Cassius and Morrigan Chapter 1

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Her eyes fluttered open, she was cold and painfully aware of her stark naked body. She tried to look around but her range of vision was limited. The last thing she could remember is being in the woods tracking a stag. She lined her arrow up to her target and then nothing, her memory was blank. Now Morrigan found herself chained in a spread eagle, ninety degree angle on a stone slab. She takes a deep inhale through her nostrils, the air smells slightly stale sort of like being underground, and the sound of her shackles clanking against the stone slab echoes leading her to believe the room around her was bare and made mostly of rock. Finally she concluded that it must be some sort of dungeon as she let her senses roam the room of their own accord. Accepting the fact that there is nothing she can do right now, Morrigan opts to save her strength until some one comes. If there was one thing about her she was known for it was her eternal patience, and this it seemed was likely to become a waiting game.
This wasn’t the first time she had been a prisoner in a dungeon, this time was considerably better though. At least this time there weren’t a dozen inmate men close enough to have a turn at her fully exposed fully restrained body. That stay in the sheik’s prison was the most brutal experience of her life. He was a cruel vengeful man. Morrigan had run hard and long before he finally caught her and she managed to take down the majority of the bounty hunters he commissioned to find her. The sheik imprisoned her after she helped several of his concubines escape the confines of his holding in the High Desert. Luckily out of all the women she was the only one to be caught. She always thought he hunted her so hard because it was a matter of pride, his ego couldn’t let her win. With the help of some of his slaves she managed to escape the dungeon with her life and their’s but only barely. She was still a wanted outlaw in the entire High Desert for charges including horse theft, inappropriate sex acts in public but most of all Morrigan and her friends were a major opposition to the slave trade. She being their notorious ring leader had a bounty the size of the Skadi Sea on her head. It was funny to her, the most wanted person in the north was one of the most beloved in the Middle Land, her home land, and one of the most feared in the south. In her twenty-six years she had created quite a reputation for herself. She didn’t consider herself special, only lucky to be in the right place at the right time, in the right circumstances. Though theses circumstances didn’t seem very lucky.
It seemed as if hours had gone by, but it was hard to tell in the luke warm darkness of this underground prison. She only knew that the stone against her body was cold and her nipples had been hard since she regained consciousness. They ached to be caressed perhaps licked even. Morrigan had tried to remain as still as possible to avoid giving herself cuts and scrapes against the bare rock. It seemed to her that the more unharmed and intact she stayed the better her chances were of getting out of here alive. It was all instinct to her, and her instincts were good. She had honed them over the years though she was young in the standards of her people she was capable and had impeccable common sense. Right now her common sense was telling her to wait, patiently, for any change in the atmosphere. It was difficult for her to just lay there still waiting to know what fate had in store for her, and just when she thought her brain was going to explode from the sickly anticipation of not knowing, she heard soft footsteps somewhere in front of her. A purring sound vibrated all around her, even in her head it seemed, the noise was palpable in the air. She felt as if she was breathing it in and absorbing it from the inside out.
Fear jolted in her stomach briefly like butterflies with nun-chuks, as torches all around the perimeter of the walls lit up like magic. There was a familiar metallic taste of power on her tongue as her eyes adjusted to the light and took in the sight before her. In all the scenarios that had played out in her head since she regained consciousness never could she have imagined the image set before her. The beast gazed at her unperturbed with its huge red eyes. She couldn’t unfasten her gaze from it, she felt something brush against her mind. A familiar move to her she immediately begins building up a wall around her consciousness not wanting, what seems to be a massive glossy black male lion, looking directly at her thoughts. Morrigan realized quickly that her efforts were futile though every time she got a section up it was swept aside easily. Deciding to save her energy she gives up and leaves herself exposed to his probing, he is gentle but she is uncomfortable with someone else being in her mind. Normally no one could get in there but contending with magical creatures was a whole different ball game and one that humanoid beings seldom won. Giving in she lets him establish contact and realizes when she hears him speak for the first time that it is for communication reasons not to control her.
“Welcome to my dungeon beautiful Halfling.” The beast says rather more pleasantly than she expected. His voice is deep, it reverberates in her mind, bouncing off the walls of her cranial cavity, and settling with pleasing notes. The tone of the greeting seems casual as if he is greeting a guest in his home. It confuses her as it seems she is more of a prisoner than an awaited guest.
