Change of Life Ch. 06


As I lay there in my bed, my wife slept in hers. She continued to mumble as she slept. I heard parts of what she was saying. Each word on its own made no sense. But put them together and something about what she said did.

Shirl said, “Paul… mum… sucking… pussy… yes… Yes!” A little later I heard her moan, “Mandy… and… umm… Mandy… Bud… fucking!

And still a few minutes later I heard her say, “See… fucking… and… sharing… men.”

And finally as she talked I heard her say in a sort of hypnotic voice, “Bud… yes… Mandy… fucking… yes… husbands… nice… more… ass.

Jesus I said almost lout loud. If you put them all together she knows about the other night! How the hell was that possible? And if she knew why didn’t he say something?

I said, “What Shirl?” She moaned, “Mandy… fucking.” That was it!

I moved closer and asked again, “What did you say?” She grunted. I asked louder, “What about Mandy?”

Shirl rolled over facing me now and said, “What about Mandy? What do you mean Bud?”

I said, “You were talking in your sleep Shirl but at first I wasn’t sure so I asked you what you said. What did you say?”

“How the hell do I know I was sleeping!” and she rolled back over facing away from me.

That did it now I would never get to sleep. I did but it was very late. The next morning was a workday and as usual she was up at 6AM and finished by 7AM. She woke me and I got ready. After dressing I came down to say good bye and off she went. Twenty minutes later so did I.

I wondered about what she said in her sleep almost all day. She always mumbled in her sleep for years. Usually it was something from work or the kids or the movie we saw or if she was upset by something. But she was talking about what sounded like the three-way I was involved in with my best friend Paul and his wife Mandy. How did she know? It had only happened a couple of days ago. I would try and find out tonight.

As I got home she was already in the kitchen working on dinner. I came in took a beer and sat down at the kitchen table. She didn’t even acknowledge I was there until she had finished what she was doing. Then she came over and kissed me and said, “Hi. You just get in?”

I said, “Yes! DA! I could have been rapist and you wouldn’t have known it. What were you doing that you miss me opening the refrigerator and popping a beer?”

She said, “It was important, I was over in the corner writing down a few things. We have to talk after dinner. I want to make sure I have all my notes and information together when we do.”

I wondered immediately what was going on and what we were going to talk about. “What? Why not talk now? Why wait until after dinner?” I asked.

She said, “I don’t want to wreck dinner and what we have to discuss might just do that. So you’ll have to wait.”

And I did! She ate slowly and we cleaned the table and did the dishes slowly and finally about 2 hours later she told me, “Let’s go into the living room.”

As I sat in my chair and Shirl in her chair she said, “I think you are spending to much time with Paul. Or, maybe it’s Mandy you’re spending the time with. Is it? Are you seeing Mandy or is she seeing you? Is Paul involved?”

I didn’t say anything but I could feel the heat going up my neck and knew I was getting red. I said, “Mandy! What’s wrong with you. Paul is one of my best friends, and you think I’m fooling around with his wife? You are sitting there saying I’m cheating on you and Mandy cheating on Paul? What’s your problem?” Nice cover Bud if I do say so myself.

She wasn’t moved at all. She looked at me and said, “Well I seemed to have hit a tender spot. Just look at you. Seems I might be more right than wrong. So, I’ll say it again. Have you been fucking Mandy?”

I said, “That’s so wrong I’m not even going to answer it with a comment. Just because you’re not giving me any doesn’t mean I’m bopping the neighbor.”

She said, “Well it sure doesn’t look that way. Your face is red and you can’t sit still. You even look like your forehead is sweating a little. If you’re not having sex with her you sure want to!!”

I smiled then and said, “Yea! I guess I do!” She just looked at me and I continued. “Married to you I think about having sex with every attractive woman I see. I’m horny all the time. You’re such a cold fish I rather jerk off when you’re like this!”

She said, “Like what? Like a wife who knows her husband is cheating on her.”

I said, “Yes, God damn it! Yes! Especially when he’s not. But since you asked me I’ll tell you. Yes! I would love to fuck Mandy! In fact I would like to fuck most of the neighbors around here. I jerk off think about her or some other beautiful WARM woman. You sure as hell don’t care about sex with me so why shouldn’t I think about having sex with other women?”

She said, “Well I think it’s not just thinking, I still think you’re having real sex with her. I gave you one more chance to tell me the truth, don’t forget that Bud. You had your chance.”

