Cat – College Cowgirl Ch. 07

Ariana Grande

Your farmer made way down the hill towards the barn. You followed, casually sauntering down the hill, managing to pick up some speed in your descent. Moving on all fours had become second nature to you.

Keira followed slowly. You turned and looked back at her with the dopey smile of a placid cow. She looked sad. You couldn’t figure out why, maybe she needed to be milked?

Coming down the hill had brought you to the back end of the barn. As you walked across the face of the barn you saw in through the large, open barn door. Spying the smaller stalls that had held you and the herd not long ago on the magical farm day you let out a quiet, hopeful moo.

Seeing the stall made you think of the wonderful milker. Your breasts and udder were beginning to fill with their white bounty, but you weren’t uncomfortable or yet feeling the familiar pressure within. Still, you hoped whatever your farmer wanted to do before milking wouldn’t take too long. The thought of the milker working the milk out of your breasts made you tingle with expectation.

You reached your farmer, turning your head away from the barn towards him. The mid afternoon sun hung low in the sky and this side of the barn was now mostly in shade. The only things out here were a few posts and a small picket fence, some water faucets built into the wall and some rectangular bails of hay.

From here you had a wonderful view of the rolling green pasture and the small blue stream. Quiet birdsongs filled the air.

Master went into the barn, commanding you to stay. As he disappeared into the barn Keira finished her slow meander down the hill and came over to sit down on the hay bail near you.

You approached her to nuzzle her hand with your face, hoping to cheer her up.

“Cat…I…I know you wanted this, but I thought you had other dreams too…things you wanted to accomplish. You once told me how you wanted do something to help people. Cat the human is still in there, I know it. If you want to stay as a cow that’s okay, but…I want to hear it from you. But I can’t just leave you here like this if there’s a chance this isn’t what you wanted. Please…give me some sign. “

Her words prompted thoughts from your human side to bubble up. School, and a job…friends…family…

As quickly as they came they dissolved back into the ether, their meanings hard for your bovine mind to hold on to.

For a moment Keira thought she saw a glimmer of knowing in your doey-eyed expression as you looked up at her. You knew she wanted something but didn’t know what. You wanted to do something for her to make her happy again…something you would like.

You couldn’t pet her, so you decided to move in closer to lick her hand. It hadn’t been the kind of sign she was looking for. She sighed. Once again she only saw the contented cow before her, whatever spark she thought she’d seen behind your eyes had gone. You let out a sad moo at your failure to cheer her up. She reached out and pulled you closer, bringing your head to her chest in a hug. You let out a bashful low.

Your farmer returned from inside the barn and as you turned to see him your eyes immediately fixated on his left hand. In it he carried your collar and red rope as well as what looked to be your tag. You sauntered up to him excitedly. He bent down and locked your collar snugly around your neck. You’d missed its reassuring presence. He tied the thin rope to the metal ring above your bell and pulled away slightly as he walked back towards the posts and fence.

The collar dug slightly into the back of your neck and loosened at the front as he pulled away, making you match him in lockstep. Your bell gave a dull tock with every step.

As you reached the small picket fence he dropped the rope and put down the various buckets and tins he had been carrying in his other hand. From one bucket he took out a large white plastic sheet and laid it out on the ground. He put his strong, weathered hands on your hips to guide you sideways onto the sheet, which bunched up around your hands and made loud crinkling noises as you moved over it. This particular part of the fence was out of the barn’s shadow, leaving your body – except for your ankles and feet – in the warm late-afternoon sun.

Master then tied your rope leash to the picket in front of you, leaving only a little bit of slack. He then disappeared behind you once more. You tried to turn to watch him but the taut rope would only let you turn a few degrees. He commanded you to return to looking Göztepe Escort forwards and reassuringly said that he’d be back soon.

From the direction of the barn behind you you heard water faucets squeak on and the sound of water filling a bucket.

He reappeared in front of you with a bucket of soapy water in one hand and a soft cloth in the other. “You’ve gotten very dirty, Cat” he mused in a warm yet matter-of-fact way. “Don’t worry, I’ll clean you up.”

He began with soft dabs to your face, wiping along each side of your nose and across each cheek. The cloth was soft and played along your sensitive skin. Diving his hand and cloth into the water once more he then began to wipe down your shoulders and arms, before making broad strokes over your back and haunches. Soapy water ran down the valley of your spine, dripping over your exposed womanhood.

He lifted up your forearm to wash your hand and fingers. They had mud and grass on them – you hadn’t even noticed. Taking a dry towel he worked it in to the webbing between each digit before repeating the process with your other hand.

Carefully, he stationed himself underneath you with the cloth wrung to be just slightly wet. You shifted in place above him, nervously. He slowly started by wiping your collarbone and the inward facing underside of your arms.

Ever-so-slightly, he lifted your breast in order to wipe along its natural curve before allowing it to fall back down. With another dunk and wring he held the hot cloth against the raised muscles just below your armpit which supported your overflowing breasts. The warmth bled into your tired flesh, eliciting a soft moo of relief from your lulling mouth. He repeated the task on the other side of your chest.

