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I (painfully) got up and somehow managed to reach the bathroom for a long, steaming hot, relaxing shower. It really helped me relax my muscles a little bit, but I was still very much in pain. Groggily, I got downstairs for breakfast. Our parents were already gone, but George was there. He was eating a bowl of cereal while absentmindedly scrolling on his smartphone. He caught the pathetic sight of my poor body clumsily getting down the stairs while avoiding too much suffering, and chuckled. Yep, you read that right, I was on the verge of tears every single time my brain commanded my body to move a single centimetre, and this motherfucker chuckled! I gave him a death stare to let him know I wasn’t amused and blamed him for my predicament. “What’s up Baby Henri? You’ve bit more than you could chew?” He sneered, visibly very pleased with his smartassness. “I hate you!” I retorted with a deep hoarse voice between my gritted teeth. “Is that so? Well, I guess you’ll have to ask for someone else to teach you how to get rid of the aching muscles then…” George shot back playfully. “Pleease!” I begged with a desperate voice. My brother smirked at me mischievously and I could tell he was thinking of something. “Ok!” He accepted after a few seconds considering his options. “But first, I have an aching muscle of my own that you need to take care of.” George added with a devilish expression. I shot him a confused glance and he then looked at his crotch suggestively. Suddenly, my eyes widened, and my mood brightened. I walked the short distance to my brother and knelt in front of him, it was painful, but I already knew it was worth it. George looked back at me, relishing on my submissiveness and the fact that I didn’t even flinch obeying him. It was so naughty, having sex in the middle of the living room. We both knew it was almost risk-free, since my parents wouldn’t be home until several hours. Even if they did come back, the main door was noisy enough to give us some time. Still, this was the living room, and a few hours earlier we were eating dinner with our parents here. George roughly unbuttoned his jeans and, while staying fully dressed, fished his dick out of his fly. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and rubbed my face against his exposed balls and semi-erect cock. “Yeah! Just like that!” My brother said in a deep low voice. “I’m gonna send you kiss your boyfriend with my scent all over your face!” He chuckled. “Nothing wrong with marking my territory” He added with a sly grin. Actually, I wished he was marking his territory, but his crotch smelled like shower gel. I doubt anyone would notice the faint scent that I loved so much. Still, the symbolism of it all drove me crazy with lust. Our eyes met, and my brother looked back at me with pure animalistic arousal. He grabbed his cock with his free hand and slapped it on my cheek several times. I opened my whore’s mouth and stuck my tongue out, showing my submissiveness and eagerness to please him. “Fuck…” He whispered in a barely audible moan before sticking his now rock-hard cock in my mouth. I dutifully accepted my brother’s cock in my mouth and began working on his cockhead with my tongue. I gently lapped the urethra and suckled the tip of his sensitive pink skin. My lips sealed around the crown of his cockhead; I suctioned the air in my mouth to further increase his sensations. George immediately threw his head back and grunted. I was becoming good at it! After giving his cockhead a long and skilled premium treatment, I began working on his shaft with my mouth. I went further and further each time until, eventually, I reached my goal, and my nose was pressed against his trimmed pubes. From that moment on, I began working on his cock with renewed energy. After all, we would be late for school if I didn’t hurry, and George was about to feed me breakfast. My brother noticed that I was doing my best to shorten the blowjob and he sort of helped me. He tightened his grip on my hair and stood up from his chair, keeping his dick deep in my throat. Once standing up in front of me, he took control of the whole situation and started face-fucking me with passion. Seriously, I was gagging and choking due to the rough treatment but, fuck, I loved it! A few minutes later, my brother’s moans turned more erratic and higher pitched, and I knew my reward was coming. I locked my eyes in his, hoping he would look back at me at some point, and my wish was granted. As our eyes met, he grunted, and his cock pulsed. Ropes of cum splattered my palate and the back of my throat as I dutifully swallowed my man’s load. George panted and he fell back on his chair, incidentally getting his dick out of my mouth. He looked at me, still kneeling in front of him, and chuckled. The same hand that gripped a fistful of my hair a few seconds earlier was now combing them, affectuously fixing my tousled hairstyle. I’m not going to lie, the taste of cum in the early morning wasn’t pleasant but, damn, I was super horny now! “Ready Baby Henri?” My brother asked me as he grabbed his schoolbag. I nodded and he offered me his hand to help me stand up. I grabbed it, and he pulled with such strength that I was literally lifted off my feet. He did it all without putting any real effort thought, and I realised that, while Tim was visibly a beast next to me, my brother was also much stronger and could overpower me without even putting up a fight. “What?” He exclaimed in front of my pensive expression. “Uh… oh, nothing.” I quickly answered, snapping out of my revery. “Urgh, well… uh… I’m going to wash my hands.” I announced, noticing that I still had some of my brother’s cum on it. “Sure, don’t wash your face though!” George instructed me with a sly smile. I nodded and ran to the bathroom. My brother and I walked to the bus station as silently as we usually do. When we arrived in front of the Lyceum, Tim was already waiting for me with some of his rugby teammates. As I could have predicted, Tim lustfully French-kissed me in front of everyone. For the first time though, my brother smiled when that happened. Someone else could have mistaken that with George coming to terms with his baby brother not being a baby any longer and dating a big handsome brute like Timoth�e. However, I knew my brother smiled because my boyfriend was unknowingly kissing his crotch’s scent, spread all over my face. I’m sure George would have liked nothing more than asking Tim how he liked the smell of his cock on his precious boyfriend’s mouth, but that would perhaps have backfired a little. Classes were the same old boring routine as usual. I was still tired but at least, unlike the previous day, I had a nice and long restful night. After the first three hours of class, we had a free period and then lunch. George and I already planned to use this free period to start our first mandatory tutoring lesson. Timoth�e was a little disgruntled when I told him I couldn’t go downtown with him and his teammates for lunch because of the tutoring, but the moment he turned really pissed on is when I told him it would be a weekly thing from now on. I guess he was still mad at me for the swimming lessons taking Monday and Friday evening from us, and this was just the cherry on the cake. “Are you fucking serious Henri?” Tim yelled in the middle of the corridor. “You literally live with your brother! You could tutor him ANYTIME at home and you pick the ONE free period we have that allows us to have lunch downtown together?” He shouted angrily. “I’m sorry, I… I had no choice and…” I tried to explain apologetically. “Oh, `You’re’ sorry, you `had no choice’!” Tim repeated, quoting me sarcastically and doing a mean imitation of my voice. “Just like you had no choice when you decided to take swimming lessons, uh?” He pointed out, irritated. “Tim, please!” I begged him with teary eyes. Being shouted at by my boyfriend in the middle of the corridor was both incredibly humiliating and intimidating. “What’s the deal? You’re avoiding me? You don’t want to spend time with me? Is that it?” Timoth�e asked, lowering his voice a little but still obviously infuriated. “Of course I want to spend time with you!” I promptly retorted. “And we will, I