Carol the prop girl


Carol the prop girlThis is my own work, and copyrighted as such. No attempt should be made to copy or redistribute in any form on any other site. A tale from my distant past.I had finally reached my 20s, and still had hopes of being famous – member of a popular amateur dramatics group which produced a dozen plays a year, including lots of Shakespeare.That season we were doing The Winter’s Tale. A bit of a dirge, with my character only appearing at the beginning and end of the script, with a couple of walk on-walk offs in between.We had a few newbies in this time, including Carol, who was doing a school project on backstage theatre, and was just helping out with the props.Carol was 16 or 17. about 5’5, lovely smile and full lips, with hazel eyes, dyed auburn hair and I have to say truly enormous tits, sitting on her nicely curvy frame.  I fancied her from the off.Whenever I wasn’t needed on set, I’d spend time with her hunting for props on the top floor of the old mill building that served as rehearsal space.We fooled around up there a lot, giggling and trying on naff costume pieces. We’d go all out to find the most outrageous outfits to try for each other, which gave me opportunities for me to see her in her bra a few times to which I would always give her a wolf whistle. Carol was pretty brazen, and didn’t have any qualms about being in her underwear in front of me. For my part, a few years of backstage quick changes had meant I was used to stripping to my pants in front of people.  With Carol and her bra busting tits however, I got hard a few times, and she obviously checked me out – but apart from the odd kiss we didn’t take things any further. We were more like flirting mates.Until the show’s dress rehearsal.Having moved into the theatre, with the stage set up, and dressing rooms below, hung with costumes. I was sharing with Mike, an old queen, who clearly had designs on my body. But I wasn’t and am not into men, and despite my best efforts to put him off, he was very persistent coming on to me.Carol turned into my protector, and when not required backstage, she hung out in my dressing room, making Mike’s advances stutter.At the first interval, I was getting changed when Mike approched me, grabbing my shoulders in an attempt to kiss me. As I was pushing him away, Carol walked in. Mike jumped back, and Carol grabbed at my topless torso, planting a big kiss on my lips, while her hands reached round and squeezed my ass in front of him. “Hmmmm, you kiss good” she said, and we smooched again.  Mike stormed out in disgust at that, and rather than letting me go, Carol continued to explore my mouth with her tongue. “I’ve been waiting for an excuse to do that”, she smiled as our hot mouths finally parted. I was hard as a rock, and she clearly felt me digging into her lower belly.Carol gave my manhood a friendly squeeze through my costume, “see you afer the show” she winked at me as she left.The dress rehearsal went on late into the night due to many technical problems, and Carol left before we finished, getting a lift home from her anxious mother.Fortunately Mike had finally got the hint, although he hung around to watch while I was getting changed.When I arrived at the theatre ready for Tuesday’s opening night, Carol was busy setting up the props, and it wasn’t until I had a break during the second act that she appeared at my dressing room door, a vision in tight black leggings,and a black satin blouse which strained to contain her ample breasts. (Backstage crew being expected to wear dark clothes). “You look sexy as hell” I admitted. Carol smiled warmly at me, before moving in for a long slow kiss. Our tongues again exploring each other’s mouths. Before we could get any further, we heard the cast tramping down the stairs for the interval, Carol gave me a peck on the cheek before dashing off to set the stage for the second half.I had a good half hour after the break before I was due back on stage, and as the performance recommenced, she walked into the room, closing the door as we recommenced our own private performance. Snogging her hard, I played with her tits over the soft material, and was rewarded quickly with a moan from her lips as I felt her nipples harden to bullets. She kissed me with more force as I brought one hand down over her leggings, and groped at her sexy arse.A knock at the door broke our passion as my 5 minute warning was called, and I tidied myself up before I climbed the stairs ready to take my cue on stage.As it was first night, her mother was in the audience, and I was briefly introduced after the show before they both left, Carol blowing me an air kiss as she went. She was a tallish blonde business-like woman, who looked like she’d walked straight from the office. the type of no nonsense boss you wouldn’t think to argue with. Not at all like her sexy minx of a daughter. It crossed my mind Carol was involving herself with me to annoy her mother.Second night, Carol was wering a figure hugging polo neck sweater. It accentuated her full breasts making me instantly hard for her. “Mum doesn’t like me wearing this” she giggled, “but I had nothing else black for tonight”. “And I can see you like it” she nodded and gestured at my crotch.Without waiting for a second, I buried my head into her busom and motorboated her tits.  