Casey’s Double Life Ch. 03

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Letter from the author: This story contains elements of cheating and manipulation and even a little cuckoldry. So if these things do not excite you, please move on. These things do excite me and that’s why I write about them. Please refrain from just moving to the end and voting a 1 because. FYI I don’t allow anon comments, so know you won’t be able to stand on your soap box and preach without leaving a way for me to defend my work by leaving you user name. For those who like these things I hope you enjoy. Comments and feedback are always appreciated, even constructive criticism. This is copywrited by me. No reposting or reproducing without my permission



Casey enjoyed his life very much for the next few weeks. Tabitha had found a new man. Well at least that was what Casey figured since he had not heard from her. Furthermore, his relationship with Cara was growing and the sex seemed to get better every time they engaged in it. Cara was really getting into the dirty talk and the way Casey dominated her. Things were progressing and Casey was really starting to care deeply for her and he felt she had similar feelings for him. Casey couldn’t have been happier. That was until another fateful late night knock on the door.

Casey looked through the peep hole and told Tabitha, “NO!!!!” without even opening the door. Tabitha pleaded with him to open the door, but Casey just kept telling her no. Then Tabitha started to cry.

“Casey, please, please I need someone to talk to.” She was almost blubbering. “Just talk, I promise.”

“You promise?” He replied.

“Yes, I promise.” She assured him through the door, still sniffling as she said it.

Casey slowly opened the door and let her in. Immediately she fell into his arms and the water works flowed. She cried on his shoulder about how her latest boyfriend had treated her so baldly. He comforted her for a while before she finally excused herself to go the bathroom. Casey sat on the couch and waited for her. When she emerged from the bathroom she looked so crushed. Her eyes were puffy her makeup was almost nonexistent. He felt so sorry for her. Without saying a word she curled up on the couch and laid her head in his lap.

“Thank you baby, you are always so understanding. I have treated you so poorly before and every time I need you, you are always here. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Tabitha said to him most sincerely.

Casey couldn’t believe his ears. This was the woman he had fallen in love with originally. He stroked her hair and smiled to himself. Tabitha unwittingly wrapped her arm around one of his legs and hugged it for comfort. Her hand was very close to his crotch and his prick responded instantly. Casey didn’t know what to do. His loose fitting pajama pants and silk boxers did little to conceal his growing arousal. He just hoped that Tabitha wouldn’t notice, even though her hand and her face were merely inches from his stiffening prick. Tabitha did notice, and as always it brought out the mischievous bitch in her. Casey just chose to try and ignore it and hope it would go away, but of course the more he tried to ignore it, the harder it got. Tabitha remembered her promise and plus she really wasn’t too much in the mood for messing around. Casey’s stiff little rod did make her realize how much he really still wanted her, even if he had protested so strongly earlier. She just ignored it and enjoyed the loving strokes of Casey’s hand on her head.

Casey stroked her hair for some time, all the while looking over Tabitha’s perfect body. He really hadn’t noticed what she was wearing before because he was so set on not letting her in. Now he looked over her as he stroked her hair and noticed the shirt that was stretched so tightly around her body, allowing him to see the outline of her bra under it. The swell of her full breasts was visible from the side as she lay on her side with her head on his lap. Soon he found himself rubbing his fingertips over Tabitha’s shoulders and down her side. He realized what he was doing and tried with all his might not to touch the swell of her perfect tits. He ran his fingertips all the way down her side and over the skirt that was likewise stretched so tightly over her ass. Then back up to her shoulder and then back down.

Tabitha soon noticed the path his strokes were taking and she giggled to herself. She knew that if she just waited, Casey would not be able to control himself. Suddenly she forgot about that asshole that just dumped her, and she relished the loving stroke of her ex boyfriend.

“Mmmm, Baby, that feels so good. You are so good to me.” She cooed. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

There it was again. She had said that twice now. Casey wondered to himself, “Does she mean that or is she just using me again. “

Tabitha squeezed his leg again. “Mmmmm, thank you for being here Baby, you’re the best.”

Her words and her squeeze aroused him even more as he began to believe again that maybe she wanted him back. His prick jumped again in his pants and almost poked Ataşehir escort bayan out the unbuttoned fly holes of his garments. Again Tabitha noticed and giggled to herself. She didn’t need to make a move, she knew he couldn’t resist. She just lay there waiting for the inevitable.

