Bully Moves in Next Door Pt. 05


My heavy breaths come out in quick huffs, the only sound in my otherwise quiet room. Light from the mid morning sun is filtered by the tightly shut blinds of my window, leaving the bedroom dimly lit. Lying in bed with the covers hastily pushed off, my morning wood tightly enclosed by my fist, I pump my shaft rapidly as images of mom riding Stanley in his truck the previous night flood my mind.

My head rolls back against the pillow as I arch my hips forward, roughly beating my stiff meat as I recall how her ass jiggled as it repeatedly slapped against Stanley’s muscular thighs, his large hands tightly gripping her waist as he greedily sucked on the erect, pink nipple of her sizeable breasts.

God, they had been so sweaty by the end of it, the smell must have been amazing. I gasp and my cock throbs in my hand as I attempt to conceptualize the musky odor produced by their wet, colliding bodies during their raunchy, public fucking in the warm cab of his truck.

I feel the familiar strong tingling deep in my groin and know I’m close, pumping my shaft faster before I become overwhelmed with the incredible feeling of arousal as I unload all over my stomach.

My breathing becomes slow just as the last drop of cum falls onto the pool I made on my abdomen. Reaching toward the night table, I rip several tissues from the box that sits there and proceed to clean myself up.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed before I heard mom digging around in the hall closet just outside my room. Still laying in bed, I stare up at the ceiling while a strong sense of self-loathing washes over me, listening to mom sigh and curse to herself as she looks for something she clearly can’t find.

Climbing out of bed, I open the door and walk into the hall to find her standing on her toes as she roots through the cloth bag that sits on the top shelf of the closet.

She turns her head toward me as I appear in her peripheral vision.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” she says to me before turning forward again.

“Morning mom. What’re you looking for?”

“Our beach towels. I thought they were in here but I guess not.”

“Tim moved them to the closet in the front hall to make room for some of his stuff,” I gesture toward the boxes on the bottom shelves.

Mom lets out an exasperated sigh. “Of course he did,” she mutters. “Gotta make room for his collection of crap from college.”

She steps back and shuts the doors.

“I think he moved them because we don’t really use any of those towels a whole lot.” I tried to come to his defense but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Still would have been nice if he asked. Or at the very least told me.”

Turning about face, she starts to march downstairs and I follow her, finally noticing the blue straps of her bikini peeking out from the collar of her oversized t-shirt.

“What do you need the beach towels for anyway?” I ask her.

“Stanley is taking me to the lake.” She shoots me a big, excited smile as she approaches the front hall closet. “His family has a small cabin up there with its own dock and everything.”

My heart sank in my chest.

“Wha… what? You just had dinner with him last night, and now you’re off to his lake house together?”

“Uh-huh,” she confirmed as she began looking for the beach towels. “I mentioned last night how I hadn’t been to the beach this summer yet and he offered to take me up to the lake.”

“And you decided on going up today?”

“Well the weathers supposed to be great so why not?”

“Guess that means you guys had a good time last night then?” I watch her carefully as she moves blankets and coats around in the closet.

“We did, the restaurant was fabulous. Stanley really knows how to treat a woman right.” I didn’t miss the implication that Tim didn’t.

I caught the hint of a small, secretive smile on her face right before she pulled out two large towels from behind a large box. “Ugh, here they are. He really hid these fucking things.”

Just then, I heard the sound of the back door opening.

“Yo, you almost ready to go, Julie?” Stanley shouted from the kitchen. That asshole had just strolled in without bothering to knock.

“Just about,” she answered before shutting the door and heading toward the kitchen, me in tow.

Stanley stood by the back door, a bathing suit in place of the mesh shorts he normally wore, and Ray Bans perched on his face, obscuring any lethal gaze he might employ.

Mom scoops up her tote back as she clutches the towels under her left arm.

“We’ll be back sometime tonight. There’s leftovers for dinner in the fridge,” she told me.

“You’re gonna be gone the whole day?”

“Yeah, she is,” Stanley answered for her, his face stony behind his sunglasses. “Your mom works hard all week, she’s earned at least one day to enjoy herself, hasn’t she, Kyle?”

Even though I couldn’t see his eyes, the stern tone of his voice clued me in on what kind of gaze he’d be leveling me with if his sunglasses weren’t obscuring his line of sight.

