Caught dressed – what happened after …….


Caught dressed – what happened after …….Hi Allthis is what happened after i got caught by another guy while i was dressed ( Read the intro here )Well on to the real thing now….I just sat there in my room smoking and thinking whether i should call him or not. Well a cpl of drinks and a smoke later i decided if he wants me as a gurl then i might as well have a bit of fun myself.So i called him on the room phone…he picked up in 2 ringsMe- Hi.. is that Rajesh ( lets call him ‘R’ from now on )R- Yes who is this Me- I am from 201R- ohh … Hi ..I thought you wouldn’t callWhat’s your name.?Me- Just call me Sheila !R- Nice name Me- So how long you here forR – 3 daysafter a little chat and intros about each other Me – We dont know each other , why did you call me to your room for drinks?R- well , you look good in that dress, i though maybe we can spend some time together Me- Well i dont usually meet people when i dress and frankly right now am too nervousR- I can come to your room if you dont mindafter a bit of a pauseMe – ok will call you again in a biti hung up and i was shaking with nervousness and excitement.I went to the bathroom and checked my dress( lingerie ) adjusted my boob pads and changed my stocking to black ones and wore my white top and skirt and my shiny heels. ( check my gallery ) and lubed up.I called him and he answered immediately. Me- Hi this is Sheila, R- hi can i come now or will you Me – OK I will come but leave the door unlocked as i dont want anyone to catch me in the corridor ll dressed upR- Ok sureMe – Be there in 2 minsI hung up checked my dress again, my tucked in clitty was getting excited. I picked up my pack of smokes and room key, took a deep breath and opened my door, there were a cpl of guys walking in the corridor. I waited for them to go to their room and then i locked my door and went to room 201I knocked and heard voice say ‘ come in ” I turned the handle and went in. The room lights were dimmed and only the light at the bursa escort door was on. I closed and locked the door. Looked around and i saw R sitting on the sofa ina t shirt and shorts. He had a bottle of whiskey and 2 glasses ready. Hi Sheila — he saidHI there He got up and walked to me and kissed me on the cheek, took my hand and walked me to the other sofa. My heels were making clicking sound on the tiled floor. I sat down and he sat in front of me. ‘ you are looking so nice’ he saidThanks – i repliedHe poured a drink for each of us .. We started sipping and talking about general stuff….which gradually went to discussing about fitness and he was into running 5 miles almost everyday and i could see he was quite fit.Discussing about fitness went on to how it helps in stamina for sexthen he commented on my body being nice and soft just they way he likes it. ‘ Are you into guys ? ” i askedR- No am not, though i like watching CD/shemale videos once in a while and it makes me soo hardMe- Ever been with one before R – I have had my share of women but never had the chance to meet a CD/shemale in india ( is still a bit of taboo here in india ) Me – Ohh – i also dress only when alone, is very risky if anyone sees me R – You are looking very nice or should i say very hot He poured the third drink, got up and came over to my sofa. Me – Mind if i have a smoke.R – sure , i lit and had a cpl of puffs R – damn you look hotter when smoking Hmmm thanks i rubbed his thigh, he got his left hand over my shoulder and massaged my shoulder a bit.Then his hand slid down my front and squeezed my left boob ( now i wont tell you guys every time that i dont have real boobs but a bra with pads in it ) I got up and held my drink in one hand and smoke in the other and walked around. I switched on the TV and put on a music channel. THere was a nice dance song playing from one of the hindi movies. I started to swing and put on a little dance for him. ( has been my fantasy for a long time to dance for my partner) He got up and came over and we danced to gether, While dancing he pulled down bursa escort bayan my skirt and his shorts.He was semi hard and i my clitty was getting excited and i had to untuck it inside my panty.We danced for another cpl of mins and then i finished my smoke and we both finished our drinks.We danced a bit and then he took me and sat me on sofa. He knelt down and was feeling my stockinged legs all over and squeezing my boobs. He kissed my thighs and navel and i could see his tool growing( was almost 7″ full hard i think ) He held my top and off it came. Now i was there only in my bra n stockings. He was nude now with his tool pointing right at me. I leaned forward and took it in my hands and stroked it. He closed his eyes and moaned a bit..I kissed the tip and he was caught off guard. He moaned … R- Yea baby suck it plz….I took it in my lips and was sucking. I coudnt take the whole of it in my mouth. He was loosing balance. I got up and we both went to the bed. I lay him down and climbed on top. Took his tool in my lips and sucked him till he was hard as he could be ( it was hard as wood ) he got up and remove my panty and we got into 69. I took him in my lips again and he did the same on the other side. We sucked each other in 69 for a cpl of mins and then while i was sucking his wooden tool he pushed in a finger into my hole. i was getting hard Then cam finger number 2 and after a cpl of mins came finger number 3 Now he was fingering me fast and wild.We were both quite horny nowThen he lay me on the bed and wore a condom on his tool. My legs went up on his shoulders and he positioned his dick on my hole R – You ready Sheila?Me- be slow baby, i dont like rough play R- Yes babesHe pushed and got in half his tool, my hole was lubed and fingered, I gasped. ( The real thing always makes me gasp )He realised and waited a bit and then pushed slowly till he was all the way in. R- You OK baby. does it hurt Me- Just a bit baby, hang on a secR- sure baby. you ass is so hottt and bums so soft After minute to relax my muscles ….Me- Yes baby do it slow now He started escort bursa his longg full strokes, going full deep with each stroke. He increased his speed after a min and was making thup thup sounds everytime he went deep in me and his balls hit my bums.I was soo hard thenHe turned me on my side. and entered side ways. Damn that was making me hornyR- Oh my god. you are sooo sexy …. is my dream to be fucking a CDOh yess oh yesshe was pumping at a constant pace amking my boobs bounce. After 5 min or so , we both got up and relaxed a bit and had some water. Then it was turn for doggy pose on the side of the bed. HE got behind me and pushed in and went balls deep in one stroke. Ohhhh what a feeling it was…He bend over and held my boobs from behind me and was banging my assThen another 5 mins and he lay on the bed with his dick pointing to the roof . I came over and sat on it cowgurl style. He held my boobs and was pumping me from under in fast strokes. I was soooo hard i was about to cumm hands freeR- Jump on me babyI was jumping on his cock and my boobies bouncing. Then i came so hard my cumm hit him on his face and chest.He kept on pumping me and suddenly he hugged me pressed my boobs to his chest and gave one last deep stroke. He shivered and moaned and came in the rubber deep in me. We lay like that for a few minutes. Got and both with wobbly legs after our orgasms went and washed each others love spots( his tool, my hole ) I lit a smoke to calm down and he lit one. I was still in my bra and stockings onlyI looked for my panty which had some how slid under the bed. R- dont wear it yet Me- ok babyAfter finishing our smokes, i was still a bit horny and didnt want to dress up. Me- Just check if the corridor is clear i want to go back to my room. Realising i wanted to go back without dressing he nodded and went to check. He nodded for all clear. He held the door open( still naked ) for me while i collected my things( clothes) and went to the door with my heels clicking on the floor again.I peeped out saw all clear and dashed into my roomWe both stayed there for 3 days and to keeps things discrete neither of us exchanged numbers or e mails but in the three days it was banging once before breakfast and once in the night. that was one the best work trips ever P.S. — I just came again Love you all

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