Morrigan tried to push herself up to get a better look at the cat beast in front of her, the chains didn’t have much slack though and mostly just clattered against the stone slab they were attached to. She gazed into the feline’s eyes trying to form a coherent thought to communicate to him but her brains felt like scrambled quail eggs at the moment. Morrigan could only stare at the big cat with open amazement as she took in the details of his form. The provided side view offered a good angle to take in the sight. He was looked almost identical to the lions that roamed the land between the Middle lands and the High Desert except unnaturally large, and black instead of the normal tawny color.
This seemed so surreal to her, all her life she had heard tales of the magical creatures that roamed free in this land and had seen her fair share. Never though had she heard of let alone seen a beast such as this, nor could she begin to guess what it actually was. His fur was glossy, it looked seductively soft and luxurious, a long shaggy mane encircled its neck. She found him to be a very impressive animal and even caught herself throwing the words handsome and distinguished around in her mind. The more she looked at him the more attractive she found him and suddenly the fear that had been prying at the back of her mind disappeared. It seemed foolish to let it go. Fear keeps you alive! Words her father had implanted in her brain over the years of her training, but in truth she did not feel threatened by the monster Sex hikayeleri in front of her. Finally she finds her mental voice and manages to get a question across the link that has been formed.
“What am I doing here? Who are you? Why have you brought me here?” Her voice was strong, borderline accusational, echoing in the walls of their minds.
She hears chuckling in the familiar deep voice it vibrates her head until she feels like her brain will melt from the force of it. Finally it starts fading away and is replaced by his love measured voice.
“Please do not fear me young Halfling, I did not bring you here to harm you. I suppose that depends on your definition of harm though. So many questions for me I expect that from an elf always curious you lot are.” It seems as if his eyes are going to bore straight through her soul as he speaks but she is starting to feel more comfortable as she looks at him. Thinking how much she would love to rub her naked body against his fur and feel the vibrations from his purring all over her skin. She wonders how nice it would be to snuggle against his warm body and pet him and love on him until she fell asleep. It seemed safe to her, that if he wanted he would let nothing bad happen to her. Goose bumps rise up all over he skin as the train of thought flies through her mind and surprisingly she feels her pussy get a little warm at the thought of the stimulation he could provide.
“All the answers will come in time little one, but first I must know. Do you really wish to rub your naked body all over my fur and snuggle near me to sleep. And yes nothing bad would ever happen to you if you were sleeping guarded by me.” His chops lift up baring his teeth in what Morrigan interprets as a smile. She suddenly feels at ease and knows that truly he means her no harm. Her lips part and curl up at the corners to form a smile.
She is amazed that even chained to a stone slab she could still smile at her captor. It occurred to her that deep down he was just a big lonely kittie and she had always had a soft spot for cats having adopted several and taking them back to her family farm so they could run free like animals should. Still smiling she gushes saying.
“Oh yes! You look so soft and welcoming, I would like to feel you purring against my body. There is so much of you I think I would never run out new places to pet you. Oh and to run my fingers through that mane I bet it would feel so tickly and wonderful on my breasts and nipples!” Her face turns red as she admits all of her thoughts directly to him, but she doesn’t really feel embarrassed even knowing that any other person would be paralyzed by fear right now, knowing that logically she should be afraid. All she can think about though is laying her little body next to enormous one. His smile remains after she quiets, it seems as though it takes him and eternity to respond, but she doesn’t mind just watches him come closer observing his deliberate gait and admires the sheer size of him and the power she knows lies behind the rippling muscles under his skin. The cats substantial claws clatter on the stone floor with every step but they are out of her range of vision and she can only guess what they look like.
“My name is Cassius and I am a werecat. We are an ancient breed millennia old and very nearly extinct. My species was most eradicated during the Great Chaos War. We fought valiantly on the side of the humanoids but were slaughtered brutally by the Wild Dragon Army at the Battle of the Blind Pass in what was then called the Odin’s Eye Mountains.” His voice was almost hypnotic he spoke like the royals that Morrigan knew in the Middle Land cities. She had little contact with them though only when they required the quiet removal of someone within the court. The Odin’s Eye Mountains… that wasn’t a familiar geographical term to her even from the old maps she had seen. The Great Chaos War was centuries ago so she wasn’t surprised but to hear Cassius speak of being there was. How old was he really. A quizzical look appears on her face as she tries to do the math to no avail.
Cassius sees her face turn from a smile to shock as she does the math about his age but continues unperturbed.