I said, “Now what Escort Bayan Gaziantep does that mean. Are you threatening me? And if so why? What do you plan to do?”

She said, “I’m not tell you. All I want to know is the truth. Have you fucked Mandy?”

I said, “And if I was fucking Mandy, what would you do?”

She said, “Get even. If you fuck her I should be able to fuck her husband or someone else.” But if you’re lying, than I’m going to fuck a dozen men.”

I said, “Yea! Right! You won’t fuck me for 2 months and now you telling me you’re going out and fuck 12 strangers. You know it might just be worth it to see if you would actually do it. Your dried up pussy would maybe then be wet again. Go ahead fuck who ever you want and I’ll fuck whoever I want. I sure as hell am tired of fight over sex with you. But be warned if I catch you I’m leaving you.”

She said, “Oh you won’t catch me, I’ll be doing it while you’re playing GOLF with Paul. That is if you’re really playing golf and not banging his wife instead. But I won’t leave you. That would be too easy for you! I’ll just fuck 12 men for every time I catch you cheating on me. I think it will be much easier for me to find men to fuck me than it will be for you to locate women to fuck you. So my dear husband you have been warned!”

I didn’t answer her. But I wondered if she was serious. “How do women know these things about us men?” I said to myself. “It had been once! I had fucked Mandy only once and she knew or at lease was pretty sure. I’ll have to watch her and see what she’s doing and be much more careful with my meetings with Mandy.

I stood up and left the room. She sat there watching me. Then she got up and walked into the kitchen with me. As I opened a beer she said, “Why are you doing it? Is it because we don’t have sex as much as you want? Or is it to get back at me. Or maybe because she had a great body and is sexier than me? Or, maybe you just want some strange pussy. Why?”

She almost got me that time. I was just about to scream at her saying, “Because you’re an ice cold hearted queen bitch who never actually loved me and who hates sex with me anyway. You had no love or emotions for me left inside her. I think I should have left you or you should have left me years ago.”

But I didn’t instead I told her, “If… and I do mean if… I was having sex with Mandy or any other woman for that matter it would be because I don’t have a wife whom wants me to have sex with me. Yes, Shirl, you, a wife who makes love to her vibrator instead of her husband. Do you think I wouldn’t want to make love to my wife than to go out and find a piece of ass to fuck? You have no idea the sadness you have made me feel over the years. We’re married only on a piece of paper. You’re no wife. Hell you’re not even a real woman! You’re more like a nasty roommate I’m stuck with. To me sex and emotional togetherness is one of the most, if not the most, important thing in a relationship. To you it’s a bother, something you grant me every 3-6 months so I can’t divorce you for mental cruelty! If it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t have sex with me at all. Oh hell! Why am I still talking? We have discussed this a 100 times over the years. You always agree when I say we should do it more but you don’t really mean it. As far as I’m concerned you don’t give a shit if we ever have sex again.”

With that I chugged the rest of my beer and walked out of the room as she started saying, “You’re wrong I do like sex! You’re wrong… ” Her voice faded as I went up stairs and turned on the shower.

As I stepped in I wondered if Paul and Mandy fought over just the reverse of what Shirl and I fought over. Was he fighting because she wanted more than he could give her? Did he yell at her when she told him she wanted another man to help him? I couldn’t decide which was the worst of the two evils. Maybe I couldn’t decide but right now as I slowly stroked my rising cock, I said, “I’ll take more sex!”

I heard the door to the bathroom open and the lights go off. Then her voice filled the air as she said, “Bud, you walked out on me in the kitchen and I wanted to tell you that you’re wrong, I do like sex. In fact I love sex. I’m just not an aggressive person, I can’t ask for it or tell you I want it. I’m more of a sub type woman who has to be told what to do. You should know that by now.”

I pulled the curtain back and she was standing there completely nude and looked at me. I said, “Well I’m tired of fighting you for ever feel or touch or act of sex I want. It’s not very pleasant when you wear panties and some half-ass outfit to bed and then cover yourself with 3 types of covers. Then you tell me yes when I ask you if you want to neck it up. But then I find you won’t release the covers and I have to fight you for your clothes. If you wanted sex, you would strip and open your arms and legs for me. Accept me, not fight and make me feel rejected when I come to you.”

She stepped towards me and said, “I know! I know! I’m sorry. I really do want us to have sex and stay together. I don’t have anything on now.”

