Cabin Fun


I was very happy when my parents told my sister, Ashley and me, Chuck, that we were going to the cabin getaway for two weeks. I really enjoy the lake and wonder freshness of the woods. Ashley was eighteen and I was a year older. We had been going to the cabin in the summer for three years, ever since dad bought the place.

The trip to the cabin took five hours and we were glad to finally arrive just before noon. When we saw the cabin it was obvious that we would have a little repairing to do. Winter snow had taken its toll on the roof and it was in need of repair. Inspecting inside the cabin we found water had come thru the roof and left a mess, but not a lot of damage. Mom and dad said we would have to rough it tonight, but mom and he would leave in the morning to get some supplies. Ashley and I would be cleaning up the inside as best we could.

After clearing out some of the mess, we unloaded the car and used what we could from the cabin to make us comfortable. After dinner we sat out front till the mosquitoes made that impossible. Once inside, we realized how tired we were and laid out our sleeping bags that we had, just in case. The cool night air made us fall asleep very quickly and deeply.

Early the next morning mom made breakfast and they gave us some chores that we could get done while they were gone. The roof was a project for my dad and me. Ashley was to clean up inside and I would get firewood and clear away some of the weeds and debris that was around the cabin. Mom and dad would try to be back before dark, but we could talk using our cell phones, if anything came up.

Ashley and I watched them drive off, and then went to do our work. I was getting the area outside cleared up nicely, when Ashley yelled, “Lunch.” I suddenly realized I was hungry. Going into the cabin I saw that Ashley had done a very nice job of cleaning. A few piles of trash were waiting to be picked up, but a fine cleaning job anyway.

“Ashley, the lunch looks good enough to eat. I wonder what it would look like with a good cleaning in here.” Ashley and I laughed at the silly remark. We were still teasing each other and probably would keep it up till were old people. After we ate, I took out the trash and sat on the porch. I wasn’t going to do much more work; maybe a little nap would be good.

Ashley came out and sat next to me. “Let’s go for a walk in the woods, down to the lake. “Ashley suggested. “I think that would be a well deserved break for us.”

I agreed and we got up and headed to a path we used last year. The path would Zeytinburnu Escort take us to a place by the lake that had several large rocks that were great to sit on. As we were making our way we found a lot of overgrowth had covered some of the path. Ashley and I had to work our way thru a jungle like overgrowth in some places. Arriving at our destination we sat and talked about anything and everything for an hour.

On our return we still had to fight the brush and vines before getting to the cabin. My cell phone had a message on it. I listened to my mom’s voice as she said they were staying in town as some of the supplies would not come in until the next morning. That was not a problem as we had food and supplies and one night without our parent there was not going to hurt our feelings.

Ashley made us dinner and it was very nice to sit and eat, not being,”The kids,” We went outside and sat, not saying much, just enjoying the moment, before there mosquitoes came.

“Ashley you have something on the back of your neck!” I shouted… “It’s a tick!”

“Get it out Chuck! She screamed. I was able to remove it with my fingers as it had just started to bore into her. I told Ashley that, “we got them from the thickets when we went to the lake. We could have more.”

“What can we do Chuck, I don’t want them on me!”

“Were going to have to inspect each others body Ashley, it’s the only way to find them.” I answered.

“But Chuck, do we have to be naked?”

“Yes, all the way and we must be very thorough in our search.” We went inside and I set up some kerosene lamps for light. We inspected each others head hair and found nothing. “Let’s strip down.” I said

Ashley was slowly getting out of her clothes and I was down to my shorts, when I started to get a hard on. I turned my back to Ashley and pulled off the last garment. Ashley was now in her panties only and a little hesitant to pull them off.

“We have to do this, unless you want to take a chance and let them burrow into you.” I added, hoping to encourage her. She pulled off her panties and turned to me, both of us naked for the first time in front of each other.

Ashley was a real beauty. I had not really thought of her as a sexual object before. My cock was never going to deflate with her sexy little body nude in front of me.”Damn Ashley, you’re a real knockout!”

Ashley was looking at my cock and said, “You’re not too bad either, Chuck.” She was laying flat on her stomach, ready for my inspection. I kneeled beside Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan her and started my search. I explained to Ashley how ticks liked to borrow into hairy parts of the body, and special attention had to be paid to these areas.

