Cabin Fever Ch. 03

Bdsm Sex

Cabin Fever – III

Brad and his sister Wendy spent two days at the family cabin to close it for the winter. Normally, their spouses went with them, but Kevin, Wendy’s husband and Lisa, Brad’s wife, said they had to work.

While at the cabin, Wendy suspected her husband and his sister were having an affair. She decided to get even and seduced her brother. The siblings spent two days having sex and loving every moment of it. When they returned home, they found Kevin and Lisa in bed. Their suspensions confirmed.


Lisa body shook and she cried while sitting on the bed naked. Her equally naked brother sat next to her. They attempted to cover their nakedness, but without the sheets or blankets, it was nearly imposable.

“It looks like my husband is having sex with your wife, Brad,” Wendy said, doing her best not to laugh.

“I do believe you’re right. Um, wouldn’t that constitute incest?” Brad said.

“I’m so sorry,” Lisa said as she sobbed harder. “I don’t know what to say that would make any sense to you, Brad.”

Kevin hung his head in shame. Lifting his eyes, he looked at his wife. Wendy stood with her hands on her hips, her head cocked to one side.

Brad kept his composure. He glanced at his sister and said, “Well, Wendy, as I see it there are only two choices.”

“I agree, Brad,” Wendy said.

Furrowing his brow, Kevin said, “What?” He glanced at Lisa, wishing he could comfort his crying sister.

“The first choice is obvious. You and your sister can leave. Wendy and I will file for divorce on Monday. Then you and Lisa can be together, Kevin,” Brad said.

Lisa wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. “What is the second choice?” she said meekly.

Brad stepped sideways. He slipped his arm around his sister, flexing his fingers against her side. Wendy looked at her brother, raising her eyebrows. She had no idea what Brad had in mind. They didn’t talk about what they would do if they discovered their spouses were in fact having an affair.

“Well, as I see it, the second choice is simple. You and Kevin can move over and make room for Wendy and me,” Brad said without any undo inflection in his voice.

Brad glanced at Wendy. She looked a little surprised, but her smile told her brother she agreed with him.

It took a moment for what Brad said to sink in for Lisa and Kevin. When it finally did, Lisa stopped crying and stared at her husband.

“What did you say?” Lisa asked, not sure she had heard correctly.

Brad moved behind Wendy. Reaching down, he gripped the hem of her silky dress. Wendy laughed and raised her arms so her brother could remove the shift.

Tossing the dress aside, Brad said, “I said you and Kevin could make room in the bed for Wendy and me. You may not realize it, Lisa, but you’re not the only girl that fucks her brother, not any more. It’s up to you two, move over, or leave.”

Lisa looked at Kevin. He glanced between his naked sister and his naked wife. Brad removed his clothes and stood next to Wendy.

Wendy moved so she could reach her brother’s flaccid cock. She waggled it, feeling it stiffen against her touch. Tugging her brother by his expanding prick, Wendy moved closer to the bed.

Kevin and Lisa watched in awe as their spouses slowly climbed on the bed. Wendy nudged her husband, causing Kevin to move to the far side of the king size bed. She and Brad sat facing Kevin and Lisa.

“Well, have you decided?” Brad asked.

“I don’t understand. Do you mean you two aren’t pissed at us?” Kevin said.

“We’re not pissed because you two are fucking, but we are pissed that you lied to us,” Wendy said.

Lisa relaxed a little. She said, “It isn’t like we could have told you we planned this weekend. Kevin and I decided to end it this weekend and wanted to spend it together.”

“How long have you and Brad been having sex?” Kevin asked.

Wendy was still stroking her brother’s cock. She smiled and said, “This weekend was our first time. I fucked Brad when I felt you and Lisa were doing it. So, how long have you been fucking your sister?”

“Since the night of my bachelorette party.” Lisa said. “I seduced my little brother when I got home.”

“I have a question. Why don’t you suck my cock, Lisa? It’s clear you don’t mind doing it with your brother,” Brad said.

“That’s my fault, Brad. Lisa and I decided that oral sex would be something special between us. That’s why we haven’t done it often with you two. Now what?” Kevin said.

Wendy grinned. Rather than tell her husband what she was going to do, she decided to show him. Leaning over, Wendy took Brad’s cock in her mouth. She started slowly, bobbing her head up and down on his prick. She used her tongue to rub the thick vein that ran the length of his shaft. While his sister blew him, Brad looked at his wife and brother in law.

Lisa rose to her knees. She put her arms around Brad’s neck and gave him a kiss. Brad pushed his tongue into her mouth and kissed his wife while his sister sucked his cock.

“I Eskort Kız love you, Brad. I never wanted this to break up our marriage,” Lisa said softly. “I love Kevin too, but you’re more important to me than sex with my brother.”

