Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01


This is a different kind of a story than my other ones. I am not sure if this is group sex or bi sex so I went to my usual mode. I hope you like it.


I woke up to a mountain breeze that smelled of pine trees. I could hear the creek outside my window. The air was fresh and the aroma of spring was on the wind. I smiled to myself as the breeze took me back to my childhood home in a small town. I loved it there, no one judge anyone and everyone watched out for their neighbors. The town did eventually die out due to the economy. I could still remember it and smile.

It what had prompted me to buy this cabin. I was looking for an out of the way place that I could be myself and not have to worry about what others would think. I had made a good living as commodities broker and was able to retire early. I found this ad for a place in Northern California in Placer County. I was familiar with the area and bought it through an agent who knew me. I thought this was a good buy and I had met Josh just four months after that and we moved in together here.

He was just out of a bad marriage and he wanted to get out of her town. She had gotten the kids and they are great kids. They both raised them well and they were still friends to this day. She had confided in me that she knew that Josh was gay but he was so into starting a family that she said yes just to appease him. It didn’t work out and they split after the kids were in high school. They were committed to each other up to that point and then they broke up. Then Josh and I hooked up and have been together for about seven years now.

I rolled over onto my back and stretched a bit and relaxed in the stretch. I looked right and Josh was facing the wall. I heard his breathing and his snoring was a slight music. I knew he would love this place once we got here. I rolled toward him and stroked his soft brown hair. His hair merged into his beard and the rest of him was furry too. He was a bear of a man. We both were, it was what attracted us to one another. His body was tone and firm from his workouts both in the gym and at home. He nuzzled up to my hand as it made its way down to his neck and steadily going downwards. He moaned a bit and rolled over to face me.

“What a nice way to wake someone up.” He said with a smile.

I kissed him on his forehead and moved down to his mouth. Our tongues met each other, I tasted his musky taste that was a part of him. I felt his moustache against mine and it added to the friction. I rolled him onto his back, our mouths locked into the moment. When he was on his back, I moved down to his chin and nipped it a little. I sucked on his Adam’s apple and felt it move as he moaned.

His hands were forcing my head closer to his body. He clenched at my head, slightly pulling a little hair. I moved down to his hairy chest and I played with the hair as I made my way to his nipple. I took it into my mouth and sucked gently swirling my tongue around the tip. He moaned and plated with his other nipple teasing it to hardness. I felt his cock against my thigh hardening and there was a little pre-cum on the tip. I continued my downward travel and stuck my tongue into his navel. I played there awhile and then my mouth found his cock base. I tongued this area and took in his pubic hair. Taking his cock in hand stoking it as I Sakarya Escort looked up at him. His eyes were looking at me with ecstasy in them. I licked the underside of his cock all the way up to the head. It was still leaking pre-cum.

I put my tongue at the tip and tasted him. It was a little salty like his sweat after a workout. I took his cock into my mouth and he threw his head back as my warm mouth set him on fire. My head bobbed up and down his 9′ member. I thought he was going to cum but I wanted to prolong his pleasure so I moved down to his balls. He moved his legs up so I could easily access his balls and ass.

I went down to his balls and took each one in my mouth swirling my tongue around each. As I was sucking on his balls, I stroked his cock squeezing it as I got to the tip. Once I was done munching on his balls, I moved up to the tip of his cock and took it into my mouth. I just sucked the rip and stroked the staff, he was about to cum and I clamped down on his cock head.

“Time to cum baby.” I said deeply.

I took the head in my mouth and pumped his staff with smooth long strokes. His hips jerked and bucked off the bed as he came. I moved my mouth down to his cock base and took all he could give. I was leaking pre-cum pretty bad and I moved in between his legs and took my hard cock to his ring. I moved in slowly and I was looking into his eyes and inch by inch made its way in.

He arched his back as I made my way into his ass. I was pumping into him now at a steady pace. His ring spasmed as I went in and out. He clamped down with his muscles and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I pulled my cock out and came on his stomach and chest. I kissed him as I came and moaned as my whole body orgasmed. I collapsed on him and he reached his arms around me. I fell asleep in his arms and he with me laying on top of him. It was kind of a catnap and we woke up soon after that our cocks back to their semi hard status.

“Well time for us to shower babe, you ready?” I asked him.

“I do need you to get off me and help me clean areas I can’t reach.” He said with a smile.

We made our way to the shower, which had two heads to it. I made sure to have that installed. If I was going to have a lover, I am definitely going to shower with them. We cleaned each other up and made our way to the kitchen.

“So what’s on tap for today?” Josh asked.

“Not sure, that is the beauty of being retired I don’t have to plan for much.” I said.

“Well we do need firewood for tonight, I might make some big sticks into little ones. We do need to check out the cabin down the way. We promised Susan that we would.”

Susan was a local real estate agent and our friend. So when she asked for a favor it wasn’t a stretch for us to help out. This cabin she wanted to sell was a run down two-bedroom unit that has seen better days. Josh and I said we’d help out and get it fixed up for her.

We ate breakfast, his oatmeal and my corn flakes. We didn’t like to have big breakfast unless we were in for the day. We also had to have our coffee to get us up sooner. I liked it black, he had to have it with cream and sugar. Well can’t fault him for that.

The cabin was run down alright and not far from our place. We walked down to the cabin with our tools and such. The basic frame was still holding Adapazarı Escort but the rest needed to be updated and cleaned. We went to work by cleaning the cabin out and throwing out certain pieces of furniture that could not be saved. We worked on the cabin for four days and were finishing up for the day when Susan called and wanted to reward us for the hard work that we had done.