As I pulled away we were both giggling until Carol let out a shriek “look at my top” she cried.  I’d just finished my stage make up, and it hadn’t had time to set – now it was all over her. “Wear this” I said, grabbing my punk logo emblazoned t-shirt from the back of the door. It was mostly black. “It will have to do” she moaned, pulling off her top to reveal a lacy black bra encasing her gorgeous orbs, “but what the hell do I tell mum. She’ll kill me!” “Just say you had an accident” I reasoned while my hands crept back to mauling her bra covered torso. Carol pulled away “No more accidents” she said, kissing me lightly on the lips before running off to do her jobs.After the interval she came back to my dressing room, and we fooled around with some light petting before I returned to the stage.  She looked really good in my shirt and I told her so.  “Maybe I’ll become a punk rocker just for you then” she smiled.Thursday came, two performances down and soon it would be Saturday’s closing show with it’s inevitable drunken after show party.  I didn’t see anything of Carol until just after the interval. She made a grand entrance into the dressing room which was getting grubbier each day.  Carol however looked amazing. She had back-combed her hair into a nest of spikes, and wore a plain black t-shirt, loose short black skirt accessorised with a studded belt. fishnets and knee high boots. I was bowled over. “This punk enough for you then sexy?” she pouted with blackened lips, and thick black eyeliner. “F-f-fucking hell, you look amazing” I stuttered, drinking in her ensemble. “Well I couldn’t let mum see me like this, so I spent half the show getting dressed up for you. I’ll have to take it off before I leave”. “You can take it off now for me if you want” I lustily replied. “Come here”. Carol bounced into my arms, and as our lips and tongues were re-aquainted with each other, my hands roamed lazily kaçak iddaa over her bum, and began firmly stroking her fishnet clad thighs. Carol moaned into my mouth whenever they made the journey towards her crotch, and I could almost feel the heat coming from her pussy.When I finally ran my fingers over her panty covered cunt, Carol grabbed at my hand, but instead of pushing it away, she held it in place, urging me to carry on. Of course I obliged. I could feel her springy hair through the soft material, and a wetness deep between her legs. I rubbed and tickled and her knickers got wetter and wetter. Carol was alternating between purring and moaning, and was clearly enjoying my probing digits. Eventually I pulled the material to one side, and plunged two fingers deep inside her.Carol’s eyes widened as I added a third digit, then she bit her lip as I began pistoning them in and out of her sopping hole. only a minute later, she screamed as she came. So loud they must have heard it on stage.  She gradually calmed down, and by the time my five minute cue knock came, she looked a little less dishevelled.When I got offstage and made my way back, Carol was nowhere to be seen.  As Mike walked into the room, he turned his nose in disgust “it stinks of twat in here – what have you been doing?”  Well he was right – the room reeked of sex. And I hadn’t had any! I ignored him ofr the rest of the night, and made my way home for a long cold shower.Carol was early the next night – apologising for running away, explaining that she had to ‘de punk’ herself before her mother collected her, promising that she would make it up to me tonight.  Tonight she was wearing a knee length black dress with hose. Her hair was tied up, and she looked more like her business like mother. “It’s mum’s dress” she explained, “All my black stuff’s in the wash”.As she smothered me with hot kisses, I fondled her tits through the dress material. Her nipples reacted immediately, and I bent to suck them through her clothes. Carol didn’t stop me, and I wondered briefly what her mother’s tits would be like. Soon there were two obvious wet patches showing on her nipples, and Carol uncaring went off to set the props for the opening scenes while I dressed and made up ready for the show.  Onstage, I caught sight of Carol stood in the wings, watching me.  