C.N.A. Story Ch. 04


Following the threesome I shared with Linda and Sandy, our work schedules became very busy and there wasn’t a whole lot of time for us to play around. Linda and I continued to mess around at work as much as we could, but as things went south with her lunatic boyfriend, she had to divert her attention to her family matters more and more. I understood that and remained by her side, mostly through long conversations on the phone and a lot of pep talking. She began to doubt herself in a lot of ways, and I did my best to keep her spirits up. Our post-work sex life had become sparse, and while we both still wanted each other like no other, it was simply impossible until things cleared up for her.

In contrast, Sandy and I had begun a good friendship together, and oddly enough, it didn’t revolve around sex as much as I thought it would. We laughed easily together, and I always found myself enjoying her company. We didn’t say much about the threesome to each other, though I think it was on our minds a lot. I figured she wasn’t ready to talk about it yet, and I was fine with that.

Work continued on the unit as it always had, the endless string of gossip and back stabbings a daily routine as I did my best to steer clear of it all. My distaste for the job was becoming more and more apparent to me and others as I dreaded going to work. Maybe I had cleaned too many dead people, too many of them I had known in their last days. I had watched some of them die, some peacefully and some horrifically. I found myself almost resentful of co-workers who ignored the needs of these people, and yet I didn’t want to put any self-righteousness out there to be judged. It was a tough spot, and I was quickly burning out.

A month after the threesome, and about two weeks after Linda and I had our most recent sexual encounter, Sandy told me she was getting ready to move.

“Do you think I could borrow your muscles for a day?” she asked hopefully, “I’ll throw in beer and pizza.”

“Now how can I turn that down?” I asked, my only other weak spot in my life besides women being the heavenly middle-class combination of beer and pizza.

“I have some heavy furniture, a couple of chairs, my bed and my son’s bed,” she explained as we walked the hall together, “I have a dolly we can use to.”

“No sweat,” I reassured her as I gathered some towels and rags off the clean laundry cart, “I have to give Mr. Jones his shower now, but we can talk more about it on break, okay?”

“That’d be great,” she smiled and walked away. Sandy had a gorgeous smile that lit up her dark eyes like a candle. I had always thought she was sexy, but as I said before, I never really figured her for the adventurous type. But when Linda suggested that we include Sandy in our sex lives, it blew me a way. I could still very vividly remember the way she looked naked, and while she didn’t have the huge tits that Linda did (god bless ’em) her breasts were perky and full, confident on her trim body.

As I showered my patient and helped dress him for the day, flashes of Sandy riding my cock flashed in my mind. She had been fucking the hell out me that night as I ate Linda out, and I saw her in the mirror, the look on her face. I remembered the way she looked as both she and Linda sucked me off, the feeling of their tongues on my head and shaft. I wondered if maybe she wasn’t planning something for us on the moving day, maybe she was too shy to ask on her own outside of Linda.

Or maybe she feared a betrayal of Linda?

I took a smoke break and called Linda at home.

“Hey Hotstuff,” I smiled.

“Hey you,” she said, “Where are you?”

“At work, wishing I was somewhere else.”

“I hear ya. What’s up?”

“Listen, Sandy wants me to help her move this weekend, and I just wanted to run it by you, see if it’s okay.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” I said, suddenly uncertain of myself, “You know, is it okay with you?”

“Oh sure, babe.”

“What if she has more in mind?” I asked Kuşadası Escort bluntly.

Linda laughed. “She always has more on her mind, and since we all fucked each other that night, she’s had her eye on you.”


“No shit,” Linda said matter-of-factly, “She’s told me she wants you again, but has been a little shy of approaching you.”

“Now how do you feel about that?”

I could almost see her shrug in my mind. “I’m fine with it,” she said, ‘I mean, we’re not exclusive and we don’t date each other, we just have a lot of sex. If you two want to get together, I have no problem with that.”

“No kidding?”

“Nope,” she said, “Just don’t forget about me. I picked up a new outfit to show you yesterday.”

“I can only imagine,” I smiled, “We can’t leave you all dressed up with no one to blow…”

“Hey smart ass,” she laughed, “I don’t hear you complaining.”

“Guilty as charged. I gotta go, babe.”

“Okay, take it easy.”

“Okay. Love ya much.”

“Back at ya.”

On our lunch break, Sandy and I sat down in the break room and ate our meals. We were fortunate that no one else had taken an early break, and we had the whole room to ourselves. I wolfed down my salad and hamburger I had gotten from the cafeteria as Sandy picked through her Chinese food she had brought from home. There was a moment of silence before I asked, “Why are you moving?”

