Subject: THE CASE OF THE GARDENERS BOY EIGHT THE CASE OF THE GARDENERS BOY The Case of the Gardener’s Boy Part Eight A Randy Harden Story � Van T Z Boi 2018 (The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author’s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read and enjoy such fanciful creativity and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories) (HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter. A good supply of tissues should be close at hand in case of sudden emergencies!) (Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email address ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) From Part Seven I reached out and rubbed his similarly growing tube in his shorts.”I hear you’re a bit of a chip off the old man’s block or should I say rod,” I squeezed the hot pole and looked into his face, “so what next?” He stepped back and yanked up the blue top, his muscular body gleamed in the overhead lights; his shorts tented and pulsed as his obvious desire peaked. “This is where I teach the boys how to score,” he grinned, “You up for a game?” Part Eight I stared at his naked torso, the muscular tone was evident and his breathing was slowing after the exercise. His teats were hard and pointed; the darker brown pink skin almost perfect circles around the raised nubs. My eyes moved downwards, the six-pack taut and there was that slight furry treasure trail that arrowed down inside the shorts. As I watched, drinking in the deliciously athleticism that radiated from him he grinned and bent down, taking his shorts with him. Delicately he stepped out of the puddle of material. I stared, my mouth salivating at the sight of his teenage prime, a beautiful shaped seven inches of teenage cock that stood out and up, there can’t have been more than twenty degrees between his shaft and his curly nest. His fat balls hung loose, the two orbs defined inside the sac, the right one slightly lower than the left, he exuded a sweaty horniness that made my nostrils flare and Li’l ol’ Randy rose to the challenge. Deftly he lifted his right foot, the ballsac quivered seductively and he tugged the ties on his boots, he twisted the boot off and took his sock with it. The second one followed, my eyes again taken by the swinging ball sac that promised delicious juicy pleasure to come. The pudgy flap of skin below his cock and balls was hazed by a tuft of hair that protruded; he was clearly all man, this teenage boy. “Okay I can see you like the show, now what’s on offer,” he reached out and unsnapped my belt. My clothes slid off in quicker succession than his basketball outfit, I stood there as heavily masculine as he had, my scent floated across the short distance and I could see his nostrils twitch, his eyes slid licking all over me and I saw the jerk of his hips, that subtle hint that told me his teen pussy was melting. His eyes devoured Little Randy, who was proud and jutted, there was less than ten degrees between my stomach and little Randy’s cockhead, such was his engorgement and desire. My cockhead bulged, his eyes widening as he saw the power when off its own accord my foreskin slid down the swelling glans to lodge just around the ridge. “Every fucking thing they said was true,” he gasped and for a moment I saw the trembling slight teenager behind the hunky facade. I could see he was thinking hard, doubting that he could take me, but I knew better, his desire was heated and I was the one with the hose to quench his flaming heat. I stepped forward, he actually took a half step back but by then I had him in my arms, his lips were strong and firm but they were already red hot, his mouth was drying until I invaded it. We kissed, hard and long, both of us gasping for breath as we finally finished the clinch. As we liplocked our dicks rubbed against each other, Little Randy loving the heat that radiated from his teenrod; the hard seven inches pulsed and jerked alongside Little Randy with increasing rapidity. My hand grasped his dick, it was unyieldingly hard, no sign of that spongy softness until you reached the helmet; the slimy squidgy foreskin, soaking wet from his anticipating precum slid stickily back and I squeezed his teenage squidgy sensitive helmet, the heat from his rigid cock was exciting to my touch and my yearning desire rose several notches. I slipped a foot behind his and pushed with my lips, he fell backwards, held safely in my arms as I followed him down. The court was made of hard wood, matched by our own hard woods and I ground him against the wooden boards, his cock doing its best to push through my stomach. His head banged against the slats, it must have hurt bad but he lifted his head, his tongue probing my