Catcher Culture Ch. 03


Fenton hesitated for just a moment, Hortense snapped her fingers impatiently; he could see that she was a woman who would be obeyed to the letter and immediately. Though still with somewhat mixed emotions, he found his balls tingling as he undressed, whilst the confident woman before him smiled at her inevitable success in beginning to take control of him. He knew she had the advantage of the knowledge of his crime, she knew he would learn to appreciate being controlled; her pussy tingled at the thought of breaking him in. Fenton knelt naked on the comfort of the velvet futon, the ambient temperature of the room and the sweet feminine scents which permeated the air, along with the excitement of the woman before him, ensured his cock showed more than a casual interest in his predicament. He was not sure what to expect, but her sublime elegance and confidence was already awakening some erotic sense he’d not experienced before.

Hortense smiled with satisfaction as she viewed Fenton’s masculinity; oh yes, she would enjoy showing him the error of his ways. His education would be very pleasurable. She casually unbuttoned her kimono as Fenton knelt awaiting the next command or question. Hortense smiled wickedly as his cock stiffened and stood to attention as she opened the kimono to reveal a beautifully Rubenesque figure; her middle was corseted, the black lacy stays accentuating her round feminine hips and pear shaped figure beautifully. Her full round breasts peeped through a black chiffon top which matched her black stockings, full length gloves and spiky black stilettos.

Fenton had never really looked at mature women before, but he could not deny that this woman had more than just a commanding personality. His anus tingled with a mixture of fear and curiosity as she pointed to the floor in front of her.

“You will come and kneel here now; I want you to be able to take in my scent as you tell me all about your attraction to young ladies, and I will help cure you of it.” Though Fenton was an independent male who did just as he pleased, he immediately did as he was told, and felt compelled to do so. As he knelt before this assertive and commanding woman, he knew that there was something more than the threat of being handed over to the police that made him do it. He WANTED to.

Hortense stroked his hair and smiled at him as though he were a small boy as he knelt in front of her, already showing obedience to her. Her pussy tingled with anticipation. She smiled at his erect cock, and extended a gloved finger, drawing it up the underside of its length and around the glans; now shining with pre-cum. She sniffed her finger and then put the tip in her mouth. Fenton’s cock bobbed rigidly with the excitement of the subtle touch, and with her obvious pleasure at tasting his essence. She looked down her nose Ataşehir Anal Escort at him as he drew breath.

“If you please me today, you shall be allowed to sniff and taste my scents. Is that something you would normally do with younger ladies?” Fenton’s balls tingled like mad as he thought of licking this mature woman’s pussy, and perhaps her anus. He struggled like mad to find the correct answer, at which point Hortense, sensing his coming ambiguity, produced a small crop from the side of the sofa and whipped the leather sofa smartly with it.

“I shall have the truth from you, or you shall regret it!” Fenton jumped at her stern reaction; he could not deny she was a formidable woman, and she was beginning to sow the seeds of her domination of him; his cock could not deny this either, he was beginning to enjoy it. She would wrestle the truth from him.

“No, I have to say I am more interested in penetrating them and sating my lust, though their scent does excite me.” Hortense looked at him contemptuously and teased his cock with the end of her wicked looking crop, making his cock pulse impatiently.

“Does the fear of the young girls excite you?” Fenton swallowed hard; he could not deny he’d been excited by that scenario many times- he was not now sure whether he wished he had or hadn’t. he now knew the boot was firmly on the other foot. He bowed his head as he responded.

“I do admit to have been excited by their fear, especially on those occasions where they had been keen to have sex, and then been unsure when faced with my erection.” Hortense smiled wickedly at him; she was pleased with her immediate progress, and now had a confession which gave her licence to award punishment. Her pussy tingled with arousal as her enjoyment of the situation increased. Fenton’s cock stiffened and his anus tingled as he awaited the dominant woman’s response.

“I shall ensure that you appreciate that particular excitement from the opposite position over the next few weeks. You will learn to realise your true feelings toward women after you have been treated. I intend to thoroughly enjoy disciplining you, and you will thank me for it. I have a key to an apartment for you to go to when we have finished our first session; part of the process will involve you continuing with young girls, and confessing those pleasures to me. Do you like the sound of that?” Fenton swallowed hard; there could only be one answer, though he could not grasp at this time, why a dominant woman would wish him to continue abusing young girls.

“Yes, I would like that, but I don’t understand…” Hortense cut in, commandingly, her nipples poking excitedly; she drew her knees up, increasing the curve of her luscious ass-cheeks. She was impatient to have him know her scent and Fenton’s cock stiffened Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort all the more as he gained a subtle whiff of her arousal.

