I rang the bell at my sister’s place, secretly wishing I would have gotten called in to work today. It was too hot and humid to be around all these people in such a small space. But it was her house warming party so it was my duty as the older brother to support my little sister. Especially after the divorce.

She opened the door and I was surprised to see so much fewer people than I expected. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. I hugged her and said ‘hi’ to everyone as I made my way to the bar where all her gifts were placed. I sat my gift down with the others. I looked around at all the other gifts, seeing if anyone loved my sister more than me. No one did. The spread as a little disappointing, in my opinion. Except for this one over here.

I read the card and it was from Chad. I racked my brain and couldn’t remember ever hearing of a Chad from my sister. Who was this “Chad” and why was his present bigger than mine?!?! I scanned the room and saw no one that looked like a “Chad”. Disgruntled, I grabbed a hand full of pretzels from the dish and made my way to my sister.

“Who is “Chad”” I asked with air quotes. I may sound like a dick, but I loved my little sister and was highly protective of her. I didn’t want her to get involved with another ass-hat like my ex-brother-in-law, that cheating bastard.

“Chad” she began as she leaned in towards me like she had a big secret “is a coworker that I invited. For you!” she said popping a chip in her mouth and crunching away.

“For me? Why?!?” I asked.

“Because you work too much and never meet anyone. You’re too uptight. And you need to get laid” she said. All of which were true.

I just recently been promoted to VP of Ops after working so hard. I felt I had something to prove and for the last six or seven months, my life has been work work work. And definitely no sex. I hadn’t even jacked off in probably five or six months. The last time I dropped a load was during a dream the first week I got the promotion.

“Jenna, you know I don’t have time for someone now!” I protested.

“Oh, he’s more than someone” she said nodding her head in a specific direction. I looked over and saw no one special.

“Oh that guy? The one with the hillbilly beard?” I said rolling my eyes.

“No dumbass…that one!”

I followed her gaze and saw the most stunning man I have ever seen in person. He was tall, dark skin, darker hair streaked with grey, shoulders as broad as the Mississippi and an ass for days. His smile was mesmerizing, his strong jawline darkened by his facial hair. My man bits woke up immediately. I’m a pretty confident guy, but, honestly, this guy intimidated me. It was a feeling I wasn’t familiar with. It made me uncomfortable and turned on at the same time.

“Fuck me!” I muttered looking him up and down.

“That’s the hope” Jenna said as she triumphantly trotted towards him, pulling me by my arm. I swallowed my pretzels, almost choking, as I approached this god of a man.

“Chad? This is Noah, my brother I was telling you about” she said with a wide smile.

Chad turned towards me, his eyes piercing my very being.

“Hi Noah. I’m Chad” he said reaching out and shaking my hand. “Great name, by the way” he said, his handshake firm.

“Hi. Chad. Nice to meet you” I was able to stammer. What the hell was happening?! I’ve been introduced to famous people and not once have I choked up like this. “And thanks, by the way. I like to think my parents named me appropriately.”

“Especially if it rains a lot” Chad mused with a smile.

“I do like animals!” I replied, which got a well dimpled smiled from Chad.

“I’ll, just, go…over… there now…” Jenna said as she excused herself proudly.

“So, your sister’s new place…? What do you think?!” Chad said looking around.

“Yeah. This is my first time here. It looks nice!” I replied.

“Oh. You’re a Jenna’s House Virgin? Let me show you around” he said taking me by the shoulder. I felt bad that this guy knew more about my sister’s place than her older brother did. I made a mental note to see her more often.

We ended up in the backyard, just the two of us.

“So, can I ask what you got her?” he inquired.

“A blender” I said, as my sister was a local chef.

“Oh nice!” Chad said.

“Yeah, but I might have to take it back. I saw your package was bigger than mine!” I noted.

“Well, my package is usually the biggest” he said with a wink.

“We might have to put that to the test later” I replied.

Chad handed me his phone. “What’s your number there, big guy?” he asked.

I added my number to his contact list then handed his phone back to him, holding on to it tightly as he tried to pull it from my hand.

“Only if you’re serious” I said sternly. He smirked, I released his phone and walked back in to the house, patting him on the shoulder as I walked past him.

The remainder of the night when smoothly. Jenna got a ton of cool stuff, and a few terrible things as well. But everyone gaziantep escort was smiles. Chad and I made eye contact several times throughout the night. I also checked out his crotch whenever I could. Idle curiosity of course. And I wasn’t disappointed in what I saw.

