Luke still felt insecure about himself, his looks and his performance when it came to sex. türkçe bahis He didn’t have a large circle of friends, wasn’t sure people found him attractive and he was troubled about this. Dave was a sensitive man and could see what was going through Luke’s mind. He was sorry for it as already he had a strong liking for this lad who had come into their lives so unexpectedly. He put his arms round Luke’s shoulder and reassured him.”Everything’s just fine, Luke” he told him. “Matt and I came not long before you brought the pizza” he added which was stretching the truth – it had been a few hours now – “so we’re a bit tired. To be honest, we never expected such a fit guy to step in off the street with our pizza. But you can see the effect you had on us, and are still having.” He pointed to the tenting in his briefs, and then Matt’s. “You’re a very good looking guy” Matt said “and I’m not bullshitting you – you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever taken.” Luke was not entirely persuaded though he decided not to press it. But when Dave asked if he was interested in swapping briefs his eyes lit up. “The best proposition I’ve had all day” he said. Then he thought a moment. “Except when two randy guys gave me a glass of water and sucked the pants off me.” The guys all grinned, and Dave led the way upstairs. In the bedroom, Dave showed Luke his underwear drawer and asked him to take his pick. Luke was impressed by the number of briefs Dave owned and visibly aroused by the sight of them He chose a pair of white Jockey bikini briefs. Then he suddenly remembered “But we’re not the same waist size, Dave. You’re what? 34 inches? I’m only 30. “”Try them on” Dave replied. He did. They were too big, but if he pulled them right up they’d stay up, and he said they did in fact feel pretty comfortable especially round his cock and balls where briefs of his own waist size were too tight. “It’s a problem having the biggest horse cock in south Birmingham ” joked Matt.So he took the Jockeys, agreeing to get them well worn over the next couple of days and then doing a further swap. But Luke had his eye on two other things. First, he asked if he might take a pair for his Dad. This required some explanation. His parents had divorced seven years before, when Luke was twelve, after his Mum had found gay porn on his Dad’s computer, and evidence of an abortive attempt to hook up with a guy on Grindr. Things hadn’t been good for a long time so it was probably for the best. Luke had chosen to stay with his Dad who had always been much closer to him and to whom he was devoted. His Mum had realised that this was the right decision and that his Dad was totally trustworthy as a parent. She hadn’t contested the arrangement. Since then his Dad, on a limited income as a warehouse clerk, had in Luke’s view done a fantastic job bringing him up. The day Luke got into uni was the proudest of his Dad’s life.All this had come at a cost. His Dad was quite a lonely man, and intensely shy. He hadn’t been able to establish any long term relationships partly because Luke had always come first and he didn’t want to let anyone else into their lives until he was sure it was right for Luke. Even now, he was generous to a fault to his son, and never had any spare money. Luke now wanted to pay his father back by helping him move forward with his life. He was only thirty-seven and not bad looking, so there had to be some guys güvenilir bahis siteleri out there for him. One thing Luke had realised he and his Dad shared was a passion for briefs. Hence the way they liked to just hang out in their briefs at home, and hence the Under Armours which had cost way more than his Dad would normally spend – but he wanted nothing but the best for his son. At any rate, Luke wanted to brighten up his Dad’s life, and the idea of presenting him with a pair of pre-owned briefs, pre-owned by a hot guy like Dave, seemed the best way possible to do this. He promised to pay Dave back for the cost of the briefs.Both Matt and Dave were strangely moved by this story, and without a word each in turn bear-hugged Luke. “Mate” Dave said in a low voice, “just take whatever pair you want for your Dad. Is he my size? “”Yeah. 34.” “What’s his name?””Martin”Luke chose a pair of white Hanes and tucked them into the waistband of his Under Armours.”Tell him I hope he gets as much pleasure from wearing these as I have. What was the other thing by the way?””I’m really pushing my luck here” said Luke with a blush that spread across his face. “But those briefs ” and here he pointed at the ones Dave had on “are just the hottest things ever. Orgasmic – literally. Could I possibly borrow them? This afternoon has been the randiest of my life so far and just thinking about it later I’m going to have to wank myself silly. With those briefs I’ll cum five times tonight at least.”Smiling at the thought of such a cum-fest Dave stripped them off and threw them as hard as he could at Luke’s face. Luke managed to drop them so Matt seized them and ran off round the room as Luke followed in hot pursuit. Then it was down the stairs, into the kitchen, into the lounge then back up the stairs, whooping and hollering as they went , two fit lads with boners in their briefs fighting over David Gandy’s finest, as pre-owned and pre-conditioned by Kings Heath’s premier carpenter. The carpenter was standing butt naked in the bedroom when they came back in, and flung each of them in turn onto the bed whereupon he leapt on top on top of them and began a wrestling contest which only ended when the three lads started kissing and embracing one another as their cocks raged .Just then a phone rang downstairs. “Shit” said Luke, as he jumped up and ran out of the room “that’ll be the boss wondering where the fuck I am.”Dave and Matt ran down after him and Luke put the phone on loudspeaker.”Where the fuck are you? ” came a tinny disembodied voice. Matt and Dave almost pissed themselves at the accuracy of Luke’s prediction. “I’ve got three orders waiting to go out and you’ve been gone at least two fucking hours.””Sorry, boss”, Luke lied. “Had some engine trouble with the bike and been to a garage in Cotteridge, but everything’s ok now.””And you didn’t think to call me, you stupid bastard?””Sorry – didn’t think it would take as long as this, but I’m on my way now.””Fucking students” muttered the boss as he hung up.”Don’t think he’s too happy” said Luke cheerily. The lads exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet soon. Luke said he had a free evening the next day, Wednesday. Matt and Dave both thought that might be possible. Luke got dressed again and took the Jockeys he was going to wear for Dave, as well as the David Gandy briefs for himself and the Hanes for his Dad, putting them all carefully in a pocket of his leather jacket. Then he kissed his two new mates, rubbing their bums and cocks affectionately as he said goodbye, and took off as fast as he could on his bike. He still felt on a high. The boss can stuff his lousy job, he thought.

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