mouth and the tongue fencing began. He tasted of honky teenage sweat but his saliva became sweeter, taking away that heady salty sweat from physical exercise and replacing it with the hormonal flavour of horny teenager. His flickering tongue action at times was rhythmically linked to his throbbing fleshy rod that pulsed between the tight space between our grinding bodies. He at times was all man and yet the underlying teenager was glimpsed now and then as his cock spilled its lubricating teendew against our respective skins. I leaned forward, forcing his head against the hard court, pushing his body right into the boards and he grunted as he initially fought and then yielded. He lay pliant as I kissed down his body, sucking at his Adams’s apple which bobbed in response, down his neck and down his chest, meandering to either side to suckle the taut nipples that sprang outwards, their hard tips almost solid where my teeth nipped at them, his chest was toned and taut, his muscles hard and strong. Down I kissed, the belly button swelled as I licked it, tasting the sweet salty spice of his precum where it had pooled in the dip. I followed the slimy trail which in turn followed his own treasure trail, that soft haired line of manliness that led to the nest of curly springy hairs that wound around his cock. The scent of his groin was a perfume to my senses, that amazing concoction of lust and hormones mixed with the natural odour of an active athletic teenager. I sucked his cock deep, taking the seven inches of hard meat right inside my mouth and felt his moan of appreciation through his throbbing root. Up and down I bobbed my head, tasting his essence direct from the source, that heady spicy saltiness that proclaimed its absolute fertility and masculinity. His dick swelled repeatedly in my mouth, delivering more and more of his spiced teendew. I swallowed copiously and kissed down the moist shaft to his balls. The two spheres were clearly discernible; they hung either side of his protruding shaft, the sac skin stretched beneath the emerging pole. Underneath the sac sagged, wrinkled where the empty part of his sac waited for his balls to relax and hide between the hidden layers of tissue. I suckled them one at a time, stretching them individually away from his groin, watching the play of pleasure and torturous pain cross his face. Carefully I sucked them both in at one time, the tight eggs fighting to remain close to his dick and again I stretched his sac, the pleasure and pain mounting in equal amounts. He moaned and grunted as I stretched him to the fullest extent. He relaxed fully when I let them go; the swish slap as they fell back against his groin was a flat dull sound. I took advantage of his relaxed state and gripped his thighs, swinging his legs up and wide. His face looked at me, expectant, hopeful, hesitant as I took in the sight of his teenage pussy. The ring of short hairs that surrounded his roseate waved softly, like and ant’s antenna in the air, the lips of his pussy winked at me, the darker tanned brown skin giving way to the pink lining. I leaned forward and took the tuft of hairs that reached out to me from kocaeli escort the top of his teenpussy and tugged them between my lips and then my teeth, the skin stretched and the roseate pulsed and I licked down the soft line of fat filled sensitive skin to the edge of his pussy. He moaned even before I touched him, his moan giving way to a deep growl as my lips and tongue slicked over his wrinkled pulsing roseate before I pushed gently inside, the hole obediently opening up before me. He was more than ready and I lifted my head to see the question in his eyes, not `if,’ but `why are you taking so long.’ I grinned and in a swift movement spanned his body, my legs between his, my torso bearing down on his, his dick once again trapped between us. Slowly I slid up and down, the slow catching movement, working his foreskin down under his helmet, our respective bellybuttons forming a place where his dick could fuck and frottage. My cock was under his balls, the tip scraping against the wooden boards, the pain only making me more intense about my actions. A slight shift in my position and my dick found his teenpussy, pierced the lips and plunged deep inside his dark tunnel. A cry escaped him as my glans found and passed his swelling inner teenbud, the cry escalating as the rest of my shaft swelled over his bud, lengthening the delicious delight. I could feel the teenpussy pulse and contract around me, the undulating muscles containing and caressing me. Grant Junior’s eyes closed and I could see he was savouring my penetration, it was clear that despite his reputation as a cocksman he was also a pussyboy