“I live in the low-income apartments,” she said and took a drink of soda, “They’re raising rents up soon and I can’t afford it.”

“So what’s the point of low-income rents then?”

“That’s what I said.”

“Well, with me helping you, you’ll be moved in no time.”

“That’s the idea,” she smiled, taking another bite of her food.

I looked at her, and then said, “So, do you think about what happened at all?”

She slowly chewed her food, considering her answer for a moment. “Yes, I do,” she admitted shyly.

I smiled. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. I don’t regret it at all.”

She raised a brow, still looking at her food and said, “Neither do I, I just…”

“Just what?”

“I just wish there could have been more.”

“Who says there can’t be,” I asked, feeling my cock start a swell.

“It’s just that Linda likes you so much,” she explained, a definite veil of guilt hanging over her face, “and I don’t want to intrude.”

“Hey, Linda is the one suggested you be a part of it. We’re not exclusive, and we both know that the other one can explore other opportunities. We think of each other as friends with benefits.”

“Really?” she asked. “Is that what I am, another opportunity?”

I shook my head. “Of course not. I think what happened that night was fantastic, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about you by yourself. If you’re not comfortable with it, though, we can drop it right now.”

We finished our lunch in silence, and I had sinking feeling my chances with Sandy were probably not very good. I could appreciate that. I mean, after all, the behavior I had been engaging in for the last few years had been promiscuous, and most people preferred the company of just one sexual partner. I wasn’t going to make it difficult for her if she wanted to step away from that. I knew the day would come when I would have to as well.

Saturday finally came, and I got up early to go to Sandy’s apartment. I dressed in my usual jeans, boxers, t-shirt, boots and jacket, taking care to shave and trim my goatee. I made sure that my nether regions were clean and trimmed, shaved to create my love trail that ran between my navel and the base of my cock. I remembered Sandy’s clean-shaven pussy, only a small triangle of dark, neatly trimmed pubic hair above the beginning of her slit. Thinking about her made me get hard again as I drove, and I tired to distract myself with music.

I arrived at her place shortly after 8 AM. She was already setting boxes out on her front porch, ready to be loaded Kuşadası Escort Bayan into her 4 X 4. She looked great, dressed in the same ski jacket she had worn the night we all had sex together. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, just a few curly strands hanging down together in groups at the base of her neck.

“Hi!” she smiled as she set a box marked “dishes” down in the bed of the truck.

“Hey you,” I replied, closing my door and joining her. We hugged each other, and I could feel something pass between us as she held me to her.

“Care to help an old woman move her shit?”

“You’re 38 years old,” I rolled my eyes, “There are packages of Twinkies down at the Mini-Mart older than you.”


“Just calling it like I see it.”

We spent most of the day hauling boxes and loading her truck. Her five-year-old son was not there that day, spending time with his grandmother. We made several trips to her storage and new apartment, and by the afternoon, my legs were aching from all the lifting. Though it was cold, I had taken off my jacket as we started moving the big furniture. She had to help me with the couch, but the rest of it I foolishly moved on my own, trying to display my strength to her. Through out the day, she was warming up to me more and more as we worked, her hands on my shoulders or on my leg during breaks. At one point, as we took a smoke break, she leaned against me and rested her head against my shoulder.

Evening was approaching rapidly, and in the winter hours, it was turning dark by 5 in the evening. We took the last of her boxes, which was mostly clothes and separated what would go to her new place and what would go into storage. I found a box in the corner of her empty bedroom as she vacuumed the floors. It was filled with her panties and bras, and I felt a rush of heat burn my face as I looked inside. I was tempted to smell them, but I held back. In the end, I’m glad I did because she walked in just as I closed the box.

“I found your unmentionables,” I said coyly.

“I figured at some point this evening you would,” she said, “That’s it really. This is the last box, plus the vacuum cleaner. Pizza should be here in about a half hour, would you like a beer?”

“You bet,” I smiled, ready for a cool brew. She had the heat cranked up to maximum so we could sit casually on the floor and eat without being bundled up. We sat and talked about work for a while as we drank the six-pack of Bud, not really paying attention to how much we were drinking. I capped off my third while Sandy hit her fourth.

“You better slow down,” I said as she giggled at me, “You still have some driving to do tonight.”

“There’s a lot I have to do tonight,” she said as she scooted next to me, her face just inches from my own, “I’m not drunk, just a little buzzed. But it takes the edge off me, the shyness. I had five of these before I came over to your place that night.”