swear we will! I’m going to figure out solutions!” I promised, trying my best to calm things down before they got out of hands. My brother, who so far was chatting with friends at the other end of the corridor, walked to us with a neutral expression. “Ready Henri?” George asked me, seemingly not caring to interrupt a couple argument between Tim and I. “It was you right?” Tim asked my brother accusingly. “Just like it was you for the swimming lessons, you just can’t stand me being your “Baby Henri’s” boyfriend!” He added with obvious contempt and mockery in his voice. “Tim!” I interrupted with an offended pout. “Woa! I don’t know what you’re talking about but you’re gonna chill the fuck out Timy!” George threatened with a fake smile dissimulating his anger. “You’re screaming at my brother right in front of our fucking faces and you wonder why I’m not giving you the `boyfriend of the year’ award dude?” My brother pointed out as I watched them arguing in utter disbelief. “Aww, that’s sweet. Don’t you have some nerve to play the overprotective brother though?” Tim said, stepping one step closer to my brother and I. “Wasn’t it you that sent Henri to the hospital unconscious a few weeks ago though?” My boyfriend exclaimed with a smirk as George was turning red with anger. “HEY! You two stop immediately!” A teacher shouted from a classroom door frame. “Go fuck yourself!” My brother snapped at Timoth�e. “You can have lunch with your stupid boyfriend, for all I care!” He then added to my intention. “George, I…” I began saying before Tim cut me off. “Yeah, I’m sure he’s got plenty of drooling fangirls that would me more than willing to tutor their favourite retarded stud!” My boyfriend sneered with a mean angry expression. Did that motherfucker just called George retarded? I had heard enough. Before anyone could add another word or even move another centimetre, I grabbed my brother’s arm and walked away from Tim, dragging George with me. Surprisingly, my brother didn’t resist and followed me without even trying to punch Tim in the face, which I kind of expected him to do after he was called a retard. I knew George felt especially complexed when it came to this subject, especially since our parents constantly reminded him how bad he was at school, and how good I was in comparison. I had to seriously calm down before starting our tutoring lesson, because I was fuming. I knew Tim and George hated each other’s guts, and I also knew my brother provoked Tim on multiple occasions, but I still couldn’t believe Tim would dare speak to my brother this way. I must admit I was so caught on my own inward seething that I didn’t fully grasp my brother’s behaviour. I mean, yeah, he looked pissed, for sure, but not terribly though. Quickly enough, we both fully focused on the tutoring and I must say I was rather impressed at my brother’s capacity to cooperate with me during these lessons. No words were exchanged between George and I about what just happened with Tim. After the lesson, I joined Jean-Baptiste and as we were about to head for lunch on our own, as we usually do, a group of three girls asked us if we minded having lunch with them. The request took me off guard, they were my classmates, but we had hardly ever talked before. Jean-Baptiste though, was on cloud nine. I could see his eye turning from his usual nonchalant mood to a much more alert one. Because of my best friend’s obvious interest, I said yes. I know some gay guys, especially gay teens like me, are especially comfortable around girls. I wasn’t, and never was. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I tend to avoid girl’s presence, since I’m usually unsettled around them. Yeah, I guess I’m kind of shitty really, but I simply couldn’t help it. These three classmates of mine were called Laura, Simone, and Fatiah. My best friend seemed to have set his sights on Laura, and soon they were joking and chatting together as if they had known each other for a long time. I thought it was cute, and Jean-Baptiste really needed and deserved it after his ugly break up with Nad�ge. I was suspicious though, not because Laura seemed to have anything to hide or to be suspicious about, but because he was my best friend, and he deserved the best. She better be the very best if she wants me to allow her to even consider dating him. Oddly, the two other girls, Simone and Fatiah, seemed particularly interested in me. Well, not sexual or romantic interest (at least I hope not). I think you’d have to be very disconnected from the real world not to have noticed that I was dating Tim, especially since my rugby man of a boyfriend enjoyed nothing more than making out with me every chance he had. No, they weren’t fancying me. Still, they asked me a thousand questions at a time, and took a sudden and disturbing interest into my hobbies and passions. Jean-Baptiste would have perhaps noticed my cry for help if he wasn’t so busy flirting with Laura, so I was left to my own demise. I’m not going to lie; lunch was hell for me. I felt like a poor gazelle being hunted down by vicious female lions. After lunch, I went back to class with the three girls escorting me. As I walked in the classroom, I noticed Timoth�e sitting at his usual spot. I have no idea if he wanted me to sit by him, probably not, but I still made a point of picking another spot, far from him. Fatiah probably took it as an invitation to sit next to me, since I ditched my usual partner in crime and George was already sitting next to Julie, that fucking whore. So, I was sitting next to this weirdly overly-excited-about-me girl, with the two other girls sitting in front of us, completely cornered. Fuck! I didn’t think that through. Perhaps sitting next to Tim wouldn’t have been so bad after all. I shot several curious quick peeks at Timoth�e during the afternoon classes, but he never looked back at me. Was this over? Were we over? Did I just lose my boyfriend? I was getting increasingly insecure and nervous. He was the one that called my brother a retard and threw many insults at him, mostly unprovoked. I couldn’t flinch, and for my brother’s and my own pride, I wasn’t going to be the one apologising. It still didn’t feel right to break up because of that because I fucking loved him. Yeah, and perhaps I fucking loved his fat cock too. I somehow managed to survive these 4 hours of class cornered by a bunch of weird teenage girls and went back home with my brother. George and I still didn’t exchange a word and rode public transports silently, as we usually do. Our parents came back home shortly after us, and Mom found me cooking dinner in the kitchen. “Honey, you’re putting much more effort in this than necessary.” She chuckled as she walked to kiss me on the cheek. “You don’t like Chicken and Lemon Tajine?” I inquired with a surprised tone. “Don’t be silly, of course I like it!” She promptly reassured me. “It takes forever to cook though, and I’m sure you have better things to do.” She told me with a warm smile. “Besides, it’s unfair that you’d be the one cooking all the time! Your brother should do it too from time to time.” She added, triggering an eyes-rolling from me. Mom simply couldn’t open her mouth without spitting her despise for her elder son, now could she? “I like cooking Mom, and George doesn’t.” I simply responded, trying not to make my annoyance too obvious. “Dad doesn’t cook istanbul travesti very often either.” I pointed out matter of factly. “Hmm.” She mumbled back as she was preparing bread and path� for the appetizer. Actually, now that I think about it, Dad and George were very similar in a lot of aspects. I simply hoped it didn’t mean I was similar to Mom, because I wouldn’t have taken it as a compliment. Dinner was uneventful as usual. Dad asked about the previous day’s swimming practice and George gave him some specific answers that I couldn’t understand, even though he was talking about my performance. The whole dinner was as devoid of emotions, warmness, and love as it always is in this house. Just some delicious food shared by people that barely tolerate one another. Of course, I didn’t “just tolerate” people around this table. I loved my brother more than anything in the world, I loved and worshiped my dad, and I guess I loved my