where and when I assumed, the right cock came along. I balanced myself on my palms, Little Randy gloriously pushing further inside the deep furrow and then balanced I shoved hard and remained there, still, tight up against his teen bud but not moving; only the sensual pulsing of our respective bodies providing the necessity to keep our passions engaged. I held tight and taut watching him; for a moment he resisted, and then the softness appeared and his eyes flew open, the vulnerable boyish teenager showing. “You’ve stopped?” he asked his eyes sending the message of hurt desire. I tensed and pushed into him slightly, he twitched and his legs opened wider, inviting me, allowing the complete domination. “Just making sure you’re ready to handle a man dick,” I grinned at him, he blushed, the pink of embarrassment spreading down from his face to colour his shoulders and chest. “I’m ready,” he insisted, a final blaze of manhood flaring in his eyes. I jerked my dick inside him, the head rubbed against his bud and he quivered as the excitement grew larger inside him. I shoved hard and he yipped as Little Randy drove his bud back inside his body, my shaft swelling and filling his fuckhole. He grabbed my arms and I grinned as I repeated the action again and again, watching the waves of pleasure pain ride over his face, his eyes blazed the passion I was raising inside him and he moaned as his dick was squashed between us, his teendew spilling down each side as it was rubbed out. Slowly we took up the rhythm as he became used to being big dicked. My sweat mingled with his as the effort to dominate and pleasure required more energy on my behalf, his similarity with his father extended to his need to repudiate any dominance and I covered his body with mine, pressing him strongly against the wooden court, giving no quarter. I sensed an electric charge being set off inside him, his body quailed and I pounded him rabbit style, his teen pussy giving way and his body relaxing. His head leaned further back as he arched his back, his neck was offered in supplication and I sucked the skin over the bobbing Adam’s apple as he convulsed and yielded. The look in his eyes told me all, Little Randy was riding victorious inside him, each shove and pull sending more and more hot jolts of lust driving through him, he moaned and growled and I pressed him further, my hands slipping underneath the so tight and taut buttocks, grinding them against me as I made him as much of a cumdump receptacle as I could. His hips responded and the touch of his arms became more subtle, he was indicating his surrender and accepted that if he wanted to join in the ride for mutual satisfaction then my dominant position as rider was paramount. I slowed, Little Randy scenting the delight to come and with one mind my body and Little Randy worked the teenager; Grant Junior writhing and wriggling as good as any loving partner could. Together we built up the head of steam as my engine pile-drived his teenmotor. Puffing and grunting we sashayed at each other, taking the glorious pleasures on offer as we offered the same to each other. Tongues duelled, lips smacked and bodies heaved as we sought the ultimate orgasmic release. Grant tensed and jerked first, the tightening and relaxing pausing for the elongated second, the one where the mind and cock knew that the balls were about to deliver their payload. I screwed him to the court as I sensed his approaching climax, his cock swelled and juddered between us and the spits of his teencum were contained for the moment between us until he gasped heavily, the panting allowing a gap to open up so his teen juice could escape our grinding bodies. As he mewled and clawed at me, Little Randy working like the dirty devil he was inside the contracting furrow of his fuckhole. I forced him hard against the floor and then Little Randy spoke and roared and I flooded his teencunt, Little Randy ejecting eight heavy streams of man spunk, delivering them deep inside his colon, spearing their way further inside his innards. “Oh Fuuuucccckkkkk,” Grant Junior growled throatily, “Oh fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk,” he repeated as his body finally slowed, his orgasm melting away. I lay hard on him, covering him as I covered his teenpussy, gasping as my own joys ebbed and slowed. We lay connected by my mancock, the hardness hardly dissipated as Little Randy continued his dominance of the boy’s pussy. Our breaths synchronised and we ended with a gentle kiss of thanks. “Fuck you are good,” his admiration was unabashed, he lay compliant, his arms casually across my back; I knew the position, he did not want to lose me to soon, that sense of loss when a hard