C/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventures PT 1 Revised


C/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventures PT 1 RevisedC/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventure: PT 1 Revised[For the sake of clarity and a better representation my of my adventures as a C/D teen to you all, I’ve revised my first story published here as I was in haste with earlier said post, My apologies as I am not a computer wiz or distinguished writer, hope you enjoy,thanx] It was a 200 mile journey from the city to the outskirts of a small town by the countryside where I live, I have hitchhiked this road many a time but this day proves to be an exhilarating adventure into my first cross-dressing sexual encounter. I had a large backpack I carried with me which include in secret my lingerie, heels, makeup etc.About 60 or so miles out a 4 wheel drive hauling a horse trailer pulled up alongside me, the passenger side window rolled down and a man who seemed to be in his middle 40’s asked if I needed a ride, hell yes I answered it’s mighty hot out and I appreciate it.”No problem was his reply.” As I began loading in my back pack he seemed to look me up and down as if he was sizing me up or something, that is weird I thought to myself but nevertheless hoped on in.We drove off to the beat of some old time country tune on the radio, as we traveled down the road sharing info on each others lives I found out that this rustic yet handsome looking cowboy was single with no attachments of any kind and lived alone on a ranch he owned on the countryside somewhere around a 100 miles or so from where I lived.I was somehow at ease in the presence of this man so I let him know that I was an 18 year old traveling about from place to place enjoying my new found freedom he seemed to perk up to that bit of info as I could tell by the big grin on his face.He said he understood the situation as he would have done the same if he was my age.As we traveled a bit further he suddenly asked if I was bored and wanted to read some magazines he brought along for long trips into the city and back. ”Sure I said.””There underneath the seat below you sweety he blurted out”Confused with that remark I searched below and found a stack of porno mags, interesting I muttered aloud as he smiled, they were gay and shemale magazines.”YES!!”I said to myself, knowing I didn’t complain about the type of magazines they were the old cowboy seemed pleased,”Ya know when I saw you further up the road I thought you were a girl at first he said apologetically””No prob, I said I was always thin and girly growing up and mother used to say I should have been born a girl since my looks seem to go there instead of a boy I said.” Not sure if I should have said that out loud but he seemed pleased with it by saying,”Don’t worry ya are who ya are never forget that,”Thanks I said quite pleased with my new found freedom of expression, he asked if I enjoyed the magazines. ”Sure I said good subjects to boot. ”Really? he asked.””Why not was my reply”, much respect to the ladyboys enjoying themselves so openly,””Yeah I thought so too was his reply, ya know we could stop by a private swimming hole nearby if ya want to cool off before we carry on, if ya like.””Sure why not I confessed.”We soon trailed off the highway on to an old road not so well traveled it seemed, about 5 or so miles off the highway, I wasn’t nervous for anything about the situation of güvenilir bahis traveling into the middle of nowhere tho most normally anyone would in such situations, not me besides I can always handle myself, anyway we soon arrived to a secluded pond. ”Nice, I said.””Yeah I come here sometimes on trips back from the city during the hot summers to cool off a bit before heading home he said.” Coolio I thought to myself. ”Ya know we can skinny dip if ya want no one comes out here it’s private property it belongs to a fellow rancher buddy of mine.””OK, sure why not I responded.”We both shed our clothes and dove in to the cold water I noticed he was hung like a horse with the balls of a bull, I was thin n girly but nevertheless I was comfortable in his presence. We swam a bit and I decided to relax by the edge of the pond as he got up and walked back to the truck to take a leak so I paid him no mind. Awhile later he returned with what appeared to be my personal belongings, shocked that he found my secret stash of sexy lingerie in my backpack I was prepared to tell him some fucked up lie but was not sure what to do.”What are these for he asked?””I was going to get you your dry clothes when I found these.” Damn I thought unsure what to say staring at each other before he broke the awkward silence when he point blank asked if I was a cross-dresser. For whatever reasons that day I remember blurting outright to him that I was, perhaps my guilt and shame about wearing women’s clothes throughout my young life was a deciding factor for doing so. With that I had no inkling about what and he was going to say or do.He looked at my nakedness up and down smiled and said, ”Nothing wrong with that ya are who ya are, he shocked me a bit when he said.”” Why don’t ya put these on I bet they look sexy on ya.”Stunned with his response I slowly started to put on the lingerie he brought me oblivious to the fact my soldier was saluting straight up into the sky, I noticed he was hard as well, damn I thought to myself, what the hell, why not, been done caught with my pants down so to speak so I figured I might as well show him the real me. I put on my sexy black garter belt, lace hose and training bra, black spiked stiletto heels and then a bit of eye liner and threw on some hot pink lipstick, no need for a wig as I have naturally long hair, I was nervous but yet somewhat comfortable revealing my true self to this studly naked, hung and obviously horny cowboy.Looking back on when I first started cross-dressing and reading gay/shemale magazines I was always infatuated with wanting to suck big cock, hoping one day my dream to do so would come true.”Well, well, well, what do we have here?”Says the studly looking Marlboro man staring me up and down. ”Seems we have a teen cross-dressing faggot slut flaunting her cheap whore-ish ways out here in gods great open country, what shall we ever do about this situation?”Being found out and horny as fuck by now I nervously strutted in my stiletto’s towards him and wrapped my hand around his bull cock and slowly stroked him, not knowing what his reaction was going to be,”Very nice, was his reply come here hot-cakes.” (luv the older generations cum ons, lol) He said, grabbing my ass and began to knead them roughly as he started kissing my neck working his way türkçe bahis down to my flat non blossomed young