mother too. But I hated this family as a group, as a unit. As we were about to have cheese (between the main course and dessert in France), the doorbell from the main entrance rang. Everyone seemed equally surprised, which meant that no one was expected, and Dad stood up to get the door. “Oh, Hi Timoth�e, would you like to come in?” We heard Dad say after he opened the door. My heart jumped from my chest when I realised my boyfriend was here. I shot my brother a nervous glance and he was visibly unhappy. “Thank you Sir, could I speak to Henri please?” Tim’s voice answered nervously. “Do come in, we were about to have dessert. You can both speak after dinner.” Dad suggested in a voice that didn’t really invite counter proposals. I gulped and had a hard time keeping my composure as Dad and Tim walked back to the living room. Tim was wearing his rugby outfit. Not the one he wears on the actual field, but the sweatpants and sweatshirt branded with his club that he usually wears after practice. Even though I was angry at him, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly sexy my boyfriend was. “Good evening.” Timoth�e politely said to no one in particular when he sat at the table. “Hi Tim!” My mother enthusiastically said, apparently oblivious to the tension in the room. “Hey.” My brother answered with a faint smile. I knew he was faking it, but he rightfully assumed that our parents would automatically think that George was wrong and Tim was right if they detected any animosity between the two of them. To my parents anyway, especially to Mom, my brother simply couldn’t be right. In these moments I grasped how fucked up they both were, how lonely George must have felt in these moments, forced to smile and being nice to the guy that insulted him a few hours earlier, because he knew his own family would blame him otherwise. It made me even angrier than I already was. I kicked my brother’s leg with my foot, under the table, and he jolted before looking back at me angrily. I smiled at him, silently communicating that I was on his side, and I think I detected the beginning of a smile on his face. Because we were a family of four, no one was sitting at the end of the table. So, Timoth�e did. I don’t know about you guys, but in France the “head of the family” is sitting at the end of the table. The symbolic of it all wasn’t lost on any of us, but there wasn’t anywhere else he could have sat anyway. “George, get a plate for our guest.” Mom told him. “You like cheese Tim?” She then asked my boyfriend with a much nicer voice. “Yes, thank you.” Tim simply answered, even though I’m sure he was tempted to just answer “Duh bitch.”. Our parents were nice to Tim, as usual, and they asked him plenty of questions about his rugby practice, classes, his family and other boring stuff you ask someone when you want to fake interest in their lives. Tim wasn’t necessarily in the mood for mundane conversation however, and he managed to give short, concise answers that didn’t call for a lot of further conversation. After this hellish end of a dinner, George quickly headed back upstairs to his bedroom. Timoth�e grabbed my forearm and asked me if we could talk with a serious expression. I told my parents we would be upstairs to my bedroom and they nodded. Dreading the conversation I was about to have with Tim, I walked up the stairs, as he followed me. Tim closed my bedroom door behind himself and I sat on the edge of the bed, sighing. “Henri, I… uh…” Timoth�e began saying, looking for his words and avoiding eye contact. “I wanted to tell you that… well… it’s just that…” He stuttered, struggling to make a coherent sentence. “You want to break up with me.” I said, finishing his sentence for him. Tim suddenly looked at me with utter indignation. “What? No!” He almost shouted. “Is that what you want?” Tim added with an insecure sad expression. I gulped and looked back at him. “No.” I answered with a low voice, sounding almost like a whisper. “But after what you told me today, and the way you talked to me, I assumed that’s what you wanted.” I explained defeatedly, my head hanging low. Timoth�e took his head in his hands and sighed heavily. “I know, I’m such a fucking idiot!” He lamented. Tim walked the short distance to my bed and sat on the edge next to me. “I’m sorry Henri. I was just sad that we had yet another opportunity to see each other disappearing just because your brother hates my fucking guts.” He explained, still sounding bitter about the whole situation. I snorted in disbelief. “Babe, George had nothing to do with the tutoring session, ok?” I declared with a hint of irritation in my voice. “Mrs Simeon gave my brother an ultimatum, and she had already decided that I would be the one tutoring him. She literally threatened him, and I can tell you that George doesn’t want me to be his tutor, ok?” I explained while locking my eyes in his. Tim looked back at me like a deer caught in the headlights. “George is my brother, and I’m quite sure it’s not going to change anytime soon. I love him, and if you want things to work between you and me…” “I do!” He promptly interrupted me. “Then you’ll have to deal with him being a part of my life, a significant part!” I concluded with a stern voice I had never used on anyone, let alone Tim, who I loved so much and that usually was the one being in charge. He nodded boyishly, like a kid being lectured. “I can forgive you for being mad at me and yell at me, I really do! But don’t you ever talk to my brother like you did today ever again.” I warned him. Tim leaned and rested his forehead on mine. He placed his hand on the back of my neck and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry babe. It won’t happen again.” He whispered before kissing me tenderly on the lips. “I love you Henri.” “I love you too.” I answered as a smile appeared on my face. “I swear I’ll find out ways for us to have as much time together as we used to.” I promised. “So help me god.” I added for dramatic effect, triggering a chuckle from my gorgeous boyfriend. “What about now?” Tim suggested with a sly smile. “With my parents inside of the house?” I pointed out condescendingly. “Maybe I could kidnap you for a few hours.” Tim clarified. “And your parents wouldn’t have to know.” He specified with a shit eating smirk. “Oh my, Timoth�e Lafargue, are you trying to corrupt me?” I giggled before planting a kiss on his lips. “Ok!” I quickly agreed. “Can you wait for me in front of the house until my parents head to bed?” I asked devilishly. “I sure can!” Timoth�e eagerly agreed. My boyfriend and I headed back downstairs where my parents were watching television together. Tim politely thanked them for welcoming him and apologized for showing up uninvited. He then walked out of the house and I headed back upstairs. “Is everything alright?” Dad asked me before I could leave the living room. “Yeah, it’s fine.” I answered evasively. “He just needed to borrow something from me.” I quickly added before running upstairs. It was a cold night, and I hoped my parents wouldn’t stay awake too late because I’m sure Tim was freezing out there waiting for me. My wish was granted about an hour after my boyfriend had left the house. I texted Tim that I was about to join him outside and he texted me back to get a warm coat. “I’m sorry babe! You must be freezing!” I apologised to Timoth�e after I had sneaked out of my house. Tim threw a motorbike helmet at me and gestured to me to take place behind him on his scooter. Unlike the last time I rode his scooter, I was not drunk, and as a consequence I was far more nervous. “Where are we going?” I nervously inquired. “You’ll see.” Tim shouted back at me to cover the scooter and traffic humming. I tightened my embrace around his stomach and rested my chin on his shoulder as we rode away from my house. I was a nervous wreck. It was the first time ever I was sneaking out of my house behind my parents back. George was right though; I was far too much of a Mommy he truly had a magic tongue. He was jerking off his fat cock while devouring my hole. After several minutes of this treatment, Timoth�e straightened up and aimed his cock at my expecting hole. I braced myself for my impending penetration, but instead I felt his hot load being splattered