fucked dick is removed form a well fucked pussy can be a killer and for the first time in a long while Grant Junior and I both knew he was the other end of that depressing moment. For me, well Little Randy and I knew there were plenty of male pussies to fill so it would not be so bad for me or him but for Grant Junior this could be major, his teenage vulnerability was on show but he wanted to enjoy the experience as much as possible and possibly any repeat. I could see that glimmer in the corner of his eyes. “Better than most that have taken you and probably the best!” I smirked at him and regaining my hands, made Little Randy jerk in his special way. Grant Junior sighed and moved languidly and seductively beneath me. “Maybe,” he replied trying to play me. I sneered at him and edged Little Randy backwards, “Say Uncle or…” I left the threat unspoken but he got the drift. “Uncle, uncle,” he growled and pulled me back. “Again?” he asked the boy in him wanting the repeat of the joy. Little Randy leaped and he moaned as he felt the charge build up. The second fuck was slower and all the more enjoyable as this time we both knew each other’s bodies and were able to complement desires that more readily. Little Randy was in his element, sliding around the spermy coated tube and butting the swollen bulge that defined Grant Junior’s passion point. His salty sweet sweat and mine were soon mingling between us, providing a form of lubrication which allowed his dick to move easily between our bodies, if anything his seven inches of steely hard teenage cock appeared even more stiffer as it pulsed and vibrated and quivered between us. His teen pussy was a hot and tight as his experienced muscles worked to provide the delicious friction for hard dicking. I pounded fiercely at his teencunt, delving Little Randy even deeper than before, my balls squashing against his exposed ass cheeks as I grunted and growled my way thought the dissolute and desperate coupling. His hands clasped across my back as he instinctively directed me, allowing me to adjust to provide his pleasure, the heights of joy that could be achieved and were in fact surpassed. Our drumming against the wooden boards became a syncopated rhythm of primordial breeding and we plundered and plumbed the depths of mine and kocaeli escort bayan his grunting ardour. I ground my entire body at him, screwing my cock inside the hot funnel, delighting in his reactions as my own white lava blazed and blossomed. The explosion when it came was as close to mutual as could be, a mere half second between us as our dicks tensed and our balls jerked before the delicious depravity of male bedding and breeding male wracked our thrashing bodies. Lips locked and tongues slicking we panted and growled and grunted as our jets of seed blurted out of our dicks. His falling either side as the gaps between our bodies opened when we panted; mine joining their fellows in the interior darkness of his teen pussy to lie and waste until evaporation set in. “Awesome, so awesome,” Grant Junior wheezed in my ear, I was a heavy oppressive weight on him as the toll of two hot hard worked ejaculations took the energy out of me. I did not have the recovery of his youth to aid me and I lay there, like a fish out of water as my body slowly showed its age and sluggishly recovered its uses. At last I managed to slide off and out of him, his hand immediately rushing to caress his teen pussy to assuage the loss it felt. “Game over,” I nuzzled his ear from the side, admiring once more the athletic body which despite its energized fucking still looked like he was ready for several rounds more. Little Randy twitched at the thought but made no other effort to jerk or stand. “Fuck yes,” he sighed and stretched languidly. We looked at each other, “We stink of fuck,” he grinned, “shower?” I nodded. Picking up our clothes we walked naked to the door the other boys had left by. The locker room was impressively elegant, the white tiles gleaming and the wooden lockers and benches varnished to a glossy lacquer finish. Clothes and towels were strewed around the room and I followed Grant Junior to his locker, here I dropped my clothes on the bench where he indicated. I followed him to the shower; the sounds of water splashing and other recognised sounds wafted towards us. Beside the doorway was a hamper in which he dumped his garments and we stepped into the steamy vapour. Inside the boys I had seen on the court were all engaged in various coital positions, some on the knees sucking cock, some on their backs or fronts taking cock, some standing up and taking cock. The Academy known for its athletic abilities clearly had other attributes in the attitude to male