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Subject: Camp Silver Chapter 3 This is a fictional series. Any resemblance to individuals or places is purely coincidental. Copyright 2020 ail. Comments welcomed. We authors contribute to your reading pleasure. Why don’t you contribute to keeping Nifty available to provide these wonderful fty/donate.html CAMP SILVER, Chapter 3 When I awoke the next morning, Joseph was curled up next to me, still fast asleep. I looked over at Stewart, and he was asleep, too. That gave me a few minutes to think about what had happened last night. Joseph, the just-turned-13-year-old sleeping in the bed next to me, was one horny boy! I can’t believe that I jacked him off. The feeling of his hard teen cock as it got closer and closer to his cum was amazing. And then the look on his face as he watched me get myself off after that. It was pure eroticism. I was sure hoping that Stewart had remained asleep during our “playtime.” I’d hate for him to make a scene somewhere about what was going on. I really had to pee and I had morning wood, so I figured I’d have to get up—which would most likely wake both of them up. But one must do what one must do, so I started rustling around. I was on the inside of the bed toward the wall. Joseph was on the outside. I gently shook him to let him know I needed to climb over him. Joseph awoke with a start. “I’ve got to get up and go pee,” I said to him. “Okay,” Joseph said. So I crawled over him. Because the space was so small, I also inadvertently kicked Stewart’s cot, and it woke him up, too. “Sorry, guys, but I’ve got to pee,” I said. “No problem,” both Stewart and Joseph said in unison. I managed to stand up in the narrow space between the bed and the cot and had to reach out one hand to keep my balance. I noticed that Stewart was looking at me, then realized I was tented up from my morning wood. Oh, well. It is what it is… I worked my way through the narrow passage and walked out toward the bathroom. The piss was long and satisfying, and it helped my wood settle down. I had left my toothbrush on the counter, so I brushed my teeth, getting that “sleep” taste out of my mouth. Then I walked back into the room. Joseph was standing next to the bed stretching. Even from the door, the tent in his pants was noticeable. And Stewart had noticed! But when I came in it cut through the tension, even though all I had on was briefs, too. Joseph was all exuberant. “What are we gonna do today?” he asked. “Today is the last day before campers arrive, so we are going to finish up all the last-minute things,” I replied. Stewart asked, “are we going to be indoors or outdoors?” “Both,” I said with a smile. “So there’s no need to shower this morning. Let’s wait until we’ve worked up a sweat.” Joseph kind of squealed, and said, “I gotta pee,” and ran out the door. Stewart kind of chuckled, and said, “I was like that a couple of years ago.” Then he smiled. “We all were,” I said in return. “Now get to it. Breakfast starts in a few minutes. Go brush your teeth.” Stewart was hesitant to get out of bed, but finally simply stood up. He was sporting morning wood, too. I didn’t stare (though I wanted to) but instead turned and started doing something else. Stewart walked out while I was turned in the other direction. I straightened the sheets on the bed and on the cot and slipped on my shorts and a t-shirt, then put on my sneakers. About that time Joseph came back, still all aflutter. “Oh, man, that felt so good last night!” he said. “Shhhh,” I replied back. “No one can know about that. We would both get in trouble.” “Okay,” Joseph said back in a whisper. Just about that time, Stewart walked back in. I sat on the bed. “Okay, get dressed, guys. We’ve got a lot to do today.” And I watched while both pulled on their clothes. And I noticed that Stewart had a cute body! He was small in frame, but nicely developed. And at newly-fifteen, everybody’s escort ankara body is perfect. Then we went to breakfast. Everyone was excited that tomorrow would be our first wave of campers, coming for a week. There were lots of last-minute items to take care of, so we were all going to be busy. I checked in with the other senior counselors to see if they were behind on anything, so we’d know how to target our work. Everybody seemed to be at the same place in their preparation, so we decided to do a last check of grounds in the morning before it got too warm, and then to get the bunkhouses ready in the afternoon. We all set out to start our day. Joseph said he had to go to the bathroom first, so I sent him off to do his business while Stewart and I went over the list of things to check. After about fifteen minutes, Joseph wasn’t back yet, so I sent Stewart to track him down. I suspected he might be doing you-know-what, but we had to get our work done, so we needed to get started. I was chatting with one of the other counselors, when both Stewart and Joseph came back. We started off toward the fields, and Joseph ran on ahead of me and Stewart. “Thanks for going to get him,” I said to Stewart. “No problem,” Stewart replied, “He was…” and his voice trailed off. I could imagine. “Doing something we all do?” I asked Stewart with a