Caught with Neighbors Panties 2

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Caught with Neighbors Panties 2To catch up where I left off you will need to read the first story. I caught your panties as she tossed them to me. I put them to my nose and sniffed them as I looked at her across the room. Becky tells me again to get out of there or else. I take the panties and head back to my house. My wife is still at work so I return to my office with Becky’s panties and put them in my desk drawer and get back to work. My mind however is not on my work but what had just happened. I was wondering what she was going to do. Was she going to tell my wife or her husband or use it blackmail me. My mind was running wild with different idea’s. I opened my desk drawer and pulled out her panties and sniffed the crotch again. My cock got instantly hard. So I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and wrapped her sexy black thong around my cock and started to stroke it again. My thoughts were focused on her, how sexy she was laying there on her bed, with her legs spreads and playing with her pussy as I shot my load of cum onto her panties and tit. Quickly my cock stiffened and I shot my load again but into her panties. OOOhhhh it felt so good. When uşak escort I was done and licked the cum off her panties again. So yummy and exciting. The next day was Saturday and my interrupts me while I am watching the college football game and tells me that Becky called and asked if I can come over and help her fix a clogged drain. My heart started to race and my cock jumped at the thought. I quickly ran over to her house were I entered her house through the garage. When I got in I called out for her and she said she was upstairs. I quickly went of stairs and my cock about jumped out of my shorts when I found her lying on the back naked. She said she had needed to have her hole unplugged and only I could do it for her. She told me to get my tool out so I can go to work. As I stood there unbuttoning my pants she spread her legs and showed my her nicely trimmed pussy and that it had a vibrator in it and now I know what was causing the problem. She then rolled over onto her stomach and my pants hit the floor and showed me her sexy ass which had a dildo in it. She told me that she wanted me to fuck her today. I smiled moved closer to her van escort bed. She told me to stop. I stopped and the base of the bed and she told me to put on her thong that was there on the bed because she knows how much I like her panties. I was about to fuck my neighbor so I did not care what demands she had. I slid her thong on and it felt so good to have her thong slid up the crack of my ass and it was so soft against my hard cock. She told me to pulled the dildo out her ass and to start with her ass first. I reach over and grabbed the end of the dildo and pulled it out of her ass. Her ass was gaping, wanting a real cock it her now. I quickly pulled her panties off to the side and slide my cock into her gapping asshole. I felt so good as I started to pump her ass. As I pumped her ass she started to moan and tell me to fuck her harder. To fuck her ass with all I had. I grabbed her ass and pumped her harder and harder. As I pumped her I suddenly felt something hard hitting my ass. I looked back and there was her husband Brian. Stranding behind me with his cock out and aiming for my ass. Becky said hello to her husband and welcome home. escort bayan I did not stop what I was doing because I was confused and all sexed up. Brian came up behind me tells me that if I were going to fuck his wife that he was going to have to fuck me. I didn’t say a word and just spread my legs. Brian spit on his hand and ran his hand up my ass crack and when he found my hole he quickly rammed his middle finger up my ass. My cock got harder and I then slid my cock out Becky’s ass and stuffed up her pussy. Brian pulled his finger out of my ass and then moved his cock to my ass hole and started to push it in. I have a virgin ass so my ass is very tight. His cock is hard and thick. I push back on his cock and help him force his cock up my ass. He starts to spread my ass with his cock and pumping my ass. I pump Becky’s pussy in rhythm with him pumping my ass. Becky starts to scream to fuck her harder and harder. She tightens up screams that she is cumming. Fuck me, fuck me she said. I feel her orgasm cover my cock and I can’t hold back. I shoot my load deep into her. Shot after shot I shoot my load. Brian then grabs my ass and hold me there as he unloads into my ass. It feels so good to have his cum shoot up my ass. Becky collapses onto her bed and Brian tells me next time it’s my turn to fuck him. I smile and pick up my clothes and head out. I spend the rest of the day wearing her panties under my jeans.

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