Carley Ch. 02


I’d brought a steak marinated in olive oil and a pre-baked potato, both wrapped in foil. The grill was hot. I set the steak where it would cook and the potato where it would get hot. I refilled our wine glasses and Carley and I sat at the picnic table.

More people had arrived. The stocky black guy, George and two other guys whose names I didn’t catch were sitting at the table along with Dianne and a girl named Ruth who would have been ordinary looking if not for her enhanced bosom and total lack of hair. She was bald, but it seemed to fit her. Next to her was the skinny, dark haired, hard looking girl from the pool. Her name was Kay and she had more tattoos than I’d ever seen on anyone. Her arms and back were totally covered. The front of her torso was nothing more than a billboard screaming, “FUCK ME!!!” The theme was a cross between Goth and porno.

Kay saw me sitting next to Carley. “Who’s this?” she asked.

“Kay, this is Jack. I just met him last week.”

“How’re you doing?” I said.

I had a big smile on my face and Kay asked, “What’s the grin for?”

“Your name reminded of an old story. Back in the late 1940s, a pair of song writers decided to play a joke on some record producers and disc jockeys. They wrote a song and got it recorded by a well-known band. The name of the song was, ‘If You See Kay’. People all over the country started calling radio stations and requesting it. It took weeks for the DJs to figure out they’d been had.”

George laughed. “That’s funny. ‘If You See Kay’. ‘F. U. C. K.’ You couldn’t say ‘fuck’ on the radio 60 years ago. Pretty clever.”

“I looked it up,” I said. “True story.”

Kay saw me checking out her tattoos. “Do you like ’em?”

“They’re fascinating,” I said.

George snorted. “You mean they’re bizarre. It’s okay. She knows they’re bizarre. She likes it that way.”

Kay laughed. “Yeah, that’s right. I’m a bizarre person. You see, I’m a nympho sex addict.” She laughed again.

I grinned. “I don’t think I’ve met a nympho sex addict before. What are your symptoms?”

“Well, it’s pretty simple. I’ll fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime in any position in any hole. If you don’t smell bad or have toadstools growing on your body, I’ll do you.

Do you have any toadstools?”

“I haven’t checked lately, but I don’t think so.”

“Then I’ll do you,” she laughed. “Do you want to do me?”

“Maybe later,” I said. It was hard to tell if she was kidding, but I didn’t think she was.

I got up to unwrap my steak so it would get brown. The potato was hot enough and I moved it to a cooler place on the grill.

George got two plates and fixed two hotdogs. He opened one of the coolers and removed a couple of beers. He sat next to Dianne and gave her a beer and one of the hotdogs.

I took a minute to get my daily dose of 2mg of Cialas out of my shorts and swallow it with a half glass of water.

When I got back to the table, a new guy named T.D. was sitting next to Kay and carefully tracing the outlines of the tattoos on her breasts with his fingertips. Kay held his penis in her hand and leaned over to whisper in his ear. He smiled and they got up and walked over to one of the large mats near the pool. Kay dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock.

The conversation turned to basketball. I couldn’t care less about the stick-and-ball games, so I tuned it out. Carley and I talked about the usual things; where did you grow up, what do you do for a living, what do you do for fun, etc. Our food was ready. I refilled our glasses and we talked as we ate.

When we finished eating it was hot. We dropped our paper plates in the trash and jumped in the pool to cool off.

Kay and T.D. were still at it. Kay was on her hands and knees and T.D. was fucking her in the ass. Kay’s face was screwed up in an ugly grimace, which I interpreted as pleasure. T.D. was fucking her hard and grunting loudly. He came in her ass, making quite a lot of noise.

I paddled over to Carley. “What do you think of anal?” I asked.

“I don’t like it,” she said. “I’ll do it if a guy really wants to, but it doesn’t feel good at all.”

“I agree,” I said. “I love fucking a girl in her pussy in just about any position. I really love oral sex. I love eating a girl and feeling her cum against my mouth and tongue. I love cumming in a girl’s mouth. It’s so personal.”

“I know what you mean,” she said. She was quiet for a minute. “Can I ask you something?”


“When I was blowing you before lunch, you asked me to stop. You wanted to fuck me and cum inside me. You said you wanted to look into my eyes when you came. Why was that?”

“I’m not sure. I guess it’s because I’m really starting to like you. I wanted that connection of seeing your eyes and your expression when I came in you.”

“What did you see? Was it what you expected?”

“I’m not sure what I saw. I know I liked seeing it. Whatever it was, I’d love to see it again.”