We had finished up for the day and were relaxing out back getting a little sun in our chairs when she came back. She had a six pack and some food with her. She sat down in one of the chairs. She was in shorts and a t-shirt. It showed off her assets very well. If I was straight, I would have at least dated her or tried anyway. She came over to each of us and kissed us, I couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“To what do we owe this pleasure?” I asked.

“I wanted to reward my two favorite people,” she said placing her hands on our crotches, “and you guys deserve it, working the way you do. Man you guys smell nice.”

“It’s the heat and the work. We haven’t showered yet.” Josh said with a smile.

“Well it works for both of you. If I didn’t know you guys were gay, I’d be all over you. However, I do have a personal favor to ask you though.”

We looked at one another, she didn’t always ask for a personal favor so this could be fun. She sat on my chair and looked at us.

“Ask away” I said.

“My cousin is in town and he just got out of a bad relationship and needs some help. He cannot hold onto a lover for very long. I am not sure why. “

I asked, “Is he gay? And if so does he suspect a reason?”

“He is gay and he thinks it is because he is not a good lover in bed. I have told him some techniques that worked for me in the area of the bedroom. Like stroking a man’s cock and sucking it.”

“Oh cock sucking is more than that.” Josh said, “move over and I’ll show you.”

He came over to me and straddled my legs so I couldn’t move. Susan was knelling down on the ground. He rubbed my hardening cock through my shorts. He mimicked every instruction he was giving her.

“You have to start the prelude and not jump right in and grabbing the cock. That’ll kill the mood real fast. Start rubbing the balls through the clothes, in this case shorts, and go into a circular pattern. This will get the blood flowing to them. See how the cock responds?”

“Yes.” She said as this was turning her on as well as me.

I said, “I can feel him kneading the balls gently and tenderly. If he squeezes too hard he can cause pain. We are not trying to achieve that here, we want pleasure. See how my cock is responding. It is hardening under the shorts.” The last part I said in between heavy breaths.

“It is at this point I can feel the stiffness of his cock. Here feel it?” He said as he took her hand to my cock and she nodded as she felt my cock. It twitched when she rubbed it.

“That’s normal, he responding to the stimulation.” He continued. “Now we can take it out and let the air cool the area. If you bend down, you can smell the musk and it is great. Jon smells great there, especially after a shower or a hard day’s work.”

She knelt down and took it in and smiled at me. I could feel her breath on my crotch.

“Let’s let the snake loose shall we? First pull Serdivan Escort the shorts free of him. Since we don’t wear underwear this should be easy.”

He pulled my shorts down and my cock came out with a salute. It was slightly curved and rested on my balls.

“Now it looks like he doesn’t like what we did, but believe me it is pulsating. Here take it in your hand and you can feel his pulse.”

She did and she squeezed just a little and even I could feel my pulse.

“Wow I did not know that we could feel that there.” She said.

“Now you can do almost anything to him. You can either stroke him, take his cock into your mouth or just lick the shaft and head. I usually start this way.”

He replaced her hand and with a smile he licked the shaft with his tongue moving up to the head and sucked the tip. He then placed his tongue at the tip and moved it around his tongue while stroking it. Any pre-cum was going into his mouth.

“Jon secretes a lot of pre-cum so this is the best way to get all of that. I think we tortured him enough. Have you noticed his hips and breathing have been erratic? He wants to cum in a bad way, but one more thing. To prolong the orgasm, we can pull down on his balls to slow the urge down. Jon’s balls fits well into the hand though so I take them and pull down towards his feet.”

“Oh god!! I need to cum baby.” I said.

“Here we go, now I move his balls up towards him and the more pre-cum comes out. Take care of that will you Susan. That’s it swirl the head around your tongue, he likes that.”

What she didn’t see was that he stuck a finger in my asshole and pushed against my prostate gland. I came violently and Susan took the whole head into her warm mouth as the come went in some of it leaked out her mouth. The stroking slowed down.

Josh came up and kissed me, “Did you like that baby? You came a lot and we’re not done yet.”

“I know. You need to come and so does she. Her lips are wet I can tell, I had three fingers in there rubbing her clit as I came,”

“Was that you?” she said, “I couldn’t figure it out.”

She straddled my face and I licked her juice from her lips. I sucked her clit and then I saw Josh’s cock enter her from behind. She was licking my cock dry. But I was getting hard again. She gently suckled my cock. Josh’s thrusting came faster now and she was grinding her pussy onto my face. She exploded into my mouth and Josh pulled out and thrusted his cock into my mouth as I took his cum greedily.

I held onto Susan’s butt cheeks and she spasmed a couple more times. I licked her and him gently. They collapsed on me and we stayed like that for a while.

“I think we need to get cleaned up now. Susan we have a shower for ya if you’d like to share it with two bears?” I said.

“Lead the way.”

After cleaning up, I gave her soda and she sat down at the bar.

“Are you sure you’re gay?” She smiled.

We looked at one another and then I kissed him and reached down for his cock and squeezed. I looked at her, “Yup still gay.”

Not that we didn’t love Susan it’s just that we were in love and intended to stay that way.

Josh asked, “Now what are you going to tell your cousin?”

“Not sure. I can’t show him how to give good head.”

“Tell you what we’ll have a party just the four of us and we can demonstrate some techniques and you can walk it through with him.” I said.

It sounded weird, here I was proposing an orgy with instructions on how to satisfy a man. Josh looked at me like I was crazy. Also I had no idea how to organize something like that kind of party.

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