bonding. The sweet smell of soap and sex was as arousing as it could be and Little Randy perked up at the sight of the shower orgy. Eyes swung to view Little Randy as he rose and accepted the oblations of the eyes that spied him. My balls ached and I knew I would not escape this delight without sampling some of the joys on offer. Grant Junior directed me to one of the shower heads where he handed me the bar of sandalwood scented soap. My hands massaged his body with the lather, relishing the soft and strong textures of his skin and muscle tone. He did the same for me, his hands gentle and tender where Little Randy was concerned, the touch of his soap lathered fingertips alluring and exciting. “For an old man you stiffen up good,” he commented throatily and then I leaned back against the water warm tiles as his mouth engulfed my dick and the sucking began. I was aware that some of the others had stopped their activities and were watching, especially when Grant Junior removed his mouth to caress the eight fat thick inches that had penetrated him. “Fuck look at the size of that dick,” one admiring voice whistled. “Never mind looking I want in,” another voice chimed. Grant Junior grinned and then my dick swelled as a different mouth swallowed around it. I blinked open my half closed eyes and realised I was at the centre of the group of horny teenagers and Little Randy was in for the time of his life. The second mouth was warm and succulent, I caressed the damp hair of the youth who was sucking me, he certainly knew how to cocksuck, the sliver of a tongue wormed its way around my glans, Little Randy swelling and pulsing in that so happy way of his. I leaned back against the damp tiles and then two different mouths sucked at my teats. I blinked my eyelids open to see the teenagers swarming around me, those not touching or rubbing or sucking me were gently toying with their own dicks, the drools of teen precum strings slowly waving and floating downwards in the steamy air to splodge on the stream of water flowing across the tiles. I recalled a similar session when as a horny teenager myself I had showered after a heavy training session at High School. A number of my fellow team-members had allowed themselves to enjoy the hot pleasure that my dick could provide, those encounters had been in private but here as I stood under the shower, Little Randy rearing up at the sight of previous conquests somehow their private slackening of inhibitions were allowed to become public as my fuckbuddies as I called them advanced on me. In seconds I was on the tiled floor, sucking dick and being sucked and kissed all over. The other guys either finished showering or stayed to watch the spectacle as I fucked the eight guys one after another; all trying to be the one that Little Randy would breed with my sperm. The event had been talked about and I had walked about High School with my head held high and reputation enhanced. I grinned as it looked like it was about to happen again. The third mouth was tight and took me into a tighter throat, I moaned as the kid deeped me with apparent ease. I could feel the swelling of his Adam’s apple as I was swallowed and sucked, the tight lips pressing against my shaft and another mouth assaulted my balls with luscious wetness. One after another the twelve boys and Grant Junior took their turn at sucking Little Randy. All were clearly intent on being the one to bring me to climax and I readily made all the pertinent parts of my body available. Stepping away from the wall I stood balanced with my legs spread wide, lips hands and tongues roved over my body, the teenagers taking turn to tongue fuck my manpussy. If I hadn’t dropped two heavy loads inside Grant Junior’s hole I probably would have attempted to fuck them but my inner senses told me to just take the cocksucking that was on offer. The group were rotating swifter and swifter now as my orgasm approached; it became clear that someone was directing them; I assumed it was Grant Junior but my head and mind were so concerned with the ecstasy and the unique delights of so many different mouths and styles that I did not bother to find out. As I sensed the end, the joyous twitch inside that announced my orgasm I bellowed. “I’m cumming, suck faster!” the sound of my voice echoing around the tiled enclosure, dampened only slightly by the falling water. I humped the mouth that contained me, the hot wetness of the slavering tongue giving me the friction I needed. I grabbed the wet head tight in my hands as I fucked the last strings of ejaculating heaven inside the raw heat of the squelching mouth and Little Randy shot his load with the force that the elongated suck session had provided the energy