From my upstage position I was the only cast member who could see her – and I think Carol knew – as before my eyes she started to unbutton the dress… from the bottom up! Even through the darkness, I could see her revealing more leg with each button, until suddenly it became clear from the sight of milky white thighs – she was wearing stockings! another button, and I could see a black suspender belt, then quickly the dask outline of her panties, surrounded either side by her pale flesh. I could feel my cock twitching under my costume, and hoped the audience was concentrating on the ‘action’ at the fron of the stage, and not the reactions in mt pants. Glancing back to the wings, Carol had almost completely unbuttoned her dress. revealing a black bra to match her lower underwear. Thankfully the Scene was drawing to a close, and Carol quickly began tidying herself up again, ready for the scene change, while I clasped my hands in front of my crotch, until the lights dimmed and I could escape my predicament.Carol reappeared in the dressing room briefly before the interval. The bottom two buttons were still undone, and she lifted her leg onto the chair for me to admire the view. “You are amazing” I said as I ran my fingertips up the material of her stocking over her thigh and onto her smooth flesh above. Just touching her knickers and the lacy feel of them had us both shuddering. “After the break” Carol whispered, and lifting her leg down, she darted away.I was rather rude to mike when he brought tea for us both a few minutes later. I wanted him away quickly so I could be alone with Carol. He shrugged and left the room, and I waited for my muse to arrive.I heard the bell sound for the audience to resume their seats upstairs, and a few moments later, Carol’s head appeared round the door. “All clear?” she asked. “Come in now” I commanded, surprised when she entered carrying the dress, clad only in her underwear. (you know that thing in cartoons when someones eyes shoot out of their skull and a klaxon noise goes off – well that was how I felt in that moment). Carol was ravishing – all tits and legs and bum and pussy encased in beautiful black lace and sheer dark stockings. I wanted it all. I pulled her to me, kissing her with force as my hands roamed over her body. touching bare flesh, then delicate lace, then little clasps, then more flesh, feeling her strong thighs beneathe her stockings, then deftly reaching inside her pants entwining my fingers in her soft bush. Carol moaned appreciatively as her own hands went on their own journey. I was between costumes, so only had a shirt and my underwear on, and her roaming fingers soon clasped onto my cock, which was growing by the second. Pulling my pants down with one hand, she squeezed me with rather more force than I was expecting, and I pulled away sharply. “Did I hurt you” she asked with a genuine note of concern in her voice, “let me kiss it better”. Without waiting for an answer, she knelt before me and gently kissed the tip of my penis before pushing her tongue out and giving the head an experimental lick. “Mmmmmm, lolipop time” she giggled, as she licked from base to tip, kissed the head before licking like a helter-skelter back to the base. Running her tongue back up, she opened her mouth and sucked the head between her lips. Slowly, slowly she took more of me into her mouth, as if getting used to each bit, sucking all the time. Not just moving her mouth up and down over my shaft, but sucking as if to suck the spunk right out of my balls. Extasy wasn’t the word for it. My eyes rolled back in my head as she devoured my cock with her humgry jaws.Soon I felt my balls tighten, and knew I wouldn;t last much longer. Carol slurped my throbbing cock from her mouth and those big brown eyes looked up into mine, make up slightly tear stained from the effort of gobbling me “Tell me when your gonna cum” she whispered. “Seconds away” I throatily replied, pre-cum oozing from my glans.The door burst open, and Mike appeared at the door, eyes drinking in my saliva covered dripping member. “ooh – not interrupting am I”Shit. I’d missed the 5 minute knock. Grabbing the rest of my costume, cock bobbing in front of me I dashed up the stairs, arranging costume bits as I went, and without a second to spare charged onto the stage as my cue was spoken.  “My leige…”I have no idea if the audience noticed the state I was in. Some must have seen the bulge still in my pants, but I regained some composure, and made it to the end of the show.  Carol had left me a note.  “So sorry. I don’t know if I can cope with Mike seeing me like that. Ring me twice when you can, and I’ll call you back when Mum’s asleep”. In the bar afterwards Mike came over and sat with me leering. “If you need to finish off, come back upstairs with me now. I can do a much better job on your sexy knob, then when you’ve cum, maybe you kaçak bahis can do me” putting his hand on my crotch and giving a gentle squeeze he added “Give me two minutes. I’ll be ready”.I fled the theatre, wandered home, had a joyless wank in the shower, and finally picked up the phone to make the call.  