C Is For Candymaker


Inspired by Sue Grafton’s alphabetical series.

“Meet me downtown.”

I glanced at the clock on the wall. “Downtown? Why downtown?”

“Hey, this is your birthday surprise. You aren’t allowed to ask any questions.”

“Sam … “

“Don’t you trust me?”

Samantha Perkins was my oldest and dearest friend. She had known me since we were still trying to figure out how to tie our shoes. Nearly 25 years of water had crossed under our bridge and I had no doubts that I trusted Sam with my life. Sleeping together several times had not hurt, either.

“Of course I trust you! It’s just that traffic sucks!”

“Yes, it does but my present is worth it.” Sam’s deep, rich laughter filled my ears. “After all, how many times does my favorite pussy turn 40?”

I laughed, feeling an answering heat in my panties. “I wish you were here right now.”

“Are you getting wet for me?”

“You know I am, you bitch.” I imagined her wide mouth on my slit. “Now, let me get going. I have a stack of work to do before I can get out of here.”

“Well, hurry up! Voodoo’s at 6.”

I finished my work, my mind elsewhere, namely, between Sam’s beautiful Asian thighs. I never tired of her tiny frame and fragrant pussy. I wondered what she had in mind …

Six o’clock found me parking my Honda at the curb in front of the Voodoo Café. Sam was waiting outside, dressed in a daring aqua-blue dress, her impossibly small feet in sand-colored sandals. I pressed a kiss to her face and gave her a naughty cheek squeeze. She giggled.

“Dinner first.”

Dinner was great. Grilled lemon sole, wilted spinach salad with hot bacon dressing and caramel flan, my favorite. Sam kept up a general conversation the entire time, skillfully avoiding details about my present and playing footsie with poker oyna me. Two bottles of wine had me mellow and teasing my sweet girlfriend.

“Where’s my present?”

“My, you’re a naughty girl tonight!” Sam smiled, drawing circles on the back of my hand. “Can’t you be patient?”

“No!” I laughed, reaching for the wine and pouring the rest in my glass. “You’re the one that’s been teasing me all week.”

“I couldn’t help it.” She was clearly not going to tell me what my birthday present was and was obscenely happy with herself. “Finish up your flan and let’s get going.”

She paid the bill, ignoring my demands and commandeered my car, making me promise to keep my eyes closed until she said I could open them. The drive took twenty minutes and I was sure at one point that she went in circles a few times, but I didn’t open my eyes. I was too excited to ruin the surprise. She opened my door and helped me out, her arm around my waist as she led me into a building.

“Time to get undressed.”


“Trust me.” Her hot breath in my ear made my nipples harden and I tried to control my shivering as she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, my bra, skirt and panties. I felt vulnerable, standing in a strange place, totally naked, but I kept reminding myself that I trusted Sam. She gave me a long, deep kiss, her fingers moving through my hair, leaving me breathless. “Happy birthday, Tarra.” She pushed me onto my knees. “Open your eyes.”

Though the light was dim, I was temporarily blinded, since I’d had my eyes shut for so long. In front of me was a naked man, every muscled cut and defined. He had an angelic face and dark features that made me think of Stallone. He turned toward me and my jaw dropped when I saw his cock. Seven inches of taut flesh. I broke out into a sweat. canlı poker oyna

Sam knelt behind me, her little breasts pressing into my back. “I remembered what your favorite fantasy was.” I suddenly felt light-headed. The young man began to stroke his tool, his eyes locked onto mine. “You told me how much you loved the taste of semen, remember?” I did remember. It had been another gift of hers, given when she’d still be interested in guys. She’d fucked her latest, Matt, and brought me a pussyful of hot jizz. I’d eaten her so well that she’d become my lover that night.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“These are all friends of mine and they’ve all been tested so everything’s safe. Tonight, they’ve all agreed to be candymakers for you.”

I started shaking so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. My deepest private fantasy was about to come true. Sam pushed me up onto my knees, closer to the young man’s cock. I looked up into his eyes and opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out. He laid the fat head of his cock onto my tongue and released his load, five or six thick spurts of sperm. His was salty, with a lemony hint. I swallowed it all and leaned back against Sam, who had her fingers buried in my pussy, gasping as it came on those fingers.

The young man arose and disappeared into the surrounding darkness. Another man entered the circle of light. I recognized him as Sam’s father, Wei. He smiled and bent to give me a kiss on my mouth, giving my breasts a gentle caress. I arose to my knees as he assumed the position, slowly stroking his short bit of meat and I put my mouth around the head, groaning and taking his blast of cum. Again, he smiled and walked away.

The third man was accompanied by a woman that expertly masturbated him to a climax. He jerked so much that some of his internet casino cum hit my chin and dripped onto my breasts. The woman came down and licked my chin and breast clean, then kissed me, sharing the tasty load with me. She kissed Sam as well and the twosome disappeared.

Six more men paraded forth, varying in age from college age to elderly, each lovingly spraying my throat with their hot, thick sperm. I was in heaven. I figured that I could die happy now.

“There’s one more left.”

“Where is he?”

“She.” Sam lay back on the floor and pulled my face into her sopping pussy. She was so wet that I had to tell myself to slow down, knowing that she was close to the edge. I wanted her turn to last as long as possible. After all, she had arranged this beautiful present for me. I began with small kisses along her puffy pussy lips, covering both sides. I blew lightly on her and let the very tip of my tongue invade her hot cleft. “Please.”

“No.” I teased her relentlessly. “You wouldn’t tell me about my present.” I probed a little deeper, tasting her sweet cum. “Paybacks are a bitch, eh?”

Sam writhed, trying to push herself onto my tongue. “That’s not fair.”

I licked again and again, as slowly as I possibly could, enjoying the taste of her juices. Her lithe body rocked in my hands, bucking when I wrapped my lips around her clit and trembling when I delved into her volcano-hot hole. When I’d finally gotten her revved up enough, I applied a little gentle suction to her swollen clit. She screamed at the top of her lungs and her pussy juice flooded my mouth. I swallowed every drop, working her up to two more orgasms, each releasing more of her precious liquids.

When she returned to Earth, I pulled her into my arms. “That was the most wonderful present I ever had for my birthday.”

“You deserve it, Tarra. I love you.”

We cuddled for a few minutes more, before finding our clothes and heading for the door. “So what do you have planned for next year?”

Sam just giggled.

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