around my twitching pussy. Damnit! I had nothing to wipe it off. Well, fuck it, I would use my underwear and go commando. Tim straightened me up and got me off the bench. As he was standing behind me, he grabbed my erected cock and began furiously jerking me off. Tim was kissing the back of my neck, licking around my ear and jawline. I was already super turned on, and it wouldn’t take long for me to cum like that. Suddenly, we heard footsteps. I was about to quickly pull back my jeans, but Tim stopped me. He kept jerking me off at a rapid pace, not caring about getting caught. My heart was beating faster than ever. “Come on baby, cum for your man!” He whispered suavely in my ear. “It’s ok, I’m here, nothing can happen to you.” He then added with a tender voice. His authority and care were all that I needed to let go. I relaxed and, a few seconds later, I came like a racehorse. As I was slowly coming back to my senses, I saw a man walking right behind us without bothering looking our way. I mean, he was at touching distance from us, so of course he saw us, but pretended otherwise. I gulped and chuckled nervously. Tim kissed me on the cheek tenderly and we both got dressed quickly. During the ride back home, I realised how fucking tired I was. I was holding onto Timoth�e tightly, almost dozing off on his scooter, even though I knew I couldn’t. Once parked in front of my house, I gave Tim back his spare helmet and he took his off to pull me for a kiss. “I love you Henri. It was amazing!” Tim told me softly. I nodded my agreement and smiled at him tenderly. “See you tomorrow babe.” He then added before putting his helmet back and driving away. Wednesday was uneventful from A to Z. Morning classes consisted of 2h of French Literature and ended with 2h of physical education. In France, Wednesday afternoon is a half-day off from school, so I went to Jean-Baptiste’s place and we played video games for a while before heading out for some pastries and tea. We had a digestive walk downtown and he suggested inviting “the girls” for some kind of activity during the weekend. I had no desire to see Laura, Simone and Fatiah, but I knew better than to be a pain in the ass. I think Jean-Baptiste took the hint of my lack of enthusiasm and we didn’t discuss the subject further. In the evening, the rugby team was going to have some laser-game, and I was invited. I accepted, even though I was a bit nervous about playing against a bunch of overly trained rugby men. I wasn’t sure what my status in this group was anyway. Was I their “first lady” or something? In the end it didn’t matter, I had a lot of fun, and my team won. Not thanks to me, obviously, since I was a clumsy boy with a terrible aim, but still. I was completely wiped out after the laser-game, but still accompanied some of them for a beer downtown. I guess they had their habits, and they clearly knew where to go to get served alcohol without their age to be a problem. I had a beer and called it quits there. Tim wanted me to stay the night at his place, but it would have meant staying at the pub with the guys for a few more hours, and I was simply too exhausted for that. Despite the boys’ insistence, and particularly Tim’s, I declined and headed back home. When I walked past the main door, I found George playing video games in the living room. I smiled at him and he winked back at me before returning his full attention to his game. It still felt surreal that he would seem happy to see me, and I was on cloud nine. I headed to the kitchen and opened the fridge to get some ideas about what to cook for dinner. As I was getting the ingredients to cook salmon pasta, Dad walked in the kitchen and asked me what was for dinner. I chuckled, thinking back about the day before, when Mom told me that George should be cooking too. Dad wasn’t even considering cooking if either Mom or me was home. I told Dad I was cooking salmon pasta and he enthusiastically approved. He then told me that Mom wasn’t here, since she was traveling to Bordeaux for work, and wouldn’t be back until Friday night. Unless their trips were longer than a week, they didn’t even bother telling my brother or me that they were leaving, we would just find out after they left, or right before they left if we were lucky. Of course, they would always pretend that they had notified us earlier, and that we just hadn’t been paying attention, but this was a lame lie. Anyway, I was fine with having some time alone with Dad and George since it happened so rarely. I prepared the pasta and we had a nice dinner together in front of the television (which would have been impossible if Mom was there). Then, we watched a movie together. My brother gestured to me to sit next to him. He made a point of being overly affectionate, to put up a show for Dad. George would wrap his arm around me and kiss the top of my hair as I rested my head on his lap. I wasn’t going to complain, cuddling with my brother was still very comparable to daydreaming for me. Dad seemed unsettled, but he didn’t say anything. I wondered if maybe George was doing too much, maybe Dad was suspecting something? It started to make me nervous and even though I did nothing to stop my brother, I was getting self-conscious. After the movie, I made a point of giving Dad a quick tender hug and kissing him on the cheek. I guess it was my way to normalise the whole display of affection he witnessed. My brother kissed Dad goodnight, but it was obvious they were doing it solely because I placed them in situations where it would have been weird not to, or at least would have underlined the difference of treatment my parents gave their two sons, and it was such a taboo in our family. I was happy with my little victories, nonetheless. Thursday was business as usual. Classes, lunch, tutoring, classes, homework, dinner with George and Dad, and off to bed. The only noticeable thing was that Laura joined Jean-Baptiste, Vianney, Tim and I for lunch, and good lord what a pathetic sight their cheesy flirting was. I supposed I should be happy for Jean-Baptiste, but I couldn’t help not to feel a little jealous. Inwardly, I suppose I was happy to have my best friend all for myself for a few months, until he found a new girlfriend. He found another right after breaking up though, so I guess I should just roll with it. Friday morning, as classes were about to start, Tim demanded that we had dinner together downtown after my swimming practice. I accepted and he displayed a boyish smile that made me melt. He was just so cute, while still being smoking hot and commanding authority. Just before lunch, I told my brother that Tim would pick me up at the pool after practice for dinner. George raised his eyebrow and looked at me with visible irritation. “Fine, but you’re not getting on his scooter, Henri.” He warned me with a stern voice. I rolled my eyes and he stared at me dead in the eye. “I’m serious, understood?” George added. I gulped and nodded. There was no point in arguing, I already knew my brother wouldn’t change his mind. George was a paradoxical person when it came to me. He was smoking cigarettes, weed, drinking his fair share of alcohol, and generally behaving rather recklessly. Damn, I’m sure he already rode some of his friend’s scooter. However, whenever it came to me, he seemed unable to help being this conservative older brother that prevented kadıköy travesti me from doing anything he deemed as “dangerous”, unless he was directly supervising it, and then everything was game. Even back when he ignored my ass, roughly a year earlier, and I started smoking to “try” and look more mature than I was, he was furious when he caught me. He called me a “dumb fuck” and snatched the cigarette pack from my hands. I didn’t smoke a single cigarette after that, but the irony is that he already was a smoker at that time, even though I only found out when we ended up in the same Lyceum. Anyway, I told Timoth�e that he couldn’t pick me up using his scooter during lunch, and he was a bit disgruntled but didn’t argue too much. After all, we could just use the subway as we already do very often. We ate with his rugby teammates, as I wanted to give Laura and Jean-Baptiste some time alone and headed back to class afterwards. Just as we did