Well let me start by saying that it wasn’t one of the things I wanted to get involved with. Mom and her friends met once a month to play cards, and it was moms night to host the games. I always made sure I was out of the house for the evening it was her turn. It was like all the ladies got together and talked about who knows what and they always dressed up to try to out do the others. wearing jewelry, perfume and really tight cloths. They were all married except for mom and they would try to hook her up with their friends not knowing me and mom got along just fine.  Well let me tell you it was something i didn’t care to see. But due to my situation with a broken leg I went to my room when the ladies started showing up to try to hide from all the petty shit , I figured that it would be a good night to just stay in there and watch movies or play on the computer. It was mid January and he weather was bad so I was stuck. I could hear them all out there talking and laughing and just turned up the tv, and couldn’t wait til they all left cause it seems like every istanbul travesti time mom go’ s to one of theses she comes home horny as hell and a little tipsy.  Then my worst nightmare came true, mom came to my room and asked me if I could sit in for one of the ladies , saying they needed one more to play that the one lady couldn’t make it due to the weather. Mom then assured me that she would  make it up to me later and winked at me. I told her she owed me big time and she smiled and said later ok.  As i came out I could smell the perfume and cigarettes from the ladies, they were all dressed up in tight stretchy pants and tight shirts, hair all done, and make-up on. I thought to myself this was going to be a long night. When i got out there they all hugged me and began raving about me in a leg cast and saying i was so sweet to join them (not knowing that mom was going to pay the price for it later)  There were three card tables set up and once we got started they explained that they played six games at each table then they switched up taking istanbul travestileri the winners to one table and the losers to the other. Mom was at my table, sitting across from me giving me a perfect shot of her cleavage, and  Jill one of her friends was to my left. Jill is in her mid-thirties, she’s about 5’2″ and just abit on the chunky side with big boobs and a pretty face. She had on a button down shirt and i could see that she was wearing a pink bra when she moved through the openings of the buttons. I was hoping the buttons would come undone so I could get a better look. Well mom saw me looking at her boobs and her foot nudged my leg under the table and when i looked at her she just smiled.  After the first six games we took a break and all sat there talking and i focused my attention on Jill. At this point all the ladies were getting a little tipsy from the wine coolers and mix drinks and Jill told me she was married for 13 years and she wasn’t very happy anymore along with about 5 other ladies saying the same thing to travesti istanbul me. Telling me to stay single asking me if I had that special woman in my life. I just smiled and said yes but there would not be any weddings coming up soon and smiled looking at mom.  Then they decided to start the games again, however mom lost and me and Jill won so we were split. Jill pulled out a chair for me to sit in and as I went to sit down I was looking at her boobs and almost fell, she quickly grabbed for my arm pulling me to the chair, and I brushed one of her boobs. Once i got situated in the chair she sat down and i noticed one of the buttons came undone on her blouse giving me a perfect view of the side of her boob. I didn’t know how to tell her without getting embarrassed so I just sat there like nothing happened hoping one of the other ladies would say something but they didn’t. It was great I really got a show this time when she moved, I could see her whole boob which was having an effect on me.  It seemed the more the ladies drank the looser they got and the conversation turned to sex, about how their husbands don’t want them anymore, and how they try to get them to get them to make love by wearing sexy things. One of the ladies said that she even went as far as trying to find another lady to join them in the bedroom to spice things up.

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