After most everyone left, I made sure I stuck around to help Jenna clean up. Big brother and all that. It also gave me a chance to get her alone and ask a few more probing questions.

“So why, exactly, do you think I’d click with that Chad guy?” I asked.

“You have a dick. He has a dick. You like dick. He likes dick. Seemed a rather elementary leap to make honestly” she said.

“You think just because dicks are involved…that’s all it takes?” I asked incredulously.

“Mostly” she said honestly “But he’s also a good guy. He’s smart, funny…super sexy…and, I don’t know, I just thought you needed a break from work and all that”.

She wasn’t entirely wrong. I have been working too much and deep down I knew it. But surely I could find my own man, or piece of ass, whichever I needed. But I hadn’t. So maybe Jenna’s need to thrust herself in to my personal life would pay off in the end, literally and figuratively.

“You’re right. I guess that’s why I keep you around” I told her as I kissed her forehead and headed towards the door.

“I gave your guy my number, let’s see if he uses it” I said digging for my phone from my pocket. I turned it off when I got there to avoid any work related issues at the party. That was several hours ago. As the phone buzzed to life, it buzzed for my messages. Looking down I saw four messages: Tami, two from Bethany and one from a number I didn’t recognize. I read and responded to Tami and Bethany’s messages – work shit – and then read the other one.

“It was good to meet you tonight. Your sister was right. You are a confident good looking man. I’d love to see you again, just the two of us. Let me know if you’re interested. No harm if not. Like I said I’m a big boy I can take it – Chad”

“Your guy texted me already. Is that desperate? Or I am that good?” I asked out loud. “And he’s a texter.”

“Don’t be an ass” Jenna said. “He’s a good guy, you need a good guy right about now!” Subconsciously or not, I believe she was referring to my ex.

“Okay sis…I’m texting… him… now” I said hitting the SEND button. “I’ll let you know how it goes”

“Great. Oh wait. Eww no…no details…just the basics” she said as I closed the door behind me. I open the car door an my phone vibrates. Sitting down I pull it out to see another message from Chad: “Come over now – I’m alone” it read followed by an address. I thought for a moment, considering his offer. It wasn’t too late yet so I wasn’t sure if this was a date or a booty call. I wasn’t prepared for either having just spent several hours at a hot, humid party. I hadn’t shaved in three days!

I whipped out the phone and shot back a text: “Have to go home for something first. How bout you come to me in about an hour?” followed by my address. I sat there for a few second watching the bubbles then a message came through: “OK See you soon”

Once home I cleaned up, but didn’t shave. I liked the look so decided to go with it. I was wearing tan shorts and a white t shirt, my standard look for a first date. I sat down waiting for Chad to arrive. The doorbell rang and I looked at my phone. Right on time. Almost to the exact minute! So far so good! I opened the door. It took me a minute to process what I saw.

At the party he was wearing jeans and a button up and no glasses. And while the jeans showed off his ass and he had a hard time hiding his wide shoulders, everything else was a bit loose fitting so I had little idea how much of a rocking body he had! His legs were muscled like a runner’s and covered in a mat of black hair. His biceps bulged slightly through his sleeves. His forearms, that I somehow missed, were thick and, like his legs, covered in short black hair. His glasses seemed to magnify the fire in his brown eyes and a few small black hair grew up past his shirt’s collar on to his neck.

“Chad! Please, come in” I said motioning in to the living room.

“I brought you this” he said presenting a bottle of wine.

“On nice. Thanks. Care to open it now?” I asked.

“By all means!” he said nervously.

“Make yourself at home” I said grabbing glasses.

“Wow. Nice place” he said looking around. I watched him standing there and couldn’t help but get turned on. He looked so…hot! Much hotter than at the party. Butterflies still in my stomach, I walked towards him and handed him his glass. What the hell was happening to me?

“Care for the tour?” I asked.

“Lead on” he replied.

After a few minutes, we sat down on the sofa and proceeded with small talk for several minutes. We learned a bit about each other, our families, work, hobbies and all the standard stuff. After about three and a half hours and several glasses of wine, the conversation turned to Jenna.

“So, your sister…” he began “…has been pushing for us to meet for weeks! Why is that?”