smile. He looked at me, also with a smile, and said “yeah.” “That’s cool,” I said. “Glad you didn’t join in and make us even later!” Then I laughed again. Stewart said, “I thought about it,” and grinned. We finally got to the farthest fields, and started our final inspection. Everything looked fine so far. The lines were in place, the nets and bases were ready and in good shape, and we did a final check for rocks, etc. Everything looked fine. In reality, that took us a couple of hours, so it was almost 11AM. Lunch wasn’t until noon, so I told the guys that we’d hike out into the woods to our special “spot” and relax until it was time to eat. (We wouldn’t have much time for relaxing after campers arrived.) We walked about ten minutes until we were under a canopy of trees and the natural vista gave us a broad view of the valley below. We each found our “favorite” rocks and stretched out. I, of course, took the taller rock again so I could have the best vantage point. Joseph took the flat rock right below me and immediately stretched out like he was going to take a nap. Stewart took the one to the right, also with a good vantage point. We just sat in silence for a few minutes, drinking in the view. It was quite pretty. Then Joseph put his hands behind his head and stretched out. “This is so nice,” he said to no one in particular. I looked down at Joseph from my perch, and damned if he wasn’t sporting a big bulge again! Stewart said he had just been beating off a couple of hours ago…that boy probably stayed hard most of the day. I looked over Stewart’s way and noticed that he was looking at Joseph through the corner of his eye. It’s difficult not to notice when the guy next to you is sporting a bone! I just lay there silently, checking Joseph’s bulge and then watching Stewart’s reaction to it. Joseph had his eyes closed, but his cock was certainly awake. It kept throbbing and stretching out his shorts when it did. It was really obvious that it was bobbing up and down. Horny boy. Stewart’s eyes were glued to the scene before him. I noticed him reach down and adjust himself. Maybe Stewart was getting turned on from Joseph’s boner, too. Joseph just lay there all stretched out, his hands behind his head and his cock bobbing in his shorts. Finally, Stewart stretched out, too, and I thought I could detect a bulge in his shorts, as well. I, of course, was also mostly-hard as I watched these two teens get turned on. Nothing was said for at least ten minutes. We were each simply esenyurt escort enjoying the coolness of the woods, the shade, the sounds of the forest. As I looked out in the distance, I noticed some movement in my peripheral vision. I looked down, and Joseph had put his right hand inside his pants. He was either doing some extra adjustment or squeezing himself. I didn’t detect (yet) that he was stroking himself, but with Joseph you could never rule that out. I kind of tilted my head over toward Stewart, and he was definitely watching. As I was looking at Stewart, I could also detect a definite throb in his pants, too. He was enjoying this show. As I moved my eyes back and forth, Joseph was definitely squeezing himself and now I got the sense that Stewart was fully-hard too, as his cock definitely tented up his pants. As Joseph casually left his hand inside his shorts, I noticed Stewart do the same thing. It was clear to me that he was also squeezing his cock. Who wouldn’t be? Hard-on tension is real for teenagers. Because I was above both of them and out of their line of sight, I also grabbed myself and gave my hard cock a good squeeze. Who knows? Maybe we’d end up in a forest circle jerk! Just about that moment, we heard some shouting from the edge of the woods. It was John, one of the other counselors, along with Steve, one of the junior counselors. They were headed our way and wondering if we were in the woods. Everybody kind of “scrambled,” even though nothing was really going on. We all sat up and I called back toward the direction of the shouts. Soon, John and Steve had joined us. It was Steve’s first visit to the woods, and he oooo-ed and ahhh-ed as he looked at the vista. John climbed up on the rock with me and also scouted the view. “Yeah, I remember this from last year,” John said. “So nice.” Anyway, they were done with their work, and it was still fifteen minutes or so before lunch, so we just sat there and took in the view and relaxed, all knowing that our week ahead would be frenetic at best! (The first group of campers…) There was no sense of sexual tension as we all enjoyed the forest, even though Joseph was stretched out with a big bulge still showing. He didn’t reach into his pants and it seemed that everyone else was focused on the view instead of on Joseph’s bulge. (I was an exception, and I believe Stewart snuck a look every now and then, too.) I looked at my watch, and we were close enough to lunch to begin the walk back, so we did. Once again, Joseph ran in front of our small group, while Stewart and Steve were in front of John and me. “He sure is rambunctious,” John said to me, nodding toward Joseph. “That he is,” I said. “Yeah, I remember him from last year,” John said. “He has gotten bigger.” `Yes, he has,” I replied. “And