Brother’s Incestuous Bet Ch. 08


Little Sister’s Horny Passion

Maria Reenburg

I was trembling in delight as Mom sat down at the conference table in my father’s office at the State Capitol building. His secretary, that whore-bitch Vanessa, was sitting across from Mom, the cunt looking arrogant like she had nothing to fear. She had her arms crossed beneath her boobs, lifting those fake tits and thrusting them out before her, her stretchy top barely constraining them. A haughty sneer curled her lips, her ebony face appearing unafraid. She hardly glanced at the thick legal document, wrapped in a blue folder, my mom had dropped on the table.

My brother loomed in the doorway, dressed like a suave stud in his suit. He had even more confidence now. Last night, he’d learned he’d bred Mom. Just thinking about it made my pussy grow wet, soaking my panties.

“Well,” Vanessa said, “let’s talk.”

My mom had such a big smile on her face. She looked at once sexy and powerful, a high-priced lawyer in her element. She had a low-cut blouse, silk and satin-blue, that cradled her large breasts. Her dark-gray blazer framed those lush titties. Her blonde hair spilled down around her face in lush curls. Her blue eyes were bright. They were piercing.

They were powerful.

I trembled, my short skirt swaying about my thighs as I brimmed in excitement. This was it. I licked my lips, tasting Vanessa’s tangy juices. She had made me eat her pussy out again after Dad fucked her. For the last two weeks, I had to keep doing it to lull Vanessa into complacency so we could pounce on her.

It sucked. I hated that I had to do it, but the entire time I knew Mom would destroy Vanessa. My mom would free our family from this manipulative bitch. Daddy was such an idiot for sticking his cock in her. He should have been sticking his cock in me!

Or at least Mom.

Vanessa squirmed as Mom stared at her. I loved it. Vanessa was trying to act calm and cool, but I could see the beads of perspiration dotting her forehead. I watched her breasts rising and falling faster and faster. Her chair creaked as she shifted.

The squeak of her seat made me smile.

“Well?” Vanessa asked. “You’re pissed because your daughter’s got a taste for pussy? That she likes going down on my snatch.”

My mom arched an eyebrow.

“Or is it that I’m fucking your husband?” Vanessa leaned over, those big, fake tits cradled on her forearms. She was showing them off. It was so obvious that she was proud of her breasts and was throwing those fake things in Mom’s face.

Mom’s lips twitched, a smile forming.

“Huh?” Vanessa asked. “Did you know your little girl wants to fuck him, too. That she voluntarily eats my pussy clean of his cum. She can’t wait to get a taste of Daddy. She’s a little whore for him. Great job raising her.”

Mom’s smile grew larger, intense. She sat there back-straight. She looked in control.

Vanessa leaned back. “Is this silent treatment supposed to scare me?” She flicked her eyes to the thick legal document. “Or that pile of bullshit you got there.”

Vanessa squirmed in her chair. Her breasts jiggled.

This was so amazing. A bead of sweat ran down her dark skin. Her weave of hair swayed around her shoulders. She put on a sneer. She was posing. It was great. She glanced at her nails, pretending that she was unconcerned.

But her lower lip quivered.

“I’m not going to stop fucking your husband,” she said. “He likes my pussy more than yours. Deal with it. And if you threaten me, I’ll go to the press and show the world what your husband is. I’ll destroy your family.”

My mom opened the folder. “This is a non-disclosure agreement,” my mom said. “Sign it, and no one will know that you were blackmailing my daughter into sex multiple times.”

Vanessa snorted. “You got no proof. It’ll just make the scandal that more salacious.”

My mom paused. Her smile grew. “I also won’t report your embezzling.”

Vanessa stiffened. “What?”

My mom flipped through the document’s pages. She stopped on a spreadsheet and turned her file folder around. It was a list of numbers. My mom slid down the numbers on the side, stopping at those that were highlighted. “See these numbers going into your account.”

Vanessa shifted. “Just normal moving money around and–“

“My husband might be thinking with his dick,” Mom said, her voice pure honey, “that he doesn’t realize you were stealing from his campaign finance, but I’m not. This is prison time if I report this to the US Attorney.”

“You’re bluffing,” Vanessa said. “You won’t tell because I’ll reveal the affair.”

My mom shrugged. “Won’t stop you from being prosecuted and going to prison. This is a lot of money. 2.3 million you’ve siphoned off. Quite the little nest egg you’re building.”

Vanessa bit her lip.

“One call,” my mom said as she pulled out her phone from her purse and held it out before her, “to the US Attorney, and you are buried neck-deep in misery. I have his number right here. Darin Riker. His wife is named yabancı gaziantep escort Missy. We get together for brunch twice a month. I have his personal number. No secretaries or anything between us. When he learns what I found… Well, he’ll have fun putting you away.

