Buying Abby Ch. 03


I was laying on my back, naked, my sister Abby was sitting naked on top of me. She had her knees either side of my hips and was riding my cock. Abby was sitting up, her tits bouncing as she rode me. I looked down between her thighs to see my cock disappearing into her shaved pussy. I was on the edge of my orgasm.

Suddenly the door opened. It was mom. Everything happened so fast.

Mom saw us, her daughter fucking her son, and her jaw dropped. Her timing couldn’t have been worse. I had just started cumming and I couldn’t stop now. My spunk shot into Abby’s pussy. Abby screamed when she saw mom and jumped off me but I was still cumming. As Abby lifted her pussy off me I spanked on her pussy lips and then on the inside of her thigh. Mom was clearly shocked, she didn’t say a word and left as quickly as she came in.

Abby looked as shocked as mom. “Shit! What are we going to do?” She asked.

“Don’t ask me, you’ll have to go talk to her.”

“We’ll both go. If we just explain she might understand, we’re not the first siblings to fuck.” I nodded in agreement and walked towards the door.

“You should probably put something on first.” Abby said while pulling on a white, silk robe. I looked down at my naked cock then looked at Abby.

“You should probably wipe my spunk off your thigh.” I said while pulling on a pair of shorts. Abby cleaned herself up then we went to see mom.

We went to mom’s bedroom, knocked and went in. Mom was sat on the side of her bed still looking shocked. Mom, Janet, was 40, tall and slim. Her breasts were much smaller than Abby’s but still looked a good hand full. Her blonde hair was cut shorter than Abby’s, about shoulder length. Mom did have a few signs of her age but looked great. She was wearing a red t-shirt and a white, knee length skirt.

Me and Abby sat on the bed either side of mom. “We need to talk.” Abby started.

“I can’t believe you had sex with your brother. It’s so wrong.”

“It’s not wrong. Sex is best with someone you love and me and Mike love each other.”

“You love him because he’s your brother not your boyfriend.” Mom seemed more surprised than angry.

“I’m not her boyfriend,” I pointed out, “I love her like a sister but we have fun together. Lots of siblings do it.” I could tell mom was starting to understand. Me and Abby spent a few more minutes explaining everything to mom, except for me paying her. Soon mom had relaxed about the whole thing.

“Ok,” mom nodded, “I’m not completely happy about it but if you two are happy that’s good enough for me.”

“Will you tell dad?” Abby Eskort Bayan asked.

“No, I don’t know how I could tell him.” Me and Abby left mom and went to finish our earlier fun, Abby didn’t cum so it was only fair.

A couple of weeks had passed since mom caught us and mom had been very cool about it all. Mom never really said much to us about it and me and Abby were more careful to not get caught again.

One day I walked into the kitchen. Mom was in there doing the laundry. It was a hot day and mom was just wearing a yellow bikini top and some very short denim shorts.

“Have you seen Abby?” I asked mom.

“I think she’s gone round a friends. Why, feeling horny?” She said with a cheeky smile.

“It’s great that you’re ok with it. You’re really cool mom.”

“I was surprised at first but I suppose it’s not that bad. It’s better than you sleeping with random strangers. Doesn’t it feel weird with your sister?”

“Not at all, it feels great.” I sensed an opportunity, moved close to mom and leaned in to kiss her.

First she pulled back but then leaned in and we kissed. I put my arms round her waist and pulled her closer to me, mom put her arms round my neck. Her breasts pushed against my chest and our tongues twisted together. My cock became erect and I pushed my hips against mom’s. “No, I can’t, sorry sweetie.” Mom said breaking the kiss.

“It was an amazing kiss. Did it feel weird to you?”

“It wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be but I shouldn’t be giving my son an erection.” Mom Smiled.

“Why not? You’re hot.” Mom blushed when I said it.

“Thank you, but I had better get on with my chores.” I left mom to her work and went to my bedroom and wanked thinking about the kiss.

Later that day it was still just me and mom at home. I was in the garden enjoying the warm weather and sunbathing. Mom came out to hang the laundry on the line. I couldn’t help but admire her body. Her long legs and bare stomach. Her breasts jiggling under her bikini top and her nipples were poking out erect. I was getting a hard on again and because I was laying on my back and the tent in my shorts was obvious but I didn’t bother trying to hide it.

“Do you always have sex on the mind?” Mom joked when she saw my erection.

“Only when I’m with a woman as sexy as you.”

“I’m too old for you, I’m old enough to be your mother.” Mom was joking around and seemed to be having fun so I tried to push things forward.

“You’re hot at any age. I bet you look even better naked.”