“Y.. yes, of course. I wasn’t Escort Haramidere implying -“

“Speaking of working hard,” he cut me off. “How’s the job hunt coming?”

His sudden pivot to my search for employment makes me freeze up. I had been applying for jobs all week but had yet to receive so much as a rejection email from anywhere I had applied to.

Stanley took my silence as confirmation that it wasn’t coming along well at all.

“Hmm, that’s what I thought. Well seeing as your mom will be spending the whole day with me up at the lake, this’ll be the perfect chance for you to use her car to look for a job, don’t ya think?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I mutter, looking at my reflection in his sunglasses.

“Speak up when you answer me,” he replies sternly, taking a step forward. “That’s not a habit that will do you any favors in an interview.”

I glance at mom and she inclines her head toward me, “He’s right, sweetheart. You should learn how to speak properly when someone is addressing you.”

Looking back at Stanley, a smirk stretches across his face, clearly taking pleasure in mom agreeing with him as well as the subsequent look of hurt on mine, which I see reflected in the lenses of his sunglasses.

“Make sure to remember that when you’re out looking for a job today. I expect a rundown of how it all went when your mom and I get home tonight.”

There was a sense of finality in his words, signaling the conversation was over.

“Let’s go, Julie,” he turned and headed out the back door, knowing she would follow.

“Good luck, sweetheart,” mom told me before placing a quick peck on my cheek and following Stanley.

I stood in the kitchen, eyes watering as they left to spend the day together up at his lake cabin. The fact that she had agreed with him made my heart sink. I was losing her to that asshole more and more each day.

After standing around feeling sorry for myself, I went upstairs and showered before getting ready to spend the next several hours job hunting.

By late afternoon, I had driven to at least a dozen different businesses and spoke to whoever was in charge, yet all I had to show for my efforts were polite “Thank you for your interest,” responses.

I slunk through the back door, despondent from such a fruitless day, and reheated leftover meatloaf from two nights ago. After eating, I stood at the sink, washing the plates and utensils, when I heard Stanley and mom coming up the driveway.

My breath hitched in my throat at the thought of reporting my failed job search to Stanley. They came in the back door, one after the other, smiles on their faces after spending the day together.

“Hello, sweetheart. How was your day?”

I paused as I took in her tanned complexion. She’d certainly made the most out of their trip to the lake.

“It was ok,” I shrugged, returning to scrubbing the plate in my hands. “How was yours?”

“Oh, it was a great day, wasn’t it, Julie?”

Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I see Stanley shoot mom a knowing grin as he plops down in Tim’s chair.

“We had all sorts of fun in the sun,” he continued, his smile growing wider as mom returned one of her own.

My mind immediately conjured up an image of their naked bodies intertwined on a beach towel in the sand, writhing furiously under the blue sky. A shiver went down my spine and I felt my dick begin to stiffen. I angled myself away from them as I continued washing dishes at the sink.

“How did your search for employment go, Kyle?”

I was hoping I’d luck out and he’d forget to ask, but clearly luck wasn’t on my side today.

“Oh, it went alright,” I told him vaguely. “I stopped by a lot of places throughout the day.”

“And?” I could hear the expectation in his voice, unsatisfied with my evasiveness.

“And I put in a lot of applications. Talked to every manager on duty.”

“But still no actual job,” he stated plainly.

I let out a small sigh. “No.”

“Did you at least get an interview?”

“Well, not exactly a formal one, but I did talk to a couple of managers for a while.”

“So, that’s a no then,” he said flatly.

“Yeah,” I reluctantly confirmed. “No one was hiring.”

“That’s ok, sweetheart,” mom said in sympathy, stepping forward to pat me on the back. “You’ll find the right job eventually, but I’m proud of you for putting yourself out there like that.”

I turned my head and gave her a small smile before noticing Stanley smirking at me from his seat.

“Yeah, you never know what’s around the corner,” he told me, holding eye contact.

I swallowed and looked away, knowing what was around my corner if I didn’t find a job and soon.

“Alright, it’s time for me to get going,” Stanley said as he stood up. He yawned and stretched, causing his tank top to ride up and reveal his toned stomach.

“You can’t stay for a bit longer?” Mom frowned, disappointment coloring her voice.

“Nah, I gotta get up early for work tomorrow. Dad needs help with a particularly large İkitelli escort order. Besides, I’m beat. You really wore me out today, you little sand bunny.” He smirked at her and she smiled playfully back.

