Cabin boy II


Cabin boy III sat in the bed and watched Tim and Bill. As Bill rubbed Tim’s butt, Tim massaged Bills dick to life. Bill gave Tim a passionate kiss on the mouth. Bill motioned me to them. I stood beside them watching when Tim took my hand and put it on Bills dick. It was thicker than Tims and longer. As I stroked it Tim pulled my shorts down. Stepping out of them Tim pushed my legs apart and started kissing my butt. Bill smiled and said show me what you learned last night. I bent over and put the fat head of Bills dick in my mouth. I circled my tongue around the tip. I braced myself against his legs as Tim spread my butt cheeks open. I moved my head forward a little at a time as my mouth got use to his big dick. As Tim licked my butthole I had trouble standing as my knees shock. Bill rubbed my back, then around to my chest. With both hands he pinched and held my nipples. Tim’s tongue lapped and probed my tight hole. Bobbing my ankara escort head and stroking his dick with both hands Bill moaned softly, and said let’s takearraignments e bed. Bill laid down and Tim guided me between his legs. As I started sucking Bill again Tim raised my butt and spread it wide. As he probed at my hole with his tongue he stroked my stiff dick. Bill moaned and said to squeeze his balls. I tasted the first of his pre-cum and licked his piss slit. I was shacking all over as I felt my butthole relax and Tims tongue pushed in. Bill grabbed my head and pushed me down farther onto his dick, causing me to gag as it touched my throat. I struggled to relax my throat as he push my head down. Suddenly his dick shot cum down my throat. My dick started pumping as Bill fed me his cum. Tim looked up and asked, what do you think. Bill pulled me up and kissed me. He looked at Tim and said we need antalya escort to make some sleeping arrangments here. I sat up and Tim licked Bills cum from my mouth. We heard the morning bell ring and Tim said to dress and get breakfast. My butt felt funny heading to the main building. After eating I came back to the cabin and seen Tim pushing the beds together. I asked where Bill was, he said Bill went to the boathouse. I asked if I could help, Tim smiled and said come here. He sat on the bed and pulled my shirt over my head and kissed my chest, then sucked my nipples till they were stiff. Then he pulled my shorts down and grabbed my waist. Pulling me to him he sucked my dick into his mouth. He wet his fingers and rubbed my butthole. When Bill came in I was bearly able to stand as Tim sucked my dick and pushed on my butthole. Bill laughed and said I’m gone for just a minute and your giving everything escort bayan away. Tim looked up as Bill dragged a air float in from the lake. Tim stood up and Bill put it on the beds. He kissed me and Tim, and said he had to go to work. Tim laid down and pulled me on top of him. He asked , do you like it here. I said yes, very much. He kissed me and gave me a hug. After a while he said he had to leave. As he dressed he said, you can stay here if you want, but be ready when we get back. After he left I sat and wondered what he meant. When the lunch bell rang I dressed and went to eat. The guys in my old cabin asked where I was staying. When I told them they were, you’re so lucky. Smiling to myself I thought yes I was. Heading back to the cabin Bill stopped me and said there’s going to be a two day trip on the boats. He said we’ll have the camp to ourselves for two days. I said okay. He smiled and said I’ll see you later. Patting me on the butt he headed to the lake. I went back to the cabin and figured a way to cover the large float. At dinner Tim met me and we went back to the cabin. He asked if I heard what was happening tomorrow, I said yes but didn’t know what it meant. You’ll see he said.

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