cd meets another cd

cd meets another cdI was contacted by a cd on here but will protect their identity , so they will be called Lisa ..we spent about 6 weeks talking on here , building a trust and friendship , we sent private photos to eachother and exchanged phone numbers .a strong similar interest started in the idea of two cd,s spending an evening together and that day was this week .I drove to their house , we agreed to meet as men at the front door . once inside I went to the toilet and got dressed up in blonde wig , red satin blouse , short skirt , stocking suspenders and heels . i walked downstairs to see lisa in black wig , black tight corset fishnet tights and pole dancer high heels . on the tv was a dvd playing a sex film . we sat for a short while watching the film and I started to rub lisa,s stockinged thigh , then my hand moved round the silky black thong to rub her cock . Lisa decided to stand up in front of me then and her cock was right in front of me . I rubbed it again thru the material , and was told to get it out . so slowly I pulled the knickers to one side and a cock getting hard was in front of my face . a small wank started , but it was a very nice , clean , shaved , thick cock and within a minute I put it in my mouth . it was a gorgeous cock to suck on . while güvenilir bahis sucking I tickled the big shaved balls . I sucked slow and sometimes hard , she placed her hands on my head and groans of delight were expelled . after a few minutes of sucking we decided to change places , so Iisa sat on the sofa , and I stood in front . the skirt was hitched up to expose my lacy knickers , they were pulled down to expose my cock . it wasn’t too hard at this point , nerves I guess , but soon in lisas mouth it grew bigger . she was a very good cocksucker. it was a nice feeling looking down and seeing her head bopping up and down . lisa was a hot chick , so I was brave and knelt down and hinted at a kiss . it was accepted and the kissing took place and deep French kisses followed while we wanked eachother off . I was then told to do a 69 ….lisa laid down on the sofa and I laid on top. soon two cocks and two mouths were working over time . my cock grew bigger as I relaxed a bit more . it was a successful idea , we worked it well , nice rytham and both girls sucking , licking big hard cocks . we separated and kissed again . lisa got on her knees but faced away from me , her arse in front of my face , a tight nice shaped arse covered in the black fishnet material . türkçe bahis it was too cute to resist . so I started to kiss and lick it . I was verbally encouraged to go further , so as lisa wanked her cock off I started to spit on her arse so I could rim her .after a while I put my right hand on my cock to toss off and my left hand on her cock to toss off at the same time . it would have made a nice photo . cd on the sofa and cd behind on her knees on the floor ,face in her arse and two cocks being wanked off .after a while we stopped , lisa sat on the sofa as normal . I said I wanted to do something my wife does to me . I told lisa what I wanted to do , I felt so slaggy . I walked out the room leaving lisa watching the porn video . I then walked in , took my skirt off to show my black stockings and suspenders, then stood in front off lisa and said , just watch the porn ….I then leant in and kissed her hard and deep , while rubbing her cock and balls , I then got down on my knees and took it in my mouth ,,I then placed my finger at the tip of her arsehole and entered it slowly . when I walked in earlier in the evening I had a small hand bag and inside was a tube of lude .I covered lisa,s arse and soon I was sucking her cock and fingering her arse it was great güvenilir bahis siteleri . my wife does it to me a lot , so it felt good to be a naughty girl . lisa said it was time to cum . she stood up and we swapped places , so I sat on the sofa . she took her cock in hand and wanked it off hard and fast , she said I want to cum on your face .. I said now way .. you deserve a swallow .. she wanked as I played with her balls , soon it was time , a groan said it was time to put it in my mouth again . a massive shot went into my throat , too much , I choked , but still swallowed what I could , there were loads . I normally spit but decided this was worthy of my first swallow . after shooting I gave head again to clean her up . so I sucked a cum covered cock .. yet a another first . lisa collapsed on the sofa and told me to wank over her cock . she laid down and I stood over her tossing off , at one point I turned my body around so my arse was facing her . she rubbed it gently , as I faced the tele I had a cd rubbing my arse and a blonde girl having spunk all over her face , yea I guess this was the time to cum . I turned around and I shot my load all over lisa still hard cock there was loads , I had been saving it . it landed on her legs , hands corset and of course cock, I knelt down and sucked it off again , this time tasting my own cum . we both felt shattered and both laid on the sofa . it was quite a night with at least 6 firsts in my life . we have spoken since …. dates to be arranged .. and new outfits

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