“If you can handle it, you can have both Kevin and me, Lisa. I love you too, but I don’t plan to stop having sex with Wendy,” Brad said.

Wendy lifted her head off Brad’s cock. She chuckled and said, “Look, I don’t care if you two talk while I suck Brad’s cock, but I need a prick in my pussy. Kevin, get behind me and fuck me.”

Kevin laughed and moved behind his kneeling wife. Wendy returned her mouth to her brother’s cock while her husband started fucking her. Each time Kevin drove his prick into her, he pushed Wendy’s mouth down on Brad’s cock. Lisa watched her sister in law sucking her husband’s dick. When Wendy took it all, Lisa gasped.

“Oh my god, how does she do that? I gag when Kevin hits the back of my throat,” Lisa said.

“Honey, Wendy does it great! Maybe she can teach you how to deep throat,” Brad said.

Kevin continued to slide his cock in and out of Wendy’s pussy. He diddled her clit, sending her into hyperspace. She gobbled her brother’s cock, waiting for his semen to shoot down her throat, as she got closer to her climax.

Brad massaged his wife’s breasts, tweaking her firm nipples. He put one hand between her legs, fingering her pussy. Lisa moaned and kissed Brad.

Wendy’s orgasm slammed through her. Kevin shoved his prick deep in his wife’s pussy, feeling it convulse around his throbbing cock. Wendy groaned while Brad’s cock was in her throat. He moaned into Lisa’s mouth and began to ejaculate. Wendy felt Brad’s semen shooting down her throat. She backed off so she could capture his cum and taste it. Brad’s cock stopped shooting into his sister’s mouth. She pulled off and smiled with her mouth closed.

Lisa and Brad watched Wendy play with the semen in her mouth. She pushed it out between her lips and then sucked it back in. Wendy opened her mouth, displaying the pool of thick fluid on her tongue. She closed her mouth, smiled, and swallowed.

“Yum, that was tasty,” Wendy said.

“It looked like you enjoyed it,” Lisa said.

Wendy grinned and nodded her head. She moved closer to Lisa, grabbed the back of her head and pressed her mouth to her surprised sister in law’s lips. Wendy kissed Lisa hard, pushing her tongue into her mouth. Lisa relaxed, returning the hot kiss. She could taste her husband’s semen on Wendy’s tongue and moaned. Wendy removed her mouth and gave Lisa a peck on the nose.

“Your brother filled my pussy with cum,” Wendy said with a grin. “Do you want it?”

Lisa looked at Wendy and then at Brad. Brad smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ve fantasized about doing it with another woman,” Lisa said softly.

“Today is a day for fantasies to come true,” Wendy whispered.

Wendy and Lisa moved around until Lisa stretched out on her back. Wendy straddled her sister in law’s head while facing Lisa’s feet. Slowly, she lowered her leaking pussy to Lisa’s mouth. Extending her tongue, Lisa tested Wendy’s pussy. The combined taste of her brother’s cum and Wendy’s pussy juice was intoxicating. Lisa grabbed Wendy’s hips, pulling her crotch to her open mouth.

Wendy let out a moan as Lisa probed her pussy with her tongue. Lisa swallowed Kevin’s semen and the flowing juices draining into her throat. With her eyes half closed, Wendy moved her pussy on Lisa’s face. After several moments, Wendy took a deep breath. She stared at Lisa’s spread legs and the pink folds of her pussy.

“This has been a fantasy of mine too,” Wendy said as she leaned forward to lick Lisa’s crotch.

“Damn, that’s hotter than anything I’ve ever seen,” Kevin said.

“No shit, I could watch them all day,” Brad replied.

Lisa and Wendy continued to lick and suck each other’s pussies. Brad and Kevin started rubbing the two women, not caring who or where they touched. The women kept at it until they were both sated from multiple orgasms.

Brad and Kevin kissed their wives when they finally separated. The married couples hugged and cuddled while sitting on the bed.

“I guess things are going to be different now,” Wendy said.

“Yes, better too as far as I’m concerned,” Lisa said. “Now all of us can enjoy each other.”

Brad hugged Lisa and said, “I knew you weren’t virgin when we married, but I didn’t know it was your brother that got your cheery.”

Laughing, Lisa said, “My hair brush got my cheery, but Kevin was the first cock in my pussy.”

“What! You never told me you were virgin,” Kevin said.

“So were you if you remember,” Lisa retorted.

The couples decided to get something to drink. They sat in the living room, sipping rum and cola, while sharing some of their early experiences. It seemed that the incestuous relationships pulled all of them closer together.

“I want to do what Wendy did, get it from both of you,” Lisa said. “That looked like fun.”

“Works for me, baby. Just give me a little while to recover,” Brad said.

