Briefs Buddy Part 9

Cum On

Briefs Buddy Part 9“Reckon we’re a couple of filthy cunts” Dave chuckled. “Time for a shower.”Matt grinned at the choice of words and followed him into the bathroom. The shower was walk-in, and easily big enough for them both. Dave turned the water on and handed Matt some soap. “On second thoughts….” he said, taking back the soap and proceeding to lather up Matt’s chest, back and arms, getting in under the armpits and giving the tits a tweak which caused Matt to flush with pleasure. Then crouching down he washed his mate’s legs and feet. He now got the soap into Matt’s arse crack and carefully washed the whole area around it, before coming through and up to his balls and cock. After massaging the soap into Matt’s blond pubes, he lathered up his own hands and ever so gently cupped the lad’s big balls in his hands to allow the soap do its work, ending up by soaping his dick, and letting the water rinse everything clean. All this time the lads’ cocks had remained surprisingly soft though towards the end, Matt’s was beginning to thicken a little. Still crouching, Dave pulled back his mate’s foreskin and cleaned out his cockhead with his tongue, getting it right into the crevice and piss slit. “Better?” he said as he stood up. “Dad always told me to wash out the cock cheese and I reckon tongue is better than soap.”Matt’s smile said it all. “Now it’s my turn” he said and he began to wash Dave as thoroughly as his mate had washed him. The only problem came right at the end. The sensuousness of washing and being washed had crept up on the lads and by the time Matt had to attend to Dave’s foreskin and cockhead, Dave was rock hard. Standing up, Matt grabbed the shower from its socket, turned the control to cold and directed the water onto Dave’s dick. Dave gave a yelp of shock and called Matt a sly bastard but the trick had worked. The cock went soft as quickly as a burst balloon and Matt completed his task successfully.Towelling off, Dave showed Matt to his clean underwear drawer. (Already worn pairs, swaps etc lay in a heap beside the bed. ) Matt’s eyes lit up at the sight of so many hot briefs. “Take your pick” Dave said, “we’re the same waist size.”Matt was like a k** in a candy shop and tried güvenilir bahis on several pairs, to the evident delight of Dave, who’d never before had an underwear modelling show in his bedroom. Needless to say everything looked great on Matt’s fit body. Eventually the youngster settled on a pair of white Autograph hipster briefs as designed, modelled and advertised by David Gandy, one of the hottest properties around. He’d seen Gandy wearing them on a giant billboard outside M&S in Birmingham and could never walk past without an instant hard on. The fabric, which was cotton with some stretch fibres added in, felt soft and sensuous around his cock and balls. Dave now had to make his choice. He was so impressed by Matt’s that he went for the same – another pair of the white hipster briefs. .He liked them anyway, but in a slightly sentimental way he felt that having the same briefs on was a bit of a link between them and he was beginning to feel there was something pretty special about Matt. One thing was sure. Matt thoroughly approved his selection, and the way the briefs looked on Dave. Very tentatively he put his hand on Dave’s arse and rubbed it gently over the briefs, which troubled Dave deliciously. “No time for that now” he whispered. “Later. I’m hungry, and need to get a bit of exercise. Just to get in shape for whatever the afternoon and evening may bring….”If Matt was disappointed he didn’t show it. He wanted sex with his mate, certainly, but he also just wanted to hang out with him and Dave’s plan sounded good. In the kitchen they found some bread and cheese and washed it down with a cold lager. Whilst eating they agreed to head off for the gym as soon as they had finished, to spend an hour or so there and get ready for an evening in. So putting on t-shirts and shorts – the Lycra ones in Matt’s case, which were all he had with him – they got their bikes out, Dave locked up and they set off. Matt had recently joined a new gym in Shirley which was the other side of Hall Green where he lived with his parents and brothers. It was about 4 miles from Dave’s place, but Matt knew all the short cuts and they were there in less than twenty minutes. Dave had to pay an entrance fee but türkçe bahis he had a taster rate and it wasn’t much. There were only a few other guys in the gym when