“Well, there’s a few reasons..” I replied. “One, she says I work too much and need a break . Two, she thinks said break should be with a real, live human being. And three, she says I need laid”

He chuckled. “Sounds very familiar” he replied. “She’s told me pretty much the same thing”

“Maybe she’s the one that needs to get laid” I offered.

“Maybe. But we all need that from time to time” he said swirling his wine. “I know, it’s been a while for me!”

“Bullshit” I said. “You mean to tell me you can’t get laid? This hyper hot, smart, well rounded guy can’t get a piece?!?”

“Well, firstly thank you for the compliment. Secondly, I’m quite picky. You have to be these days. Thirdly, I’m not the hot one here tonight. That would be you!” he said downing the rest of his wine.

“I know my limitations.” I said. “I’m confident at work, but after my breakup, I’ve learned that many aren’t as keen on gingers as I thought.”

“Breakups can suck, for sure. But life does go on” he replied.

“That it does” I said taking a sip of wine.

“I think you don’t do your sister’s description of you any justice” he said.

“How’s that?” I asked, fishing for a compliment.

“Let’s see: you’re cute, sexy, well dressed, smell great, have a nice ass, charming and smart” Chad said.

I blushed slightly.

“And you’re blushing…that’s…adorable” he said as he leaned in, grabbing my chin and kissed me.

My cock thumped at the touch and sounds of our lips together. He tasted of wine and that drove me wild. Without ever removing my mouth from his, I sat my glass down as straddled him.

“My! Someone really is ready for this!” he said

‘You have no fucking idea!” I replied as I pulled my shirt over my head. Then I stopped.

“Am I moving too fast?” I asked breathing heavily.

He looked at me shirtless. I wasn’t a model but I was proud of my body. I work hard and work and, since the breakup, worked hard on my body.

He reached up and rubbed my chest.

“No, this…this works for me” he said fiddling with my chest hair.

“What are you in to?” he asked.

“Nothing crazy, at least right now. Maybe if we get to know each other but right now, I just need fucked!” I said honestly.

“Fuck or get fucked?” he asked.

“I’m vers but tonight, I really need a dick inside me!” I demanded.

He stood up and removed his shirt. My knees went weak.

His chest was hairy with thick black hair, but it wasn’t too long, which turned in to a tiny black trail that ran down on to his six pack and blossomed in to a meadow of hairy delight. His thick and hairy forearms stood out as opposed to his smooth biceps. I liked them particularly as they had big veins running down them . You could see hair from his pits sticking out. This man was a man in the strictest sense of the word! I reached out and ran my hand up his stomach to his chest and savored his thick, soft chest hair.

“Fuck!” I muttered partly to myself and partly to him. He smiled.

“You like?” he asked.

“So far so good” I said. I leaned in and kissed him, I could feel his chest hair rubbing on my chest. I rand my hand down to his pants and feverishly unbuttoned his shorts. Expecting them to fall to the ground, they didn’t. I looked down and realized the couldn’t because of his massive cock.

I’ve been with some nice size cocks. And being pretty thick and almost eight inches, I’ve accustomed to large dicks. But this thing. I’ve never seen anything like it in person!

As I knelled, I pulled down his shorts, his straining briefs right in my face. I could tell he was hard but his cock was curved under his balls. I placed my hands on the backside of his hairy thighs and ran them up to his hairy ass. His cheeks were hairy but suddenly became smooth as I approached his waist line. I stood up, allowing my hands to run up his back. It was as solid as a back could be without being a professional weightlifter. And smooth. No hair no stubble, just smooth skin.

I pressed myself up against his mostly naked body and kissed him for what seemed like hours. I kissed down his neck feeling my beard hairs bend slightly against his skin. He moaned with pleasure, which made me pull myself in to him even harder.

I kissed his neck, moving around to his Adam’s Apple, then down to his chest. His chest hair started rather suddenly, busting in to life on his otherwise smooth skin. My tongue parted his soft, black hair as I buried my face in between his large, sculpted hairy pecs. I ran my face right and found his hard nipple. I liked it. He moaned. I moaned.

He wrapped his arms around my head and squeezed my face in to his pec hard – so hard I couldn’t breath. But I loved it. He was more controlling than he appeared. That made him even hotter.

