brothers school friend

Bella Thorne

brothers school friendThere he was.It had been almost two months since I had seen my brother. He had startedcollege a few months ago and being 18, 6 foot even, and with the build of aswimmer, he hadn’t had much reason to come home. I had seen picture afterpicture on facebook of him with different girls every night of the week,them sitting on his lap or kissing his cheek.He would never know this but I was jealous of every one of them.My name was Ryland and no one in my family knew, but I was gay. I had a fewexperiences, making out with guys and exchanging some handjobs at a coupleof my gymnastics competitions. I was only 5’5, making me a great height fora gymnast, but I was well built and strong. I had blonde hair that hungpast my ears and blue eyes. My brother often joked that I would get thepussy as much as he did in high school, if only I wanted it.”Hey, Sean.” I yelled, running out to meet him.”Hey Ry!” he seemed excited to see me, dropping his bags and pulling meinto a hug. “Still a lady killer I see?” I punched him in the arm as hehugged me.”Hey Sean you want to bring the beer in?” I looked behind Sean for thesource of the voice. Behind him was one of the most attractive guys I hadever seen. He was 5’11, Hispanic with dark brown eyes and short blackhair. You could tell by the way he carried himself that he was cocky, butsomehow that only made him hotter.”Yeah, Alex you can grab it all. Mom and Dad aren’t home, right?” Seanasked, looking back at me. It took me a second to recover.”Uh, no. They’re out for the night.” I stuttered.”Good. Alex and I were going to see if we could get a few of the girls thatI used to chill with in high school to hang out tonight.””Nothing like a little pussy to start off a vacation!” Alex laughed,rolling his body like there was a girl in front of him. Sean laughed toobut I instantly got hard. I picked up Sean’s suitcase and helped theminside.A couple hours later Sean and Alex had showered and changed, getting readyto go to meet their lucky girls for the evening.”Hey Ry, do you think mom would notice if I took some of her vodka?”I looked up at Sean from where I was sitting on the couch. He and Alexwere dressed like frat boys, chinos and boat shoes, and in my opinion hellacute button downs. I always had a fantasy of slowly unbuttoning a guysshirt as I licked his pecs and abs.”Ry?””Oh sorry. She’ll probably notice but I’ve got some rum in my room, if youwanna take that?” I offered.”Your b*o’s a little party a****l!” Alex laughed. Fuck, he was hot.”Yeah sure, thanks Ry.” I went and retrieved the rum and they were on theirway.No sooner were they out the door I ran into my room and stripped out of myclothes. Looking at Alex and Sean had made me hornier than I could believeand ümraniye escort I immediately began jerking my six inch dick. It was about averagesized but looked impressive on my smaller frame. I debated sticking afinger in my ass, something I only did on very special occasions, but knewas soon as I did I would cum. I wanted this jerk off session to last.I couldn’t decide who I would rather have inside me, Alex or Sean. Mythoughts flickered between the two of them as I wanked, thinking of theirimpressive dicks in my throat and ass. It didn’t take long for me to cum.After shooting my load on my abs I grabbed my t shirt and wiped it off,pulled my boxers back on and fell asleep.Shortly after 1 AM I heard Alex and Sean get home, stumbling and laughingdownstairs. I pulled on my gym shorts and went down, Sean was sitting inthe hallway, laughing with his shirt halfway unbuttoned. Alex sat on thecounter the bottle of rum in his hand. It was mostly empty and you couldsmell the scent of alcohol on them. “What’s up guys? Have a fun night?” Iasked, walking into the room.”It was insane man. Insane!” Sean laughed. Alex began laughinghysterically, nearly falling off the counter. “What happened?””Those bitches showed up late” Alex slurred the bottle tipping in hishands. “And when they finally got there they had brought their boyfriendswith them.””Who needs pussy anyway?” Sean laughed.”WHO NEEDS PUSSY!” Alex yelled, taking a swig from the bottle,laughing. “Gotta teach your b*o young man. Pussy only brings trouble.”Alex handed me the bottle and put his arm around my shoulders. I instantlygot butterflies. “Drink with us man.” I cautiously took a swig from thebottle.We hung out for about an hour, Alex, Sean and me. They were swapping talesof girls they had hooked up with and making fun of me for not having any ofmy own, but it was all in good fun. Eventually we all decided it was timeto hit the sack. My head was swimming a bit, but nothing too bad. Alex andSean on the other hand were extremely drunk and I had to half carry Sean upthe stairs to his room.Alex went into the restroom that connected mine and Sean’s room as I helpedSean into bed. I pulled off his shoes and his shirt, my cock rock hard as Ilooked at my brother’s beautiful body. Within seconds he was asleep.I turned and walked back to my room, debating whether or not to cut throughthe bathroom to see if I could catch a peek of Alex taking a leak.Deciding against it I walked into my room and flopped onto my bed. I wassliding off my shorts, ready to have another jerk off session when Alexcame stumbling into my room.”Dude, wrong way. Sean’s room is the other side.” I got up ready to helphim over to my brother’s room.”I know man, I wanted to see kadıköy escort you.”I stopped, surprised.”You wanted to see me?””I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me