She was standing next to the tub so I figured I would challenger her statement. I said, “Then if you want it so bad come in here with me and suck my cock hard. Then let me fuck you standing up!”

She blushed, married all these years and she blushed. I said, “And turn the fucking light on too! I want to see what you’re doing as you suck me.”

She had something that looked like fear in her eyes. They were wet too. She said, “Can’t… can’t we just have sex in our bed? I don’t like this. You know that!”

I said, “Yes I know it. But I don’t care! I also know I have licked your pussy and given you oral sex about a 1000 times more than you have sucked my cock. And you have never Shirl, never sucked it until I came. I get you off orally every time we have sex. You cum in my mouth and face every fucking time! You know that too!”

She stood there. I said, “Forget it. Either get in and get on your knees and suck me hard or leave. I’m not fighting you any more. Do it or leave.”

And then something amazing happened and I still don’t know really why it did. Maybe it was my tone, or the way I said it or the fact that I wasn’t putting up with her shit! But to my astonishment she stepped into the shower. She took the soap and began to wash my cock for maybe 5 minutes before she dropped to her knees. My cock was hard now from her hands washing it. She knelt there and looked up into my eyes. She then looked at my cock and held it in her hand and stroked it. She looked up for my approval and I said, “Yes Shirl! I want you to suck it! That’s it put the head in your mouth now and suck it!”

And she did!!! She moved closer and as the water ran over our bodies she put my cock head into her warm wet mouth and started to suck! I was stunned! I wasn’t sure what was happening but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop it. I held her head gently as she sucked more and more of my cock into her mouth. I told her how to do it and she was stoking and licking and sucking as I began to moan. I wondered why she was doing this? I said, “Suck harder. Yea that’s the way. Keep going take it all if you can. Suck me deep into your throat!”

She looked up at me with eyes that were now almost begging me not to make her do it. But I didn’t back off. I said, “Hold your breath and relax your throat. Now suck it down. Yea! That’s it! Oh Jesus! That’s the way good girl!”

She gagged but didn’t stop! Soon she was pumping my cock down her throat as she did exactly what I told her to do. I was holding both hands on he head now as she gagged and gagged for air. She continue to try and deep throat me. Finally when she started to gag badly and choked, I pulled my cock out of her throat! I was like a mad man now. I yelled, “Stand up! Stroke my cock. Cup my balls gently with your other hand. Now turn around and bend over, I’m going to fuck you doggie style!”

She followed all my directions and I decided I wanted to see her when I fucked her. I said, “No turn around and face me. Lift your right leg and let me hold it.”

She did and I held her leg up under her thigh. I said, “Put my cock in your pussy hole. Now Shirl do it! I want to fuck you standing up! Put my cock in your pussy hole as I hold your leg.”

As the warm water ran over her tits she guided me to her slit and then to her pussy hole. As I felt her puffy cunt lips part, I moved in about an inch, maybe two. I held her and kissed her slamming my tongue into her mouth and my cock deeper into her pussy. As I pumped into her she moaned. My cock was so hard I felt like it might bleed. I fucked her for maybe 3 or 4 minutes and then pulled out. I turned the water off as Shirl asked, “What… what’s wrong? Why… are you stopping Bud? Did I do something wrong?”

I was stunned again. She was asking me what was wrong. Any other night she would have rolled over. What did I do different tonight? I said, “I have had enough of this fucking in the shower. Now I want you to dry off and go into the dining room.”

She looked at me and said, “Dinning room? Why… why there.”

I said, “I always wanted to fuck my wife on the dining room table. And tonight we’re going to do everything I want! Understand?”

“Yes.” was all she said. We both stepped out of the shower and I said, “So come on dry off. Then get your ass downstairs”

She had a towel wrapped around her and I told her to leave the towel. She wouldn’t be in need of any clothes tonight. She did what I told her and when I got down there I helped her sit on the table. She was completely nude. When she was positioned on the towel I had brought with me I said, “Spread them!”

She opened her legs and I walked to the light switch. I turned it on as bright as the dimmer switch could make it and said, “Wider! Open your thighs wide and put your feet up on the table too!”

She did and I looked down at my wife’s small tight very underused pussy. It was wide open to me! I smiled and said, “Beautiful! You should show your pussy to me all the time. Now, take my cock and stroke it until it’s harder.”

She blushed again but she did what I told her and soon it was super hard. I played with her tits and nipples enjoying myself as she worked on my cock. Her hands were stroking me soft and slow and I could see her pussy so clear with all the lights on it was wonderful. It was also very wet! I said, “Now dear wife, put me in! Take my hard cock and put me back into your cunt.”