“It’ll look good for his career.”

I quivered with excitement. Mom arched an eyebrow while a panicked look appeared on Vanessa’s face. Her head tossed back and forth like she was a rabbit struggling to find a way out of the trap. She glanced from side to side. Then locked on the door.

“Sign this form, return the money, and you can walk out of here,” Mom said. “No prison. Nothing. You just promise never to speak of it. You’ll get your severance. You can find a new job. No one will know what you’ve done. You keep quiet, and this goes away.

“But if you say one word about what you’ve done, I will bury you.” Mom’s blue eyes grew icy. “I will bring the full might of the justice system upon you. I will make your life a living hell. 2.3 million. That’s decades in prison. When you get out, those fake titties might be perky, but the rest of you will be ruined. You’ll be fat and flabby. Your face will be worn. Your soul will be old and tired, and you will then have to start over.

“Or you can put that body to work now. Find another sap to buy that pussy of yours. I don’t care. Just get your hooks out of my husband, return the money, and you can walk away.”

Vanessa swallowed. “That’s it?”

“Unless the idea of going to prison and eating the pussy of some bull-dyke bitch sounds appealing.” Mom leaned forward. “Or maybe you like licking cunt.”

Disgust swept across Vanessa’s face. “Absolutely not.” She sighed. “Whatever. Your husband is a boring prick. You should ditch him yourself.”

Mom didn’t answer. She just turned around the document and pushed it at Vanessa. Then Mom produced a gold pen from her purse. She thrust it across the table. It rolled and rattled, stopping before Vanessa. She picked it up, her dark fingers sliding over the bright surface.

“Fuck it,” muttered Vanessa. “Your husband’s a lousy fuck. You can have the money back.”

“Oh, I’ve already recovered it,” Mom said. “You still have my husband’s name on those accounts. I’ve been taking steps to protect the finances. I’m a signature on his campaign, after all I have the same access you do. Or did.”

Vanessa grimaced. Then she scrawled her name on the bottom. “There. Done. I won’t talk. I’ll quit. There are other politicians I can use. I’m fucking Peters anyways. He’ll give me a job in an instant.”

A surge of anger shot through me. She was cheating on my daddy? Such a wave of loathing shot through me.

“Good,” Mom said. “Now, on your knees. You have to make up to my daughter, too.”

“What?” Vanessa asked as my mom took back the document. She folded it up and thrust it into her large purse.

“You have to please my daughter,” said Mom. “You might have dodged having a bull-dyke make you eat pussy, but I’m still a bitch. You made my daughter eat your cunt. You abused my little girl, and now you are going to pay. You can eat her cunt right now, or you can find a new form of legal problems. I caught you abusing her.”

“But… but…”

I shuddered in delight. I pulled up my dainty, pink skirt, flashing my naughty, white panties. They were lacy and delicate, the fabric soaked with my juices. I breathed in, smelling my sweet delight. The wicked scent filled my nose.

“It’s right here,” I purred. “Just come lick my cunt. You know you want to eat this delicious snatch. You were such a fan of making me do it. Now it’s your turn. Because I know what you are. You’re a little dyke, aren’t you? You’re my lezzie-slut now. Get over her and eat me! Put that bitch-mouth to its proper use.”

It was wonderful to say these words to her after she humiliated me. After she made me feel so terrible. It was just amazing. My juices were flowing as I marched to her, my breasts jiggling in my blouse. My nipples ached and throbbed.

“There is no way in hell I’m doing that,” Vanessa said. Her face was twisted. “We had an agreement.”

“Yes, we do,” Mom said. “And right now, only the four of us know about it. You got one last thing to do, or this document vanishes, and I make that call to the US Attorney. Prison time, or you make my daughter feel good. You pay her back for all the humiliation you heaped on her, you fucking bitch!”

My brother moved. He flowed towards her. I shuddered as he grabbed the back of her neck. “You hurt my little sister, cunt,” he snarled. There was real anger across his face. His face was stony. His blue eyes were hard. He looked like such a stud. “Make it right or else!”

A wave of lust shot through me as he pressed her down.

“On your knees, cunt, and please my sister,” Sean growled. His voice was rough and hard. He was so powerful right now. “You were cruel to her. You abused her. You made my sister miserable, and you gaziantep yabancı escort have to fucking pay!”

Vanessa’s knees buckled. She sank down to the floor. My brother loomed over her as he stared at me. He grinned at me as he pushed the bitch’s face nearer to my snatch. Vanessa stared up at me, her eyes wild. She had a look of panic on her face as she came closer and closer to my crotch.

“Just eat her out,” Sean growled. “You owe her for that, then you can walk away, find another senator to fuck, and pretend that your cooch isn’t poison.”