for. In speedy succession different mouths coved my dick, all trying to take a few drips of the last of my juices and I opened my eyes to see the group of naked youth kissing each other, smearing my sperm from mouth to mouth. Hands were also rubbing at the disparate dicks on show and a steady stringing stream of teenspunk floated away on the pooling water. Exhausted I stepped back to lean against the wall, the youth still attached to my dick following on his knees. Panting heavily I stroked his head until the after pleasure pain became too intense as Little Randy’s throbbing head became too sensitive to allow any touch. I pushed the youth off me and covering my groin with hands to prevent further assault I wheezed and grunted as the aches of a standing cocksuck ground throughout at my body. The shower was turned off and I felt a towel pressed into my hand, carefully I wiped the water from my face and blinking looked around. I was alone in the shower, Grant Junior grinning at me as he towelled himself dry. I could hear the excited chatter from the locker room but ignored it, I could also hear the references to my big dick but I had probably heard them all before. Grant Junior chuckled and I glanced at him. “Does that thing ever go down?” his eyes pointed at Little Randy who despite his exertions was still standing proud. “You probably kocaeli bayan escort won’t live long enough to find out,” I smirked back and swished my hips making Little Randy swerve like a rattlesnake about to strike. He laughed and shook his head and continued to dry that magnificent body of his. “Nice fuck though,” he grinned, “you’d be a sensation at Prom Night,” he turned around and swivelled his ass at me; the taut cheeks that I had plundered were already bruising where my palms had grabbed him and Little Randy lunged. I had to hold my towel over him, I was exhausted but I knew Little Randy never liked to admit that if I was beat then so was he. Grant Junior led the way into the locker room, the group of teenagers were nearly all dressed and I acknowledged the admiring glances. Grant Junior leaned close and whispered in my ear. I looked back and reluctantly nodded. “Guys,” Grant Junior clapped his hands and every eye swivelled towards him. “Mr Harden would like to thank you for you welcome so you can line up for a goodbye kiss. The resounding cheers were lost in clatter as the youths charged towards me. Grant Junior marshalled them into a straggling line and I plundered the mouth of the first youth. The boys were all expert kissers too and I enjoyed the delightful experience of kissing the group of sexy and precocious teenagers that individually offered invitations to meet up. Little Randy did not lose out either as everyone of the boys renewed their acquaintance with him by kiss sucking him farewell too. I was rocked with dissolute lust and despite the clear invitation from Grant Junior when we were finally alone I managed to produce the strength to remind myself I was on a case and therefore on a different mission. “Nice looking bunch of players,” I grinned at Grant Junior whose eyes constantly blazed his invitation. Dearborne’s don’t lie to be denied and his Blue Book family’s characteristics asserted themselves. “I like your bunch too,” he gurgled and sank to his knees to kiss and swallow Little Randy. I sucked in a deep breath and tugging at his ears pulled him reluctantly off my heaving dick, Little Randy protesting inside my head at the interruption. “Sorry but I’m working,” I slid my hand down to his rampant teenage dick, relishing the youthful vigour and horny lust it displayed. “Another time,” I whispered my tone insistent. Grant Junior’s hand snaked around my cock and Little Randy roared his approval, “I’ll hold you to that,” he purred but the expectation was inherent. I dressed quickly, Grant Junior still doing his best to entice me as he towelled himself dry, a burlesque attempt to seduce me which in ordinary time I would have leapt upon him and fucked the hell out of that tight teenage pussy but I was conscious that the delays of the day whilst headily sexy only made it more difficult to do my job. “I need to speak to Matt or Paul, Smithy,” I corrected recalling that Paul was the Dearborne’s chauffeur. Grant Junior checked the time on the locker room clock, “Smithy should be parked outside the Library, Matt will be attending the home study session. I’ll show you the way,” he whipped the towel away to display his beautiful cock, the head glistened with precum, “or we could catch them at the house, later,” he added as he swished his hips making his teenage fucker weave back and forth before my eyes and Little Randy, hidden inside my pants, thickened and swelled