CasandraThough this happened in August of ’95 the memory is still vivid in my mind. 2 months prior a nasty divorce was made final and I felt the need to do things for me. I entered a golf tournament in South Carolina, booked myself into a nice resort for a week overlooking the ocean and was in the best shape of my life since boot camp in the Marines. Even better. Bottom line I was very happy with me and what was the future for me to control.One night while at the lounge I decided to do some inquires into a service. At the time, there was no cell phone so I had to use a land line. Bruce, who was the bar person, gave me a phone book and phone and when he noticed what I was doing, he interrupted me and asked what I was looking for regarding “company” as he put it. Bruce was a class act. I told him, he took the phone and made a couple calls. The area, at the time, had more yellow page listings for escorts than lawyers, which has significantly decreased today. I took his recommendation and set up a meet. My room was in such a way that you needed to walk down a walkway once you exited the elevator so anyone coming onto my room area had to walk directly towards my door to get to their room. The time came for her arrival and my eye was damn near glued to the peep hole on the door. 7 pm came and a drop dead gorgeous blonde, early 40ish, came walking down the ramp. Bruce did not miss my wants but exceeded them. 5′ 6″, had to be a size two, and perfect body güvenilir bahis and just plain gorgeous. She knocked on the door and it took me a moment to gather my composure for fear of acting like a total jerk.A few moments after coming in, she sat across from me on the other bed and we got a bit more comfortable with each other. The financial transaction was done and she started to undress slowly and very deliberately and as she revealed her 36 D breasts, my cock went to full attention. She smiled at my offering and brought one of her breasts to her mouth, sucking her ample nipple into her mouth as I stroked my cock a little. She reached into her bag, took out some strawberry oil and rubbed it on her breasts. She asked how long it had been for me and I told her a couple years as I just got over a nasty divorce and choose not to become involved with anyone until that chapter in my life was over. She just smiled. I stood up to remove my shorts and she grabbed my cock and moved me closer to her, placing it between her tits and pushed them around my hard cock and I moved it up and down, her eyes watching mine and the head of my cock showing itself as we moved together. She removed all her clothing and before me was nothing short of perfect. Her pussy was nicely trimmed with a slight strip of hair about an inch above and I smiled. I wanted so bad to bury my face in her I immediately dropped to my knees and began kissing and licking her lips. türkçe bahis She asked if I really wanted to continue and I just smiled. She asked if I wanted some tips on eating pussy and I said sure. Having limited experience, I was more than willing to learn the inner pleasures a woman tends to keep to themselves.She laid back on some pillows so I could see her face and tits as I continued. After kissing her thighs slowly moving towards the sweet spot, she let out a sigh and opened her lips for me to enjoy. She tasted so sweet and delicious, I could have stayed there for hours. I found her swollen clit and she remarked she was there to pleasure me, not me pleasure her. I just looked at her and smiled not stopping. She moved her hands to her tits which I had now noticed her nipples were at full mast, her tits swollen and full and wanting. I remarked how nice they were and she only moaned a bit, taken one then the other to her mouth, slowly sucking each nipple. My cock was throbbing but I wanted to continue as I was having fun.Her breathing became heavy and her moaning louder as I sucked clit slowly, per her instructions and continued for a few minutes. Her hips started moving a bit and I gently held her still until she came, her juices flowing from her pussy as her hands played with her tits. She then grabbed my head and told me to stop or she will come again. I chose not to stop as I figured I was on a roll. Before long, she came again and then, güvenilir bahis siteleri after we laid there a few moments, she looked at the clock and time was running out.Her hand was on my cock and she massaged it, stroking it with her oil and she took me in her mouth. I stopped her and said if she continues I am going to cum, which is fine, but maybe we should use a condom? She just smiled and told me to lay back. Here I am with a gorgeous classy lady with a perfect body wanting to suck my cock with no restrictions. I really need to see Bruce and tip him. I did as instructed and her mouth slowly moved up and down my cock while her hand massaged my balls. I reached down, as she was lying along side of me, and played with her tits as she sucked me. It was not long before she could feel I was going to cum and she sucked harder and faster. I told her I was going to cum and she stroked my cock as she sucked and did not stop until I was fully drained. I swear it was the longest orgasm I had had to date. As I subsided, she continued for a few moments and then laid back with me, her head on my chest.We cleaned up a bit and as she was leaving, I threw on my swim trunks and tee shirt and walked her to her car. I knew this lady had class as we approached her new Mustang. She gave me a note with her real name and phone number asking me to call her two nights from then and she would show me the town. Our relationship continued threw the following years until she decided to move back to Tennessee. We kept in touch until she married and I was actually invited to her wedding. She introduced me to her hubbie and he in turn introduced me to my first drink of ‘shine. It was a hell of a weekend.

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