Monday, my brother and I headed to the swimming pool early. We arrived almost an hour before everyone else, and I popped a boner when my brother undressed in the locker room, again. George insisted that I wash his body, and despite my nervousness, I complied. I rubbed his body with my soapy hands and my heart was beating as fast as it did when I sucked Tim’s cock at Pech-David’s hill. When I washed his crotch, I was really turned on. George smirked at me and I looked away, ashamed of myself for doing such a thing with him in a public place. My brother didn’t ask anything else though, and I think he was just testing my obedience. Of course, he didn’t realise it fully, but I trusted him with my life and would totally obey him, no matter what. I mean, I was still full of uncertainties concerning where this was all going, but I just knew I wanted to go wherever George wanted me to be. After getting changed into speedos, my training began. George was even more demanding than Monday, but he was still very patient and pedagogue. After the teammates and coach Adam joined us, I just tried to follow their rhythm, even though it was difficult. At 9pm, when the training ended, I was completely wiped out. I still leered at my teammates naked bodies, mind you, but I was on autopilot. I realised that Carl was really showing off to get my attention. I don’t think he was gay, at all, but he clearly enjoyed teasing me with his hot body. When I was eventually dried and changed, we said goodbye to our teammates and left the locker room with my brother. When I stepped outside, Tim was already waiting for me, but to my utter surprise and displeasure, so was Julie. I shot George an offended gaze and he grinned at me devilishly. Tim, on the other hand, shot me a death stare. “I hope you’re hungry guys, I booked the restaurant for 9.30pm!” George declared with a joyful voice. I widened my eyes and looked at my brother with confusion. “You’re fine with the Gran Pizzeria in Jean-Jaur�s, right?” He added to my intention. The fucking asshole hijacked my dinner with Tim and turned it into a double date with Julie. “Sure.” I answered defeatedly. “Aww, did I push you too hard during training?” George sneered with a cocky chuckle. “Poor baby is exhausted, he’s got a lot to learn before overpowering me, or outsmarting me for that matter.” He pointed out with an innuendo I could clearly understand. My brother then smirked at me and loudly kissed my temple, triggering a smile from me. He always knew exactly what to do for me to forgive him anything. As we were about to hop in the subway, I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand and mouthed “sorry” to him. He sighed and seemed disgruntled but didn’t say anything. I think he still felt guilty about the way he talked to my brother a few days earlier, and that’s why he wasn’t being too angry at me. Perhaps he even though I staged this for the two of them to make peace and move on. Now, I swear I’m not a violent guy, but seeing Julie being all over my brother had me seething from inside. I tried not to glare at them and look the other way, and it kind of worked. From time to time though, they would both giggle and in these moments, I just wanted to draw my sword and smite them. It’s a good thing I don’t own a sword. We arrived at the Pizzeria, which is a fancy old fashioned Italian restaurant in the hyper-centre of Toulouse, and were placed at our table. At that point, I was starving. I wanted to order everything from the menu. I grinned at Timoth�e and I knew he was starving too. Well, he is always starving, so I guess it doesn’t count. We ordered appetizers and wine to start and I could tell this could easily be a very long dinner. Tim and George hated each other’s guts, I hated Julie, and Julie was too dumb to hate anyone. Okay, maybe that last part isn’t totally honest. Julie was actually the one making this double date bearable. She was fun and visibly oblivious to the tensions between us all. To her, it seemed like a date with George, and I’m sure she didn’t get many of these. I was feeling kind of sorry for her. I knew my brother liked her, but he mostly used her to get off, and torture me when he felt I needed to be reminded of my place. George was manipulative, and careless of other people’s feelings, and Julie was just another toy for him. Oddly, Tim seemed to suddenly realised that he liked her. They were super friendly to each other, which seemed to really disgruntle my brother. I think Timoth�e saw it, and was even more eager to befriend her. At some point, George went to the bathroom. Shortly after he left, I announced I needed to go too. Timoth�e gave me a suspicious gaze but he was too caught in chatting with Julie to really care. “I suppose you think you’re terribly clever.” I told my brother after closing the bathroom door after me. He was taking a leak at the urinal and shot me a condescending look. “You were the one to invite your retarded boyfriend to pick you up at MY swimming pool.” My brother shot back with a reproachful tone. “I thought it’d be nice to teach you a lesson, Baby Henri, since you keep making the same mistakes again and again.” He added, sounding bitter. “George! Tim was super mad at me about the tutoring, I wasn’t exactly in the best position to refuse him to…” I started explaining with an apologetic tone. “Do I look like I fucking care?” My brother snapped before tucking his cock back in his jeans. “You can’t have it all Henri, you get that? Who’s in charge? Him? Or me?” George asked me while stepping closer to me, effectively pinning me against the wall. I gulped and looked back at him, my heart about to jump from my chest. “Who is in charge?” He repeated, empathizing each word clearly. “You are, George.” I answered with a weak voice. “Always.” I added with a more decisive voice. “Suck my cock, now.” My brother commanded me. My eyes bulged and I shot him a panicked look. Fuck, this was complete madness. George stared at me with a serious expression, and I knew he meant business. He was really mad at me, and I knew disobeying him could damage our fucked-up relationship. George was right, I had to get my priorities straight. My brother was the only one I wanted to fully submit to. No one could make me feel the way he did. There was something transcendent, something especially fulfilling when I was with him. He gave a meaning to my life, a sense of purpose, Tim couldn’t do that. I fell on my knees and started unbuttoning my brother’s jeans, but he stopped me and grabbed me under the armpit before getting me back on my feet. I was blushing like a little boy caught being naughty, unsure what I did wrong. My brother leaned and placed his mouth millimetres from my ear. “Things are going to change for you and I, Baby Henri.” He warned me with a serious tone. “I don’t care about your friends, your stupid boyfriend, or even Mom and Dad, I’m your N�1 priority, and it’s about time you treat me accordingly!” George declared. “I will.” I promptly answered with an eagerness that unsettled him a little bit. I think he was trying to convince me and didn’t realise I was already fully convinced already. “I swear.” I concluded with a faint smile. My brother smirked and kissed me on the cheek. “Good boy.” He told me condescendingly. I chuckled and he gestured to me to follow him out of the bathroom. When we walked back to our table, Tim shot me an inquisitive look and I just avoided eye contact. “Well, you two took your sweet time!” Julie declared half-jokingly. “Oh, I’m sure you had a great time regardless.” George shot back curtly. Tim raised his eyebrow and Julie seemed genuinely taken aback by the implied accusation. I knew my brother was rather unfair to her, especially since she knew nothing of the rivalry between Timoth�e and him, but that was none of my business. I sat next to my boyfriend and squeezed his thigh, smiling at him tenderly. The rest of the dinner was pretty uneventful. Julie was visibly sulky, and George didn’t seem to care a bit. Timoth�e and I shared a passionate kiss in front of the restaurant before we parted, and I followed my brother back home. When we arrived home, our parents were watching a movie in the living room. “Where were you? We expected you for dinner!” Mom asked