Celtic Dreaming

Big Dick

I walk into your dimly lit bedroom. The room smells deliciously of you. Your perfume combined with that barely noticeable woman scent makes me stop just as I enter. I breathe in, silently and deeply, filling my lungs with this intoxication. A flush of sexual longing rakes through my body then lodges in my groin, it’s delicious ache sits there warmly.

You are silhouetted against the light of the full moon which streams through the trees outside and then through the large picture window. I notice your slightly tousled hair is shot through with moonlights; hair has a particular attraction for me, and especially yours, and I am astounded at the sheer beauty of it at this moment. Your face is in darkness and your arms and hands are lit by this soft luminescence. The stillness of your body suggests some deep reverie. In my mind I whisper, “oh, let it be me she is thinking of. “

I am drawn toward you, I whisper your name as I drop to one knee and take your hand in mine.

Your touch is as I remembered it to be. I feel a welcome warmness flowing into me, I look quickly at your hand in astonishment, expecting it to be glowing. I look up, smiling, you are already smiling at the magic ebbing and flowing between us. Your name forms on my lips just as you bend toward me to touch your lips to mine. The softness of your lips makes me quietly moan. Your tongue licks the moan from my lips and I hear its echo on yours.

I rest my head in your lap, sliding a hand along each of your smooth silken thighs, I hug you to me. You respond deliciously by parting your legs and allowing my to sink so close to your womanhood so as to inhale your sex scent, and I do greedily. I slowly roll your dress up so as to expose your panties. Your arousal is apparent and your panties are soaked. My lips quiver with desire as they meet the wetness of you.

Then I control myself somehow and stop. With my lips against the wet patch on your panties I lock into my mind this actual moment. I stow away, in my thoughts, for future enjoyment the sensual curve of your mons beneath white cotton panties, the magic sex-scent that your aroused body is producing, the warmth between your legs, the enticing way you have your legs arranged. I note the noises you are making, soft sibilant sounds of pleasure escaping your lips each time your tongue wets them. I press my tongue against your pussy filled panties and enjoy the way your outer lips yield and then open to my touch. Then your fuck juice is on my tongue and I moan deeply at it’s delicious taste.

All this happens in an instant and overwhelms my senses. I begin to suck at you through your panties and you reward me by putting your soft hands to the back of my head and pulling me closer. I tongue the crutch of your panties in between your lips and enjoy the soak through of your warm moisture.

You are a delicious woman and there is no turning back from here. I pull your panties aside and thrust my tongue deep into your waiting wet womanhood; it slides in warm and easy. I shudder as my tongue feels the soft folds lining your pleasurefuck.

I work my tongue, lovingly, up and down your parted lips, sometimes flat tongue and then hard thrusts. I am amazed and delighted at the amount of fuck nectar you produce and I drink it all, hungrily. As soon as I lick it away, you produce more than before.
“Darling, slip your panties off, ” I somehow manage to say. My voice is low and heavy with desire, I hear myself speak but hardly recognise the voice…

“Oh fuck Rob, you take them off, slow and sexy, while I work on my clench. ” I smile and secretly bless Dr. Kegel. As you lift your bum I slip your panties down and get a magnificent view of an aroused woman.

I bring your panties to my face, there is warmth there still, and wetness. I rub the warmth against my chest. My nipples respond. Then I open the zip of my jeans and wrap your panty wetness around my aching cock.

You move gracefully to the couch, pushing a pillow under your buttocks and draping a leg languorously over the couch arm. You smile, lick your lips and point to your wide open pleasure lips. I am between your legs in an instant. My mouth sucks a moan out of you and you reward me with another flow of nectar. You become incredibly wet and so does my face.

Then you astound me with something you had never done before; you reach for my arm and guide me up to your face, whispering, “Rob, it’s my turn to taste myself. ” You begin to lick your juice from my face and then you kiss me deeply, sucking the moisture from my mouth. You unbutton my shirt and kiss a wet circle onto each nipple. You smile wickedly at me as you begin to massage our combined juices into my nipples.

