Brisbane – the morning after

Alex Grey

Brisbane – the morning afterI awoke with a start feeling a hand on my cock. My wife was next me and was moaning loudly as I looked down the bed to see Sam fingering my wife’s pussy and stroking my cock. “Morning” she said with a big smile. “I couldn’t leave without getting your lovely hard cock in my pussy as I missed out last night”. I smiled back glad that she has enjoyed last night’s session. My wife smiled aswell “Help yourself Sam and enjoy it. I want him to cum inside you so I can lick it out afterwards”. On hearing her say that my cock hardened a bit more. Sam moved and squatted over her positioning her cunt over my cock. My wife reached down and slipped a couple of fingers in her pussy. “She is so wet she is going to slide down your cock with adiosbet yeni giriş no problem” and to prove the point Sam did just that. It felt so good having a awet hot pussy on my cock.She started bouncing up and down as my wife started licking her hard nipples. She stopped bouncing and just started using her cunt muscles to squeeze my cock . Her juices were dribbling onto my balls and it was getting very messy down there. After a few minutes Sam said “take me from behind please. I want to feel your balls slapping against me” . She slipped of me and lay face down on the bed with her arse in the air. Before I could get into position my wife took me into her mouth and sucked Sam’s juices from me. “My God that tastes so good” she declared.I adiosbet giriş moved round behind Sam and rubbed the head off my cock up and down her pussy lips before sliding in. I slowly pushed my way in until I was fully embedded and my balls were resting against her. I slowly withdraw before going back in taking things as slow as I could. Sam reached between her legs and started grabbing my balls. Mt wife moved round in front of Sam spreading her legs and inviting her to play with her pussy while I fucked her from behind. She didn’t need a second invite so moved her hand from my ball sack and started fingering my wife.I started increasing my pace and was slapping my balls against her. Her pussy was so wet that I was in danger of slipping adiosbet güvenilirmi out every now and then. “Oh Sam that feels so good” I heard my wife exclaim as Sam worked her tongue across her pussy and clit. I was trying to control myself but the tension was building and I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer.I grabbed hold of her hips and thrust as hard as I could and my cock erupted inside her shooting load after load into your welcoming cunt as she came herself all over it. I kept still until I was drained and pulled out. Sam kept going at my wife fingers and tongue bringing her to orgasm at almost the same time. Once she had recovered she moved down to Sam’s cunt and pulling her lips wide lapped up the juices that were dripping out. She pushed a finger in and pulled it out covered in the combined juices of Same and me before putting it her mouth and licking them clean. She repeated the trick and this time fed them to Sam. “That’s looks good” said Jane as she stood I the doorway. “What’s for breakfast?”

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