ganglier,” he added. “Definitely.” “And probably a lot hornier than he was last year, if the bulge I saw at the rocks is any indication!” We both looked at each other and laughed. As we walked up to the Main Building, our hunger overtook our conversation. I was amazed at how hungry I was. We hadn’t done that much heavy lifting in the morning. (Or maybe it was the spaghetti.) Anyway, everyone gobbled down their food. We had a short “pep talk” from the Camp Director, and then we set out to make sure the rest of our work was done. That was targeted at the bunkhouses. The cleaning and painting had been finished. Now we had to make up each of the bunkbeds, and I had to look over the list of who would be in this first wave of campers and assign who would sleep where. Campers in this bunkhouse would be from 9 to 12 years old. Whether a particular group of campers was a little younger or older depended on the mix of that particular week. The group listing would tell me that, and I’d pick it up later this afternoon. As Stewart eskişehir escort and Joseph and I got into the bunkhouse, the aroma of fresh paint was still noticeable, so we opened all of the windows to air it out a little. Then I checked out the spacing of all the bunks, and we made some minor adjustments to where they were located. Once again, I pointed out where I wanted Joseph and Stewart to bunk (Joseph right next to my bed, which was not a bunk, but a full-size bed next to mine, and Stewart in the bottom bunk just to my left). That way I could “keep an eye out” on both of them. As we were discussing sleeping arrangements in the bunkhouse, Joseph asked where we would be sleeping that night. I suggested that since Stewart had the cot to himself last night that Joseph would get that space tonight and Stewart would sleep in the big bed with me. “Oh, boy,” said Joseph. We confirmed the count of sheets that were in the locker of the bunkhouse and started parceling them out to the bunks. We took special care to make up top bunks first (in case someone had to stand on bottom bunk). I said to the guys that the sheets needed to be really tight. There were a total of sixteen beds in the room (eight sets of two bunkbeds). That meant we’d have fourteen boys in each session, since Joseph and Stewart would each be occupying space. I walked over to the Main Building to get the list of campers while Stewart and Joseph made up the beds. When I got back, I did a quality check on all of them. I made Stewart re-do one and Joseph two. When I was satisfied that they were all okay, we got out the pillows and put cases over all of them. There was a special way to do this to avoid the pillow coming out of the case. They got all of them right. When every bed was made up with a pillow, we brought out the blankets and folded them at the foot of the bed. Then we laid out a folded towel and folded washcloth. We double-checked to make sure that every bed was made correctly, had a pillow, had a blanket, and had a towel/washcloth combo. Looks like we were set! I said we needed to do a last “everything okay” check. We made sure that all of the towel holders in the bathroom were sturdy (none loose), that all of the toilet seats in the stalls were securely in place, that nothing was loose or out of place anywhere else. Perfection! The three of us sat on my bed and I opened the list of campers. Fourteen boys would be here the next day. As I looked over their profiles, I recognized some from last year, and some new ones. For this group, there were four 9-year olds, and four who were 10 and 11. The other six were twelve. Joseph recognized two of the names, but they had been in different bunkhouses last year when he was still a camper. Then we started to think of where we would put them. I had some general “rules” in my head, but didn’t express them. The idea was that the 12-year old’s ought to be bunched together. I didn’t want any bullying going on, and though there would probably not be any harmful intent, we all needed to get along as a “team” for the week, so I didn’t want the older ones bossing around the younger ones. Some of the younger ones might be away from home for the first time, so I wanted them to be grouped together so they at least felt they had people like them at camp. Since we had eight who were 9, 10 and 11, I decided to put seven of them on one side of the room, with the oldest eleven-year old sleeping above Stewart. Now which side for which counselor? I thought (silently) and came to the conclusion that Joseph should be the junior counselor for the younger ones and Stewart for the older ones. Stewart was a little more mature, and I thought he’d be able to demand any respect that was necessary if “rules” had to be enforced, or the kids got too rambunctious. I told Stewart and Joseph my decision, and everyone was satisfied. Then I drew a schematic of the room and randomly assigned boys to specific bunks. We were ready! There was still some time before supper, so the three of us went outside to the tetherball pit and started knocking the ball around, laughing and having a great time since our preparatory work was done! Then it was time to eat!

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