“Courage in a bottle, eh?”

“No,” she shook her head as she licked her lips, “Only a push in the right direction.”

She leaned forward and kissed me so softly it felt like she had silk for lips. Her kisses were small and needful as she put her hands on mine. I uncrossed my legs and got to my knees as she did the same, and we embraced each other. Her mouth was sweet with the taste of beer as we engaged in long, passionate kisses. Our hands began to roam over each other, our breathing picking up pace a bit. In the middle of the empty living room floor on her very white carpet, we started something that there was no turning back from.

She tugged at the bottom of my t-shirt and lifted it over my head as our tongues parried with each other. I pulled her sweatshirt off and found she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her gorgeous breasts pointed out towards me as we kissed, my hands gently caressing them, rubbing her nipples. We lowered to floor in a full embrace, and I suckled on her neck as she murmured in my ear, her hand Escort Kuşadası rubbing my crotch.

“I want this,” she whispered to me, her breath hot against my skin as she undid her jeans and kicked them off. I followed suit, yanking my jeans and boxers down together with one hand. I fumbled with my boots and socks for a moment and then we were naked. We rolled together across the carpet, or genitals rubbing together and getting ready for the inevitable as we tongued each other. I focused my attention on her breasts, holding her arms out and away from her as I licked and suckled them, teasing them with my tongue.

I worked my way down to her belly and kissed her across her smooth midsection, dragging my tongue down to her patch of pubic hair. I kissed down one of her thighs and to her calve, and then back up again slowly. Each kiss was hot and wet as I approached her pussy, skipped it and went down her other leg, repeating the process.

“You tease,” she laughed through a moan.

“I gotta make this memorable for you,” I said as I rested her thighs on my shoulders and laid on my stomach, my mouth only an inch away from her soaked, sweet smelling pussy. My cock felt painfully full as it pressed against the coarse fiber of the carpet under the weight of my body. I licked her slit once, and then twice slowly; letting my tongue taste her and feel the soft, hot flesh of her mound. I heard her gasp a little as I slid my tongue into her, circling and twisting a little as I probed her. My hand stretched to her breasts and I began tweaking her nipples, pulling on them and gently kneading in time with my licking and suckling. I started rubbing her clit with my tongue, circling and nibbling, as her breathing became short and fast. I felt her nipples become rock hard between my fingers as I continued. I inserted one finger into her and began finger fucking her as I worked her clit.

Sandy was moaning now, her voice calling out with a lust and pleasure I had only heard in her climax during the threesome.

“Oh God, Oh yes, oh yes,” she whimpered through her gritted teeth as I felt her pussy tighten and then spasm. Her orgasm was as tremendous as the one in my apartment, squirting her fluids out in a small but steady stream. Her fingers dug into the carpet, seeking purchase as she rode the orgasm. I kept stimulating her clit even more as her hips bucked and swayed, determined not to let up. She was beginning to hump her hips faster and faster, her voice a staccato to her erratic breathing. Finally she stopped, unable to go any further. She lay there for a moment, her breasts heaving as she calmed herself down.

She rolled me onto my back and straddled me, her back facing me as she lowered herself onto my throbbing prick. I slid in and had to catch my breath. She felt so good, so hot and tight around me. She braced her self with her hands on the floor and leaned back as she began riding me. I held her hips as we fucked, trying hard not to let my seven-inch cock slid out of her by mistake and get slammed, hurting us both. I thought I was going to come immediately, but I somehow held off and began to get our rhythm down. She bounced on me, her hair swinging wildly with each thrust. We were both moaning each other’s names as we picked up our speed, losing ourselves in the moment as the sensation and instincts took over.

Without warning, I orgasmed and blew my load so hard it almost hurt. Sandy felt me release and cried out, “YES!”

She turned around and she laid on top of me, somehow managing to keep my cock inside her as she did it. We laid for a long time kissing as my cock ebbed and finally went flaccid inside her. I could feel our cum leaking out of her, over my balls and ass and onto the floor.

“Wow,” I said, looking at her with what I am sure was stupid grin.

“Wow,” she agreed and then looked over my head, behind me. Her eyes went wide and she buried her face in my neck. “Oh no.”

“What, what is it?” I asked. I twisted my head around to see the big bay window of the living room, framing the pizza delivery guy as he stood at the glass pane. A large patch of fogged up glass covered most of his face, but it was clear he was watching and enjoying it.

I looked at Sandy, my eyes wide and ready to laugh.

“Pizza’s here,” she said.

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