“Well, maybe. Come with me.” I followed mom into the house excited about what was coming next.

Mom lead me into her bedroom, I was getting very excited. “Don’t get too excited I’m not getting naked.” Mom said. I was a little disappointed but was interested to see what she was going to do. Mom went to her wardrobe, took out a small box, put it on the bed and opened it. “Your father always liked these, maybe you will too.” She took out some photos and handed them to me. I looked at the first one and instantly liked them. It was a picture of mom, she looked about 30, wearing some sexy white lingerie. I flipped through a couple of pictures of her doing some sexy poses.

“Wow mom, you really are a babe.” She blushed slightly. I looked at the next picture and mom was topless. The next picture she was fully naked. Her tits looked firm and shapely, she had a full bush of blonde pubes. My cock was getting hard and I started rubbing it through my shorts.

“At least wait until you’re in your room.” Mom saw what I was doing.

“Sorry but you are that hot. Can I keep these?” I asked holding up the photos.

“Well, maybe just one.” Mom took the photos back and flicked through them. “How about this one. Do you like it?” Mom handed me a photo. She was completely naked on her back, she was holding her breast with one hand and the other was between her legs fingering her pussy. She had a look of orgasmic bliss on her face.

“It’s perfect. Thanks mom.” I kissed her on the lips and went back to my room for a wank.

Later that evening Abby was in my room. I was laying on my back with Abby sucking my cock. “Oh yes mom.” I cried as I came.

“What! Did you just say mom?” Abby asked after swallowing my spunk. I told Abby everything that had happened during the day, I even showed her the photo mom gave me.

“Wow, I never expected that from mom.” Abby said “I never thought mom would be cool with me and you fucking either.”

“Me neither but I think she might be up for more.”

“Do you think you’ll fuck her?”

“I hope so. You wouldn’t mind?”

“No. You’re my fuck buddy, not my boyfriend. Just let me know what happens.” That was all the encouragement I needed.

I was about another week until me and mom were home alone again. Mom was in her bedroom, she had just gotten out of the shower and I was hoping to catch her naked. I knocked on her door and walked in. She wasn’t naked but had just a bath towel wrapped around her. She was taking some clothes out of her wardrobe.

“Hey sweetie.” she said as I entered. “Let me guess, you want another photo.”

“Actually I was hoping to see the real thing.”

“Sorry, you’ll just have to make do with pictures.”

“Why not? I know you liked the kiss we had. I’ll even go first.” I pulled my clothes off and stood naked in front of mom. She was speechless. She was staring at my cock and I moved closer to her. Mom didn’t say a word and I leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met and we held each other while kissing passionately. After a minute mom broke the kiss and stepped back.

“Ok, you win.” She said and dropped her towel to the floor.

She was even sexier than in her her pictures. Her body showed a few signs of maturity but was beautiful. Her breasts were quite big but showed no sign of sagging. Her nipples were a darker color than Abby’s but poked out just the same. I looked up her long, smooth legs to her full bush of blonde pubes. My cock started getting hard.

She stepped closer to me and we kissed again. Our naked bodies were pressed together. I could feel her erect nipples against my chest, my erect cock brushed against her pubes. I put one hand on her firm ass and the other squeezed her breast. She put a hand on my cock and gently stroked. Mom broke the kiss and lead me to the bed. She laid down on her back and I laid on top of her, we kissed again. I moved down her body kissing her all over. I kissed her neck and chest. Then her breasts and nipples. I kissed her belly down to her bush. I kissed her thigh then moved into her pussy.

I licked mom’s pussy and she let out a soft moan. I put my tongue between her lips and over her clit. I could taste her sweet pussy juice and I push my tongue into her wanting more. I worked my way back up her body, kissing her all the way. I kissed her on the mouth again and put the head of my cock against her moist pussy.

“Yes, fuck me.” Mom moaned. I slid my cock into her. When my cock was fully into her pussy I held it there a moment then started fucking her. I started slow but quickly got faster and harder. She was moaning with pleasure as thrust after thrust I fucked her hard. She was beautiful and I was close to cumming. Finally my balls released and I came. My cock throbbed as my spunk shot into mom’s pussy. Mom came at the same time and she screamed out in orgasm.

“I can’t believe I did that.” She eventually said, with a smile.

“It was incredible. Are you happy you did it?”

“I’m very happy, Abby has taught you well.”

“Do you want to do it again?”

Me and mom fucked several more times. Later that evening I told Abby everything. Abby masturbated while I told her what me and mom got up to. I knew thing were going to get a lot more exciting.

“Actually, I’ve got something to tell you.” Abby said…

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