man. Your brother might notrealize it but you’re a little fag. And likeI said there’s no better way tostart off a vacation than with some pussy.”I was stunned.Here Alex was, standing in front of me with a notable bulge in his pants,offering me what I had been thinking about all night.”You’re joking, right?” I asked. I was somewhat nervous that he was justmaking fun of me. Wanting me to do something so that he and my brothercould make fun of me later. Maybe I was being paranoid but I was hesitantto go further.”No, I’m not joking.” Alex said. He was either being serious or wasinsanely good at keeping his face straight.”Man, you’re drunk.” I was too nervous to say anything else. “Let me helpyou over to Sean’s r-“”Bitch either you’re going to bend over and let me at that boy pussy or I’mgoing to take it myself.” I sat back, stunned. “Guess it’s option b. “He walked towards me, rubbing the growing mound in his shorts. I was tryinghard not to get turned on, fully aware that I was about to be broken in inthe roughest way possible, but I couldn’t help it.Alex ripped his shirt off revealing his tight, perfect abs and a tattoothat ran up his side. He grabbed me in his muscular arms and pulled me tothe end of the bed. I was a rag doll in his hands.He grabbed my shorts around the waistband and slid them down in one motion,my six inch hard on springing back and slapping me in the chest. Alexleaned close in, whispering in my ear. “Knew you were a little pussy boy.Look how hard your cock is when you get manhandled.”He grabbed me around the waist and flipped me around, leaving my headhanging at the end of my bed. From my new vantage point I watched himunbutton his shorts and pull them down, leaving him in just his boxerbriefs. I loved guys in boxer briefs. The outline of his cock in them wasterrifying though. Thick and so veiny that you could see it through thethin material. A real man’s dick. He grabbed my throat and gyrated his cockin my mouth. I could almost taste him through the material and was blownaway by how amazing he tasted.”You like it don’t you?” he asked, laughing. He was so beautiful when helaughed. “How bad do you want this dick?”I tried to respond but my mouth was so full I couldn’t manage any thingmore than a moan. Alex slapped me on the cheek.”I asked you a question bitch. I said how bad do you want this dick?” Hepulled out slightly, allowing me room to inhale and talk. I breathed in andthe musky scent of him filled me up and made me lightheaded so that Iforgot to answer. He bent down and wrapped his fingers around my tuzla escort throat.”Either you beg me for this dick or I’m going to find a nice little pussyboy who will.””Please Alex. Please. I need it.” I was being honest. I did need it. Everyinch of my body felt like it would burn if I didn’t get a taste of it soon.”That’s what I like to hear.” He smiled. Slowly, teasing me, he slid downthe band of his briefs.What came out was enough to make me almost pass out. Whether from fear orhappiness I did not know. His snake was almost nine inches long and thick,as thick around as a can, with a red mushroom head that was leaking precumlike a faucet. He me and ran the head on my lips, lubing them with hisprecum. It tasted like nectar of the gods.”Open your mouth.” He instructed. I did as I was told. He slid the head inand I instinctually started licking it like a lollipop. He moanedsoftly. “Yeah, you’re going to do just fine.” Slowly, inch by inch he slidinto my mouth, running his hands on my chest as he went. Once in a while hewould let out a little moan or grunt to let me know I was doing a good job.”I think I’ve gotten you nice and ready for the whole thing. You ready forit baby?” I know he was drunk and had his dick in my mouth, but hearing himcall me baby gave me butterflies.It took me a second to register what he meant though. There was more? Nineinches must be a lot more than I thought it was. He began to push harder,the head of his cock brushing against my throat. I gagged instantly.”No, no. No gagging for my little boy.” He chastised, pulling his dick frommy mouth as punishment. He slapped me lightly on the cheek with hiscock. “You’re gonna take it all this time, you got it?”I nodded, not trusting myself to speak he began to slowly slide his cock inagain. I started to gag again but did my best to swallow his dick,breathing through my nose.”Oh yeah, there we go.” Alex moaned. His pubes were brushing against mynose as his cock bottomed out in my throat.He began thrusting into my throat, really fucking my face so that tearsstreamed down my face. I loed when he pulled out and I could see the lookof pure pleasure on his face as he fucked my throat.”You like that man cock don’t you?” he asked, slapping my cheekgently. “Get ready for my load boy.”I swear his dick got thicker as his balls tightened. I was excited to tastehis jizz.He pulled out right at the last second, jerking his almost nine inches ofman meat until he started nutting on my face, shot after shot covering mein his cum. I stuck out my tongue and was rewarded with a shot of his hot,sweet juice.”God that was amazing.” I whispered. My throat was raw from the brutalfucking it had received.”We’re not even done yet.” Alex said. I looked up at him and realized thateven with the load he had just shot, he was still hard as a rock. Hewrapped his arms around my narrow waist and flipped me over so that my asswas up in the air, facing him. “I told you I was gonna have your pussy,didn’t I?”

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