Her back, arms and legs were checked and nothing found. I spread her ass cheeks and used a flash light to get a good view, nothing there. Ashley rolled over and I took my time to check every inch of her carefully. I gently inspected each breast, paying attention to her nipples. As I touched each nipple it would harden and stick out. I knew she was getting turned on.

I went to her cunt with an inspection of the outside, and then I spread her lips to get a good look inside. I stuck two fingers on each side and pulled apart the mounds. I moved in close, only about an inch from my nose to see if anything was there. I could smell Ashley’s scent and I got very aroused. Ashley was flowing juice from her spread opened pussy that made it a little harder to see. My fingers were slippery and I had to slide them in further to keep my grip.

All of a sudden Ashley went very stiff and was moaning and bucking against my fingers, driving them deeper into her cunt. I finger fucking my sister and I liked it. When Ashley came down she looked at me with her wide open eyes and “Whew that was fun.”

I then bent down and licked at her glistening slit. Ashley grabbed my head and pushed her mound into my face, driving my tongue deeper into her love canal. I lapped as the liquids flowed freely, swallowing every drop that was offered. Ashley was moaning and trashing around, making it necessary for me to grab her ass and hold on. Ashley screamed, “Yes, Yes lick me good!” She came with a gush of sweet cum that coated my face and flowed down my throat. I laid there resting my head on her thigh, kissing and rubbing her cunt. I could eat her cunt all day long and only want more, she was that sweet.

After a few minutes Ashley stirred. “My turn to check you brother.” She did the inspection the same way I checked her. When she reached my cock I thought I’d blow my load. Ashley jacked me only a few strokes before I came. She let the cum shoot out onto the sleeping bag. She then kissed my stomach and worked her way to my ball sack. She licked and sucked each ball into her mouth. I was hard as a rock as she ran her tongue up and down my shaft. Her breath on my dick felt hot and wonderful.

Sliding her lips upon my dickhead made me shutter. I let the sweet little mouth take complete Escort Zeytinburnu control of my cock. Ashley worked her tongue and lips in a symphony of erotic motions. I felt myself drifting in and out of incredible waves of passion. My little sister was working my cock like a pro. I was taken to the edge of cumming only to somehow come back down for a brief time. Ashley made me shiver with her wondrous mouth.

Finally after reaching heights never before touched, I came in a torrent of cum. Ashley took down the first couple of burst, but couldn’t swallow the flood fast enough to keep up. Cum was splattered all over her chest and face. Ashley sucked until I pulled her to my face and kissed her. I wanted more, but I was too drained to even make the next move. Ashley cleaned us both off with a wet cloth and we slept holding each other tight.

I awoke a few hours later. Ashley was kissing my face. We talked about what had happen. Ashley was happy that we could bring joy to each other. I wanted more sex. Ashley was on the pill and I wanted to fuck. My sister was not a virgin, but pretty close to being cherry. I told her I wanted to fuck her until she screamed. Ashley was all for that.

I lapped her cunt till she started to breath hard, then I inserted my cock just past the head, and slowly pumped. Ashley begged for the rest of my cock, but I would pull back every time she thrust her cunt. Ashley got super hot in just a few minutes. She swore at me, telling me to fuck her brains out. I finally let her swallow my cock with her cunt, and started to fuck her in hard driving motions. Ashley came in a passion, biting my chest and cursing at me. I kept up the pace and Ashley came again.

With my balls banging on Ashley’s ass, her legs around my waist, I spilled my load deep inside her cunt to mix with her juices. Ashley came at the same time. She was digging her nails into my back and squeezing my waist.

After we finished fucking, but I was still soaking in that hot cunt, I told Ashley that, “I would have some explaining to do if our parents saw the teeth and nail marks on my body.”

Ashley said, “I don’t care if they do, I would tell them it’s because you fucked my brains out, like I asked you to.”

We slept till mid morning, than cleaned our selves and the room up. Mom and dad arrived just before noon and I helped to unload the supplies. Dad started on the roof and was making good progress. Mom was happy to see the inside so clean and said Ashley and me worked very well together. I thought we did too.

After getting a good night sleep, dad had to take Ashley to the dentist in town. She had a loose filling and they would have to find a dentist to take care of it. As Ashley and got in the car, she said, “Chuck, don’t get ticked off, but why don’t you take mom thru the woods and show her the lake view from the rocks?”

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