Brotherly Love


This is the first part of four stories. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have writing it! All characters are above 18. This story has incest, and is long, so be warned…


My name is Daniel, and this is the story of my sister, Katrina and I. She was the first person I saw when I came home after three years. My car had stalled halfway, 400 miles away. Somehow the battery died while I was driving. So coming home later than I was expected, I didn’t expect to find anyone home.

I had finished my studies and was coming back home. My parents had a nice house in a good suburb, three bedroom house with a beautiful garden my mother adored. Stacey, my older sister was still at college finishing her degree and Katy, is in her final year at school. Katy took my room when I had moved out, so it felt weird to me to be going back home to nothing.

I turn into the driveway and trying the door but finding it locked, I see my old window open, so I moved aside the curtain trying to call out to whomever was at home. I push away the netting and look inside. What I saw that day is etched in my memory forever.

Naked as the day she was born she stands facing me drying her hair. Unable to see or hear me because of the hair in front of her face and the noise of the hairdryer blasting away, she is oblivious to my trespassing.

Standing up with her legs apart, she has a knee resting on her bed. She is beautiful, almost divine in her nakedness. Her sex is clean shaven she had no telltale bumps anywhere, with beautiful molded lips that glistened invitingly. She has those dreamy thighs that were shapely yet molded away from her so that her pussy showed every contour. She has the slightest trace of fat on her hips but all that did was to accentuate her shapely thighs. Even from this angle I can see the beginnings of her backside becoming the inviting mound of her cunt. She doesn’t have big breasts but they are pert and exquisitely formed.

Her nipples are a deep shade of pinkish brown, and her tawny skin is unblemished and tautly muscular. Her body froze for a second her arm midway of brushing her shoulder length hair. I almost thought I’d been caught out, but then she turns to her side, giving me a fuller view of her body. I took my time admiring my goddess. Her pert breasts and the very sexy contours of her stomach have me mesmerized. When she switched off the hairdryer I quietly slipped away and knocked on the door. After two knocks she opens the door. She looks at me shocked at first silently studying my face. She opened the door in a slight of a silk gown that was gloriously transparent, and although it was well wrapped around her it just emphasized her femininity and I knew I had to have this beautiful creature, right then and there.

I just stood there without reaching down for the expected kiss and hug, just too amazed at the sight of her. How she had grown in the last few years! Her baby face had been replaced by a finely chiseled portrait of a beautiful women.

She thankfully makes the next move and throws her arms round me in greeting and plasters me with a lingering kiss that burns my lips. Surely you shouldn’t kiss your brother like that! Or was I imagining things? You just know when somebody kisses you that one second longer than they should that you should be translating the kiss into something more than just friendly.

Already semi hard from watching her change, I became fully erect. I try to move away from her in the hopes that she doesn’t notice, but she moves in to give me another hug. I’m sure she must have felt my dick pressing up against her tummy, but she says nothing.

All I can stammer out is, ‘your hair smells beautiful.’

‘Hi’ she simply smiles winningly, ‘welcome home’.


I think that everybody who reads or especially writes in the incest section some time or another experienced lust for their sibling. One theme I find consistently in these stories is that of siblings being separated for a time and when they meet again realize their feelings about each other. I read somewhere once that brothers and sisters have a deeply ingrained taboo about sexual ties with each other built into their psyche. I suppose when we separate from each other and find each other again we see each other as a sexual partner and not just a sibling.

I think that the reasoning behind this ingrained taboo is that as brother and sister we naturally recognize each other as perfect mates, being brought up with the same ideals and nuances as well as being replicas of our parents as well.

The last time I’d seen my sister was three years ago, before leaving to college. my impression of her then had been that of a spoilt brat that always got her way and that kept me very far away from her. There wasn’t much difference in our ages she being fifteen and I seventeen at the time. Yet we were worlds apart. She was childish and in school. She was probably still playing with her Barbie dolls. And I suppose too, when it comes to it I come across as very aloof and unapproachable. So we never did speak much those first few visits I did make home, we both judged each other by the covers.

Three years later when i came to stay the little girl I’d met before had grown up very fast. She was poker oyna in her final year at school and at eighteen a late bloomer.

Physically she had filled out nicely. Small but pert breasts, better rounded around her hips and butt, and shapely legs I’d not noticed before. But emotionally she was almost a different person. Still with that naughty streak but look carefully behind her smiling eyes and you’d see a flicker of insanity or crafty playfulness. I just wasn’t sure which to decide on yet.