The sensation you produce by fingering my nipples is astounding and my legs buckle slightly at the onslaught of pleasure coursing through my body. Wave after wave of undeniable lust flows from my toes to my head. You have found the key to my libido, my nipples. The realisation of this suddenly Eskort dawns on your face, you smile with glistening lips then wink then say, ” I think I got your number, Rob. ” I try to laugh but it becomes a moan. I manage to nod, yes.

Then with the agility of a sleek cat, you leap up wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist. Your lips are on mine in an instant, your soft tongue slides through my lips and into my mouth. I suck gently on your delicious tongue and you writhe your body against me. While you cling to me, I undo my belt and let my jeans fall to the floor. I step out of them and kick them away then I take your panties out of my briefs and smell them once more before dropping them on the couch. I slip out of my black briefs and place them on top of your panties. We both smile at the care I take in making sure the wetness on each garment touches.

I slide my hands along your legs, which are locked around me, slowly and softly my hands travel along your thighs and onto your buttocks. As I pull your cheeks apart I lower your body toward my throbbing cock. Your breasts slide down my chest as I move you closer down to my aching tumescence.

Then your wetness and soft warmth is on my cock, which now lies along the pleasure slit of your pussy. Because of your position, with your legs wrapped around my waist, you are just open enough to allow your inner lips to begin to coat my hardness with your bountiful juice.

I carry you to my study in this position, each step causing your labia to wetly rub my cock. I lay you on my leather lounge and make you comfortable with downy pillows. You look so beautiful in this candlelight and I take in a quick breath of wonderment.

When you seem comfortable I reach into a drawer and bring out a number of Italian silk neckties. You smile knowingly, and so with practiced hands I begin to tie you securely to the timber fram eof the leather lounge. I kiss your lips softly and slip a blindfold over your eyes. You moan some private incantation, sweet and low.

You flinch a little as the cold steel of my scissors touches your skin. I quickly cut through the fabric of your top and remove it. Then one snip and your breasts are freed from your bra. Your nipples stand hard and erect. I bend down and gently blow my warm breath on them. You twist slightly and sigh with pleasure.

Then there are lips on your nipples, they are not mine and you sense that immediately. “Rob?” you question. I touch my finger to your lips, “shhh baby, you’re safe, just enjoy. “

I had met Ceara at an Irish Music Festival last spring, she was playing solo, the Celtic Harp. I stood and watched her play until she finished her beautiful passage of music. I was enchanted by her fiery red hair and I didn’t hesitate to introduce myself. She said her name was Ceara and I impressed her by mentioning that her name was so apt with her having all that coloured hair. I knew from my research into ancient Celtic history that the name meant fiery red. We had an instant rapport and spent that day together. She was a writer as well as a musician. She told me she was struggling with a novel, because she lacked some first hand knowledge of her subject. It transpired that the main character in her novel was a woman who discovered late that she had lesbian tendencies. She asked me did I know anyone who might assist her. In her warm but compelling manner she explained that she didn’t just want to talk about woman to woman sex she wanted to participate.! I thought of you, right away, and your libertine approach to life and matters sexual.

To heighten the fun we had agreed the two of you not meet, and now, I watch by the light of freshly lit candles, spellbound, as Cearas’ pretty mouth and tiny tongue suck and lick your nipples. Her initial wariness had now totally vanished and she was going about her ministrations with lustful determination. As she made love to your breasts, her little hands were fluttering all over your body; dancing across your tummy and pubic mound, trailing up and down your inner thighs, caressing your face and teasing your beautiful lips. For a moment your body had become her Celtic harp.

The idea of the blindfold was to make you focus on other senses and to heighten your imagination and so increase your pleasure. I could see that this idea was working perfectly. The colour in your cheeks, the way you were breathing and the manner in which you clenched your thighs and buttocks told of the pleasure coursing through you. Ceara seemed to be reacting in a like manner.

I handed Ceara a large Ostrich feather, she needed no instructions and set about trailing it all over your exposed body. I unfastened your dress and slid it down and off, your panties having been removed before. This gave Ceara more skin to tease and when I thought your skin would be sensitive and responsive, I took a candle, tipping it so that a little of the hot wax fell upon your thighs and tummy. This surprised you and caused you to groan “FUCKKKKKKK” lustily.

Ceara assists me in adjusting the silk ties so that your legs were now spread wide apart. A large soft pillow is placed under you beautiful arse. Then she positions herself between your shapely legs and slowly bends down toward your trimmed pubic mound.

