Carmen, Leslie and Joe


Carmen, Leslie and JoeI had been working late and was looking forward to a nice quiet evening at home when I saw another car parked in our driveway as I pulled in home. I wasn’t sure what to expect and when I entered I didn’t see Joe, but then I heard a noise coming from the bedroom. I quietly walked down the hall and peeked into the bedroom. To my surprise there was Joe laying on the bed with a really attractive, nude girl laying on her side next to him sucking his hard cock.”That’s it baby” I heard Joe say”Suck that fuckin’ cock” he added”Suck it better than my fuckin’ wife does” he then said to her as she stopped and looked up at him.”Am I sucking it better than your wife?” she asked Joe”You’re doing great baby” he answered her as he watched her resume sucking his cock.I watched for a minute or so more as the girl sucked Joe’s cock hard and fast, taking his cock deep into her throat,”Oh fuck baby” Joe cried out”You’re suckin’ me so much better than my whore wife” he added and I thought to myself he was just trying to boost her morale; at least I hope that was what he was doing. The girl stopped again and looked up,”Is she a good fuckin’ whore?” she asked Joe. I could see Joe smile”Baby she’s such a fuckin’ good whore for any man or woman she’s proud of it” he told her as she resumed sucking his cock.That was all I needed to hear and I stepped around the door into the bedroom,”My, my” I said”Doesn’t this look interesting” I addedThe girl stopped sucking Joe’s cock as she and he looked up at me,”Hi sweetheart” Joe said,”I didn’t expect you home so soon” he added”So I can see” I replied. I moved in closer to the bed,”And who’s this little cock sucking slut?” I asked Joe. Looking at he girl,”This is Leslie” Joe replied and then,”Leslie, my wife Carmen” he then added. Looking down at Leslie,”Go ahead dearie” I said,”Suck his cock some more” I added and watched bakırköy escort as she first looked at Joe, who nodded an okay, and then went back to sucking on Joe’s cock. I stood there for a few minutes watching this little slut sucking my man’s cock and him enjoying it before I finally took off my jacket, unbuttoned my blouse a couple of buttons and climbed onto the bed on the other side of Joe. I leaned up and kissed him and then looked back at Leslie.”She sucking your cock well baby?” I asked Joe. He smiled,”Fuck yeah” he replied and with that I moved down a bit and move up next to Leslie’s face, stuck my tongue out and started to lick on Joe’s cock. Leslie changed her sucking and when she reached the tip of Joe’s cock, I met her lips with my own and we kissed for a brief second. Over the course of the next few minutes each time Leslie reached the tip of Joe’s cock I was there to meet her with a kiss. Finally she came up once more and this time I reached over and cupped her face and we kissed a more longer and more passionate kiss, much to Joe’s delight. I now reached over and for the first time placed my hand on Leslie’s firm little tits and began to caress them. They were smaller than my hangers, but nice and firm with nipples just a bit longer than mine. When we broke off she went back to sucking Joe’s cock while I undid my blouse, took it off and then took off my bra, letting my lovely tits loose. Leslie stopped sucking Joe’s cock and rose up just as I finished taking off my bra, reached over and took hold of my tits. As she caressed them foe a few seconds I started to get turned on at the thought of having this young cunt for myself.”Fuckin’ nice tits” I heard her say as she moved in towards me and we kissed again. When we finished I leaned down and taking Joe’s cock in my hand, licked his cock head and then stuck beşiktaş escort it in my mouth and started sucking him off. Leslie moved up towards Joe’s head and as I sucked his cock, she now started kissing him and playing with his nipples. I glanced up and could watch as she kissed Joe passionately while continued to suck his cock. He played with her tits, squeezing and pulling on her nipples as she moaned out in delight. I knew they were exchanging tongues and I knew I wanted that slut’s tongue in my mouth as well. After a few minutes Leslie broke off and moved back down near me. I stopped sucking and she immediately took his cock into her mouth and as she sucked him hard, I bent down and started sucking on his balls; pulling them outward as I did, taking them deep into my mouth.Soon I stopped and went back up a little and when Leslie reached his cock head again, I kissed her again. We exchanged tongues as I had hoped and I now sucked on her tongue as tho it was a cock. When we broke off she bent down and started sucking on y tits, biting my nipples softly until,”Bite them fuckin’ hard bitch” I demanded”Bite my fuckin’ nipples harder” I added and felt the searing pain as Leslie bit down hard on one nipple. She did the other one next as I savored the pain. By now Joe was ready to fuck and when Leslie broke off from me,”Fuck me Carmen” Joe demanded of me and as I stripped off my skirt and panties, Leslie took off he panties as well. I moved over and climbed over Joe’s legs, took hold of his cock and slowly lowered myself onto it. His cock felt so fuckin’ good going into my wet cunt and I started to ride him. Leslie then moved behind me and gently pushed me forward as I continued to ride Joe’s cock. I then felt her hand on Joe’s cock and before I knew it, I felt her face on my ass as she moved under me and started to lick beylikdüzü escort at Joe’s cock while it went in and out of my cunt. This went on for several minutes while Joe had reached up and was caressing my tits and slapping at them. Finally,”Let me fuck Leslie” Joe said to me and after a moment, I stopped and quickly moved off Joe’s cock”Get on his fuckin’ cock” I said to Leslie and watched as she quickly moved up over Joe as I moved off and lowered herself down onto his cock. We reversed roles as Leslie now rode Joe’s cock, he played with and slapped her tits and I moved underneath and behind her and began to lick Joe’s cock while it went in and out of Leslie’s tight cunt. The taste of her cunt juices on Joe’s cock drove me into more lustful mood and I managed to reach in with one hand and stick two fingers into her cunt. God it felt so fuckin’ good. For several more minutes we played out this scenario until Joe finally shouted,”I’m gonna fuckin’ come” and I had a front row seat as I pulled his cock out of Leslie and watched as he shot his load of cum all over her cunt. When he finally stopped, Leslie bent down and as they kissed, I moved up a bit and started to lick Joe’s cum off her cunt. The combination of his cum and her cunt juices was so, so delicious I didn’t want to stop. I licked her harder, sticking my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could get it; savoring the taste of this young slut until after a few minutes I fell back, exhausted, but thoroughly satisfied. Leslie climbed off Joe and he motioned for me to move up and when I did, I leaned down and kissed him, sharing the taste of his cum and her cunt juices on my lips. When we broke off Leslie moved over towards me and we reached out, embraced one another and kissed long, hard and passionately. We finally broke off and laid down on either side of Joe.”Oh fuck baby” I said to Joe”What a nice fuckin’ surprise” I added. And as we rested all I could think about was Leslie’s tits and cunt and how wonderful her lips were. I looked at Joe,”She staying a while?” I asked. Looking at me, smiling and then looking at Leslie, who nodded a yes,”Only if you want her baby” he replied.And did I ever.

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