Camping With Tom Ch. 04


Don was having a nice dream, fantastic even. He and Claire were at the summer cottage and the evening was cool. Don stretched across the four poster bed. Claire smiled, kneeling between his legs. Her soiled blue satin panties wrapped about his tall shaft and humid balls.

“Like that baby? They have my scent just for you. God I’ve never felt you harder. Big swollen cock. Love this head.” Don murmured pleasurably from the soft masturbation.

The fabric’s silky sensation directly against the front of his erection was maddening. Don’s hips bucked attempting more friction there. Please, he whispered, a little harder.

Eyes fluttered open to dim morning light and Tom’s grin. He lightly fingered the thin sheet draped over Don’s massive hardon. How long has he been playing with me? Don’t care, feels so good. Don stared at Tom’s dark brown hair and beautiful smile.

“Nice dreams my friend?” He challenged, smirking.

“Umm. Yeah. I…uhh…” Tom slowly dragged the thin covering off, exposing Don’s midsection and genitals. Insistent fingers grasped pink flesh, stroking the pliable skin up and down.

He sighed from the unexpected morning touch.

“Tell me about your dream.”

“Oh. I was with Claire and she…”

“Yes? She?”

Don looked into the depths of Tom’s encouraging, friendly stare. He began to experience newer feelings about Tom. Emotional and loving. The stroking sensation was sexual and highly charged but Don saw something different. His curly hair. Sans tee shirt Tom’s rippling biceps and pecs. Tom cared and what he thought, what he felt. His fantasies.

“Claire was jerking me off on the bed. Using her satin panties. Driving me crazy. And then I woke and you were here. Teasing me with the sheet. It was…”

Tom grinned and squirted a dollop of K-Y jelly across the front of Don’s aching member. Using gaziantep escort a fingertip, he smeared gel over the magenta mushroom shaped head. Don moaned while watching the sexy act.

“So. You’re a panty guy huh? Bet you jagged off into your older sister’s undies huh?” Tom’s palm encircled the hardened pole. Quick rhythmic strokes had Don gasping. His hips lurched, fucking the lovely fist.

“Ohh! Ohh!” Don yelped as a rope of white cum splashed onto his quivering stomach. Tom milked the shaft perfectly, casually swiping the sensitive, engorged head. Several more spurts ejaculated, dripping over Tom’s fingers. Don reveled in the all too quick orgasm.

“Fuck. What you do to me.” Don whispered hoarsely.

“You came a lot. Balls must’ve been full. Love that.” Tom rose, wiped his hands on a nearby tee shirt and draped it over Don’s cummy mess.

“Coffee’s ready when you are.” Don lay back, catching his breath and stared at the overhead green canvas. What a way to start the day he thought sighing.

He wizzed by the favorite boulder and sat by Tom sipping morning java. After a hearty breakfast Don suggested they drive up to the large lake, canoe and swim. The lads had a smooth routine loading and unloading the gear. 5 miles of rough, dirt road and they were soon paddling across the glassy lake.

“Let’s head for that secluded cove again.” Their craft easily slid onto the small, sandy beach. They quickly doffed shirts and shorts and splashed around in cool water. Standing in waist deep water he noticed Tom’s nipples were hard as pebbles.

“It’s so great here. So free. Love being nude.” Don ogled the manly crinkled nipples and thought of licking, nibbling there. Knowing how erotic that felt. Knowing how he had loved that tender, overlooked area.

“Let me wash your back.” Tom turned and Don rubbed the scented cake of soap over tanned, muscular shoulders. He loved the feel of Tom’s lathered skin. Pressing his body against the Adonis styled figure, they laughed and dove under the water to rinse.

Tom tossed the thin coverlet over soft pine needles and plopped face down. Don finished toweling off and stared lustfully at the sprawled, naked man.

“Everything’s so tanned except your lily white ass.”

“Yeah, well kiss it if you like.” Tom encouraged. Don needed no further tempting and knelt between the outstretched legs. He kissed each chilly cheek then playfully bit part of the fleshy derriere. Tom quivered.

“Sorry. Did that hurt?”

“Uh-uh. Keep going nature boy.” Tom murmured as Don left a trail of wet kisses along the masculine crack. Instinctively Don pried his cheeks apart and licked around the rosebud.

“Oh yeah. Umm don’t stop.” Don had no intention of stopping whatsoever. The tip encircled Tom’s nether hole and dipped inside. He was sweet and clean. His tongue drove deeper and Tom clenched down onto the invader, moaning.

“Turn over. I want to see your cock while I do this.” Tom eagerly complied. Lying on his back, Tom grabbed the backs of his legs, opening himself completely. Don’s mouth watered at the exposed, tempting buffet. A fully engorged penis, tight ball sack and Tom’s winking, brown eye.

His tongue laved in and around the rubbery aperture. Don again tenderly bit the fleshy ass and drove the tip of his tongue deep inside. He probed wetly.

“Mmm. Tongue my ass. So good.” Don’s mouth never stopped. Experimenting with the texture of Tom’s asshole, licking and sucking with passionate delight. His tongue swabbed under the heavy scrotum and Don eagerly mouthed one ball. Saliva drooled into Tom’s crack. Like suckling an oyster, Don chewed the tender shell around his sphincter.

“Put. Put a finger in.” Don wet the tip of his middle finger and slowly pushed the first knuckled portion in. He watched mesmerized as it disappeared into the pink tunnel. Adding more spit, Don continued and slipped is entire finger inside. He felt the muscle tightly constrict there. Tom gasped. God, what would my cock feel like in here? Don thought.

“Oh you bad boy. Oh.” Don swirled his digit, finding the mysterious and powerful sex gland. Tom’s cockhead was leaking. Don scrunched forward and licked along the lengthy prick. He pulled the foreskin down, exposing a beet red cap.

“God Tom. You’re dick is like steel!” Holding the extra, sensitive skin near the base, Don’s wet lips closed around the large, mushroom head. Tom’s hips jerked up, stabbing into the wet mouth and released his legs to stretch out.

Don’s finger continued to massage the walnut while maneuvering Tom’s tight sphincter in and out. Using the flat of his tongue, Don lapped the pink frenulum. Lapping then sucking the flesh there. Tom’s erection throbbed. More licking. Don was determined to make him cum this way.

Tom’s cock pulsed from the teasing tongue. His legs and stomach tightened. A dollop of warm semen erupted and Don quickly closed his mouth over the spraying cock to catch more.

“Ngh! Nnn. Ohh! Fuck-k. Suck it. Suck it now!” With pure love Don sucked the beautiful, expanding penis. He pulled the constricting finger out and cupped Tom’s balls, swallowing his essence. Don masturbated the rigid cock, sexily using Tom’s foreskin, tasting the copious load.

Tom groaned aloud into the warm afternoon. Don suckled his man, loving the newfound anal pleasure. The sweet afterglow lapsed into minutes.

“Oh. Stop…too sensitive.” Tom pleaded.

“Man. You’re still hard.”

“That was fantastic.” Don looked up at his satisfied friend. Someday, he hoped, his cock would be inside Tom. Pleasing them both. An awareness struck Don. He was falling for Tom.

~To Be Continued~

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