The best part of everything was that I got to sleep in the same room as her! My aunt Lydia, a royal pain in the butt had moved in while I had been gone, and now shared a room with my older sister Stacey, who being more tolerant than anyone else in the house was forced to accommodate her. My aunt having the fortune to be born before my father was under the impression that this house belonged to her.

Katy was still using my old bunk bed, so I got the bottom bunk while she got the top. It wasn’t strange in anyway sharing a room with my sister, but it was very hard not to notice her.

Her bunk was at eye level and being summer, she usually slept in a little nightie and a pair of panties. She never bothered covering herself with a sheet or anything, so it was many a night that I woke up with an eyeful of panty clad pussy in my face.

Maybe it’s just me but there is something so sinfully delicious in seeing a women sleeping half naked not aware of your hungry eyes.

I couldn’t help feeling very attracted to her. As the days went on I think she must have noticed my watching her. Because even though she dressed quite liberally at the time she was more daring when our parents weren’t around. She’d come home in her school uniform, a navy blue skirt and white shirt. At first, she would change into something else, but a week or so later she stayed in the shirt and took off the skirt. With the shirt just about never covering her panties she certainly gave me an eyeful every day.

The first day that happened was when I had come home tired from job hunting. I wasn’t having any luck, not for lack of trying, but because of the recession. I go into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. She’s doing the dishes, still in her uniform.

‘There’s a bit of spaghetti bolognaise in the pot if you want some’ she says.

‘Thanks.’ I reply, hungrily grabbing a plate.

‘Just look at how wet my clothes are getting!’ she exclaims. ‘Dad really needs to sort the pressure on this tap!’

She turns around showing me the front of her shirt which is only slightly wet, and her skirt which is soaked at the front.

To my surprise, right there in front of me she drops down her skirt and exposes a sweet little pair of white panties with a pink bear at the front that clings to her pussy. They fit just under and around her gorgeous little tummy and taper up as a thong between her shapely cheeks.

Then she undoes all the buttons of the front of her shirt, shocking me into not chewing for a full twenty seconds. She’s obviously not wearing a bra with the expanse of skin I can now see. She takes up the shirt slowly apart exposing even more skin and then ties the two ends up in a tight knot under her breasts so that it doesn’t touch the sink.

‘Much better don’t you think’ she says and winks at me.

‘Wow, sis! What’ll mom say?’ I ask, still shocked

‘It’s just you and me home,’ she shrugs. ‘Besides,’ she adds, ‘I’m always in my panty and shirt at home. Get used to it big bro!’

Yeah, but not with your shirt up like that, I half-heartedly complain

‘Do you hate my body?’ She asks with a slight quiver to her voice.

‘No, no,’ I reply hastily, ‘I think you are very beautiful. Just… aw never mind. I love you, sis’

Her entire face brightens at that. She leaps at me, kissing me on the cheek.

‘I love you too, my silly bro!’ and with that, went back to the sink.

I mull over my spaghetti a long time unable to take my eyes off her tight pear shaped bottoms. When she’s done with the dishes she comes over to me to chat a bit. She undoes her shirt again in front of me, while talking, saying she hates getting it wet as well, which is why she ties I up. I get a good view of the underside of both beautiful breasts as she just hooks up only the one button in line with her breasts, leaving her midriff still exposed, but her cleavage unhindered and free. ‘I’m so tired today’ she says sitting on the edge of the high kitchen stool. The stool is too high for her, and as she swings her legs more and more apart, she keeps riding her thong up into her lips, giving me a good idea of what her cunt would look like without those panties on.

‘Whys that’ I reply, barely gulping down the last of my spaghetti.

‘I did so many things today but the worst was the cheerleader routine we had to practice for’ she says

‘I don’t believe it, you a cheerleader!’ I exclaim ‘You are such a bookworm I would never think of you in one of those outfits.’

‘Of course I am’ she says smiling with a twinkle in her eye, ‘what’s so hard to believe?’

‘Look I’ll show you a move. Watch.’

She stands on the floor legs apart, not bothering to adjust the thong which was by now taut between her lips canlı poker oyna outlining her sex perfectly; and hands on her hips, under her shirt starting to sing her school cheer.