Carley was quiet for a minute. Eskort Kız “I liked it, too. I liked the way you were looking at me. When you came, it was intense. I can always feel when a guy cums in me. When you came it was different somehow. I mean, I could feel you pulse inside me and I could feel your warm cum. I’m used to that. I don’t know. It just felt different.”

She sighed. “You really were good at eating me. I don’t think I ever came so fast from oral. Your tongue on my clit really set me off. And when you were licking my lips….” She paused. “Usually I need my clit licked and sucked to get me off. After I came that way the first three times, you did it again without touching my clit at all!”

“I had a real good time going down on you,” I said. “As I said, I love getting a girl off that way. You’re good a letting me know what you want. Some girls seem to think a guy automatically knows what she needs. You moved your hips and my head and told me what you wanted. That makes it a lot more enjoyable.”

We were standing close in waist-deep water. She reached out and put her hand on my balls. “You like having your balls licked and stroked, don’t you?”

I put my hands on her shoulders and she stroked me with both hands. “Yeah, I do. It’s part of most of my sexual fantasies.”

She smiled. “What do you fanaticize about? What are your top three fantasies?”

I thought about it. “I guess my number one fantasy is going down on a girl and making her cum. I don’t know why that turns me on so much, but it does. I like getting handjobs and blowjobs in the shower. There’s something about the water running and being close in the small space. I like slow blowjobs. I like being teased and finally cumming hard in a girl’s mouth. I like it when she has my cock pointed down a little so I can see her eyes and mouth when I cum. I don’t care if she swallows, but I want to see my cock in her mouth. I want to see her eyes. For some reason, that makes it much better.”

Carley was still stroking my balls. I had an erection. I moved my hands from her shoulders to her face. “What do you fanaticize about?”

“It’s not always the same,” she said. “I went through a phase where I only wanted to be fucked from behind. I’d dream about it. I’d cum in my dream and wake up wet. Then for a while I wanted to be fucked from behind while sucking another guy off. That doesn’t really work too well. The guy fucking me makes it hard to do a good job with the guy I’m sucking. When I cum, it’s distracting. When either of the guys cum, it’s distracting.”

She thought for a moment. “Lately, I like missionary or on our sides with the guy rubbing my clit. If he’s not too tall, he can suck my nipples while we fuck. The combination of having my clit rubbed and my nipples sucked gives me really strong orgasms.”

Carley moved one hand to my penis and stroked me. “Talking like this is getting me turned on. I want you again.”

I moved my hands to her breasts. “Mmmmm. You have such a nice touch. I want you, too.”

“But we’ll have to wait. Ruth heard about you from Dianne. She wants to try you out. It wouldn’t be polite for me to keep you to myself. I know you’ll like Ruth. She’s got talent. Do you want to meet her?”

“Sure, why not? But I want you again before I leave.” Carley’s stroking was getting to me. “You’d better quit that or I’m going to cum right here in the pool.”

We climbed out and found Ruth talking to some guy whose name I couldn’t remember. Carley waved to her.

“Ruth, this is Jack. I told him you were interested.”

“Hi,” I said. “Glad to meet you.”

“I can tell,” Ruth laughed. Carley had given me a pretty respectable erection and I still had most of it.

I laughed. “At your service, miss. What is your wish?”

Carley interrupted. With a straight face, she said, “Jack told me he likes fucking and getting head in the shower. Maybe you can let him wash your hair.”

The bald girl laughed. “I’ll let him wash anything he wants to. There’s a bonus if he finds any hair.”

Ruth took my hand and led me inside to the master bathroom. There was no one in the shower. “It’s hot out there,” Ruth said. “We could both probably use a shower.” I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. We got under the spray.

“How did you meet Carley?” asked Ruth.

“In Target. She sucked me off in the restroom.”

“Oh yeah! I heard that story! Pretty cool! Let’s get clean and I’ll see if I can suck your cock as well as she did.”

We soaped each other, having a good time teasing each other and getting familiar with our bodies. Washing her bald head was a kick.

Her breasts were fake, but not too big. They must have been pretty good size to start with. Her nipples seemed especially sensitive. We washed the soap off and I sucked her nipples while finger-fucking her. She pressed my head against her chest. She humped against my hand and sighed. I couldn’t tell whether she was going to cum or not. After a couple of minutes, she tensed, held her breath and sighed heavily.