“Because you’re a dyke-bitch eager to eat my cunt,” I said, so excited by this. Sean’s blue eyes locked on mine, making me shiver as I felt his strength. “Just yank down my panties and get to munching.”

“Fine,” snarled Vanessa. “I’ll eat your cooch.”

“Because you’re a nasty dyke that just wants to eat my snatch?” I asked, feeling so naughty. A wicked shudder raced through me.

She licked her plump lips and said, “I’m not.”

“Right, right, you’re not eager for it,” I growled. “Yank down my panties and feast on my yummy cunt!”

She ripped down my panties, the cloth rolling down my thighs. The sweet musk of my pussy grew stronger. I gripped my skirt, trembling with excitement. My pussy juice dripped down my thighs. I was so eager for it.

Her eyes had a smoldering look. My brother released her neck and stepped back, letting the nasty bitch please me. She jammed her head between my legs. Her cheeks rubbed against my inner thighs. Then she pressed her lips into my shaved snatch.

And licked.

My toes curled in my shoes. I let out a moan of delight as she feasted on me. My brother watched, a big grin on his face. Mom was still sitting, her hands folded beneath her legs, her blue eyes as hot as my brother’s.

Her chair creaked. I knew she was pressing her thighs tight, her clit hard. Mom loved eating my pussy.

I shuddered as Vanessa licked and lapped through my folds. Her tongue danced through me. It was incredible to feel. She fluttered her tongue through my folds. My breasts jiggled in my blouse. I groaned out in delight, my eyes rolling back in my head.

“That’s it, you naughty slut!” I groaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, jam that tongue into my cunt. Flutter it around in me. Ooh, I’m going to cum so hard on your lips. I’m going to flood that nasty mouth with my juices. Just wash all the filth from it.”

I gripped her weave, holding tight as I undulated my hips. I smeared my pussy across her face. Her tongue danced across my folds. Stroking me. Pleasure flowed through my body. Every lick sent a new wave of delight.

“Yes, yes, you’re a filthy dyke-cunt!” I hissed. “You’re just a nasty bitch! You love my cunt! You’re digging that tongue through my folds! Ooh, yes, yes! Just fuck that tongue into my snatch. Flutter it around in me. Ooh, like that.”

I shuddered. My asscheeks squeezed as the pleasure flowed through me. Her tongue brushed my clit. Sparks flew. My breasts bounced in my blouse. My fingers gripped her hair. I pulled her mouth tight against me.

“Mmm, you just love my cunt, don’t you!” I growled.

“She’s going to town on your cunt,” Sean said, his cock bulging the front of his slacks. He watched with hunger.

Mom squirmed more.

“That’s my daughter’s cunt you’re pleasing,” moaned Mom. “Just fuck your tongue into her cunt. Make her explode with that filthy mouth!”

I shuddered, eyes fluttering. Vanessa’s tongue swirled around inside of me. She stroked my inner flesh. My pussy clenched on her tongue, my delight swelling and swelling in me. My breasts bounced. My nipples throbbed, aching to be touched.

I pulled her face into my cunt. Her tongue fluttered through my folds. She licked and lapped and devoured me. My orgasm swelled. I groaned, throwing back my head. My blonde hair danced around my shoulders.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good!” I moaned. “You’re going to make me explode with that tongue. You want my cream flooding your mouth, you fucking dyke-bitch! You’re just a slut for my cunt! Mmm, yes, yes, you want me to explode.”

She groaned into my cunt.

“Just say it!” I gasped, humping against her, my pleasure swelling faster and faster.

“I… I…” she moaned.

My brother’s hand cracked down on her ass. “Say it, slut! You’re my sister’s pussy-bitch!”

Vanessa growled, “I… I’m your pussy-bitch!”

A hot shudder ran through me. My orgasm exploded through me a moment later while her tongue fluttered against my clit. Pleasure slammed through my mind. Rapture surged through my body. It swept through me in this wild rush. My pussy convulsed and spasmed. Juices gushed out of me, spilling down my thighs.

“Mmm, just keep licking,” I howled in rapture. “Lick up that cream you love!”

Her tongue danced through my folds, licking up my juices as my pleasure surged through me. My head danced back and forth. Pleasure rushed through my body. Stars burst across my vision. I heard a chair escort gaziantep yabancı slide back.

Mom stood up as I writhed through my orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled. “Oh, my fucking god, you’re my pussy-slut! Just keep licking me! I want to keep cumming on that bitch-mouth of yours!”

She did. Vanessa devoured me. She licked at my cunt, sending another orgasm sweeping through me. I moaned and gasped, my mind boiling in rapture. Blood pumped hot through my veins. My fingers dug into her hair, gripping her as I bucked and thrashed.