I can’t hear a single word of it because I am too enthralled by this hot young woman in tiny panties and a bra less shirt dancing for me. I enjoy the way her muscles move fluidly with her movements. Her tear drop breasts were created just to test gravity! I wonder if the suggestive thrusts she makes with her hips are a part of her routine. Her body is lithe and supple and she easily contorts herself into the silly but sexy little twists someone imagined. She stops her cheerleader routine suddenly and stares at me.

‘Well she asks. What do you think?’

Quick on my feet I reply ‘wasn’t that tune from that movie bring it.’

‘Yes’ she smiles excitedly ‘I choreographed it myself.’

‘Well it’s very good’ I reply, as I pointedly stare at her well-developed quads that sensually define her thighs. ‘You’re very sexy when you dance you know that?’ I say appreciatively.

‘Thank you’ she says blushing,’ noticing where my eyes are, ‘and you are a very sweet brother.’

She comes over to me and kisses me. I can’t be certain but I could almost swear I feel the slightest bit of her tongue on my lips as she leaves my lips. I want more and reach out for her but she’s already turning her back to me and leaves the kitchen.

We spend the rest of the day quite apart. I have an indoor soccer game tonight so I leave straight after getting into some fresh clothes. When I come back later that night, she’s the only one up, still in the same school shirt that she’d been wearing before, but with a blanket around her waist when she answers the door. And like the last time, she’s only got one of the center buttons buttoned up leaving me a splendid view of the top of her breasts. She smiles at me and this time I get a bubbly kiss on the lips that I try to prolong but she doesn’t let me. She scoots across to a single seated couch and sits down neatly crossing her legs, adjusts the blanket over her, which is very small, and just manages to cover her legs, eyes ever glued to the tv.

I sit down across her. ‘What’s on the box?’, I ask.

‘Oh, nothing much,’ she replies not even looking up.

I try in vain to chat to her but she either can’t hear me is too engrossed in her program. I am irritated that I can’t even watch tv with her around (as I’m interested in watching her much more than the tv). She makes no move to cover herself more, or even acknowledge my eyes burning across her body.

After a while she boldly says: ‘If you’re getting up won’t you make me a Pb and j sandwich…’

While saying this, she throws her blanket over the headrest, and in one supple movement she flings both her legs across the armrest of the couch, her shirt riding up all the way past the curve of her ass, and the light emanating from the tv showing me full well that the panties she’d been wearing before had somehow disappeared, judging by the perfect shape of her uncovered bottom and upper hip.

What audacity! Even more outrageous is that the sandwich is ready in five minutes with me immobile in front of her, still eying her unmoved legs. She munches on while laughing at some dead beat sitcom that she’s just switched to. I can’t really be bothered because I find myself enraptured by her. The way she chews on her sandwich, her innocent laughs, the enticing way her breasts move under her shirt, the tantalizing way she rubs her naked thighs together.

Once the sitcom stops she becomes disinterested and falls asleep, snoring gently, barely audibly. Just then the doorbell rings, and I open up to find mum home!

I am in panic mode now, because I know mum would never approve of the display on right now. I swivel around to look at Katy, only to find her covered with her blanket, fast asleep!

Mum takes one look at her and says to me, ‘Would you mind carrying her to bed? She always does that. I think I should put a tv in her room.’

Not while I’m here I think to myself, mentally rubbing my paws together. While mum leaves I approach her, glad of the situation Katy has placed herself in. I try at first to gently shake her awake but she is somehow dead to the world. Well, she asked for it! I daringly pull off the blanket which she initially resists, but I am both stronger and hornier, so I win, and pick her up with a hand under her knees and the other under her arms.

Still eyes closed she stirs, then gives me a lazy smile through tiny slitted eyes and puts her arms around my shoulders. The movement forces my hand to move from her knees right up her silky smooth thighs, enjoying the sight of her shaven mound. I move my hand now from upper thigh into her bare bottoms. She is light and I am able to enjoy every moment of this as I caress her soft smooth naked cheeks while carrying her to her room. It feels so good to hold a woman to me after so long, bathing in the ambiance of her, the smell of her perfumed hair to the whiff of strawberry jam on her breath that I can almost taste. I’m amazed that she walks around as naked as this and get away with it! Then I remembered how she turned her body ever so slightly under the blanket when mum walked internet casino in. the crafty devil! She was probably still awake! But I didn’t care. She is so intoxicating that I don’t want to put her down. But we reach her room and as I lay her onto her bed, my hands work of their own accord and slip upwards as I drop her onto the bed exploring her hips and bare sex, drinking in every fold of smooth shaven skin – when her eyes open and she smiles sleepily at me. I am still bent over her, my fingers just centimeters from her bare pink pussy. I look up at her, staring into her hauntingly beautiful eyes. I whisper goodnight to her and when I do this her eyes half close, she smiles again and leans toward me to kiss me goodnight.