“I’ll walk you out then,” she told him. They left out the back as I switched off the water and reached for a dish rag to dry my hands.

Walking into the living room, I carefully looked out the window facing the driveway, watching as mom and Stanley came to a stop toward the end. They embraced, their mouths quickly finding each other as they kissed deeply, two lovers parting after a day spent together. After a minute, they pull away and Stanley rounds the corner before heading up the steps to his front door. Mom stared after him as he retreated, a dreamy, doe eyed look plastered across her tanned face the entire time.


The next day was largely free of Stanley. I had spent the morning sending out applications online and most of the afternoon on the couch, watching anime. By the time evening had rolled around and he still hadn’t dropped by, I assumed he wouldn’t be coming around, as Tim was due home the next day.

But shortly after six, the sound of the back door opening made me turn my head toward the kitchen from my spot on the couch in the living room. I could feel my entire body deflate as I watched Stanley shuffle into our house.

Mom, who was busy on her laptop, lit up when she saw him cross the threshold, and practically leapt from her seat at the nearby desk to greet him.

“Stanley,” she greeted him enthusiastically, “how was work?”

“What a fucking day,” he said in an exasperated voice, running a hand down his face. “Shit took so long.”

She reached up and gave him a hug, which he reciprocated. The long, white sundress she was wearing stood out against her newly tanned complexion, and despite how much it flowed from the waist down, I still managed to catch a glimpse of his hand quickly cupping her ass as they embraced.

“Sorry it turned out so rough,” she told him sympathetically, running her hand along his arm in a comforting way as they pulled apart.

“Eh, fuck it. My day’s a lot better now that I’m here with you.” He smirked and gave her a wink. Mom blushed and smiled back, delighted.

“Well, I’m about to check on dinner. It should be ready soon.”

“Excellent. Grab me a beer while you’re in there,” he tossed over his shoulder as he strode into the living room.

He plopped down in the center of the couch opposite me, stretching before putting his feet up on the coffee table and crossing them at the ankles.

I frowned at the way he’d waltzed in and made himself comfortable, as if he owned the place, another sign of his intention to displace Tim in our home. The asshole hadn’t even taken off his slides.

He looked up at the TV and sneered.

“The fuck are you watching?”

Before I could reply, mom came in carrying Stanley’s beer. She’d started keeping his favorite brand stocked in our house, something which bugged me.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you give Stanley the remote and let him watch something?”

Stanley shot me a grin as he took the bottle from mom.

I became flushed with anger and annoyance.

“Or he could go back to his own house and watch whatever he wants over there.”

Stanley narrowed his eyes at me, but it was mom’s heated response that caught my attention.

“Enough, Kyle! I didn’t raise you to be so rude!”

“He’s the rude one,” I hurled back. “Strutting in here all cocky, putting his feet up all over the coffee table like a jerk.”

“Stanley’s our guest, and he’s had a long, hard day at work, something you don’t really know too much about, huh?”

I recoiled as if she’d slapped me, but she continued.

“Now you’ve been watching this damn show all afternoon, so maybe you could try being considerate of someone else for a change?”

Her words hung in the air as she looked at me expectantly. Without another word, I handed the remote to Stanley.

“Thank you,” mom said and returned to the kitchen to check on dinner.

I fully expected Stanley to say something, but the cocky smile on his face as he flipped through different shows made it clear he thought mom had said enough for the both of them.

Eventually he settled on some obnoxious animated comedy, tossing the remote to the side before taking a long swig of beer. I slid further down into the couch, sulking as he laughed at the show’s excessive gross out humor.

He belched loudly and scratched his balls with his free hand, any veneer of the polite behavior he used to maintain gone as he relaxed into his relationship with mom and his growing role as the man of our house.

Yet, mom was completely enamored, finding something in her relationship with him that was apparently lacking in the one she had with Tim. One that seemed to be disintegrating little by little.

Mom returned to the living room just then, announcing that dinner would be ready in about fifteen minutes. She curled up Çapa escort bayan next to Stanley on the couch, and he immediately placed his hand on her thigh, almost as a reflex.

He squeezed it tightly for a second before beginning a slow, gentle stroke. Mom’s hand came to rest on his bicep as she angled her body towards him. Their intimate behavior made me want to cry, especially since I couldn’t remember the last time I saw her interact with Tim in the same manner.