“That was nice,” she said. She looked at my face and saw the questioning expression. “Yeah, I came. I’m not one of those girls who have great big orgasms. I wish I was, but I’m not. I can get off easily, but I usually don’t cum hard. It’s okay. I love sex. I can cum a lot. You’ll see.”

Ruth sat on the shower seat and pulled me to her. She slurped my half-erect penis into her mouth. Carley had been right. Ruth certainly did have talent. Her tongue danced around the head of my cock. I got hard quickly.

I put my hands on Ruth’s bald head (a strange feeling!) and guided her, controlling her speed so I didn’t cum too fast. She really was exceptional at cocksucking.

Ruth seemed to be enjoying what she was doing, so I let her continue for eight or ten minutes. I almost came a couple of times, but managed to keep myself under control. Finally, I pulled out with a pop!

“Do you want me to go down on you,” I asked, “or what?”

“Let’s fuck,” she said. She turned and bent over so the water was running down her back.

I pushed two fingers into her from the back and made sure she was wet on the inside. Then I lined myself up and slid into her.

Fucking a bald person from behind was a new experience for me. It looked so weird! But that was definitely a pussy I was fucking and one owned by a girl who knew how to use her muscles. I reached around and played with her breasts. They were much more convincing than Dianne’s had been. I tweaked Ruth’s nipples and fucked her steadily. She was right about being able to cum easily. Her orgasms came fast and frequently. They seemed to happen so often that it was hard to tell when one stopped and the next one started. Her wave crested constantly. Every orgasm brought another spasm that I could feel inside her. It was something I hadn’t experienced before and I liked. I love making women cum. Ruth came, I swear, forty or fifty times in ten minutes. I was so interested in feeling her cum that it didn’t occur to me to join her. I just wanted to see how long she’d go on.

Her last orgasm was the strongest one. She took a deep breath, held it and exhaled several times, grunting with each exhalation. Then she relaxed and pulled off me.

She sat on the shower seat and hugged me to her. There was nothing sexual in the hug, she just wanted some support, I think. Her forehead was against my stomach and my hard-on stuck out past her shoulder. After a couple of minutes, she sighed and sat back.

“That was so good,” she whispered. “Thank you. I don’t get the chance to cum that much very often. Most guys cum before I get to the last ones. This time the last ones were earth-shaking.” She took some deep breaths.

“I owe you,” she said. “Tell me what you want.”

“A slow blowjob,” I said. “Lots of tongue, but slow. Stroke my balls while you suck me. Lick my balls, too. I really like having my balls licked. I want to cum in your mouth.”

Ruth smiled. “I can do that, all right.”

She slowly licked me from the base of my scrotum to the tip of my cock for a couple of minutes. Then she held my cock up against my stomach and licked my balls. She rubbed her thumb just under the head of my cock and licked me. I braced my hands on the shower walls and watched her.

“That’s good. Really good. Suck me now. Use your tongue. Slow. Yeah, like that. Fingertips on my balls. Yeah. Yeah.”

I was loving this blowjob. Ruth was doing exactly what I wanted. Her pace was perfect. I didn’t have to move or touch her at all.

“When I cum, hold me in your mouth and suck hard. Keep stroking my balls. Stroke my shaft with your other hand. Don’t stop after I cum. Keep going. Keep sucking and stroking. Yeah. That’s it.”

My orgasm crept up the backs of my legs and lit up my core.

“Okay, pretty soon now.” I leaned back. “Pull me down a little so I can see your mouth and your eyes. Perfect. I want to see your mouth when I cum. Don’t open your mouth. Keep your lips around me and suck. Suck my cum out. Yeah. That’s it. I’m gonna cum. Ahaaa, suck me! Ahaaa, I’m cumming! Yessss! Ahaaaa!!

I could see my cock throb as I pumped my load into Ruth’s mouth. It looked terrific. She sucked hard and stroked me. My cum spurted into her mouth seven or eight times. She gulped and swallowed.

I watched Ruth blow me for another minute before I took her head and stopped her. I kept her mouth on me and she licked and sucked me gently without moving her head. It felt wonderful.

“That was perfect,” I sighed. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a better blowjob. I can’t thank you enough.”

“After what you did for me, it was the least I could do.”

I turned off the shower. There was a row of towels hanging next to the shower door and we dried each other off.

Three more people had arrived when Ruth and I sent outside. There were four couples having sex on the mats by the pool. Ruth and I got beers and sat in the sun.

Kay was on her back, being vigorously fucked by one of the newcomers. No surprise there.

Carley and another newcomer were sixty-nineing. The guy looked like a marathon runner. Carley was on top.