Casey fought himself for quite a while, trying not to give into the temptation of those tits and that ass. He ran his fingers up and down her side avoiding both. He stroked her hair, again trying to avoid the land minds that lay right there for him to touch. Finally it was too much. First he ran his finger tips over her fine ass several times. Then one time he actually ran his palm over her ass cheek. Just briefly, but it was enough for Tabitha to notice. She saw his dick jump again, but she made sure she didn’t do anything. She needed him to make the first move. She knew he would, she just need to wait it out. Casey hoped she didn’t notice the change from his fingertips to his palm. When she didn’t say anything, he thought he had gotten away with it. Soon he was rubbing her ass longer each time he came to it. This went on for a while until he couldn’t resist. As his finger tips traveled up her side they took a detour and lightly rubbed the side of Tabitha’s tit. It was subtle, but it was a definite change.

Tabitha looked down and saw his throbbing little manhood straining to be let out of his pants. She restrained, just waiting for the right moment. Knowing she turned him on this much and his loving strokes had her getting horny and her pussy heating up as well, but she had to restrain. She knew, having gone this far, that soon Casey would go too far and she would have him.

Casey cringed at the feel of the softness of her tit as his finger tips crossed the side of it. He was sure Tabitha would say something. She didn’t. He continued this course of action for several minutes, just grazing the side of her boob as he stroked up and down her side. His cock was so hard and he was sure Tabitha could tell. He was so horny. He had to stop. He couldn’t do this. Tabitha’s nipples were rock hard now and her pussy was dripping knowing the power her body had over Casey she was so close to making a move. She was starting to think maybe he could resist the temptation. However, on the next trip up her side, he gave in. He not only ran his finger tips over her breast, he flipped his hand over and ran his palm over it. He rubbed enough of it to feel her stiff nipple and oh it felt so good. He couldn’t believe how much he loved her tits. He couldn’t resist the temptation to squeeze it a little either. He was sure she would yell at him. Boy was he surprised when he saw her reaction.

Tabitha felt his hand cup the side of her breast, then run over her sensitive nub; then she felt the squeeze. She knew this was the right time. She seized it. In one quick motion, she lifted her hand, reached in the open fly hole of his pants and fished his throbbing penis from its restraint. She opened her mouth and swallowed it all the way to his balls.

Casey felt that and immediately lifted her shirt and began mashing her tit through her bra with his hand. The feel of the silk covered mound in his hand turned him on so much. He just squeezed and squeezed it over and over as his dick raced to orgasm. It took less than ten thrusts of his throbbing reed into Tabitha’s mouth before he blew his load. He grunted a guttural moan as his seed rocketed out of his prick and down Tabitha’s throat. She easily swallowed it all. When it was all over, Casey dropped his head back on the coach and tried to recover. Tabitha giggled inside as she slipped his wilting pecker back into his pants and even acted like she was wiping her mouth off on his pajama bottoms. Without a word, she lay her head back down on his lap and planned her next move.

Casey’s hand was still on her covered boob as his breathing returned to normal. Oh how he loved the feel of his Tabby Cat’s tits in his hands. His mind was nowhere but right there at this moment. There were no thoughts of guilt, or of Cara. He was just in heaven. He wanted to stay there forever. The two of them eventually nodded off to sleep. Tabitha woke up a short time later and slipped out the door after covering Casey with a blanket. When Casey’s cell phone alarm woke him for work, he had not moved a bit. He collected his thoughts and remembered how he had fallen asleep on the couch. He got up and searched his apartment for Tabitha. As he got ready for work, all that guilt just began to pile onto his conscience. He had to end it once and for all with Tabitha. He couldn’t do this to Cara anymore. He decided he would do that tonight. He went to work. Cara called him later in the day and he begged off her coming over that night. His repeated texts to Tabitha were finally answered about quitting time. He asked her if she could come over to his house.

Tabitha presumed after last night that Casey had again gotten the wrong idea and was going to ask her to get back together with him. She didn’t want that, but she did like the way Casey worshipped Escort Ataşehir her and she didn’t have anything else better at the moment. She confidently agreed to come to his house, and went about dressing to tease her devoted ex-boyfriend. She was quite surprised when she arrived and noticed that Casey didn’t react to what she was wearing, and then almost flippantly told her he didn’t want to see her anymore. She stewed inside as Casey told her he was in love with another woman and that he didn’t want to ruin it by getting caught with his ex-girlfriend. She listened to him as he rambled on forever explaining to her that he still had feeling for her, but that he thought there was a future with Cara and that her late night calls and visits had to stop.

