Changing Sides Straight to Cuckold


Changing Sides Straight to CuckoldIf I was honest I would admit that my wife was always the more adventurous of the two of us, both in life and in bed. She was the one who decided to sell up and move the UK to Spain. She also made most of the decisions about where we would settle and what she would do when we were settles. I had started a small online consultancy business about ten years ago and now could work from home anywhere in the world. She had run a clothes shop in the UK and now ran a small shop that catered for the many summer tourists as well as the local expatriates. It didn’t take long for our lives to develop into a pattern, she went to work and I stayed at home to work. Her shop was fairly successful and made a reasonable amount of money but my business was very good. So much so that after a while I was able to hire younger and more eager graduates to do my work and while I still finalized all the contracts and the quality of the work, I was able to just sit back as the business earned the money for me. Soon we had enough money to relax but she wanted to keep her shop and so I spent most of my time sitting around the house.As I said, she was the more adventurous and this was especially true in bed. We did have sex most nights but I could see that it was becoming a bit boring for her. I tried to be open to most of the stuff she wanted to try. She wanted to try different positions and some of them were fun but we found I wasn’t as supple as I thought. Also I didn’t really enjoy the more energetic positions that needed me to concentrate more on not falling off the bed than the fucking. She wanted try the excitement of risky public sex but I found that there are very few places that are quiet enough to have time to satisfy her. She enjoyed sucking me off but we were interrupted quite often and when I licked her out she just wanted more and more. It was frustrating most of the time and besides most of it didn’t excite me as much as it did her. We tried fantasies and role playing for a while. These mainly involved her pretending to be in some kind of distress and I would rescue her and she would pay me with sex. Sometimes I would be the hero and sometimes I would be the villain and would virtually **** her. These were ok for a while but when even the “Pirate and the slave girl” and “Sir Lancelot and the damsel in distress” became old and stale for her, I was almost glad when she stopped forcing me to perform every night. We started to go for meals in one of the local restaurants instead having sex almost as soon as she came through the door. After the meal we would sometimes walk along the beach or go dancing at one of the many nightclubs in the town. For a while we would have long, slow, sensuous almost romantic sex after we came back from our nights out. We got to know all the best restaurants in the town and where the best places for a quiet dance were. We even went to a few of the bars and made new friends. There was a large expat community in the town and with most expat communities around the world they all tended to eat at the same restaurants and drink at the same bars. I thought we were settling into the normal expat lifestyle but that changed with a bang that I didn’t see coming.A couple of months ago we were drinking in a bar with a group of friends whom we had got to know. I was sat next to a young couple who had stayed after visiting the place on holiday a couple of years ago. My wife was happily chatting with a group of men who seemed quite eager to chat with her. She was chatting mainly with Steve who I was told was a businessman. He came to Spain a couple of years ago and now specialised in selling holiday and retirement homes to expats. He was about 25 or 30 years old and as well as being a foot taller than me, he was much more muscular. I am not sure if I am exactly qualified to judge what women find attractive or even what handsome is but I guess he was fairly handsome with short dark brown hair and a deep golden brown tan. He was constantly flashing his perfect white teeth with a big smile that rarely left his face. I could see that he had what my wife referred to as a pert bum. Not quite Brad Pitt but he was still very popular with the single women amongst the expat community. My wife seemed to be flirting with him, laughing and touching him on the arm. I am not sure if I was jealous of him and his relaxed charm or his body and his movie star looks or maybe I was jealous because my wife seemed to be enjoying his company. It was a warm night towards the end of the summer and without asking me, my wife had decided to move locations and continue the party at our house. It wasn’t unusual for people to have these impromptu parties at the end of the night and I wasn’t karabük escort surprised when most of our friends agreed. We bought enough drinks to keep the party going before we staggered back to our house. At first I enjoyed the change of pace and had chatted to most of the people I knew but by 2 o’clock, I was running out of things to chat about. I expected the party to start breaking up but it was still going. My wife had been the perfect host handing out drinks and chatting with everyone who was there. I had spent most of the time with the few people who were my friends rather than my wife’s and when they left I had tried to chat with some of her friends. The only problem was that they were mainly younger men who had the same basic character traits, they were mainly quite tall and handsome but not very smart. There was a few pretty women but they were surrounded by these “pretty” men. I was starting to feel quite tired, I told