The petite Irish girl halts her downward movement leaving her lips just millimetres away from your lush pleasure. She breathes deeply, and I smile at her earnest research techniques. Ceara puts one tiny finger to the wetness that is flowing; she then touches her dewy fingertip to her lips she holds it there and snakes her tongue deliciously over the nectar. She smiles, she whispers, “perfect. ”

I watch fascinated as she puts her thumbs each side of your pussy and pushes her outspread fingers, in an upward direction, on your mound. This exposes your pearl-like clitoris and her tongue is quickly on it, with carnal intent.

She seems to very skillful at this lustful activity because within seconds she has you writhing with pleasure and moaning deeply.

I am totally enthralled by the scene before my eyes, a fantasy being realised just centimetres away. My cock swells enormously in my hand and the slippery tears of Eros form a shiny coating over the throbbing head. Ceara is on her knees between your legs, her head and mouth down on your pussy and her arse cocked deliciously in the air. She is wearing panties and a bra, both white, looking soft and feminine against her pink-white skin. The crotch of her panties are soaking with her own arousal. I reach down and unsnap her bra whipping it off and pushing the breast-warmth against my face and lips.

With Cearas co-operation I remove her sodden panties. I suck whatever nectar I can from them, taste and swallow. This elixir enervates me and I feel a sexual energy flow swirl into my body and snap all my receptors to the fuck position.

I carefully place Cearas lingerie on top of our little pile. The room is now full of that delicious smell of arousal, a heady perfume of pleasure and promise.

I kneel beside your face and bring mine down close so that i can inhale your breath. ; it’s heavy with arousal and warm with lust. I deeply fill my lungs with your sweet passion and then kissss you deeply. I take you by surprise and you exclaim “oh, God Rob suck my mouth.. ohhhhhhhh.. this is intense…. this is really soooo fucking good!!!” I suck your mouth and your tongue follows the suction, sliding warm and wet between my lips.

I pause and leave your gorgeous mouth long enough to put a clip on each of your erect nipples.. your body convuslses and you grunt a single word, “fuck” I gently tug at the clips and you writhe deliciously and wrap your legs around Cearas neck and pull her into you.

You then look at me with dreamy eyes and say “Fuck the Irish girl Rob, fuck her while she tongues me, I want to feel your energy flow into me through her. ” I am amazed at your lucidity, given the circumstances, but you have always made your needs understood.

Ceara pauses her mouthfuck on you, just long enough to reach behind and pull the lips of her wet pussy open. An irresistible invitation. I kneel behind her and feel her body warmth and breathe in her fuck fragrance. I bring the throbbing tip of my glistening cock to her soft, swollen and wet labia.

I make sexual contact with Ceara for the very fist time. My eyes are wide as I take in the sexual magnificence before me. Cearas lovely hair, her beautifully arched back, the glistening lips of her inviting pussy and the cute rosebud arsehole all become mine as I press the swollen tip of my cock against her wetlips. I move my cock up and down her slippery slit, but not yet entering her. She grinds her pussy back against me, wanting my cock inside her. I continue to tease and play around her wetness. She has a magic feel to her body and I know I will enjoy her carnal gifts immensely. This moment registers deep in my psyche as a defining moment in my journey of pleasure.

The sweet Irish girl is irresistible and her pussy is just flowing with sweet fuck juice. I position my cock head at her entrance and lean my weight against her. I begin to slide slowly into her warm body. I watch, fascinated as my cock spreads her open and disappears into her welcoming warmth. I am partially into her and she moans into your pussy.. “ohhhhh!!”That is all you can take and you moan, arch and come deeply.. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The amazing power of your orgasm against Cearas mouth causes her to clench me in her sexual depths, with amazing force. She holds me so tightly with her fuckmuscles that I can’t move inside her. She relaxes slightly and I power slam in and out maybe twenty times. She seems to growl way back in her throat at the onslaught and I ease back my thrusting as I feel her orgasm building.

I have something in mind for you. I slide wetly out of the Irish girl and quickly free you from your bonds.