On the second ring, I heard a connecting click and I hastily hung up (thank god they didn’t have call reversal in those days!)Almost half an hour later, and I was dozing off in the chair when Carol finally rang back. She wailed about Mike ridiculing her in her black underwear, and how he mocked her saying I was going to be his. She said she was done with the show and never going back. Finally through her sobs I told her what Mike had offered, and said I needed her to help us both get revenge, that she couldn’t quit, and that we would beat him together. We agreed an early start the next night, and blew many kisses to each other before we hung up.Funny how the last night comes round so quickly. Carol and I met early as planned and huddled together to plan our mischief.  Anywhere else and I’d have knocked his lights out, but I liked this theatre, and (mostly) enjoyed the parts I took.  Especially this time with added distractions.  Carol was dressed more conservatively wearing a loose skirt and the same black satin blouse she’d had on earlier that week. It still showed off her tits though, and we sneaked a couple of passionate moments before the rest of the cast arrived.We didn’t fool around (much) during the performance either, and I halped her pack away props as they were used during my times off stage. Once the curtain had dropped, I changed quickly and helped the crew de-rig before we finally joined the rest of the cast in the bar, where it appeared we had quite a bit of catching up to do. Mike in particular having clearly been drinking during the show, and was well on his way. Carol’s mum was going out, and had agreed with Carol she would get a taxi home, so we planned a little time together before she had to leave. I bought Mike a few drinks, and sat with him and Carol, until I announced that I’d left something in the dressing room and would be back soon. That was Carol’s cue, and once I had gone she began whispering in his ear that I was prepared to go with him if he apologised to her for being such a twat the night before. Mike didn’t believe her initially, but when I didn’t return, his alcohol fuelled libido took over, and he went with Carol backstage. I had stripped bare, and was waiting naked for him in one of the nicer rooms – my clothes in our old room. Mike seeing my clothes, quickly stripped as he heard me calling from next door. When he came in, I made a grab for his cock, saying “Oooh, it’s nicer than I expected, maybe I will enjoy it after all”. This turned Mike on, and he made a grab for me, but missed.  I gave him a shove, twisting out of his reach and darted through the door, Carol slammed it shut, and turned the key smartly. Back in our room, Carol grabbed me in a tight clinch, and we kissed. My naked body close to hers fully clothed, my chest brushing against her satin blouse making both our nipples harden. Mike began baning on the door, so I quickly dressed, and while Carol hid his clothes I tidied the room before we both ran back to the bar. After one more drink, we decided to escape all the ‘luvvie’ theatre talk, and as we left, I shoved the key under the door to a much relieved Mike, before we scampered off into the night.  To this day I don’t know how he got on, naked backstage – and I really don’t care.   Job done. We made our way to a club, and had a dance and a drink, but we couldn’t talk over the noise, and we were more interested in kissing than dancing, so we hurried out to find a taxi – planning to get in a couple of hors at Carols before her mum got home.Having given the driver an address, Carol wasted no time in sliding her arm round me, and her leg over mine. No compulsory seatbelts in those days. as our mouths began their usual dance, Carol was straddling me in the back of the cab, rubbing her crotch over my growing erection.  I put my hands round her back, lifting her skirt slightly until I had her knickered coverd bum in my palms, kneading her arse as she ground onto my cock.  I could see over her shoulder the cabbie checking us out in his mirrors, but if Carol didn’t care, neither did I.  Slipping my fingers under the material, I probed both her arsehole and pussy – each bump in the road causing them to poke a bit deeper, making Carol squeal with delight. It seemed to take forever to arrive, no doubt the cabbie was having too much fun, and as we untangled ourselves, and climbed out, I paid the drooling man before he drove away.  Carol’s house looked nice, and we giggled about the show we’d put on for the cabbie, before she dug out her keys and we went through the door.”Carol that you?”  came a voice from inside “I hope the performance went well”. “Shit” whispered Carol “mum must have come home early. You’d better go before she catches you.  