They both laughed at some joke from the show and I got up from the couch before heading to my room, unable to watch them any longer.

I spent the next hour or so playing video games in my room. They didn’t call me when dinner was ready and I didn’t go down when I knew it would be. Even though I was mad at how mom had spoken to me, it still hurt that she’d chosen to have dinner alone with Stanley that night.

Eventually, my anger had faded enough that hunger got the best of me, and I opened the door to go downstairs and pilfer the leftovers. As I walked into the darkened hallway, I heard low giggles coming from downstairs.

Slowing down, I continued toward the landing while listening carefully. Mom giggled once more before speaking.

“Stanley, stop we can’t,” she said in a quiet but playful voice.

I heard the rustle of couch cushions followed by another round of giggles from mom. Sitting down on the top of the stairs, I slowly inch my way down step by step until I can just see through the archway into the living room.

Mom’s sitting in Stanley’s lap, her hand covering her mouth to try and stifle her laughter as his lips move along her neck in long sensual kisses. Her eyes are shut and her head is titled back to give him better access. Despite her hand covering her mouth, I can still see the content smile beneath it.

Stanley slowly kisses his way down to her chest, his right hand pushing the strap of her dress aside so he can free her left breast. He pulls back to gaze at it with a satisfied smirk, admiring the way her hard nipple protrudes from her golden lobe. It’s then that I realize her tan extends to her breasts as well, meaning she probably spent the entire day at the lake without a top on.

I shudder and can feel my cock start to harden in my shorts. Stanley leans in and takes a long lick of her nipple, using the tip of his tongue to flick it repeatedly. Mom inhales sharply and grips both of his shoulders.

He takes several more long licks of her erect nipple before taking it into his mouth, moaning in pleasure as he begins relentlessly sucking on it. Mom’s mouth opens slightly as his lips pull and tug her nipple as far into his mouth as he can get it.

“Oh… Stanley, we can’t – “

She interrupts herself with a gasp as he bites down lightly on her nipple.

“Oh fuck,” she murmurs, her nails digging into his shoulders as he assaults her breast.

“Stanley, we can’t do this here,” she finally manages to force out.

“Why not?” He murmurs into her chest. His left hand slides the other strap off her shoulder and he moves his mouth to her right breast as the cloth encasing it slips down.

“Because Kyle’s right up stairs.”

This does not deter him from taking her other nipple in his mouth to suck on, causing her breath to come out in shallow pants.

“Ugh, Stanley, please.” She brings her hand to his head, gently pushing him off her breast.

“Let’s go upstairs to your room then.” I can hear the frustration in his voice.

“It’s too early, he’ll hear us.”

“So what? Let him listen.”

My dick jumps at Stanley’s brazen suggestion and I can’t deny how much it arouses me.

“I don’t want him to hear us! It’s too risky.”

Despite the firm rejection in her voice, her face tells a different story as she fights the pleasure of Stanley continuing to alternatively lick her full breasts.

“Then let’s go to my place,” he suggests, still focusing on lapping at her nipples like a kid does with a lollipop.

“I don’t know…,” she said hesitantly.

I could tell how unsure she was, but whatever apprehension that appeared to be etched into her face vanished as Stanley’s mouth enclosed around her right nipple, and soon she exuded nothing but the pleasure she was being given by his lips and tongue.

“Come on, I know you can feel how hard I am for you,” he murmured against her breasts.

I can see him grind himself against her ass, which rests against his groin.

“Let me take you over to my place so you can scream as loud as you want while I fuck your brains out.” He ended his suggestion by resuming suckling her tits, alternating between both of them.

Pushed beyond her limits and desperately needing his dick inside her, mom relents.

“Ok, let’s go.”

Stanley gives a triumphant smile as mom tucks her breasts back into her dress, slipping the straps back onto her shoulders. They untangle themselves and stand up. Mom grabs him by the hand and hurriedly leads him into the kitchen.

“Fuck yeah,” he says as he follows her, his eyes trained on her ass while his erection pushes against the fabric of his mess shorts, bulging out in front of him.

They disappear from my line of sight and I hear the back door open and shut a few seconds later. Alone, I sit in the abrupt silence that has just enveloped the house, my cock twitching in my shorts.

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