BtVS: Love, Trust and Monsters – Chapter 2


BtVS: Love, Trust and Monsters – Chapter 2Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Love, Trust and Monsters – Chapter 2″Take it off.”Buffy obediently began to shed her clothes, placing them carefully on the damp crypt floor. She started with her high collared top she’d worn to avoid people seeing the bite marks, she only had the one so she had to keep it clean.She regretted wearing the lingerie Riley had bought her, pink and flowery, it caused a raised eyebrow from Drusilla. When Buffy was naked she motioned to the customary silver cross her lover wore around her neck.”I can’t be near you with that,” Buffy nodded and took it off, placing it with the rest of her clothes. Drusilla looked at it forlornly.”He didn’t save me. He didn’t save my fam!ly,” her voice was bitter.”He will,” Buffy assured her. “Some die so all can be saved. You can’t save everyone,” She took her hand. “I’m sorry, I wish I could bring them all back.”Drusilla clasped her hand to her bosom for a few moments then let it go. “Stay still,” she instructed.Buffy was motionless as a statue as Drusilla walked around her, drawing her breath in sharply as Drusilla trailed her hand over her breasts and buttocks. Buffy was lost to desire, yearning for Drusilla to bite and use her. Dru gave her ass a playful pinch with her sharp talons generating a squeal of pure delight which she punished with a powerful slap that had Buffy’s buttocks glowing a sharp red. Buffy bit her lip to stifle her cry, half tempted to cry out and be punished in this exquisite manner once again. Eventually Dru came back around the front and looked her in the eyes.”Do you trust me?””Yes,” her reply was immediate, she didn’t even have to think about it. All she wanted was Drusilla’s arms around her, Drusilla’s nevşehir escort fangs in her throat, feasting on her lifeblood.”Will you call me mistress?””Yes” Buffy was exhilarated at the idea.Drusilla suddenly reached forward and grabbed her hair roughly. Buffy didn’t fight back but wondered desperately what she had done wrong.”YES, WHAT?””Yes mistress,” Buffy blurted out, comprehending.Drusilla relaxed her hand and began to stroke her hair tenderly.”Will you be my slave?””Yes Drus… I mean, yes mistress,” Buffy felt a deep change at that moment, a deep forbidden erotic longing welling up within her. It felt great.”Good slave. Kiss me.””Yes mistress,” she leaned into the kiss and probed Drusilla’s mouth gently.Somehow she didn’t mind the taste of the blood anymore but she figured that was because it was her own. She nicked her tongue on one of Drusilla’s fangs causing herself a delicious little twinge of pain. She felt Drusilla’s face shift and contort, the tiny trace of blood enough to trigger the transformation to her demon visage.Drusilla pulled out of the kiss and looked away as if ashamed of revealing her true self. Buffy took her head in her hands and cradled it gently, bringing it up and looking into her eyes, unafraid. She guided it to her neck, closing her eyes in the moment of anticipation before the nirvana of Dru’s teeth penetrating her delicate, choice, firm skin.Drusilla bit into her gently, beginning to feed of her with soft, timid sucking. Buffy felt the beautiful moment of pain and surrender again, expelling all the air from her lungs in a long, happy sigh, biting her lip in joy at the pain, mewling slightly, lost in her sublime sensations. Buffy craved more. She flung her niğde escort arms around Dru.”Harder Mistress, harder! Feed on me, I’m your whore, your slave, use me, fuck me, love me please! I’m nothing but your cheap, worthless whore!”Drusilla kindly obeyed her slave’s pleading and sucked harder, draining Buffy dry.Buffy came without even having to touch herself.* * *Drusilla watched Buffy dress. She really was delightful to look at, her own little living Miss Edith. “I have a little something for you””For me Mistress?” Buffy’s eyes went wide.”You seem to like intimate things.”Buffy self-consciously adjusted her lingerie again, blushing slightly. Drusilla produced a box with a strange garment inside. It looked like the top of a pair of lacy panties with a string of black pearls instead of the thong material. Buffy immediately tore off her own panties and slipped them on, her instant and absolute obedience never in question, pulling them tight into her cunny and between her arse cheeks. They felt strange, giving her an excited little shiver. Drusilla wrapped her finger around them and began to pull the pearls to and forth so that they rubbed against both her clitoris and her anus. Buffy moaned in pleasure at the wonderful stimulation. The slightest movement caused the most scintillating friction imaginable. Her nipples were already hard and she was increasingly moist between her thighs. She wondered if she could measure her walk home tonight in orgasms rather than miles.”Why bother? I’ll probably lose count,” she thought.”To remind you of me,” Drusilla told her.”You’re my black pearl, mistress,” Buffy replied in complete understanding.Drusilla looked on in dismay as Buffy continued dressing and put escort bayan her cross back on.”Do you have to go?””Yeah,” she considered saying ‘mistress’ but decided not to. The moment was over. “I’ve got some sort of demon attacking k**s near McCloud Street, it’s top of the list.””But you’re so weak.””I’ll be fine. Slayer healing remember. Besides, duty calls.””It’s the Nainef demon. You can find it an old garage at the back of the cinema.”Buffy looked at Drusilla, surprised that she would volunteer such information.Dru continued, “They love bile, go crazy for it. But they’re hard to kill. If you can get some bile you can lure it into a trap.””Thanks,” Buffy wondered if the abattoir would still be open at this time.* * *”Stop hogging the sheets, Shelia!””I’m cold. It’s cold in here.”Buffy sighed. It was another balmy Californian evening but she figured that compared where Shelia had come from nowhere would feel as comfortable. She let her have the blankets.”Thanks.””If you wore more than two handkerchiefs and a prayer you wouldn’t be so cold!” Buffy declared grumpily.”Says the girl whose dress Xander used as a belt when his broke.”Buffy frowned. Her brown leather number was pretty ‘take me now!’ She decided to change the subject.”You didn’t come here to talk slutty fashion.””She’s evil Buffy. You know it. She killed me, turned me into a monster. Thank god you staked me!””I know, she’s evil but she can be controlled, like Angel with his soul.”Shelia shook her head. Buffy leaned in closer to her.”You got older,” Shelia observed.”Happens.””Not to me. You got a smoke?”Buffy laughed. “No! Don’t tell me you get the cravings where you’re from?”Shelia shrugged. “Only when I’m here. Not when I’m there. When I’m there I don’t need anything.”Buffy stroked her cheek. “I’ll see you there someday.”She smiled “When it’s your time, only then. We sure gave them a Parents’ Night to remember, huh?””We sure did!” agreed Buffy.When she was gone Buffy pulled the sheets back over herself and went back to sleeep.

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