The anticipation was killing you, but after what felt like an eternity designed only to cause you frustration he finally ran the warm cloth over the top of your breast. He pulled across slowly, leaving small suds on your slightly tanned white skin. He ran the cloth from the top of your perfect, full curve around to your ample sideboob before following the arc down to your hefted underbust. He worked the cloth between your breasts before going back for your eager nipples.

The warmth felt so good. As he took away the cloth the light touch of it being removed was enough to cause you to let down a few small drops of milk. Eagerly he leant up from the ground and stuck his tongue out below your nipple. His mouth was so close…you just wanted him to take your nipple and have him suckle. Your breasts were filling up and you needed his mouth to relieve the building pressure. You let out a grouchy sounding moo to let him know you weren’t too happy he was only taking the stray drops instead of clamping down to suckle.

He continued his cleansing of your body, wiping along your belly before reaching your sensitive udder. He proceeded slowly, but even so he couldn’t avoid tweaking your teats along the way. The attention to your soft udder made you acknowledge how rapidly it was filling up with milk. As he moved along, his pressure on the thin udder skin kneaded the milk inside. It was so sensitive his movements made you shudder with pleasure.

His job mostly done now, he moved to be directly behind your meaty rear. He guided you to spread your legs further apart and gave your inner thighs tender attention with the cloth. Slowly, he inched up towards your vulva. He carefully tended to the outer ridges of your delicate lips. You were frozen in place with his touch and your bovinized mind prayed he would mount and breed you right there and then.

But instead, he simply moved on to cleaning your dirty knees and shins. His teasing drove you wild, a begging moo escaping your lips. He seemed to ignore your cries leaving you sick with exasperation.

Heat burned in your loins and to make matters worse, the familiar aching of filling up with milk was beginning to set in too. Your soft breasts and udder were starting to feel more rigid as you swayed.

Master finished your cleaning and once again quickly ducked back into the barn. He soon returned and put his bounty in the pile with the buckets and tins.

He called Keira over to assist. She herself had resolved to do her best to help out in Aaron’s plan as she had none of her own, and moping wasn’t helping anyone.

He passed her a small bottle and asked for her help rubbing the oil within onto your skin. Together their hands deftly caressed every inch of your skin with the thin oil.

Looking İstanbul Escort you in the eyes he announced; “You’re a cow now Cat. Time to look the part.”

He stopped for a second, considering two small tins – one with a black top and one with a brown.

“Hmm, are you a brown cow or a black cow” he mused, to no-one in particular.

Deciding on one of the two he popped the lid off the tin, revealing a rich, chestnut brown paint.

“This is special body paint to go on the primer layer we just applied. He looked down at you “Want spots hun?” He asked. You mooed an excited affirmation.

Master and Keira painted all over, Master drawing in lines with the brown as Keira laid cool dollops of white on your skin. You could feel Kiera spreading her regions of white, the brushes tickling your skin. Your farmer stood above, filling in more brown areas.

Your farmer then crouched in front of your face with his brush. He hesitated a second before swirling the brush on the top of your left cheek. He also popped the black tin and painted the tip of your nose and dainty nostrils.

It wasn’t like you were unhappy with being painted but they had taken a while to do it, and now your breasts were achingly full and in desperate need of a milking. You could see the veins beginning to show. Again you shifted uncomfortably on the spot and bleated moos.

“Soon girl, we’re almost done.”

With the painting complete your farmer revealed what he’d gone back in to get – a small mirror. He placed it against the fence so you could get a good look at yourself.

Your face looked more cow-like with the black paint forming a bovine muzzle with your black tipped nose. Your large facial spot ran from the underside of the cheekbone almost all the way up to your eye. Around it was a number of smaller dotted freckles, also in chestnut brown.

You turned as much as you could to see. Keira noticed this and untied you from the post to let you move. Your ass, including your vagina, was now ¾ porcelain white in color, with the brown curving and wrapping around your left leg. The smooth brown color commanded the majority of your back, right hand side and belly. Your breasts were unpainted, as was your resplendent pink udder.

With your attention on your cowprint body, you didn’t notice your farmer moving behind you until you caught a glimpse of him in the mirror. You felt something intrude on your asshole. Master lubricated his finger, slowly pushing in. You panted, arms slipping in front of you which pushed your ass into the air.

He retreated his finger, giving you brief respite. Your had just started to slow your heavy breathing when something much larger began to be pushed in.

The cow tail slipped into your anus with a grasping suck. Tears filled your eyes but after a few seconds relief came as the pain dulled and you acclimated to the comfortable fullness. Now that it was in you, you finally felt one of your holes filled as you had so desperately wanted.

You swung around to play with your new tail, mooing happily. It was about a foot long, perfect for flicking around.