as it scented the musky aroma of teenager in heat. I knew exactly what he meant by later. “I think I’ll find the Library quicker by myself,” I replied taking a necessary step backwards as his horny perfume hit my nostrils. `Down boy,’ I told Little Randy inside my head. “You’re loss,” he turned his back and bent over, the sight of his recently fucked teenage pussy winked and beckoned me and struggling to contain the rampant lion in my pants I headed out of the locker room using the door I had seen the other kids take. The corridor was empty but the signs were clear and I soon found myself outside where I scanned the various buildings that were scattered along the roadway. I found a signpost, heavily ornate but I spied the word `Library’ and turned in the direction of the arrow. A line of parked limousines, uniformed chauffeurs standing talking to one another indicated that the `study group’ was still in session. I made a beeline for Paul, his tenting trousers were a clear indication of his warm greeting and the look in his eyes matched the one I had just rejected in Grant Junior’s. I explained my reason for seeking him out. “No I don’t recall seeing any such van,” he replied his tone reluctant as he understood there was no other motive behind my appearance at the Academy, “I can put the word out around the other driver’s if you want, they may come across it,” I accepted his offer and greeted the other chauffeurs as I explained my quest. “Pass any information to me,” said Paul, “I’ll keep Mr Harden informed.” The Library doors opened and a steady stream of Matt’s classmates strode towards the parked cars. Matt once he spied me came running, a hopeful look on his face. “I’m sorry there is no better news,” I said after explain what I had discovered. “I’ve not seen any such vehicle,” Matt was thoughtful, “perhaps the other drivers,” he added but Paul jumped in. “I’ve already put the word out with them Master Matt,” he assured his young charge. I accepted the offer of a lift to where I had parked my car; it looked very out of place amongst the expensive array of cars now parked in the parking lot. Musing on the day’s events I drove back to the office. Luckily Chet was not on duty but Bucky one of the other valets happily parked my old Chevvie for me. I walked across the street and passed the newspaper stand, Mikey was bawling out the latest headlines and I stopped and turned back. “Hi Mikey,” the newspaper boy grinned, his face lit up and he held out a paper to me. “Hi Randy,” he dropped the newspaper he held before him, his open fly gaped pink where his skin glowed in the late evening sun. “anything else I can do for you?” his tone was more than inviting and he was an old friend of Little Randy’s who had perked up yet again at the expressed invitation to party. Reminding Little Randy that I was on a different sort of job, I took the paper and handed Mikey a dollar, “keep the change,” I said watching the look of disappointment flow over his face, “but there is something you can do for me,” his eyes glowed and then his face fell as I explained what I actually wanted him to do. “Sure Randy, I’ll spread the word with the other newsboys,” he smiled happy to be of assistance. The newspaper boys prowled all areas of the city and were a reliable source of information; it was not the first time I had taken such advantage of Mikey and his friends “I’ll make it worth your while,” I grinned and he smirked back. “Oh don’t you worry Randy,” he tugged at his shorts and the fly opened wider, the pink head of his upright cocklet slipped out and winked at me, “I’ll make it worth your while too.” The office was closed, the lights out, Donny had clearly locked up and gone for the day but there was likely to be a note left out for me if anything had been heard. I felt for my keys and was about to unlock the door when I felt the hard roundness pressed against my back. I tensed and heard the sound of breathing in my left ear. End of Part Eight To Be Continued…?????????????????????????? (Oh poor, poor Randy and not forgetting Little Randy, both have had a `hard’ day and now, well what is knocking at his back? Would you like to find out? Will he survive? Will he be able to private dick his way to a solution? Or is it all over for this Private Dick? Well then if you do want more and really want me to continue this story then you have to write and tell me or this could really be the end of this case. Don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing fty//authorslist.html scroll down to V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also remember to make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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