I’m sorry, I’ll call when I can”  Carol gave me a quick peck on the lips with a final whisper of “I really wanna fuck you” before she shoved me out of the door and slammed it shut.I couldn’t believe I was walking away frustrated again. I’d spent almost my last cash on the taxi as well, so I began the weary trudge home, fingers smelling of her sweet sex my only consolation.The phone didn’t ring all that week. I’d lined up a session with some friends on the Sunday night, and was just getting ready to leave when she called. “Hi it’s me, Mum’s got an early business meeting in London tomorrow, she’ll be leaving in about an hour.  Can you come round?  We’ll have all night!”Yes of course I agreed. I met the guys for a pint, then made my excuses, and arrived at hers about 8. Two hours after she’d rung so as not to appear too keen (which I clearly was).Carol answered the door dressed in that black satin blouse, a short flared skirt, and a huge smile on her face. “I wore this cos I know you like it” she said as she ushered me in away from any prying neighbour’s eyes before planting a big kiss and hugging me tightly. I was led into a lounge-diner, with the remnants of what looked like her homework on the table, soft lamps lit an inviting sofa, and a big sheepskin rug lay on the floor, in front of a Tv playing a Duran Duran video.”I’ve not been able to stop playing with myself since last week” she admitted. “You made me so wet”. “I’ve had similar problems” I laughed “lets do something about them”. I pulled her onto the sofa, and it was as if we were just carrying on from our episode in the taxi. As we snogged, our hands roamed each other’s bodies. Stroking, pinching and tugging, before long Carol’s blouse was open, her sexy lace black bra losing its control over her big tits, her knickers round her knees. My t-shirt thrown on the floor, jeans undone as her fingers grabbed at my cock. Carol suddenly stopped “wait” she instructed, and disappeared out the door. I took the opportunity to remove my jeans and socks, when a moment later she reappeared. still in her skirt, blouse loosely fastened, but clearly bra-less. She lay on the sheepskin, one leg crooked at illegal bahis the knee revealing her pale white thighs and purred “Come and get me”Simon Le Bon was singing “‘Don’t say a prayer for me now, Save it for the morning after’ and I totally got his lyric.We smooched on the rug, tongues entwined as my hands fondled her breasts through the satin. Carols nipples stood to attention and she sighed and moaned as my digits, then my mouth devoured every bit of those mammaries through the thin veil of material. I let one hand make a leisurely jouney down her belly, and onto her thigh, where it moved gently up towards her hairy snatch.  Yes hairy.  Carol had already taken her knickers off, and my hand brushed through the curls before quickly finding her wetness.  Carol groaned as I pushed one, then two then three fingers into her, my thumb struggling at first, but eventually finding her tiny clit amongst the folds of labia. Carol all the while was moaning deeply, stroking my cock through the material of my pants. I stopped for breath, and went to pull them off.  “Lets go upstairs” she huskily said.I picked up my jeans as I went, and followed her bare arse up the steep stairs and into her pretty bedroom. Single bed by the wall, pop posters adored every available surface, and I suddenly remembered there was something of a small age gap betwwen us. Carol removed her blouse, and jumped under the covers before taking off her skirt. I pulled a pack of condoms out of my jeans, and Carol shook her head, pointing at a full pack of pills on her bedside table. My cock leapt at the thought of penetrating her wetness without a boot on, and I stripped naked and dived into bed, hard-on raging as it was finally going to be satisfied after all the build up. I kissed and licked her bare boobs for ages while my fingers toyed with her pussy which just got wetter and wetter. Then I longingly tongued my way down her torso, until my mouth reached the hairs at her cunt. Carol shuddered in anticipation, pushing my head towards her vagina. I obligingly lapped at her juices, before my mouth settled into a routine of penetration then clit lick. Occasionally stopping so I could swallow all she was producing.  Finally, Carol gave a series of yelps, ans shuddered to her climax, immediately pulling my head away from her sensitive bits. I shuffled up the bed, pushing her legs wide apart, and sank my full length straight into her willing open sex. Even as I began thrusting, I knew I was ging to have a problem holding back. Maybe a condom would have been better to stave off my desire. The feel of her pussy walls on my bare cock was indescribable. Carol thrust back a little, but her technique wasn’t that good – her inexperience worked to my advantage at first, as it was easier to concentrate on delaying my own orgasm when she didn’t move. Then it occured to me “are you a virgin?” I asked as I pounded towards my climax.”Not quite” she panted through each thrust “you’re my second, but the other didn’t make me cum”.  