“Yes Morrigan, I am a relic left from a time when magic was rampant across the land and the forces of opposition were much stronger and craftier. The modern regimes would not last an hour in the ancient times. The name you would know the mountain by would be the Hagalaz Range. My kind was asked by the humanoids to keep the dragon demons in the Jotnar, their given territory. They just burned us in the dozens though. We couldn’t fight their fire despite our powerful magic and wealth of knowledge about battle. I was one of the few that managed to survive the retreat. Thankfully the dragons wouldn’t cross the water of the river Laguz.” He seemed so far away as he spoke of the past. A melancholy tone had over taken his deep voice as he spoke of the battle, and Morrigan could see the sadness creep into his big red eyes as memories flooded his mind. Then suddenly he was back.
“More of that later though, that is if you wish to stay and keep me company after you provide me with the service I brought you here for.” His smileish face returned and she noticed a glint of wanton mischief in his eyes. Morrigan realized what she was there for when she saw that look. A worried look spreads all over her face as she wonders if she’ll live through this ordeal. She decides she has to if she wants to spend more time with him which she desperately does, consensual time that is. Time where she isn’t chained to a clod slab of stone.
“Why exactly have you brought me here Cassius?” The Halflings voice is softer now as she thinks about the size of his phallus, trying to judge a size based on the rest of his body. She can’t make an exact guess and just concludes that it will be huge, most likely the biggest she’s ever had. The only thought in her head is this is going to hurt this is going to hurt this is going to hurt. Morrigan can only hope that the beast will be gentle with her.
“I think you know already Morrigan.” He abandons words as he circles around her sniffing the air taking in her scent. She feels his cold wet nose press against her ass-check and her hips lurch forward involuntarily at the unexpected touch.
“Relax young one.” Cassius cooed softly at her.
He began purring again and she settled now expecting him to touch her and felt soothed by the vibration of his loud, intense purring. She felt his muzzle run down her thigh, his whiskers tickled, but his fur was so soft that she barely noticed the tickles. The sensation was so new and arousing to her that her body immediately responded by flooding juice out of her hot pussy, something about this thrilled her to the bones. She could smell her scent in the air and if she could smell it she knew that Cassius defiantly could. He didn’t take long to respond which he did by licking the soft flesh of her inner lips, slowly, all the way Sikiş hikayeleri from her clitoris to her tiny puckered asshole. His tongue lingered there on her rosebud, thoroughly tasting and probing till he was satisfied.
“Well you are a tasty little treat, sweet Morrigan.” He made a noise that would have been a playful little meow in a house cat, but came across more as a deep growl when he made it. He felt good when she giggled a little at his attempted meow and purred with a renewed vigor that shook the air in the room as he continued his tongue assault on her dripping little lips.
She had been with a number or men over the years, but none had ever licked her like that. What man could though. Cassius’ tongue was wide, hotter than a mans’, rough, not unpleasantly so, there was something so erotic about the situation to her she couldn’t stop the leaking juices from running down her inner thighs. The were cats’ tongue follows the trail of fluid down her leg and lapped it all up. The goose bumps reappear on her skin as the heat in her lower belly is almost unbearable as he probes at the opening of her pussy with his mildly sand papery tongue. A moan escapes her lips as he rasps it over her clit again and again and again. Her heart pounded rapidly the breathe was trapped in her lungs. Only one consuming thought in her mind, that she needed him inside her. Morrigan knew that it was going to hurt but she also knew that it was the only thing that would quench the heat in her belly that was quickly spreading like wild fire to her pink, waiting nether regions. Right now that was all she cared about and Cassius could douse the flames.
The giant cats’ glistening pink cock had emerged from the sheath on his underbelly, where it was kept safe and hidden when it wasn’t needed. He couldn’t wait any longer he had to have her. The whole time he was licking her little snatch he could feel it twitching, hardening, emerging from its cover. Cassius could feel almost the full length exposed and knew it was time. Heaving his body up making sure his front paws land on either of her hips and not on her for her tiny body could not bear his massive nine hundred pound body without being crushed. Normally he wouldn’t care but he very sincerely did not want to harm Morrigan. He had heard the tales the epic poems and bards ballads written about her and her great deeds and loyal comrades the fairies he lived amongst and guarded often told him that she was the greatest heroine of the age. She was special and capable of even greater things than she had already achieved. As he gazed down at the side of her face he felt a strange affection for her he was almost sorry that this was going to hurt her. It had been so long since such a beautiful woman had stumbled into his territory that he didn’t care. He was an old man and he had needs. Needs that only she could satiate right now. Cassius bumped his huge erect kittie dick against her wet opening. A shudder runs through his body at the first contact, she feels so soft and wet against his engorged tip. He can’t stand it anymore and pushes forward, forcing nine inches of his wide hard beast meat into her tiny orifice.