After an hour, the group went back to the bedroom. Lisa knelt on all fours, waiting for her brother and husband to decide who was going to put their cock in her mouth and who was going to fuck her pussy. Wendy whispered in her brother’s ear and he nodded.

Brad knelt behind his wife. When Kevin saw what his brother in law had in mind, he presented his cock to Lisa’s mouth. Wendy knelt next to Kevin, putting her arm around him. She gripped her husband’s cock, rubbing it against Lisa’s face. When Lisa opened her mouth, Wendy feed Kevin’s cock into his sister.

Rubbing his cock in her groove, Brad felt the heat from his wife’s pussy. He glanced at Wendy, smiling when she winked. Brad used his fingers to probe Lisa’s wet pussy. She moaned around Kevin’s cock while her husband fingered her. Brad began pulling Lisa’s juices up to her anus. She flinched when his fingers circled her tight puckered asshole.

Brad managed to work one finger into his wife’s rectum. Lisa groaned, but kept her mouth on Kevin’s cock. When Brad pushed his prick into her, Lisa gagged on her brother’s cock.

“Just relax, Lisa. When you feel like gagging, swallow,” Wendy said. “Kevin, don’t try to shove your cock down Lisa’s throat. Let her take it slow.”

Brad began to move his cock in Lisa’s pussy. He watched his sister coach his wife in the art of deep throating a cock. While he fucked her pussy with his prick, he slid his finger in and out of Lisa’s ass.

Lisa removed her mouth from Kevin’s cock. She looked back at her husband and let out a groan as he added a second finger to her rectum. “He’s fingering my ass,” Lisa said to Wendy.

“I know he is. Isn’t it great? Just wait until he puts his cock in your asshole, you’re going to go nuts,” Wendy said.

“What? He’s going to fuck my ass?” Lisa said, her eyes opening wide.

“Yeah, he sure is. The way I see it is he deserves to get your virgin ass. Kevin got your pussy,” Wendy said.

Lisa groaned again. She returned her mouth to Kevin’s cock and began taking it as deep as she could. Wendy made her husband hold still so Lisa could take her time. She continued to whisper to Lisa, telling her to relax her throat and fight the gag reflex.

Brad pulled his cock out of Lisa’s pussy. He circled her body with his arm and flicked his fingers against her clit while placing his cock at the entrance of Lisa’s bowels. Lisa groaned and gagged as her husband penetrated her ass and her brother’s cock pushed into her throat. Brad pushed with a steady pressure against his wife’s anus. Wendy rubbed Lisa’s breasts and helped her relax.

Lisa growled around her brother’s cock as Brad’s cock went deeper into her rectum. Brad kept his fingers moving on her clit, dipping them into her pussy occasionally. With his cock buried in her ass, Brad stopped moving so Lisa could get used to the feeling.

Moving her head forward, Lisa felt her brother’s cock slip into her throat. She gagged, but it wasn’t bad enough to make her back off. Lisa bobbed her head, letting Kevin’s cock enter her throat several times. Brad started to move behind her, sliding his prick in and out of her ass. Lisa felt dazed by the dual sensation. She stopped any resistance and let her husband and brother do what they wanted to do.

“Don’t you love having a cock up your ass, Lisa?” Wendy said. “I know I loved it when Brad took my virgin asshole. He fucked my ass on the raft at the cabin.”

Lisa could hear her sister in law, but she didn’t understand what she was saying. The feeling of the two cocks consumed her. As Lisa’s first orgasm ripped through her she tried to scream, but couldn’t. Wendy watched Lisa’s face contort in pleasure and smiled. She rolled onto her back, slid under Lisa and flicked her tongue against her clit. Lisa’s body convulsed as she came again.

Kevin shot his cum into his sister’s throat. She didn’t have to swallow as the thick semen went directly to her stomach. The swelling of her brother’s cock caused her to gag and back off.

“Oh my fucking god, fuck my asshole, Brad!” Lisa yelled as she threw her head from side to side.

Kevin crawled between Wendy’s legs and licked her pussy while she flicked her tongue against Lisa’s clit. Brad announced his climax. Holding Lisa’s hips, he shoved his cock deeper into her ass, his body slapping against her butt cheeks. Lisa groaned as her husband’s cock shot several spurts of cum into her bowels.

Brad sat back, pulling his flaccid cock out of his wife’s gripping rectum. Lisa, overcome with the intensity of everything she had experienced, rolled onto her side and pulled her knees to her chest. Wendy came from the oral attention Kevin gave her.

“That was, fuck, I don’t know what it was,” Kevin said.

“It was marvelous,” Lisa said as she recovered. “Thanks for teaching me how to deep throat, Wendy.”