Mom leaned against my brother, whispering in his ear as Vanessa made me cum again.

* * *

Sean Reenburg

“Fuck her ass,” Mom whispered as Maria thrashed through her orgasm, her tits heaving in her in low-cut, pink blouse.

I stared down at the kneeling Black woman. She had a great ass, plump and delicious. My dick throbbed. I groaned as Mom’s hand swept down my stomach to my slacks. Her fingers undid my button. The zipper rasped down. She shoved her hand inside and caressed my dick through my boxers.

I groaned as she stroked me. Then she dove her hand inside my underwear. I shuddered as she gripped my naked shaft. Then she pulled me out, my cock thrusting out before me. My pregnant mom licked my ear, sending a shiver racing down through me.

“Pound that slut’s asshole,” she hissed.

She released my cock as I winked at her. I fell to my knees behind Vanessa and ripped up her skirt. She had no panties on beneath, her cunt shaved, her pussy lips looking plump, her pink, inner depths peeking out. She was drenched. Her tangy musk filled my nose.

My gaze slid up to her ass. Her plump and ebony butt-cheeks hid her asshole. I pressed my cock against her cunt, rubbing her juices into the tip. She moaned into my cumming sister’s cunt. Maria shuddered, her body wiggling from side to side.

“Fuck that bitch!” Maria moaned. “Ooh, pound her! She wants it. Oh, my fucking god, bro, she’s got her tongue inside my cunt! That’s how much she wants my cream flooding down her throat and your dick fucking her hard!”

I grinned at my sister, winked at her.

With my dick’s tip soaked in Vanessa’s juices, I brought my cock to her asshole. I pressed against her backdoor. I groaned as I rubbed my sensitive crown against her puckered sphincter. I loved the feel of it. My pale cock pressed in between her dark butt-cheeks.

I pushed into her anal depths. She moaned as I worked into her bowels. Her bowels slid over my cock’s tip, engulfing me in her velvety delight. I groaned as I pressed into her. She whimpered into my sister’s snatch, her head still pressed into that yummy pussy.

“Eat my sister’s hot cunt!” I growled. “Feast on her! Make her cum over and over, you nasty bitch!”

I rammed my cock to the hilt in Vanessa’s asshole. I shuddered as the pleasure flowed up my dick. My balls smacked into her taint, her butt-cheeks rippling. She whimpered into my sister’s cunt. Her anal sheath clenched around my cock.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck her asshole!” hissed my little sister. “Pound her, bro! Ooh, she’s going to make me cum again!”

“Good!” I growled, my anger at this bitch driving my hips. I drew back my cock and then slammed my shaft into the depths of Vanessa’s bowels.


My crotch slapped into her asshole. I groaned at the pleasure flowing down my dick. My heart pounded in my chest. She moaned into my sister’s cunt. I drew back again and thrust. I fucked her with my passion. I let her feel that she was a bitch.

Our bitch.

My sister and I used her. I grinned at Maria, her face flushed. Her blue eyes twinkled in delight. Her hips moved, her skirt rustling, bunched around her waist. She moaned and gasped, grinding her cunt on the bitch’s mouth.

“Ooh, yes, you dyke-cunt!” hissed Maria. “Use that asshole! Make my brother cum! You love it! I knew you would! You love it up the ass because you’re just that much of a disgusting slut!”

“A nasty bitch!” I growled, thrusting harder into Vanessa’s bowels.

My balls smacked into her taint over and over, growing heavier and heavier with my cum as I sodomized her. I pounded her asshole, the velvety friction burning around my dick. I groaned as this delight surged around me. I buried into her hard.

Every thrust brought me closer and closer to dumping my cum in the bitch’s asshole. I would flood her. I gripped her hips, thrusting harder, rocking her into my little sister’s cunt. The bitch moaned into Maria’s cunt.

“That’s it, bro!” my sister moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, just fuck that cock into that cunt’s bowels. She’s moaning into my snatch. I’m going to cum again!”

“Good!” I growled. “Use her! Use the bitch’s fucking mouth. She deserves to make you cum!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” howled my sister. “Oh, that’s fucking hot. Oh, she’s got her tongue so deep in me and… Sean, yes!”

My sister’s body bucked. Her breasts heaved in her blouse. They were so lush. They should be free. I growled, watching the pleasure cross her face. I knew she was creaming the bitch’s mouth, flooding the dyke-whore with all that sweet passion.

My balls tightened as they cracked into the bitch’s taint.

My dick throbbed and swelled. It was just an ache that built and built. It was a pressure that had to escape. Normally, I wanted my woman to cum. To make sure the girl felt as amazing as me. But this bitch didn’t deserve it.

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