with a reproachful tone. She looked at George specifically, apparently deciding it was his fault. “I took George and his girlfriend for dinner with Tim and I.” I promptly explained as if it had been at my initiative. “Sorry, I forgot to tell you.” I quickly apologised. Taking the blame was all it took to change Mom’s attitude. She suddenly seemed to be fine with it all. “George? You have a girlfriend?” Dad asked with a surprised and confused tone. Fuck, did I just disclose that information without my brother consent? I shot my brother a panicked glance, expecting him to be furious, but he didn’t seem to care. “Yes.” He simply confirmed. He then walked to the living room and kissed Dad on the forehead. “Good night Dad!” He said before heading back upstairs, not saying a single word to Mom. Well, he certainly made his point. Honestly, I didn’t feel sorry for Mom at all. She constantly belittled my brother, being very passive aggressive, when she wasn’t straight up aggressive. Apparently, George was fed up with her bullshit and had decided to ignore her from now on. I fully supported this decision, hoping that would teach her a lesson and that she would change her attitude. I kissed both Mom and Dad goodnight and imitated my brother by heading back upstairs. Then, being true to my engagement, I walked to my brother’s bedroom and knocked. He mumbled me to come in and I closed the door behind me. George was laying on his stomach, in his plain black briefs. Gosh, I guess I should be used to this sight by now, but it was still driving me completely mad with lust. “Yeah?” He inquired nonchalantly, barely turning his head to me. I walked to his bed and straddled him, sitting on his muscled butt. He frowned, wondering what on earth I was doing, when I leaned over his back and started massaging his shoulders. Immediately, my brother started moaning with pleasure and relief. “Do you think I could sleep at Tim’s place tomorrow night?” I asked him sheepishly. George raised his eyebrow and gave me a dirty look. He knew he was being manipulated with a massage to brighten up his mood before I asked for a favour from him. “The parents said yes?” He questioned with audible contempt. “I don’t know, I wanted to ask you first.” I confessed with a sly smile while intensifying my massage. My brother suddenly smirked at me. “What do I get if I say yes.” He then asked with a devilish expression. “Whatever you want.” I promptly answered. “As usual.” I whispered before chuckling. “Noted.” He told me with a wink. “Fine, now keep massaging and shut up.” He agreed before closing his eyes and enjoying his post-training massage. I was very attentive to his moans and facial expressions, guiding me in what techniques he liked, what part of his back he enjoyed being massaged the most etc. I took a note in my head to watch some tutorials on YouTube for the next time I needed to ask something from him. Yeah, I’m not going to lie, this was a very erotic situation for me, and I was enjoying it as much as my brother did. Well, maybe not as much because he looked like he was about to ejaculate from being massaged, but you get the idea. My fingers browsing his defined body, the palm of my hand pressing the sore and tensed muscles. His mouth twisting in pure bliss, his breathing becoming a succession of sighs. This was a truly magical moment, and I was having a mighty erection. Suddenly, someone knocked at my brother’s door and Dad walked in immediately after. Dad looked at me, then at George, and at me again. He seemed taken aback but quickly regained his composure and closed the door behind him. He approached and sat on the edge of the bed. “What does your brother know about you that he uses to blackmail you into massaging him?” Dad asked me jokingly. “You really don’t want to know, Dad.” George answered with a sleepy voice, which triggered a chuckle from Dad, even though he didn’t realise there really was a secret I shared with my brother that he REALLY didn’t want to know about. “So, my boy found a girlfriend, uh?” Dad asked George teasingly while squeezing the back of his thigh. “Why haven’t we met her yet?” He then asked with a tone that betrayed his disappointment. I did my best to hide my boner, and I think it worked, but I had to keep massaging George if I wanted to maintain the position that allowed me to hide my condition. Massaging my brother in front of Dad made me very self-conscious, especially since I knew how erotic and sexually charged the whole thing was for George and me. “I didn’t know you’d care.” George answered Dad. Wow, my brother was becoming savage with our parents. I always knew him to be rather discreet and taking their abuse without complaining or firing back, but clearly something changed. You go George! I shot Dad a quick glance and he seemed as shocked as I was with George’s straightforwardness. “Besides, it’s not that serious.” He added with his hoarse voice as I focused my massage on his spine by his shoulder blades. “It’s a classmate of ours.” I told Dad with a smirk. He raised his eyebrow and looked at me with visible sadness. I felt sorry for him, as I could tell he felt left out. I guess the fact that George and I got closer changed the dynamic a little bit. Perhaps our parents thought that my brother just wasn’t the type to share his private life with anyone, or at least to his family. Now that he shared his privacy with me (he didn’t that much obviously, but they thought he did), his lack of communication towards them must have felt somehow more personal. My guess was that it was indeed personal, and that their lack of trust and tenderness towards George had consequences. “Henri!” My brother protested, forbidding me to disclose any information to Dad about Julie. Dad gulped and looked down defeatedly. “Ok, have a good night boys, and don’t stay up too late.” Dad eventually said after an awkward silence. “You too Dad, love you!” I joyfully answered as he stood up and walked to the door. “I love you too.” He replied before closing the door behind him. I kept massaging my brother for a moment. After about 20 minutes, I realised that George had fallen asleep. I smiled to myself in absolute bliss. I clearly acquired a new powerful weapon to use in my bargains with my brother. I slipped out of his bed, gently covering his body with a blanket in the process, turned the lights off and silently walked out of his bedroom. Saturday morning, I slept in lazily. It had been a rough week, and I intended to enjoy a nice restful weekend. I didn’t get out of bed before 10.30am, and took a long relaxing shower afterwards. When I was finally ready to head downstairs, I found Mom in the kitchen, scrutinizing the fridge and probably wondering what to cook for lunch. I immediately suggested that we cook something together, since it was always a nice bonding moment between Mom and I, and she joyfully accepted. We prepared a nice chicken and mushroom saut� with seasonal vegetables and used this opportunity to chat and catch up on what our weeks had been like. She seemed a little uncomfortable whenever I mentioned George, but I couldn’t exactly talk about my week without mentioning him since we spend so much time together. She told me she was glad our tutoring worked well and made no further comment about him. I used this opportunity to ask Mom about sleeping at Tim’s on this very bakırköy travesti evening. She promptly accepted, eagerly praising Tim as well. I thought it was weird the way Mom worshiped the ground my boyfriend walked on, for some reason. Maybe she fancied him? Who knows? Anyway, now that I had everyone’s green light, I texted my boyfriend letting him know that I had everyone’s approval, conveniently letting out that it included George’s approval too. In the afternoon, Uncle David called to suggest that George and I had lunch with Sarah and our cousins on Sunday. I joyfully accepted and immediately texted the invitation to my brother, since I had no idea where he spent the evening or when he would be back. As usual when I texted him, I didn’t get an answer even though he read the message, but I would call if I didn’t get an answer by the evening. During the time that I had before leaving for Tim’s place, I grabbed a book and mechanically headed to Dad’s study