“I have disciplined many men here who had your irrational and animal thoughts toward young girls; their confessions to me on experiencing these whilst under my control has helped them see the underlying reasons for their actions. You will learn that you do this because sub-consciously you want to be caught, and you want to be punished by stronger women. When I am finished with you, you will want to serve all women, and the pleasure will be mutual.” Hortense smiled wickedly at Fenton as she drew her superb thighs back and put her gloved arm across the back of her knees, exposing her engorged and excited pussy, and sweetly puckered anus. Fenton trembled and his balls tingled like crazy as he caught more of her sweet feminine aroma and eyed her bulging pussy. Hortense looked at him, straight-faced.

“Well? Do you want to know the scent of the woman who will show you your true place amongst women?” Fenton’s cock bobbed rigidly and his balls ached as he viewed the huge and sumptuous thighs and the delicious prize between them; he was already succumbing to Hortense’s inevitable control over him, a pleasure he never dreamed about before.

“Yes Mistress, I would like that very much.” He was close to coming involuntarily as Hortense smiled softly as pointed to her anus with the wicked crop.

“I want you to inhale deeply through your nose; bottom first; you’ll know the scent of your mistress whilst I tell what’s next in your education. Don’t you dare lick until I tell you.” Fenton wasted no time in obeying her orders; he felt the warmth of her body as he sniffed deeply at the dominant woman’s asshole. He was now desperate to come as he savoured the sweet honeyed scent of his mistress. Hortense looked down on him with a sneer of immense satisfaction; she would enjoy training this one, and would put him to good use when he was ready. Fenton was close to hyper-ventilating at times as Hortense continued her dialogue.

“Have you ever masturbated at the feet of a dominant woman?” Fenton gasped at the possible opportunity to do so.

“No mistress?” Hortense’s pussy buzzed with pleasure as she continued her tease.

“You may lick my asshole now; if I am pleased with your progress on your next visit, I may allow you to do so; you must earn such privileges.” Fenton felt a little deflated, even though his cock did not betray this feeling; pre-cum dribbled from his bone-hard member as he savoured the warmth and tang of the superior woman’s rectum. He had licked pussy before, but had never realised what pleasure could be savoured from a woman’s sweet rear orifice; the scent and taste was intoxicating, he knew from that moment he would Ataşehir Zenci Escort be owned by Hortense. The dominant woman barked her authority.

“Pussy now; you may lick immediately!” Fenton was almost disappointed to leave her asshole, but his senses were indulged once more as he sniffed and lapped at the sticky arousal and soft folds of the mature woman’s mound. Oh how he wanted to masturbate for her. The scent of this controlling and magnificent woman would remain in his senses for hours and drive him crazy. Hortense was also very excited as he lapped at the nub of her clitoris, but she remained in total control.

“You may cease now, and dress once more; there is a key on the hall table to your new apartment; the address is attached to the key.” Fenton felt truly frustrated but did just as he was told; slightly crestfallen as he looked down at his rigid cock, the sweet taste of her pussy, still vibrant on his lips. Hortense looked at him with supreme satisfaction; pleased with the first lesson and the excited state he had been left in; his pleasure curtailed at her behest, unsatisfied.

“You are forbidden to masturbate unless I permit it; you will understand why very shortly.” Fenton was not surprised at the first part of her statement, but a little puzzled at the latter half; she seemed to be stating the obvious though there was some underlying, unseen emphasis.

As he dressed, he was made to thank her for the time, and was told he would attend at the same time tomorrow; his cock bulged in the confinement of his clothing, as he thought of the promise of tomorrow; Hortense looked at him with an air of contempt as she ushered him away. She was rampant herself, and Fenton was further frustrated as another male, masked and naked, carrying a cane in his teeth, entered and kneeled before her as he left. At a remote house near the edge of the desert, no such subtleties were afforded Larry Emmerson; bound starfish-fashion to a bed, he howled with pain as three smiling middle-aged women took turns in thrashing him, while increasing weights were applied to a cord attached to his scrotum. His animal ways required his fast-track breaking; he was already wishing he’d never been born.

Fenton drove to the address on the key; he was moderately surprised by the luxury of the address. His thoughts and senses rankled with the commands expressed by Hortense; how could he stop himself from having relief? Her taste and the memory of her body ensured his cock remained rigid as he walked in the direction of the number on the key; it pulsed all the more as a mature woman in a pencil skirt turned the corner, her elegant and positive posture was somehow familiar; her scent delicious. She smiled knowingly at him as she passed. Fenton was still puzzling over this as he turned the key and entered the apartment; he was immediately hit by the same sweet feminine smell. A door to what was the bedroom was ajar, Fenton sensed someone else was there; he pushed the door open. There on the bed, trussed and naked, her pussy exposed invitingly, was Cindy. Fenton undressed there and then; his cock eager for relief.

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