I chastely kiss her on her cheek, uncertain how to respond to all her complicated advances. But she leans up and kisses me again with her mouth slightly ajar searching for my mouth letting me taste her lips and sensually soft tongue. She smiles and closes her eyes which begin to drooping again and she snores gently, so I cover her with a light sheet and let her sleep.

I leave early the next day, so don’t see her all through daylight. When I arrive home again she is back on ‘tease me till I die duty’, and answers the door in a towel that barely covers her, the ends swishing between her thighs. She leans towards me to kiss me hello. Dad is sitting on a sofa facing away from us. He turns around, greets me and goes back to watching his tv program. I pretend at first as if I am going to hug her instead of kissing her but she doesn’t want that so she dives into me trying to kiss me and I grab at her for support but manage to pull the towel slightly loose from her naked breasts. More interested in kissing me she’s unaware of what I’m doing, making sure she flickers her tongue on my lips, I try to kiss her back. I’m about to exploring her tongue with mine when suddenly she realizes her breasts are bare, she lets go of our embrace and the towel becomes more undone. Shocked she covers quickly, running into the bathroom.

I just go and sit next to dad in the lounge and mull about, I sit opposite him facing the passage hence having a full view of her room. Oblivious, Dad is still glued to the tv and with his back to the passage wouldn’t have seen a herd of cows creep up behind him. She has just come out of the bath and steps into her room to change. She is in the same short towel, one hand behind her with the towel held at her lower back covering her midriff but exposing her back and shoulders. Thinking back she always holds her towel like that. Whereas a normal girl would just wrap it around herself she would hold it in this manner, so that when you look at her you’d think that the towel would fall at any second it being held so precariously. And it was so damn sexy the way it flirted with her thighs being higher in the front and lower in the back. As she walks past the passage between the bath and her room she sees me looking at her, and smiles. I smile back but I don’t think she sees it because she pushes her door closed. But she doesn’t do a very good job of it because it is still slightly ajar. Just enough for me to see half her body from my seat in the lounge.

I can see her now rubbing body lotion on her legs. She goes higher and higher up her knees revealing her thighs and hips until she decides the towel needs to come off to do the rest of her. She turns away, dropping the towel and I can see half of a cute pink g string with red hearts go up one leg and then be adjusted into position. How I wish that door was fully open! She’s not wearing a bra (she never seems to) so I can see a hint of her breasts as she moves her hands fluidly up and down her legs. Sometimes I wonder if she is just teasing me or she is that unaware of her own body. Unlike other girls who catch you staring that fraction of a second too long she never adjusts her blouse or skirt, never moves her legs back together. She always just smiles at me, apparently innocent to the hungry lust in my eyes.

The worst day of my life happened when I had to pick her up from her sleep over.

That chilly morning I pick her up from said sleep over. And sleep was probably the last thing she did, because she and her friends were still in their night shirts. Crazy. As I patiently wait for her outside, she stands out in the porch saying goodbye to her friends. I notice that the rays of the early morning sun shine through their garments and very strikingly show off the silhouettes of their bodies. But none more so than my Katy. The thin cotton night shirt ends just over her little panties the outlines of which I can see easily. Her overnight bag is slung over both shoulders, it must be heavy too because it hangs low drawing her already thin shirt tightly across her naked breasts. She is not wearing a bra, which of course seems standard with anything she wears. Even parked where I am, watching her last friendly farewells I can easily make out the contours of her thinly veiled cleavage and the swollen traces of her pinkish brown areola on her nighty. Her nipples are peaked in the biting morning chill. I’m going to have a hard time keeping myself from staring at her, I think to myself. She finally climbs in, carelessly at first because as she slides onto the leather seat her night shirt quickly rides up past her thigh and stopping just past her panties. Uncomfortably she sticks her big heavy bag on top of her legs and puts her hands under her legs to the sides, very unsuccessfully covering herself up.

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