She wiggled her ass to the very edge of the table and I held her hips as I moved into her. She placed the head of my very swollen cock at the entrance of her sex again and I pushed in. As my cock went further and further into her pussy tunnel she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled the rest of my body to her. She held me tight and licked my ear as she whispered, “Fuck me Bud., Fuck me hard! Make me cum!”

I was a little shocked and said, “No! You make me cum! Tonight isn’t about you. It’s about me. Make me cum! Fuck me hard Shirl!”

She was trying but I had both of her legs under my arms and she was bent backwards. She held her arms around my neck as I pumped and pumped hard into her wet pussy now. She lay back on her elbows and we both watched my cock pump in and out of her pussy tunnel. She wasn’t dry any longer. Her pussy was now leaking all over my cock shaft and on to the towel under her.

I guess we fucked on the table for 5 minutes, I wasn’t sure about the time. But I was sure I was about to cum! So I stopped again! I heard her moan as I pulled out of her pussy feeling it try to squeeze me tight and tried to keep me inside her. She said, “Why!!… WHY! Why are your stopping again God! Bud? Oh God come on baby! Fuck me! Fuck me like you wanted to do for weeks.”

I pulled back and said, “Go into the family room and start the fire. She looked at me like I was nuts. I said, “Did you hear me? If you want to cum, go and do what I asked you to. Get your as up off the table and go start the fire in the fire place we’re going to fuck in there next.”

She slid off the table and I could see her wet pussy leave a small trail on the edge of the table. It looked very plump and was still open, wet with her juices and leaking around the opening. It looked very swollen. She walked into the family room and I watched her ass sway as she crossed to the fireplace. She turned on the gas and it ignited immediately. I said, “Spread the quilt you made on the floor.”

She said, “Not the quilt can’t we use a towel?”

I said, “No towel, use the fucking quilt! All those Sundays you left me alone while you made this damn thing, we will now use it!”

She did as I told her and then I said, “Kneel.”

She got down on her knees as I turned up the fire as high as it would go. It lit the entire room. I stood in front of her and said, “Now suck me off.” She looked up and said, “Oh come on Bud let’s fuck instead. I really want your cock!”

I said “Yes I know you do. But I want your mouth! Now suck me or go up to bed. I’ll jerk off again like usual!”

She took my hard wet cock in her mouth and I knew she was tasting her own pussy juices. I said, “That’s what I taste when you cum in my mouth as I eat your pussy. How do you taste?”

She didn’t answer me she just continued to suck my cock and her eyes looked up at me begging to let her stop before I shot my load. I said, “Squeeze my balls gently and suck and lick me like I told you to do in the tub. And take as much of my cock as you can. Try again to deep throat me!”

She moaned as she looked up at me with pleading eyes now. I yelled, “Do it! Shirl!”

She did and at one point my cock hair was rubbing against her face. She had taken all of me and I knew my cock head was now down her throat. She had learned how to do it better this time. I said, “Yes! Suck it Shirl!! Suck my cock baby! Make love to it like I do to your cunt when I eat it! Suck me baby! Suck me until I cum in your mouth just like you do to me when I eat your pussy! Would you like me to do that to you tonight?!”

She shook her head yes and looked up at me again with those green eyes. I said, “I want to cum in your mouth tonight Shirl and I want you to swallow it, swallow all of it baby! If you love me like you say you do you’ll do it!”

She moaned and started to cry. I didn’t care. I wanted to cum in her mouth and damn it I was going to do it, tears or no tears. And I did! I held her head and pumped my cock into her mouth like she was a whore instead of my wife. I was mad, I was pissed off and I took it out on her mouth!

But I did warn her. As I was approaching my orgasm I said, Shirl get ready! “Here… it… comes… baby! Oh shit! Take it Shirl! Oh shit! Yes! Take it all baby!!! Swallow it!!”

And my cock began to thump in her mouth and I began to spew warm wet cum into my wife’s mouth for the very first time in all the years we were married. I moaned again and again as my cock spit it’s fertile juices into her mouth and down her throat! She had sucked my cock as deep as she could when she felt me begin to shoot my load. She let most of it shoot directly down her throat. I guess it was because she didn’t want to taste it, I don’t know, and didn’t care she was taking it and I was holding her head tight against me.

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