A chunky new girl was riding the guy Dianne had been blowing in the pool when I first got there. George squatted next to her holding a bottle of lube and said something to her. The chunky girl nodded and George went around behind her, squirted some lube on his erect penis and eased it into her ass. The girl seemed to cum almost immediately.

“That,” said Ruth, “is definitely not my thing! I can’t cum from anal. Guys keep talking me into doing it, but it’s uncomfortable for me. I can’t get used to having a guy in my ass. I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.”

The girl being DPd came a couple more times, then the guy on the bottom came. He said something to the girl, who raised up and let him slither out from under her. The guy rolled into the pool and the girl lay down flat on her stomach. George stayed in her ass and kept pumping.

Ruth laughed. “George sure does like ass.”

Dianne walked over and sat next to me.

Carley and the marathon runner were fucking missionary style. Carley came. After fucking her for a few more minutes, the guy pulled out and Carley jerked him off onto her breasts and stomach. When he was finished, they got up and jumped into the pool.

Kay lay on her back, spread-eagled and unmoving with her eyes closed. The guy fucking her groaned and came inside her. He got up and walked toward the house. His cum ran out of Kay and pooled under her ass. He whistled at a young guy drinking a beer near the grill and jerked his thumb toward Kay. The kid set his beer down and hurried over to Kay. He had a long, thick erection. He got down between Kay’s legs and shoved it into her. He grinned widely as he fucked her. Kay didn’t open her eyes or respond to him at all.

Dianne shook her head. “This is getting ridiculous. Kay jokes about fucking anyone, any time, etcetera, but she’s out of control. She doesn’t even know who’s fucking her right now. She’s almost been fired for taking too much “fuck time” at work. She told me the only reason she still has a job is because she lets her supervisor face-fuck her whenever he wants to. The guy’s abusive. He gets too rough with her. She’s going to get hurt.”

“You’re right,” said Ruth. “There are guys who prey on girls like her. She’ll do anything a guy tells her to. It’s dangerous.”

The kid on top of Kay was fucking her fast and hard. “Yeah!” he yelled. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh yeah!” He slammed himself into her and came. Kay didn’t move.

Still grinning, the kid got up and walked back to where he’d left his beer.

Without thinking, I got up and went to see if Kay was even conscious. Judging from the pool of cum under her ass, at least five or six guys must have cum in her and she hadn’t moved.

Ruth knelt next to her and shook her. “Kay! Are you alright? Kay!”

Kay opened her eyes. She looked at Ruth and Dianne, who was kneeling on the other side. She looked at me.

“Jack. That’s your name, right? Jack. Fuck me Jack. I need a good fucking. Fuck me!”

Ruth and Dianne pulled on her arms and got her into a sitting position. Dianne stood up and pulled Kay’s arm. “Get up, Kay! Come on! You need a shower and something to drink.” With Ruth’s help, Dianne got Kay on her feet. They guided her into the house. I wasn’t sure I should follow, but I did.

Dianne tossed a micro fiber blanket on the sofa and Kay sat on it. The blanket was to protect the sofa from all the cum that was running out of Kay. Ruth got a glass of water and the girls sat on each side of Kay while she drank it. Under all the tattoos, Kay was pale.

“Let’s get you in the shower,” said Ruth. She put her arm under Kay’s armpit and tried to help her stand. Kay nodded dumbly. She hesitated, and then stood up. Ruth led her into the bathroom.

Carley walked in toweling her hair. “What’s going on?”

“We have to call the sex addiction hotline,” Dianne told her. “Kay’s in a lot of trouble. She needs help. She was just laying there with her eyes closed while guys took turns fucking her. She didn’t know or care who they were. Assholes!! Couldn’t they tell what was going on?”

“You know how it is,” said Carley. “Guys think with their dicks.” She looked at me and smiled. “Well, not all guys.”

George came in. “What’s going on with Kay? She was fucking a lot of guys out there. Actually, it looked like they were fucking her. That was a lot of fucking, even for Kay.”

Dianne nodded. “She’s gone way over the line. She needs help. Do you know where her clothes are? I’m going to take her to the clinic.”

“I’ll drive.” George got Kay’s clothes and his own. He and Dianne got dressed. When Ruth brought Kay back, they got her dressed and led her out to George’s car.

Ruth went outside. Carley and I sat on the sofa.

Carley ran a comb through her hair. “I’ll bet that wasn’t what you had in mind when you accepted my invitation.”

“No, not really. The rest of the day has been terrific, though.”

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