Carole’s hairy cunt fucked by man in the park

Carole’s hairy cunt fucked by man in the parkAs an exhibitionist and a naturist I get to flash my hairy bush and big tits at every opportunity. love the feeling of the fresh air breezing over my naked body and I get a real buzz knowing that every man walking past is checking me out and getting an eyeful of my hairy cunt. resort we often visit has a large wooded area and everyone who visits is very broadminded. It’s not uncommon to see couples having sex in the open and so I guess you could say its full of voyeurs and like minded sex addicts – just like we are.On one occasion I was enjoying exhibiting my private parts to all and sundry walking past. I was really getting into it and put on a show with my fingers probing my bartın escort clit, all the time Keith snapped away with the camera. became aware of another naturist approaching us and as he started talking I noticed that he had a massive hard-on, which he made no attempt to conceal. told us that his name was Alan and that he had often seen me posing in the park. He said that he had a collection of photographs he had taken of me, which he regularly jerked off over. I told him that I was pleased that he had enjoyed them.He then asked whether he could jerk off over the real thing! My husband laughed at his boldness and enquired what exactly did he have in mind. Alan said he’d love to cum over my tits and watch me massaging bartın escort bayan the cum into them afterwards.Keith said it was alright by him and wondered what I thought. Feeling rather horny I said “Rather than Alan just wanking off over my tits why don’t I go down on him and suck him off. He could then either cum on my tits or over my face if he preferred”. Alan readily agreed and soon I was feasting away on his cock. a few minutes of tonguing the sticky pre-cum off his cock and licking and stroking his balls, it occurred to me that I was doing all the work and not getting all of the enjoyment.I pushed Alan on his back, sat on his face and said “Whilst I’m sucking your cock you can give me some action and stick your tongue up my cunt” He munched away at escort bartın my hairy cunt while I sucked away on his cock for quite a bit longer. something even more fulfilling I told Alan that I’d had enough of the fore-play and that he should just fuck me instead. obliged and with me on my back this time he thrust his cock up my cunt and fucked away with my tits swaying back and forth every time he lifted his chest off mine. fucked me hard for a quite a while before eventually shooting his load up my cunt and dribbling his cum down my thigh as he withdrew. didn’t get to cum on my face after all but he seemed to go away happy.Keith said afterwards that he wasn’t the only one taking photos of Alan fucking me and if anyone recognises me from their own photos I’d be keen to see the results.CaroleX

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