Brittni’s New Job


The restaurant in which I was working was very quiet, it was a Tuesday night, there was one customer, an old guy called David who was friendly as well as being handsome in a way and I took the opportunity to chat with him to occupy the time.

During the conversation David told me that he had a special golf match the following week and had arranged drinks in a hotel suite the night before, he explained the hotel didn’t have staff to serve a small party in a suite for 4 hours and was stuck for a waitress.

As Wednesday is my night off I offered, especially ad he was paying 100 bucks for 4 hours!

David was really pleased and he gave me the hotel name and I was to ask at reception for his suite, one condition he said, no trousers or sneakers, you need to wear a skirt and proper shoes, I readily agreed.

The following Wednesday I arrived at David’s suite at 7.30pm, he greeted me and showed me the bar which was at the back of the suite and explained, just fill their glasses and give out plates of nuts and pretzels.

Within 5 minutes, his 6 friends had arrived, all were over their mid 50’s and had come from various parts of the country.

I’d put on a black skirt, which although was 3 or 4 inches above my knees, wasn’t revealing given I have long skinny legs; a white shirt, black shoes with about 2inch heels and topped off with a white bra poker oyna and thong.

The guys were very polite as I served their drinks, they’d got a golf video on which they appeared keen on watching, though I did get the impression that that had eyed me up.

After about 1 hour things had got a bit slow and the door bell rang, David opened the door and a brunette woman in her late 30’s walked in, she was wearing a long dark coat which she took off and David put to one side, David then said this is Jean guys.

She was fairly tall, but that was because she had 4inch red heels on, she was wearing a grey skirt, this fitted her really tight and showed off her arse and thighs, it also revealed that she was wearing a garter belt, so it was caper coloured stockings she was wearing.

She also had a tight fitting white blouse which accentuated her big tits, you could see she had a red bra on underneath, she looked like sex on legs!

Davis stopped the golf video and put some music on, Jean sashayed around the room, she had a way of walking and swaying with her legs apart that was really sexy.

I stood at the back of the suite and watched, as she wiggled in front of each guy she slowly undid three buttons on her blouse, now when she leaned forward in front of each guy, they got a view of her tits, even though they were still encased in her bra.

Each canlı poker oyna time she was getting closer to the guys, one guy put his hand on the inside of her knee and moved upwards to her thigh, Jean moved away but her skirt had ridden up and she left it there, by now nearly all the buttons on her shirt were open and you could see her big tits.

The next gut had his hand on her thigh, again the skirt came up, almost revealing her stocking tops before she moved away, when the next guy tried her skirt went just above her stocking tops revealing her thighs, she made no attempt to pull her skirt down.

She moved towards were David was sitting, as she approached she managed to pop one of her tits out of her bra, fucking hell, her aerola was like a fucking burger! Her nipples were about half inch long as well, she stood in front of David , tits sticking out and then like a slut, she pulled her skirt up around he waist, she was wearing a tiny red thong, it was so tight you could see her shaved crack and really large pussy flaps, above her slit she wasn’t shaved, she had a fucking large bush that was escaping from her thong.

She looked awesome, I was wide eyed and I could feel my fanny juicing up, she then thrust her hips forward offering her snatch to David, David started to rub her fanny through the material, her thong went right up her crack, internet casino Christ she had pussy flaps that big, she must be a right knob jockey I thought.

David reached up and pulled her thong down to the tops of her stockings, she was now on view as he rammed two fingers up her minge with everyone watching, you could hear the sloppy sounds her twat was making as he fingered her, it was such a filthy but erotic site my twat was creaming my thong.

David pulled out his fingers and put them under his nose to smell her sex, then he started to lick her fanny juice off them. Jean stood there and watched, she then walked around the room on display, with her panties just at the top of her thighs she looked filthy, gorgeous and a slut, I could see that nearly every guy was now rubbing his prick through their trousers, the atmosphere in the room was electric,

Jean then walked towards me, I was like a rabbit stuck in car headlights, I couldn’t move, both her tits were out, I could smell her sex as she stood in front of me, she leant forward and kissed me, her tongue went straight in my mouth, I responded immediately, I was turned on that much am sure I was pissing funny juice.

She grabbed my wrist and put it on her twat, she was hot and wet, I didn’t need asking, I shoved three fingers straight up her hole, they didn’t even touch the sides!

We kiss whilst I fingered her, I was that far up her I could have got my fist in, we broke off kissing and she grabbed my head and pulled it towards her nipples, I sucked them like no tomorrow, fuck they were as hard as bullets!

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