Electricity exploded in her body as he forcefully entered her tight little pussy. Her hips rock forward with the weight of his body pressing her hard against the cold, stone slab. She feels her nipples stiffen even more as they scrape against the rock, it all hurts, but something about the pain and the fact that she couldn’t stop him if she wanted to made it all so exquisite. The new sensations mingled in her body creating an array of unfamiliar ones. Cassius’ cock was by far the widest she had ever had inside her, the girth she estimated around six or seven inches. The length was comfortable for now, but she had a feeling there was more to his shaft that what she could feel. Morrigans’ body adjusted quickly, stretching to accommodate the new mass of werecat meat. She got comfortable with all the newness and even enjoyed it as the cat began stroking in and out of her and the same depth, careful not to be to rough with her, yet. He was building a rhythm increasing his speed, his purring had become a low growling. Morrigan could feel his pleasure through their mental link and relished it along with her own. Every stroke now forced more of his dick inside her, his shaft was wider at the base than at the tip, she soon discovered. Her pussy stretched wider and wider with every stroke until it felt like he was crushing her guts from the inside. She couldn’t tell how big he was exactly in this situation but it felt like she might tear in half if this kept up. Then she mercifully felt the soft fur of his sheath bump against her outside lips, stopping any more length from sliding inside her.
Cassius pounded her tiny little body amazed that she was actually enjoying it, surprised by how accommodating her insides were to him. Finally he had gotten his entire length inside her she felt so good wrapped around his lustful cock, so tight and hot. He remembered tasting her sweet wonderful little asshole, it was so good, still pink even though he could tell she had been used a few times before. Over the years he had developed a fetish for the asses of the young woman he kidnapped and brought here to satisfy his sexual compulsions. A low dangerous sounding growl poured up from his chest and out his opened panting jaws as he withdraws his dick from her welcoming pussy with a slight pop and squishy sound.
“Why did you stop Cassius?” Her voice is covered with lust softer than before more musical and lilting. Quite a change from the strong warrioresque tone she had earlier.
“Oh my little Halfling, I am only getting started.” He chuckles low leaving her to wonder. Then he positions himself at her dark tunnel feeling the little rosebud contract against his probing tip.
“Oh Gods! No! You can’t you’ll tear me apart!” Morrigan’s heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest, she had been fucked in the ass by a man before it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. She couldn’t imagine having Cassius’ oversized kittie cock in there! How would it fit? She wouldn’t stretch that far back there! She felt frantic and panicky as he lined up with her most forbidden hole, there was no stopping it though. All she could do was relax and try her best to stay calm, the adrenaline was scorching her insides. It provided the necessary courage for her to not wish she was dead, instead of being subjected to the amount of pain she was about to experience.
“In case you’ve forgotten my lovely girl, you don’t have a choice right now. I want your ass. You will take it and you will live through it, because you are to strong perish because of this.” His voice sounded stern. She knew she didn’t have a choice and simply prepared herself for his invasion of her near virgin ass.
His cock was slick with her juices still as he pressed his weight against his tip trying to break through that initial barrier. Harder and harder he pushed Erotik hikaye thinking that he may never get it in, until finally her body gave in and allowed him the access he desired so badly. Her ass was so tight, tighter than he could have imagined. He remained still for a few seconds allowing her to adjust to his massive piece of feline meat. There was only six inches inside her but judging by her screams that was enough for now.
The pressure on her anus was nearly unbearable and for one brief shining second she thought he would be to big to fit. Her hope was shattered though as her body gave in and his huge cock came rushing into her tightest hole. White lights flashed and popped behind her eyes as he penetrated her. Thankfully it seemed he would give her an adjustment period. The pain in her ass was teetering on the edge of unrealistic, it wasn’t the length that got her it was the girth of his shaft. It was unreal to her, she never thought that any creatures’ phallus could be that wide. Then it occurred to her that there was more to come and then some. Her vision started to go black around the edges as he started to slide more of his concrete meat inside her.
Cassius felt her body go limp and realized that she had passed out. Sort of relieved that she wouldn’t be conscious for the worst of the pain he forces the remainder of his shaft inside her. She is unbelievably tight it feels almost like her ass might squeeze his cock off. He can already feel his balls tingling in anticipation of sweet release as he begins thrusting in and out of the orifice he loves the most. His speed increases, frantically he slams into her abandoning himself to his own pleasure. The were cats’ mind is wrapped up in his dick when he feels her stirring, finding her way back to reality from unconsciousness.