they got there, all with their headphones on and staring ahead glumly as they worked away on treadmills and rowing machines or pumped iron. One or two of them looked quite tasty but they were almost certainly unavailable so Matt and Dave put them out of their minds.Before setting off Dave had stuffed a couple of jock straps into his saddle bag, not because they really needed them but to give them an excuse to get changed. Who knew what they might encounter? Besides it was a chance to admire one another again in their briefs – and their jock straps. So they headed off for the changing rooms which proved to be empty. The lads quickly stripped off shorts, reluctantly removed their briefs, put on the jocks and shorts and after putting their gear in a locker, headed out. They spent the next hour exhausting themselves on the equipment, but they were a fit pair and enjoyed it. Just before they’d finished, Matt challenged Dave to a race on the exercise bikes – setting the tension to the same level, it was to be the first one to do five miles .Both guys pedalled ferociously but in the end it was Matt who won by a couple of hundred metres. “Not bad, old man” said Matt quietly. He had only known Dave just over a day, and wasn’t sure if he liked having the piss taken, but he needn’t have worried.“Cheeky bugger” came the reply. “I’m not used to these bikes but next time I’ll beat you by half a mile. At least.”“You’re on. And the winner gets to keep the other one’s briefs.”The lads continued their banter as they left the gym floor and made for the changing room. It was still empty. They took off their shorts, and Dave grabbed his mobile from the locker to take a picture of Matt in his jock. He was handing over the phone to Matt so he could reciprocate when they heard a discreet cough.“Would you like me to take a picture of the two of you?” asked a young man who now emerged from another wing of the changing room. He was tall, perhaps 6’ 3”,at a guess late twenties, with mid-brown hair and grey eyes. His physique was gym-honed and muscular, güvenilir bahis siteleri and though his face was not so perfectly proportioned as either Matt’s or Dave’s, and his ears stuck out like jug handles, it was nevertheless a striking face which you would not forget. Nor his dick. He was wearing nothing but a pair of grey Aussiebum A-front briefs, which stretched tight over his bubble-butt arse and struggled to contain his enormous package. And they were tenting. Boy, were they tenting. By this time, so were Matt’s and Dave’s jocks. “Thanks, mate,” Dave managed somehow to reply, “that would be great.” He handed over the phone and put his arm round Matt’s shoulders. The young man took a couple of full frontal shots and then one from the right side and one from the left, so that the bulges in the jock straps could be seen to best effect.Dave had by now recovered some of his equilibrium and decided to chance his arm. The guy was clearly aroused, and his frank appraisal of the two mates, the way he held their gaze just a bit longer than was normal, convinced Dave that he was gay. In which case he would understand the request. “We’re just about to change into our briefs, mate – any chance you could take a picture of the two of us when we have?”“It’d be my pleasure.” His voice was educated, not a trace of a Brummie accent or any other for that matter. “I’m Edward, by the way.” as he held out his handEdward – not Ed, Eddie, Ted or Ned. There’s posh, thought Dave.“Dave” said Dave, shaking Edward’s hand. Then Matt did the same. The two lads then turned to the bench, stripped off their jocks and put on their briefs. Edward did not glance away, but kept on staring. He seemed to find the sight of the boys in their briefs alluring – or perhaps it was the glimpse of their arses as they changed. At any rate they could see his cock growing, mounting up in jerks, in his Aussiebums. Edward continued the photoshoot, taking the same shots he had before. Dave then asked if he wanted a picture of himself, and he went off to fetch his phone. As he walked away, Matt sneaked a picture of him using Dave’s phone. The way his arse filled those Aussiebums was something else. Once the picture taking was over they thanked one another and Dave asked if he was a regular at the gym. He said he was normally there early evening on Thursdays – being there on a Tuesday was unusual. They said they hoped to meet one another there soon and that was that.

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