titties.”How long have you been wearing women’s clothes he asked?””Since the seventh grade, altho I kept that a secret from everyone I’ve ever known I stated,””Well there is no need to hide anymore sweety you can be all the woman you want to be out here I won’t judge you, ”no one will” damn you look just like a teen girl, you look amazingly natural and beautiful, have you ever sucked on a mans cock before he asked?””No but I have always dreamt to I replied,””Well today your dream has cum true baby” He stated as he knelt me down and started guiding his throbbing cock to my eager and willing mouth, I wrapped my lips around his cock head and nursed on it ever so gently, damn I thought to myself, I’m sucking a mans cock I couldn’t believe it, Yay!!!Every form of emotion was tingling thru my body talk about being drunk with lust, I damn near blew my load right then and there, looking up at my would be lover I started to suck his cock with uncontrollable lust flowing through my body, he stares back smiling running his manly fingers thru my hair, meanwhile I am massaging his massive nut-sack with glee.”He says in a husky voice I know we didn’t fully introduce ourselves I’m Jim and you are?””Rhonda I replied thru slurps on his massive cock Rhonda Lynn Fox (my porn name).””Well Rhonda Lynn Fox I want some of that boy pussy ya got down there.”He stood me up and we walked back to the truck in each others arms stroking, kissing one another exploring each others bodies. ”I can’t believe were doing this I said, this has been a dream of mine for so long.””Me too Jim replied in a sexy husky voice, I have always dreamt I would someday pick up a young sissy boy hitch hiking these roads looking for a man to explore their inner faggot tendencies.”Well today is that day Jim baby, we made our way to the end of the trailer where he bent me over and proceeded to take his time and rub his huge cock all over my ass before he began to slide into me, his cock head plopped in past my sphincter my slobber served as lube, and then I felt him slide further into my aching anus, slowly until he was balls deep into me, he held my hips firmly as he began to pump himself into me slow at first then he got a rhythm going I was in cock heaven.Slowly reaching under I grabbed his nuts and started massaging them tugging them with love as my cowboy lover started dirty talking me down calling me his faggot whore a young teen whore, who was I to argue I was one and ta boot I luv role playing.So I tried to pull away telling him maybe we shouldn’t be doing this out here. His reaction was what I expected, one of confusion, horniness and anger, to which he replied:”Shut your fucking slut whore mouth!! who do you think you are seducing me out here with your slut ways, standing there like that thinking you can just end this and walk away free, no sissy slut will ever treat me that way I won’t allow it!!”And with that he slid out of me with a plop! then proceeded to grab me by the hair and drag me around to the back of the truck where he grabbed several ropes he threw over his shoulder and dragged me off to a nearby tree, there he threw the rope up over a large branch.This was after he gutted me violently and forced güvenilir bahis siteleri me onto my knees, after rigging up the rope he began to tie me up by the wrists then hoisted me up, strung up like a deer to be butchered, he then tied up each ankle to other lengthy parts of the tree spreading me out to the maximum like an upside down cross, after being strung up in such a way Jim worked his way around then underneath and slid back into me and picked up were he left off pumping into me pleasuring himself. What tha fuck?! What a selfish fucking jerk I thought to myself!!! (lucky me, wink, wink!!)After catching my breath I pleaded to Jim that it doesn’t have to happen this way that I will promise to be a good sissy boy and respect his very manhood that I’ll obey his every whim, to promise not to deny his intentions.With that he slowed down his pumping and asked what are you willing to do? ”anything for my man I responded” prove it, prove me your loyalty, he said.At that moment he forced my head around as he started pumping into me again I can feel him breathing on my neck as I looked over and kissed his open mouth tonguing my r****t lover repeatedly, our tongues lashing in and out of each others mouths so lovingly with so much perverted lust, with passion, with out right purpose, we stayed this position for what seemed like forever fucking, just fucking with unbridled perversion loving on each other’s tongue’s and cock until he slid out again to where he untied me from my fucked up punishment for trying to deny his advances, his pleasure, Jim’s pleasure. Once untied I proved my loyalty to him as we walked together to the edge of the pond in each others arms I stroked his huge cock as I kissed his lips lashing our tongues together in unison in the ultimate faggot embrace, entering the cool water we walked knee deep level where he forced me onto my knees and proceeded to take me doggy style.Having no care in the world Jim took his time rubbing his massiveness all over my ass as before sliding right back into his property, his pleasure, his soon to be faggot girlfriend, I exploded with ecstasy when his cock filled me up again ravaging my sissy ass. Fuck it all to hell for being such a cheap submissive cross-dressing fag whore, allowing this perverted act to continue here out in the beautiful countryside!!As we took our time pleasuring ourselves in this position in what seemed like forever Jim asked if I wanted to be with him to be his faggot sissy boy girlfriend I didn’t hesitate to say ”Yes I want you to be my man.””Good he said”Satisfied with my quick response he then decided that we should return to the city so we can do some shopping for summer dresses, sexy heels and lingerie for me before we return home.Yes baby that’s what we will do I agreed but for now let’s fuck, Jim and I crawled back to the edge of the pond where I proceeded to mount him like an insatiable fag whore and slid that massive bull cock back into me. As my fag loving Marlboro man held my ass I began to ride him bouncing up and down on his manliness going cock fucking crazy as I kept yelling at the top of my lungs I’M A WHORE…..I’M A WHORE…..I’M A WHORE!!!Jim was in his own world of pure uncontrolled perverted ecstasy as well as he had begun yelling out in lust repeating over and over again,OHHHH!!….OHHH MY FAGGOT WIFE!!! OHHH!!….OHHH MY FAGGOT WIFE!!!Damn I thought to myself trying to think through the haze of perverted lust and fucking about his choice of words ”where was this all leading to??”Damn my cross-dressing ways!!!

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