Ceara kisses me softly on the lips to signal that she understands the whispered instructions. She takes your willing hands and places the fingertips on your wet pussy. She then gets you to draw your legs up and then she spreads your knees. When she is satisfied with your position she reaches for her handbag. From this bag she produces a vibrator and some lubricant. Then she puts an extra pillow under your derriere and begins to lube your anus. She slowly inserts the vibe into your tight hole and flicks the on button. You exhale audibly at this new sensation and begin to stroke your wet sweet peach.

Then I move down to your feet, your pretty and beautifully cared for feet. I cradle them tenderly in my large strong hands and begin to thumb-massage the smooth soles. I intently watch you masturbating. I catch a glimmer of a smile on your face which tells me you are aware of my gaze. You utter a few choice profanities as I begin to kiss your feet, dozens and dozens of tiny soft kisses, each one overlapping the last so that no area is missed. Then I begin to suck your toes, each one getting individual attention. I give your big- toes some intense fellatio, circling them with my lips and moving slowly up and down. All the while my eyes are on you.

As Ceara begins to kiss your mouth, I move up between your legs. I put your legs over my shoulders and then gently slap my, near to bursting, cock against your mons. Then you take my hardness in your trembling, pussy wet hands and guide my throbbing tip to the centre of your ache.

Of all of lifes physical sensations, nothing can match that moment when my cock head pushes through the pink curtains and spreads them apart. The sensation is hard to relate, it’s very primal. My body shudders with intense delight as your wetness beckons my cock to slide deeper. It’s about then that the primal survival urge to impregnate falls away and the reality of what is happening floods back in. The reality is that I am fucking someone whom I adore, someone who knows I care for her but doesn’t yet know the depth of my feeling.

I whisper your name softly as your body engulfs my hardness. The tenderness of my whisper doesn’t escape you and a look of understanding shows on your face. I have somehow conveyed a little of my feelings to you.

As I shudder-slide my cock deeper into your body, you draw your knees up allowing me slow but total penetration. I move in and out of you, just a couple of times and then you bring your wonderful pelvic floor muscles into play. “Oh my God, honey! ” Is my response, as you set up a rhythm.. squeeze, release, squeeze, release. This quickly moves me close to the edge and you notice the desperate look on my face and give me one last huge, squeeze and stop for the moment.

You reach forward and take my hand, then arch your back in a most delicious manner. You give my hand a gentle squeeze and place it on your firm exquisite breast. My thumb scribes lazy circles around your nipple and you wrap your legs around me and pull me in tight.

With me in that position you are able to indicate by twisting your hips that you want me to change positions. Without withdrawing, I hold you firmly and roll onto my back settling you into your favourite straddle position. I feel my pubic patch being flooded with your love -juice.

“Come Ceara” you say in a voice full of lust, “lets see how the pirate handles two wenches in full flight. “”Oh no!” I groan in mock terror. Eagerly, Ceara steps over me and faces you in your straddle position. She squats onto my chest and wetly settles herself. She immediately embraces you, kissing you deeply. I know you enjoy it by the clench you give my cock. I run my hands up Ceara’s pretty back, her skin is soft and warm. she leans forward slightly and lifts her arse. She holds it, suspended, for a moment so that I can see her wetness. My eyes are on her pussy as she lowers herself onto my mouth. She does this without moving her mouth from your lips.

My aching cock is deep in you and my tongue is probing Cearas warm sweet pussy. Soon I feel you stirring deep inside and know that you are approaching a climax.

Somehow, with looks, nods grunts, raised eyebrows and an occasional “yes” we make known to each other that we are all close to coming. “Let’s go for it” I manage to say, “I am holding, just say when. “

The moment has an unreal feel, like it is being staged in a porno movie. Three people about to come together, no way. Then my tongue in Ceara has done it’s work, she says ” oh yes” and she leans forward to cover your mouth with hers, she sucks at your mouth, audibly, that tips you over. I feel you tighten around my cock as the waves wash into you. I buck my hips and feel the orgasm start in my extremities, bolts of electrticity spark up and down my spine, the muscles in my arms and legs come alive and tighten, then my stomach muscles do the same thing. A song begins to chorus in my ears, I briefly think ‘mermaids singing. ‘ I notice you two are breast to breast. Both of you cradling your wonderful tits and rubbing nipples against nipples. My balls contract in readiness.

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