Caught red handed.


Caught red handed.Now I am not a writer of any sorts so apologise for spelling and grammar in advance, just trying to tell a sexy story as it happened and how i remember it but would appreciate some feedback and comments. Hope you enjoy it I had been working on a high end residential refurbishment project in central London for about six months, the job was due for completion in a couple of weeks but as always in the building game we was behind schedule and had been asked by the clients to do some late nights to try and catch up a bit, which was fine as the extra cash would come in handy.My job on this particular day was to finish of some cupboards I had been building in the top floor bedrooms, fitting the shelving and hanging the doors that kind of stuff so that carpets could be laid the following morning, about 4 o’clock the clients came to visit the site to have a meeting with the architect to check on progress. The clients were a wealthy couple in there early thirties from outside of London looking to settle in the capital for a few years due to his change of job.He was a nice guy and been to site a few times, always pleasant and interested in what was going on and the building proceeds as a whole, the wife on the other hand had never been to site while we was working always visited out of hours or at weekends as soon I saw her i could see why as she was as fit as fuck!!!! She had a very pretty face, shoulder length dark hair and was wearing a very short figure hugging dress that showed her gorgeous body off to perfection, nice big perky tits, luscious long legs and a nice round curvy arse in fact every mans wet dream!!!As they were being shown around the floor i was working on by the architect I couldn’t stop looking at her hot body without being noticed being subtle has never been a a strong point of mine especially where a hot sexy woman is involved.After a few moments of looking around they went and sat at he desk that had been set up on the corner of the room for site meetings and stuff, as she sat down I caught a glimpse of her white panties, now I’ve always been a bit of an upskirt fan, don’t know why maybe it’s the tease or having to use your imagination as to what lies beneath the sexy material but without fail will always get my cock stirring and this time was no exception.Luckily the husband and the architect had their backs to me but the wife, now that was a different story.As she was facing me she caught me red handed staring right at her crotch and as I tried to avert my gaze our eyes met and for the briefest of moments I could see her lower her gaze to look directly at my ever growing cock which was straining against my jeans.As she was looking at me I could see her open her legs wider and wider underneath the desk to show herself to me, I could just make out the slit of her pussy and her neatly trimmed bush pendik escort through the flimsy see through material that hugged close to her skin, fuck it was soooo hot and made me so hard and horny I just wanted to whip out my rock hard dick and wank myself off there and then.All of a sudden though the two men started to stand up, I quickly went into one of the other bedrooms and pretended to look busy as I tried to calm myself down and get rid of one of the biggest hardons I’ve ever had.After about ten minutes of them wondering around they started to head off down the stairs, as I turned towards the door this absolute vision of beauty looked at me straight int he eye and gave me this very cheeky knowing smile and a very sexy wink.For the next two hours all I could think about was her gorgeous body, imagining her standing naked in front of me and this was having a clear effect on my work as I was starting to get way behind.When it was time for every one to pack up for the evening I said I would stay on for another hour or so just to make sure I had finished everything ready for the next morning.Once every had left though my mind soon started to wander again as did my hand to my now throbbing cock, I had never felt so turned on and frustrated at the same time and couldn’t help but start rubbing and stroking my ever growing dick through my jeans.I went and sat down on one of the chairs at the desk and slowly started to undo the buttons of my jeans, brushing my fingers over my cock through the thin material of my tight black boxers as I did so, slowly caressing the shaft and at the same time gently massaging my full to the brim balls.I was so hard by this point I just needed to cum so badly, I lifted my arse of the chair and pulled my jeans right down to my ankles and finally released my cock from the confines of my boxer shorts and slowly started to stroke the shaft up and down, god it felt so good.I relaxed back in the chair closed my eyes and started to imagine what this sexy woman would look like naked, playing with herself for meI was starting to really pump the shaft of my swollen cock now with one hand and slowly caressing and massaging my cleanly shaved smooth bollocks with the other when suddenly I heard a noise.My eyes shot open and as I looked towards the door, theere she was standing in the doorway, the woman I was wanking over in my dirty little mind.fuck I thought as I started to open my mouth to say something and try and cover myself up at the same time but she held a slender finger to her luscious lips to tell me to shhhh and held out her other hand to tell me stay put.I was absolutely dumbstruck, I just didn’t know what to do but her next moved changed all that and to my amazement this stunning creature of my desire looked me straight in the eyes and started to run her hands over her gorgeous breasts, squeezing escort pendik them and rubbing and tweaking at her fast growing erect nipples through the