When he was finally done, Tabitha was hot. “Who did he think he was?” she thought. He can’t do this to me. She wanted to scream at him, to tell him she never wanted to speak to him again. She wanted to tell him he could never find anyone better than her, but instead, she just kissed him on the cheek and told him good luck. Then she walked out the door.

Casey closed it behind her with a big sigh. What a load off his mind. Now he didn’t have to worry about that anymore. He could relax and get on with making things work with Cara. As he walked away from the door he even said out loud to an empty apartment, “Wow that was easy.” Conversely, inside he was worried. “That was way too easy.” He heard that voice inside his head say. Being a young man, he brushed off his doubt without another thought and sat down to watch a little TV, relax and finally get a good night’s sleep, free of his guilt and worry of Cara catching him with another woman. What he didn’t realize is the old saying, “Hell hath no furry……..” was never as true as it was now, as Tabitha returned to her car and went home.

Three weeks later……

Casey and Cara were having a great time at the club when Cara excused herself to go to the ladies room. Casey plopped down on his chair exhausted from the dancing and ordered another round of drinks. A few minutes later he looked up from texting on his phone to see Cara standing next to the table and sliding into her chair. On the other hand he was extremely surprised to see Tabitha doing the same on his other side.

“Sweetheart, I want you to meet Tabitha. I saw her at another table and invited her to join us. I just met her at my gym last week. We worked out together. She is really sweet.” Cara said, explaining the new addition to their table. “This is my boyfriend, Casey.” She told Tabitha.

Casey was dumbfounded. He did not know what to say. Obviously Cara had no idea that he already knew Tabitha, or that he had a long history with her. He knew Tabitha was sneaky, but this was ridiculous. What was he going to do? Should he let on that he knew her? What the hell was Tabitha up to? He tried not to panic. He tried to play it cool. All this went through his head in the few seconds it took him to speak.

“Nice to meet you.” He replied.

“Oh shit, now I’ve done it. Now I am fucked” He thought to himself. “Why did I not say I knew her? Now Tabitha had him by the balls. Now I have lied to Cara again.”

“Nice to meet you too Casey.” Tabitha said winking at him so only he could see.

Casey was in a full-fledged panic now. What the fuck was he going to do? He took a deep inner breath and continued the conversation. “You two met at the gym?” He asked Tabitha.

“Yeah your little honey here was having some trouble with the elliptical. I showed her how to program it.”

“Yeah…..” Cara interrupted. “She did program it a little too hard for me didn’t you, you little bitch?” Cara giggled.

“No pain no gain.” Tabitha quipped.

Casey couldn’t believe the exchange. It was like they were best friends. His heart raced even more.

“You almost kept up with me that first time.” Tabitha encouraged her. “You did better the next few times.”

“Next few times?” Casey inquired. “You’ve worked out more than once together?”

“Yeah, like three times.” Cara replied. “She is really good for me. She pushes me. I like that.”

Casey’s heart felt like it might explode out of his chest. He didn’t know what to say. Cara ordered Tabitha another drink when the waitress brought Casey’s and her drink to the table. Casey played along trying not to slip up as he quizzed Tabitha about her life as though he had never met her.

Cara interrupted again, “She’s here alone, seems the guy she likes has a girlfriend and didn’t tell her until a few weeks ago when he dumped her. Can you believe he dumped someone as gorgeous as her baby?”

“No.” Casey replied. “He must really love his girlfriend.”

Suddenly he felt Tabitha’s hand on his thigh. He didn’t move a muscle. Then the hand slid up his thigh toward his crotch.

“His loss.” Tabitha said. “He knows what he is missing.”

Tabitha’s hand reached his crotch and she massaged his prick.

“I’m sure he does.” Casey replied in a bit of a high pitched voice.

“Not Ataşehir Rus Escort everyone is as lucky as I am to have a great guy like you.” Cara retorted leaning over to give Casey a peck on the lips.