I finally pushed myself off of him and caught my breath. The look on his fact as I reached down and grabbed his gigantic cock. I couldn’t wrap my hand around it fully. I could fill his heart beating in the veins that ran along its shaft. I gripped the base nestled in his ample, black, trimmed bush and slowly pulled my hand up along its shaft. It seemed to go on forever until I found his cut mushroom head. How could this guy not be taken?!?! He had to have some personality flaw which I have yet to discover. But personality mattered little at this moment.

I circled his head, which was apparently sensitive as his body shuttered as I encircled his dick rim. I felt a warm liquid and knew he was in to it. I wrapped my hand around his head, lubricating it up, and sliding my hand back down to its based.

“You’re good at this” he said.

“I’m good at a lot of things” I said with a smile.

“Oh? Like what?” he said through his clenched teeth as I increased his cock lubing.

“I’ve been told I’m good fuck” I admitted. I looked down to his throbbing dick.

“Show me!” he commanded.

“Ah… big sexy hair man wants fucked?” I asked coyly.

“Fuck me!” he said looking straight in to my eyes.

“I’m not sure I can take this thing” I said looking down at his cock.

“No. I want you to fuck me!” he said.

I grinned. Just what I wanted to hear.

“Let’s go” I said, pulling him along by his cock.

I pushed him down on the bed. Looking at this hairy man with a massive cock laying on my bed just about begging me to fuck him made my dick harder than it’s been in aa while. Last time I was with a guy he fucked my ass and he wasn’t good at it. I didn’t realize how much I wanted to top someone until I saw this piece of masculinity laying there, hairy legs spread, massive cock bouncing with each heart beat, just begging to be topped.

I reached in to the drawer and grabbed a rubber and lube, tossing them on the side table. I bent down and pushed his legs back to his chest, exposing his ass. His hairy hole engorged reading for entry. But I had other ideas. I shoved my face in between his cheeks and tongue fucked his hole. His manly scent wafting up my nose as I ate his ass. And what did this manly man do? Moaned like a bitch as I prepared his hole.

I reached up and wrapped my dick as I ate him and he didn’t even notice. I lubed up my dick as I licked his ass like a boss, his legs wrapped up with his arms pulling them up against his chest. I stood up and put my cock up against his hole. He looked up surprised.

“Make room for Noah’s Ark” I said as I pushed my larger than average cock in to him. His eyes widened as I slumped myself balls deep in to his ass. He let out a breath as I bottomed out, his eyes soulful in anticipation. I worked my one knee up to the mattress bracing myself with the other. I pulled his muscular legs on to my shoulder placing my hands against his hairy chest, pinching one of his hard nipples. He placed his opposite arm behind his head and watched me as I pulled my cock out.

I looked down and saw his wet ass hair clinging to my wrapped cock as I drew it out, then pushed in back in slowly. He groaned, his eyes still locked on mine. I twisted slightly, putting my weight on the leg braced on the floor and started pounding him.

“God man! Is that all you got?” he asked.

What did he just say, I thought?

Annoyed, I put both feet on the floor angling myself in to his with my full weight, pressing on his chest.

“Ah yeah! That’s more like it Noah!” he screamed.

He reached down and grabbed his third leg and started jerking it like made. We both picked up the pace and for the next fifteen to twenty minutes we fucked like rabbits. Grunts, groan and moans were all we said, with interjections of “fuck” and “god” here and there.

Our eyes stayed locked so when his eyes rolled back I knew something was coming, literally. He pointed his massive cock at my chest and blasted me with white, hot liquid. His cock was big but his load was bigger. Out of a well trimmed, black bush that one eye monster looked at me as it spit time after time after time coating my chest and shoulder. I could feel his ass squeeze my cock so hard I thought it would break me in half. After the tenth or eleventh shot he finally was able to squeeze me out of his hairy ass so I wasted no time.

I pulled off the rubber, tossing it aside. I climbed up on his still hard dick, that had his cum running down its shaft, and sat on his bush. I could feel his large, wet dick in my ass crack as I fired off some knuckle children on his chest and face.

It wasn’t nearly as much as his, but it was a good amount. I shook violently as I emptied my ball sac on to this man’s chest. I leaned down and kissed him, still clutching my hard cock. I cleaned off the head of my dick on his chest hair and stood up off of him, breathing heavily. It was then I felt something wet on my ass and realized he had came again on my ass as I was blowing my load. What the hell?!? I’ve never had that happen before.

I collapsed on my side next to him, running my hand through his cum soaked chest and belly hair.

“Not to bring up my sister right now, but damn she was right!” I said.

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