fabric of her little cum fuck me black dress.All thoughts I had been having at being caught with my pants down quickly disappeared as I started to once again start to stroke my swollen throbbing cock.As I watched her caress he big beautiful boobs, I caught her eyeing up my cock as my pace quickened, my fingers wrapped around bottom of my shaft leaving the purple shiny head fully exposed for her to see.Ilooked on intently as her hand travelled down to her hem of her dress and started to delve in between her thighs lifting the bottom of her dress higher and higher to reveal her panties to me.I watched as her fingers lightly ran over her lacy panties, slowly stroking her pussy at first but then she quickens the pace and gets faster.She’s now rubbing her clit with longer and deeper strokes, pushing the fabric of her panties into the cleft of her mound creating a damp spot that was getting bigger and wetter by the second.At this point it was getting to much for me as I could feel the onset of my orgasm reaching fast but I didn’t want this to end so quickly.I reluctantly eased up the pace of my own wanking and started to get fully undressed kicking of my slip on work boots, briefly letting go of my cock and quickly stood up to take off the rest of my clothes.Once naked I grabbed one of the other chairs and placed it directly in front of mine and sat back down and to my absolute deligh she took the hint and started to walk towards me.As she got closer, one of her hands reached behind the back and started to unzip her dress, when she reached the reached the chair the dress fell to the floor revealing her gorgeous body to me wearing just her matching bra and panties.The object of my desire looked absolutely stunning and I could now clearly see her areola and hard nipples through the sheer bra and her dark neatly trimmed bush through the tiny panties, how the fuck I hadn’t shot my load I’ll never know!!!!As she sat down she reached behind and undid her bra, letting it fall seductively to the floor showing me the most perfect breasts I had ever seen.We were now sat directly opposite each other, me totally naked slowly rubbing and stroking my dick while she was rubbing her pussy through her moist panties.I was in absolute heaven as she lifted up her bum to slide the panties down over her hips and her long shapely legs to expose the most perfect pussy to me and watched on with awe as she slid two fingers into her soaking wet hole, plunging them deeper and deeper inside while she gently circled her clit with the other hand.This was simply the hottest thing I had ever seen and I couldn’t take my eyes of her as she continued to finger herself.Her hands quickly found her rhythm and I could pendik escort bayan see her nipples getting longer and harder, her cheeks were starting to flush and I could tell she was close to cummimg already and so was I but I desperately wanted to watch her get herself off before I came.I too had found a nice rhythm now using long gentle strokes to jerk myself of pulling my foreskin right down over the head of my helmet and back over it again as she watched me as intently as I did her.I could feel a bit of pre cum slowly ooze out of the slit of my cuck I used my thumb to gently spread it over the tip of my cock giving it a nice natural bit of lubrication and as I did this she removed her hand form her pussy and leant over and scooped a bit of my pre cum from my cock and slowly placed them into her mouth sucking them clean.Fuck, that was just sooooo hot I just had to return the favour and dipped my finger into her honey pot and extracted her juices onto my probing finger.She was so wet and tasted soooooo good, this was getting to much for the pair of us now as we returned to taking care of our own needs.I watched as she stared to furiously finger fuck herself with three fingers now pulling on her nipples, she removed her hand from her tits and lowered it to her clit gently tapping it at first then getting quicker and quicker, moaning and groaning and writhing all over the place in the chair.I watched in absolute awe as she came all over her fingers, crying out in ecstasy as she did so and that was all I needed to send me over the edge.I was wanking my cock so hard and fast now, I could feel the cum churning in my balls, wanting and needing release.I stood up from the chair and looked at her as she stared at my cock expectantly.I was gonna cum soon and I wanted to shoot all over them gorgeous tits, which I another thing I’m a big fan of I should add.I could feel my dick pulsing in my hand as I thrust my cock into the closed fist of my fingers, pounding and pounding away, imagining it was her soaking wet cunt.I aimed my cock at her tits as my long awaited orgasm finally ripped through me, my cum rocketing from deep within my balls and out the slit of my cock, spurt after spurt erupted all over tits, literally covering them with my hot sticky load as I continued to pump my cock.I watched as each shot of cum landed on her body and slowly dribble down as I finally released my last strand of cum from my cock, god that was the most intense feeling ever I had to sit down before I fell down.We both sat there for a couple of moments catching our breath and revelling in the intensity of what had just happened.She then proceeded to start to wipe of my cum from her tits with her hands having a little taste of me as she did so.when satisfied she was clean enough she quickly stood up picked up her clothes and gave me a quick peck on the the cheek and sauntered out of the door……not a single word had been spoken.Not that I could speak anyway as I was just to dumbstruck as to what had just happened!!!……. To be continued if you would like to hear more

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