to read it. I had used the study for that purpose so many times while they were in Japan that I almost forgot I wasn’t supposed to be allowed there. I sat in his desk chair and began reading peacefully. At some point, Dad showed up and was quite surprised to see me there. I quickly apologised and was about to leave, but he invited me to keep reading in an armchair by the desk instead, while he worked, as long as I was silent. It was great, just being there and reading while Dad was nearby working. I know it must sound silly, but it gave me some inner peace and sense of security that greatly enhanced my reading time. Around 6.30pm, I packed my bag for the night and kissed my parents goodbye. “Have fun!” Dad told me as I was getting downstairs. “I will!” I shot back joyfully. I took the bus, then the subway, and eventually arrived at Tim’s place 25 minutes later. I texted Tim that I was here, and he opened the building’s main door to me. I then took the elevator and walked to his apartment’s door. Nervously, I knocked, and waited for someone to open the door. “Hey there!” Tim’s sister, Lou, exclaimed when she opened. “Come in!” She invited me enthusiastically. “Thank you.” I politely answered as I entered their apartment. Timoth�e casually walked in their living room, shirtless, whistling. He was only wearing a pair of worn-out tight jeans, and his hair was damp, as he probably just took a shower. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me for a kiss that would have been considered far too inappropriate for my family standard. His sister seemed completely unphased though, so I decided it would be no big deal. After all, in Rome do as the Romans do. I followed Tim in his bedroom where I dropped my bag by his bed while he put a sweatshirt on. I had dressed elegantly, considering it would be my first ever real dinner with Tim’s parents. I had already met them and had breakfast with them, but I imagined dinner to be a bit more formal. Perhaps I was wrong though. They already thought of me as a rich kid from an aristocratic family, and I guess I was just about to prove them right. What a fucking idiot I could be sometimes. Timoth�e suggested we played video games until his parents came back. They were downtown shopping apparently. I accepted, knowing he would beat my ass, but I didn’t mind too much. We had plenty of fun, mostly at my expense since I was really bad at the game he picked. His sister, Lou, joined us and I had the privilege of being beaten by the two siblings at once. She was even better than her brother and, of course, I cheered and supported her. I mean, I needed to be accepted somehow, and Tim was already conquered territory. Tim acted like he was vexed, but I knew he wasn’t. His sister was really fun to be around and, to be honest, she was probably more masculine than I was. She wasn’t taking anyone’s bullshit and clearly had a strong personality. I liked that. Tim and his sister constantly teased one another. Sometimes they said stuff that sounded quite mean and hurtful, but they didn’t seem phased, so I refrained from judging too much. I mean, who am I kidding, I literally have sex with my brother, so I can’t really bear judgment on anyone’s relationship with their siblings. Tim’s parents eventually came back home and warmly greeted me. Even though we only met once, they acted like they had known me forever, which was nice. “You like Pork sweetie?” Tim’s mother asked me as she was storing the groceries in the kitchen. “Yes! I eat everything really.” I politely answered with a wide smile. “And he cooks everything too!” Tim added, winking at me. “Uh! I hope this lazy pig doesn’t make you cook for him like he’s a big macho or something!” Lou exclaimed half-jokingly. “I love to cook actually! I’d love to help you if you need anything” I promptly replied, to his mom’s intention. “I’m fine, but thank you!” She declined with a chuckle. “You better keep that one Timy!” She then told her son teasingly. “Don’t worry Mom, he’s not going anywhere!” Tim grinned devilishly. I giggled and his sister winced. “Creepy!” Lou shot back with a disgusted expression. “Don’t let him lock you out in his basement!” She warned me with a smirk. “I have no complaints so far!” I reassured them while smiling tenderly at my boyfriend. He smiled back at me, reassured that I supported him. “Oh, come on! No complaints at all?” His stepfather insisted playfully. “Not a single one.” I repeated resolutely. Tim’s mother and stepfather smiled, moved by my display of affection, but Lou wasn’t impressed. “Urgh! I’m gonna puke!” She lamented jokingly. “Lou!” Her mother lectured with a stern face. Dinner was nice. They really were a sweet and united family, even though they teased one another far too much for my liking. I suppose I’m a touchy person, and I would take it personally at some point. Thank god Tim wasn’t like them because I don’t think it could have worked otherwise. After dinner, Tim announced that we were going out, clubbing. I was completely taken aback, especially since his parents didn’t seem to have any problem with that. It’s a good thing I overdressed for dinner, so at least I could be decent. Once my boyfriend was ready, we left his apartment with a simple “have fun!” from his parents. I still couldn’t believe they were so laid back. My family is perhaps a bit conservative, but I don’t think many 15years old were allowed to club. Then again, what do I know. To my growing surprise, we were joined by Vianney, Julie, and three other of Tim’s rugby teammates at Jean-Jaur�s metro station. We headed to the Limelight gay nightclub, near the Canal du Midi. Well, it’s officially a gay night club, but there were mostly straight people clubbing there anyway. They weren’t very strict about being 18 to be allowed in, and that’s partially why you could find so many teens there, especially Saturday night. I wasn’t particularly happy about clubbing with Julie, but since my brother wasn’t here with us, it wasn’t as bad as it usually is. Deep down I knew I had nothing against her personally, I was just jealous. Timoth�e seemed to really like her, which triggered my jealousy a little too, but I could see it wasn’t anything sexual. I suspected Tim to befriend her only to infuriate my brother, but perhaps I was being paranoid. When we arrived at the club, it was still early, so there wasn’t much dancing and partying going on. It looked like a bar more than a club at that point. We grabbed our drinks before heading to the club’s courtyard, and Tim invited me. I guess he was a bit of a macho, in a gentleman way, but I didn’t mind at all. We ended up spending a lot of time chatting, joking and refilling our drinks in the courtyard. When Vianney insisted that we hit the dancefloor, it was completely crowded. I gripped Timoth�e’s arm and followed him, gently pushing people aside to make some way for us to go through. We finally found a spot to dance and I was already tipsy, so I was really in the mood. Timoth�e and I never were very shy in these kinds of situations, but the fact that we were in a gay club truly disinhibited us. We made out while dancing and Tim couldn’t get his hands off my butt. He slipped his fingers under my waistband and even tried to remove my shirt, even though I stopped him. I browsed my hand on his six-pack and licked his ear, it was truly an indecent sight. We were completely in our world, enjoying this moment together to its fullest extent. At this point, we knew how much of an exhibitionist we both were, so we weren’t shy and knew this wouldn’t bother or gross out the other. Suddenly, Julie, who was just next to us, gasped and seemed to be thunderstruck. I was the first one to notice it and I immediately wondered what happened. She was staring right in front of her in the distance. I turned to understand what she was looking at and then my jaw dropped. My brother was in the club too, but he wasn’t alone, he was with Carl, and a girl I haven’t seen before. The thing is that my brother was passionately making out with this random girl on the dancefloor. I almost fell sick in my stomach, instantly jealousy kicked in and replaced the initial surprise and shock I felt. Tim eventually noticed what the fuss was all about, and he immediately turned