“No problem. I’m sure Brad and Kevin will enjoy your new talent,” Wendy said. “Now, I need to take my brother to the shower. His cock needs a good washing.”

“I’d do it, Honey, but I don’t think I can stand up yet,” Lisa said with a grin.

Brad and Wendy went to the bathroom. In the shower, they washed one another. Brad rubbed his soapy hand between his sister’s legs and chuckled.

“What do you think Kevin would say if you shaved your pussy?” Brad asked.

Wendy grinned and said, “Why don’t we find out? Will you do it for me?”

Brad nodded. He picked up the shaving gel, shot some into the palm of his hand, and used his fingers to rub the gel on her pubic hair. Wendy put one leg on the edge of the tub so her brother could shave her. When he finished, Wendy ran her fingers over her hairless mons. She smiled and then gave her brother a kiss.

“Mmmm, my pussy is so smooth. I love it,” Wendy said.

Brad leaned close so he could lick Wendy’s pussy. “I like it too.”

Wendy picked up the razor and gel. “Your turn, baby. I don’t like getting pubes in my mouth when I suck your cock. And I plan to suck it a lot!”

Brad let his sister shave his cock and balls. They got out of the shower and Wendy used scissors to trim the hair above his cock. She sucked his prick for a moment and moaned. “That’s better, Brad.”

Wendy and Brad finished in the bathroom. They went back to the bedroom and joined Lisa and Kevin on the bed.

“Like my hairless pussy and Brad’s hairless cock?” Wendy said.

Kevin rubbed Wendy’s crotch and nodded. “Yeah I do, it’s hot!”

Lisa touched her sister in law’s crotch and then her husband’s balls. She giggled and told Kevin to follow her to the bathroom. “I’m going to shave ours too!”

In the shower, Lisa and Kevin took turns shaving one another. When she finished, with her brother, Lisa took his cock between her lips. She toyed with him with her tongue, causing his prick to grow. Once it was nearly full size, Lisa practiced taking him into her throat. She controlled the gagging and took his entire cock into her mouth and throat. Moaning around his shaft, Lisa rubbed her nose in Kevin’s pubic hair.

“You’re going to become an expert cock sucker, Lisa,” Kevin said after she removed her mouth.

“I’m sure you and Brad won’t mind. I have a lot of making up to do with my hubby. He deserves to have his cock sucked anytime he wants it,” Lisa said.

“I know. I thought we were in real trouble when they caught us,” Kevin said.

“No shit! I’m glad things are working out like they seem to be.” Lisa gave her brother a kiss. “This means we don’t have to stop fucking you know.”

“It means we can be honest about it. To me, that’s more important,” Kevin said.

“True,” Lisa replied.

Brad and Wendy were in the kitchen when Lisa and Kevin finished in the bathroom. Wendy made a pot of coffee for them. The four sat at the table, drinking coffee and thinking about the events that transpired.

“Kevin, do you have clothes here?” Brad asked.

“Yes I do, why?” Kevin asked, his voice showing his concern.

“We’re leaving for the cabin in the morning,” Brad replied.

“I thought you closed it for the winter,” Lisa said.

Wendy shook her head. “No, we decided to keep it open so we could use it this winter.”

“What about work? When are we coming back?” Lisa asked.

“We’ll call in,” Brad said. “It’ll be fun to spend a few days together now that we’re all fucking each other. We can have an orgy in front of the fireplace.”

Lisa got up and said, “I’m going to pack, but I don’t think I’ll need too much in the way of clothing.”

“Would one of you get my suitcase from the trunk of Brad’s car? If I do a load of laundry, I’ll have clean clothes too,” Wendy said.

Laughing, Brad got up and grabbed his keys. He went to the car, retrieving his and his sister’s suitcases. When he returned, Wendy and Kevin shook their heads.

“Um, do you always run around outside when you’re naked?” Wendy said.

“What the hell, its two o’clock in the morning. No one’s up,” Brad said.

Wendy and Lisa took care of the clothes. While they were in the basement, they talked about the things to come.

“What are we going to do now that we all are fucking each other?” Lisa asked.

“For one thing, you and Kevin won’t have to sneak around anymore. I don’t know how things are going to work out, but I plan to have a blast from now on,” Wendy said. She moved close to Lisa and cupped her pussy. “I liked what you and I did tonight.”

“Have you ever done anything with a girl before?” Lisa asked.

Wendy shook her head. “That was my first time. How about you, have you done it before?”

“No, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Now that I’ve tried it, I want to do it again. I think the boys liked watching us,” Lisa said.

The girls finished the laundry. They took the clean things upstairs so they could pack. Once the suitcases were ready, the four of them went to sleep in the same bed. Brad wrapped his arms around his wife. She snuggled against him, feeling the warmth of his body against hers. As much as she loved her brother, she loved Brad more.

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