That was all my cock needed to hear, and without any warning, I felt my spunk rising mid thrust before I shot my whole creamy load part in her, and part over her hairy twat. As I pulled out, I could see some spots of blood mixed with our juices – and wondered if she’d just lied to me. Having cleaned up in the bathroom, we sat naked together on the edge of the bed and shared a smoke. Carol seemed unimpressed with my now flaccid cock (I’m a grower, not a shower) but we soon began fumbling with each other again, and she wanked me to a solid hardness within no time.  My cock eager to get inside her pussy once more.As I lay on the bed, erection pointing at the ceiling, Carol straddled me, and attempted to impale herself on me. her inexperienced moves excited me more, and when eventually she had me in her to the hilt, her big tits were dangling in my face, too inviting not to lick and suck, making her nipples full and firm, and her areolae puckered up. Just yummy.Carol hesitantly began to ride me, her wetness making me slip out a number of times – each one making my cock ram into her clit.  She seemed to like that, and when she finally found an angle where she could ride me without slipping out, she rubbed her clit with one hand while her other steadied herself.It wasn’t long before she picked up pace – I’ve never been ridden so hard and fast before or since – her hand became a blur as she rubbed at her clit moaning at her approaching orgasm. Her neck, then chest, face then tits all blushed up before the horny minx came with a scream, and stopped heaving at my cock. I took over, pushing her onto her back before pressing home to piston my cock in and out of her hot snatch. Carol was gasping with every stroke, her whole body now moving in time to my thrusts.  Soon I felt tha familiar rolling of my balls, and my cock seemed to swell further, as I made one final thrust deep inside her womb and released my lust – penis pumping away long after I had stopped moving.  That was it. we were both spent, and she was asleep before I was.In the morning I woke to see her getting ready for school. Uniform hung on the door while she did her make up. “No more?” I asked, revealing a solid morning wood. Carol licked her lips, and kissed the head, before gently sucking me deep into her mouth. I played with her bottom as she did, and allowed my fingers to toy with her asshole and pussy as I’d done in the taxi. Carol was getting very wet again, and she moaned as my fingers did their work. “just a quick shag then” she said, stopping her sucking and moving to lie on the bed. I stopped her, holding her in position, as I moved round behind her and positioned my cock at her love entrance.  “Ooh that feels nice” she cried as I penetrated her hairy twat from the rear.I plugged away, finding I could reach new depths in this position (some girls have twats that are further back, and it is always good to experiment). As I ploughed into her, her pussy juices splashed out on each thrust, making us both very wet. I used it as an opportunnity to play with her anus again, this time gently slipping the tip of one finger inside. Carol moaned much louder as I did this, so I pushed a little further until my middle finger was fully in her back passage. Slowly I began pulling it out, then in again, and gradually upped the pace until I was penetrating her with the same speed and motion as my prick was in her pussy.All this was too much for Carol, and her breaths became deeper and stronger as her orgasm approached.  I was close too, and as she yelled “Oh my God Oh my god don’t stop” her orgasm crashed over her, sending me over the edge too. adding another dose of my spunk deep inside her.It took a while for either of us to recover, and as I lay there, she smothered me with kisses saying “Thank you, thank you thank you”We cleaned up and dressed hastily, and as we were leaving the house, her to school, me to apologise for being (very) late for work, she stopped to passionately kiss me again. “I don’t know when we’ll next get a chance, but I’ll ring you when I can.That was it. She never rang, didn’t come to work on the next play – I never saw her again.Except. Many years later trawling through social media friends of friends I came across her profile. Married, but she’d hyphened her maiden name.  There were photo’s of a girl captioned ‘my baby is eighteen’. I did some brief maths in my head – maybe?  I’ll never know!

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