to Julie that was still processing what she saw. My eyes met George’s, and he winked at me mischievously. Then, I think he noticed that Julie was there too. They seemed to stare at one another for a moment, and my brother turned back to his partner, resuming kissing and caressing her. I was taken aback by his lack of consideration for Julie. He truly looked like he couldn’t care less about her and, for the first time, I felt truly sorry for her. I knew only too well how inconsiderate my brother could be sometimes, and I’m sure she didn’t deserve such a predicament. I would have said something to comfort her, but I guessed that she didn’t want to talk to me at the moment. After all, I was George’s brother. Before either Tim or me could come out with anything to say, Julie stormed out of the club. Tim tried to go after her, but she gestured to him to leave her alone. Tim came back to me and we looked at one another with a sorry expression. Vianney then arrived with our drinks refill, oblivious to everything that just happened. Well, I could use a drink right now, I thought. After our initial shock, Timoth�e and I quickly returned to our dancefloor flirt session. I was getting drunker by the minute, as I kept swallowing apple-vodka one after the other. At some point, Tim told me he needed to use the bathroom, and he left me with Vianney on the dance floor. I was dancing on my own when, suddenly, someone wrapped his arms around me from behind. I didn’t need to turn to know who it was. Even drunk, my brother’s scent was unmistakable, as well as the pattern of his breathing. I melted in his arms and we danced together. I turned to face him, and George smirked at me. He looked sober, but I must have looked completely trashed, because I was. My brother began kissing my neck and jawline and, despite my drunken state, my eyes widened and I shot him a panicked look. “George! What are you doing!?” I protested with a high pitch voice. My heart was beating as fast as it could. I shot him an anxious glance that meant “Are you out of your fucking mind?” “Relax, Baby Henri.” He said in my ear, not being audible to anyone but me, especially with the loud music. “No one will ever suspect a thing. Brothers don’t fuck each other, except in movies or books! Believe me, no one would ever even consider it, it’s simply too fucked-up to be true.” He declared with a cocky expression. Deep down I knew he was right, but I was still shit scared of being caught, or even raise suspicions. “I love you, brother.” I told him in his ear. I couldn’t see his facial reaction, but he kissed my temple and pulled me for a bear hug. I rested my head on his shoulder as his muscled arms pressed our bodies together. Fuck, it felt really good. Tim came back from the bathroom and found us in this position. George broke the embrace and kissed me on the forehead tenderly. “Have fun!” My brother shouted at me before walking away and disappearing in the crowd. Tim was a little circumspect but didn’t say anything. Against better judgment, I kept drinking. My memories from that part of the night are kind of blurry. I know Tim and I headed to the bathroom together, and we made out there. Tim was tipsy, but not drunk, unlike me. He was also super horny. We locked ourselves in a cubicle and began making out while things began to turn more sexual. I sat on the toilet and clumsily tried to unbutton my boyfriend’s jeans, unsuccessfully due to my advanced state of intoxication. Tim did it for me, and in no time, I was facing this monster cock. Before I could wrap my lips around it, the cubicle door was slammed open. Tim was pushed forward and almost tripped over me. My brother was standing there, he had broken down the door with his foot. He was pissed off, like for real. “You motherfucker!” He shouted at my boyfriend angrily. “You think you can fuck my brother in the fucking bathroom like a cheap whore? Uh?” My brother rhetorically asked, on the top of his lungs. All this shouting attracted people and we quickly had an audience. “Fuck off!” Tim snapped furiously, trying to close the door before George stopped him. My brother stepped inside of the cubicle and walked dangerously closer to Tim. “Listen to me you fucking retarded; you don’t want to make me call my parents!” My brother threatened with a murderous glare. Instantly, I noticed fear in Tim’s eyes. The mention of my parents worked, and Tim calmed down. “Get the fuck out of here, now!” George commanded. “But Henri’s sleeping at my place!” Timoth�e protested almost boyishly. “Not anymore. I’ll take it from here.” My brother shot back resolutely. Tim looked at me and gulped. I was probably a mess. I had looked at the scene in front of me passively, having a hard time processing everything due to my drunkenness. Tim finally gave in and left. I was in shock and intimated by George’s anger. My brother took care of me. He tried to make me puke, to get some alcohol out of my body, and it worked a little. Then, after I had cleaned my face with cold water, he took me home. I was in a pitiful state, George had to help me walk. I felt ashamed of myself beyond measure, but George didn’t seem to be mad at me. Eventually, we made it home. George unlocked the main door, carrying me with his arm under my armpits to help support me stand up and walk. We had barely passed the hall when Mom appeared from the door frame. It was past 3am, so I’m not sure why she was even up, but her jaw dropped when she caught the sight of me. Her eyes bulged and she looked scandalised. “George! What on earth is happening!” She shouted at my brother. “Mom, I…” He calmly began explaining. “What have you been doing to your brother? Oh my god do you realise how serious this is?” She continued screaming and getting angrier by the minute. “I didn’t do anything! Actually I…” My brother protested before she cut him off again. “I knew I couldn’t trust you! He’s only 15! And that’s how you take care of him? Shame on you George you really are…” She kept going in an interrupted flow of pure rage and reproaches. “WILL YOU SHUT UP YOU FUCKING BITCH?” George suddenly barked. I instantly sobered up and realised the seriousness of the whole situation. My eyes bulged and I turned to my brother in utter shock. “Who the fuck do you think you are? Uh?” He told Mom with the greatest contempt. “I take care of Henri every single day of the year while you travel the world with your husband!” He added, finger pointing at her accusingly. Mom seemed scandalised beyond measure, I don’t record seeing her that mad ever before. “How dare you speak to me like that! That’s unbelievable!” She exclaimed with a wavy voice. “You’re going to be…” She began saying. “I don’t fucking care about what you’re going to do!” George cut her off with a nervous chuckle. “Go fuck yourself, I’m out of here!” He announced before leaning to drop me on the floor and walking away. “George! No! George please!” I begged as he stormed out of the house. He slammed the door behind him as Dad was running downstairs with a distraught look, probably wondering what the fuck was happening. Leaning against the wall and bringing my knees to my chest, I began crying like a fucking baby. I hid my face behind my hands and I sobbed loudly as I realised it was all my fault. *** If you want to send me comment, questions, or just want to chat about the Story, feel free to add me on Instagram: Despanien Or send me an E-mail: [email protected] Also, I mentioned some recipes in this story, and I wanted to tell you that I translated them into English and you are able to find them pot/

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Naciye (Alıntıdır….)

Naciye (Alıntıdır....) merhaba ben murat 22 yasinda, 1.82 boyunda 72 kiloyum, sarı saçlı kahverengi gözlüyüm. biseksüelim ve her türlü fantaziye…


seks En Son Eklenen & | & En Çok Okunan & | & En Çok Beğenilen komsu kızıni siktim Yazar…

Arkadaşımın annesi

Arkadaşımın annesi Selamlar. Hiçbir Şekilde isim, il, ilçe belirtmeden direkt konuya girerek başlamak istiyorum; uzun olabilir :) --Şöyle bir olay…

İlk randevu

İlk randevu Karımın İlk Randevusu Çok da sıcak olmayan bir yaz akşamüstünde karım Serap'la evde film seyrediyorduk. Karımın telefonuna bir…

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