You didn’t get much time to play with your new tail as master further placed a headband with cow ears and horns on your head.

Finally, he produced some black leather and plastic articles. With Keira holding up your each of your hands he guided your fingers in. It was then you realised these were hooves.

The hooves were slightly raised platforms with two cloven toes. The small leather wristguard portion of the hoof was zipped up and then locked with tiny padlocks.

The two of them let your hands – or hooves rather – down to the ground. Your first steps were a little shaky, like a newborn calf. They were a slight adjustment – the raised platforms meant you needed to straighten your arms a little more.

You got lost in the excitement of trying your new hooves and tail, prancing around with joyful moos. You checked out your cow body from every angle. In the mirror you saw how extremely engorged your breasts had become while you had been preoccupied admiring your new bovine body. Your udder too had expanded massively and now sloshed with every movement. Quickly your moos once again became empassioned pleas.

“Last couple of things,” your master said.

He produced a large ring, approximately 1 inch in diameter and relatively thick in size. Crouching next to you he pulled up your nose. Instinctively you wanted to pull back, but he held strong. The ring opened Anadolu Yakası Escort into two semi-circles from a central pivot. He brought the ring up to your nose, placing it on your septum. He then closed the ring, locking it in place on your septum magnetically.

Finally, master put in your trusty ear tag.

You wanted to stay and admire your wonderful cattle body in the mirror, but the pain from your long-neglected breasts overrode all else. You needed to be milked, to douse that familiar fire. Nothing else mattered, this was your whole purpose for being.

Somewhat awkward on your new hooves, you crawled quickly into the barn through the open door, lowing the whole time.

You took to the first stall with an open door. The doors of course weren’t hard to open for a human hand, but they would be for a hooved animal. As a dumb cow, you didn’t even think of that in the first place however, you would have just waited and bleeted.

Thoughts bubbled up from your human side once more.

“Is this what…I am now? A mindless animal?” Coherent thought was difficult, but the pain had somewhat cut through the haze of the placid Cow Cat.

Beside you came a deep moo. It was Lorelei. You hadn’t even noticed her when you charged into this stall you were that preoccupied with your milk problem. She seemed happy to see you.

A terrifying thought crossed your (human) mind… You’d never seen Lorelei when she was a human woman, you’d only ever seen her here in the barn as a cow… What if this had happened to her? What if Aaron had turned her into a cow deliberately?

What if he was doing it to you?

In your stall’s open door Aaron arrived, looming over you. “Let’s sort you out, shall we?”

He set the milker down next to you. You wanted to run, but your legs refused to move.

A soft moo escaped your lips. It was your lips forming the O, your voice vibrating out – you could feel it all. And yet, it wasn’t you. It was the part of you that was now little more than a contented head of cattle.

Cups attached to your overflowing breasts. You just needed some relief…any sucking…please. Your two minds simultaneously screamed out “milk me” and “stop stop stop!”. The machine turned on, immediately pulling torrents from your reddened, full breasts.

You couldn’t move. It felt too good. You needed to be milked. You were meant to make milk. You – or rather your human side – tried to fight it, to keep the cow mantra out.

Already you could feel your first breast orgasm building. The bottles below were already an inch deep in your white gold.

Your quivering vagina had waited so long for this. Your juices pooled in the nook near your clit, each tug of the milker adding more as your ravenous hunger built. Your desire was too much, your juices overflowed, a glistening trail dripping to the straw below.

You couldn’t help but invitingly shake your hips and beg for help with a moo.

He knew exactly what you were begging for.

Unbuckling, he moved behind you. The air played coolly against your sodden cunt. Milk let down as your first breastgasm wracked your body.

You couldn’t do this…You knew if you couldn’t resist the cow would take over, permanently. You tried to cry out.

He pulled at your tail, laying it onto your back for an unimpeded approach.

You felt his thick cock pierce your lips with a slickened squelch.

It felt…too good. To be milked and fucked…

He moved in and out slowly at first, building up to go faster and faster.

The fire inside rose, the need to be bred, to be used as you were meant to be.

Animalistic desire completely took over. Aggressively shoving into him you began to grind and milk his cock.

You were near now…the human voice fading as more and more desire engulfed you.

Faster now his balls slapped against your udder. He gripped your sweat glistened hips and grabbed your udder, causing it to spray milk all over the straw. His grunts, your bell ringing out loudly and the slick sounds of sex joined together in a guttural cacophony.

It built and built…You were really a cow. You were meant to be. MoooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooo.

The human voice faded away into the simple voice of the cow.

“Must be milked. Must please my farmer.”

You came at the same time as your farmer did. You felt his penis spasm inside you, filling you with his seed. He pulled out his rapidly deflating cock from your cunnie, dribbling a trail of cum out of you. At the same time your breasts caused another orgasm to roll in on top.

Everything became quiet, except your heavy breathing and the hum of the milker extracting your heavy post orgasm flow.

You mooed in pure contentment. You knew you were a good cow.

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