Morrigan starts coming to feeling and obscure numbing sort of pain in her ass then remembering her predicament. She sighs contently realizing that she had been unconscious for the majority of the pain and was please to find that it wasn’t half as bad as she had expected it to be. Cassius was pounding her hard but it felt absolutely amazing and she thought if only she could touch her clit it would send her into a mind shattering orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced before. That she knew was an unattainable dream right now. Right now she was proving herself loyal to Cassius for some reason she wanted to be his friend of her own accord and if this was the way to do it then she would suffer and let him have his fun. Her lips parted as he pounded her worn asshole harder and harder. She thought it may go on forever, her bones rattle with every thrust it feels like he is all the way up to her stomach destroying her guts. Then she feels it. An internal twitch. Then another and another. They’re coming faster now. Cassius is panting hard. Her head feels spinny with the additional thickness of his ready cock. She feels floaty drifting in and out of consciousness as he unmercifully pounds her.
Cassius feels his fully engorged member start throbbing as his balls get tighter and knows that his release is close, so close. He can barely stand it he feels like he is going to lose his mind if he doesn’t cum soon. His strokes slow getting harder and deeper with every one. The entire shaft of his huge cat meat disappears inside her every time he thrusts his hips forward. It feels so fucking good. He can’t control himself any longer, the twitching becomes rapid and erratic as his balls pulse furiously trying to expel his orgasm from their depths. Finally! Finally he feels the fluid trapped inside his body come flowing out, he sinks his cock inside her all the way to his furry shaft, embedding it deep within her, pushing hard as the contents of his feline balls come flooding out. Emptying completely into her bowels, rope after rope of his boiling hot cum shooting into her. He yowls like an alley cat in a territory battle, it rattles the room. One more hard thrust and her muscles involuntarily milk the last of his kittie juice out of his rapidly shrinking member.
The Halflings’ eyes close as she feels his cum flow into her, its so hot, it feels nice on her tortured insides like a reward for enduring the pain. A smile emerges on her weary face as the big cat pulls out of her used, gaping ass. She hears his paws hit the ground and circle back to the front of her. Managing to open her exhausted eyes to look at him she says weakly inside her mind.
“Will you unshackle me now? Have I earned your trust Cassius?” She didn’t know what she would do if the answer was no, probably just fall asleep, what else could she do. Her eyes drifted shut again, she was to tired to keep them open. She felt a cold wet nose on her check and his tongue running down her neck once and then like magic the cuffs came unfastened. Morrigan was free to move her arms and legs unfortunately when she tried to support her weight on her legs she collapsed to the dungeon floor.
Cassius saw her falling and leapt over the slab over and landed behind her so she wouldn’t hit her precious head on the hard stone floor. He wasn’t surprised that her legs weren’t working properly after the abuse her lower body had just experienced.
She knew she was falling worrying that she would break her skull on the stone floor, knowing she had no control of her muscles and accepting it. It was happening in slow motion. There was a flash of darkness above her, then when she expected to hit the hard floor, she instead hit the soft body of the werecat. He saved her she was grateful but she would have to tell him later it wasn’t possible now.
He prodded at her mind with his gently trying to get her to roll onto his back and wrap her arms around his neck so he could carry her to his soft bed to sleep. Finally she gathered the last bits of her strength and rolled over onto him both of her legs draped carelessly on either side of his back. She buried her face in his mane as she wrapped her arms around his muscular neck. It was even softer than she had expected. Standing he begins making his way toward his room in the castle the fairies gave him to live in. She feels light on his back and the trip goes quickly. Arriving at his quarters he walks over to the gigantic round very soft plush bedding on the floor and deposits her in the middle. She makes a little groaning sound as he rolls her off and smiles at the cute noise. Then pulling a light silky blanket over her small shapely frame he walks to the doorway, turning briefly to look at the girl in his bed. The first girl he had ever brought into his bed-chambers. The first girl that ever desired to stay with him after he finished having his way with her. The Halfling fascinated him, but there was a lot to take care of before she woke up. For example feeding her which he would need the fairies help with, considering his lack of thumbs. He strokes her mind softly with his wishing her a good sleep and pleasant dreams, telling her that he is leaving but will be back before she wakes. Then turning he ventures out into the forest to seek the help of the tiny ones he was there to protect. Thinking the whole time of the sleeping beauty in his bed and how he can’t wait for her to wake up.

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