Feeling Tabitha’s hand on his pecker as Cara gave him a kiss, made Casey’s dick swell instantly.

“How could this be happening?” He thought. “How the fuck am I going to get out of this?”

Tabitha was relentless. She felt him getting hard and squeezed it and stroked it slowly as not to get caught. She knew Casey was going crazy trying to not get caught. She had him right where she wanted him, under her control.

Over the next couple hours Tabitha played with Casey’s mind, and his prick. She didn’t want to draw suspicion from Cara, so she didn’t do it constantly, but occasionally she would reach down and begin fondling him with Cara right next to him the whole time. One time she even unzipped his pants and pulled it out into the open. She stroked it slowly and tenderly so that he would not blow his load, but fast enough to drive him crazy.

Casey couldn’t believe the boldness of her right in front of her “friend”, but then realized this had nothing to do with Cara. This was strictly to show Casey that she could do anything she wanted, and at anytime, she could ruin his relationship with Cara. Oh but how he loved the feel of Tabitha’s hand on his hard member. He wished he could enjoy it more, but he had to keep up appearances to Cara. He was just beginning to enjoy the hand job when Tabitha messed with him again.

“Let’s dance Casey.” She suggested.

Casey froze……….., “Uh, uh, um, I don’t think so. I’m not much of a dancer.” He replied as Tabitha let go of his throbbing penis.

“Come on, it will be fun.” She said, tugging on his arm.

His pecker was still out and he fought against her tugging. He didn’t know how he was going to get out of this.

“Pleeeeeeease?” Tabitha teasingly begged.

“Nah, I really don’t dance.”

Tabitha was loving the control. “Just get out there and shake what you got.” She told him with a wink.

“Oh Shit.” He thought to himself. He was going to get caught for sure.

Just then his girlfriend came to his rescue. “He really doesn’t dance Tabitha. I’ll go with you.” She told her. “The guys on the dance floor will think it’s hot” she giggled.

Casey breathed a sigh of relief when Tabitha agreed and the two girls exited the booth. He quickly stuffed his hard prick back in his pants and sat there dreading their return.

Tabitha returned by herself a little while later.

“Where did Cara go?” he asked Tabitha.

“She is in the bathroom.”

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he demanded to know.

“Just showing you that you need to figure out who you are dealing with before you just kick someone to the curb.” She said with a bit of venom in her voice.

Casey was stunned. He didn’t know what to say. How could she think that? She was the one who continually kicked him to the curb. She must be crazy if she thinks he had done that to her. His mind was reeling when Tabitha’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Get rid of that little cunt and meet me at your apartment in an hour.” She demanded. “And don’t make your little Tabby Cat wait, Sweetie.” She said with mock affection. Then she grabbed her coat and left.

A few minutes later Cara showed up and wanted to know where Tabitha had gone. Casey had to come up with an excuse on his own, and act like nothing was wrong. Cara accepted his explanation, but was quite upset a half hour later when Casey told her he wanted to go home, and that he didn’t want her to come back to his apartment tonight. He told her he was tired and needed to get to sleep. During the ride home she asked if she could just come over to sleep next to him, but he had to again deny her. She exited his car in a huff and without a kiss when he dropped her at her place. The ten minute drive to his apartment seemed to take forever as he dreaded what awaited him there.


There was a knock on the door and Casey opened it to see Tabitha’s stern look, “Did you think you were just going to get rid of me like an old pair of shoes?” She snapped, as she walked passed him into his place.

“Get rid of you? What are you talking about?” Casey replied, trying to figure out a way to calm his “scorned” ex. How could she have that perspective? She was crazy! “I have been cheating on my girlfriend for you.”

“So!” Tabitha retorted angrily. “You said you didn’t want to see me anymore because you’re in love.” She continued snidely.

“Come on Tabby, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, but I really think I have a shot to make this thing with Cara work.”

“So after all these years you’re just going to discard me?” She said with a touch of sadness, a tear welling up in her eye.

“No Sweetheart,” Casey replied noting the change in her demeanor. “but you’re the one who dumped me, remember? I loved you all those years and I still wanted you even after you had dated all those other guys. You are the one who ended us. Now I have someone who really cares about me and I really care about, and I don’t want to ruin it. Can’t you understand that?” He said all this with deep caring for Cara and in a way to try and make Tabitha understand, but not to hurt her feelings.

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