my wife that I was going to bed and she said she would stay and chat a bit longer before coming up. She promised she wouldn’t be long but when I woke up and checked the clock, it was almost 6 am and she wasn’t in bed. The early morning sun was streaming through the window so I pulled on a pair of boxers and wrapped my dressing gown around my shoulders. For some reason I felt I needed to be quiet as I went downstairs to see where she was and I soon found her.Our house was a typical Spanish open style house and so as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs I was in the main living room. I expected to find my wife sitting on the sofa chatting to some drunk friend or maybe sat on the veranda watching the sunrise. Maybe even asleep on the sofa after getting too tired to come upstairs but I was stunned to find Steve fucking her hard on the sofa as she sucked the cock of another one of her friends. I was so stunned I couldn’t move or say anything even when my wife looked up and started to laugh.”This is what you should be doing! If you had any balls you would be fucking the ass off me but you just can’t do it anymore. I need a real fucking!” she said as Steve kept on banging away on her ass as hard as he could. She held the other cock in her hand like it was a quite normal thing to do. “Anyway he knows how to satisfy a woman!” She said with distain, “and he has got a bigger cock.” I was too shocked to say anything but I couldn’t take my eyes off her and the massive cock pounding her soaking wet cunt and the equally large cock in her hand. She just watched me as the men enjoyed her body. “Come here and see how to satisfy me!” she shouted at me but I couldn’t move. “Come here NOW!” I took one stumbling step forward followed by another until I was stood just a few feet away level with her waist. She lowered the leg nearest to me so I could clearly see the thick cock sliding in and out of her hairless cunt. She even held her hand out so I could see the cock her fingers were wrapped around. I could see the thick vein that ran from the mass of black hair around his balls up to the purple head of his throbbing flesh. I could see the foreskin sliding over the head and then down again as she moved her hand up and down. The head still glistened with the saliva from my wife’s mouth as she sucked and licked him. I could see a small drop of precum leaking from the small hole at the very tip of the fat hard cock in her delicate hand.I stood there watching as my wife enjoyed the best fuck of her life. I had already missed the chance to scream and shout and to be the angry husband, throwing out these intruders from my house and my wife. Suddenly, I knew I was no longer the man in the house or the dominate one in this marriage. It was now only a question of how far she would take it and it wasn’t long before I found out.”Get that stupid look off your face and make yourself useful.” I moved another step closer not sure how I could make myself useful. Steve watched me with gloating eyes and the other guy who was called Bill had a smug grin on his face that I wanted smack but didn’t have the courage to do any more. “For fuck’s sake! Hold this while Steve finishes me off.” I wanted to say “hold what!” or even “I’m not holding that!” in a disgusted tone in some last vestige of dignity but couldn’t. Bill turned and almost thrust his cock towards me, as if I might not have understood what my wife meant. “Come on it won’t bite.” My wife said in a mocking tone. “Come on you know you want to. I know you want hold a real cock in your hand for a change.” And she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand towards his cock and lifted it up until his cock rested in the palm of my hand. It felt hot and smooth as she kept my hand from moving away. “Get hold of it.” She commanded kars escort and I slowly moved my fingers around the thick piece of manliness. “That’s it, now move your hand up and down.” I did as was told and even gripped a little tighter so that his foreskin moved, first over the purple head and then back to reveal it again. It felt slightly soft but firm, flexible but rigid and the more I moved my hand up and down the firmer and more rigid it became. Without noticing, I moved forward so I could hold it better, I even moved my hand so my fingers were underneath and my palm on top. I was now jerking the first cock I had ever held other than my own and was even enjoying it.I moved to get a closer look at the hot meat in my hand. I could see the open hole at the very tip and the tiny veins that branched along the whole length. I could see the heavy balls hanging between his strong legs and the black mass of hair surrounding the base of the cock in my fist. Bill’s cock was full of blood pulsing under my fingers and was as hard as iron as my hand moved up and down faster and faster. I could tell Bill was enjoying my work as he moaned with pleasure. I was so fixed on what I was doing I didn’t notice my wife watching me but she was enjoying what I was doing almost as much as Bill. “Suck it, put it in your mouth and suck his cock!” I turned to look at her and saw that she was as horny as the tone of voice suggested. She was pulling on her nipples and even Steve had stopped fucking her to watch me. As I turned back to Bill’s cock my wife pushed my head down and I found my lips less than an inch from the straining head. After watching my wife getting fucked hard by a big fat cock and from holding another man’s cock I was so horny that I almost couldn’t stop myself from shoving the hard cock down my throat but I wanted to take my time and savour the taste of my first blowjob. I threw off my dressing gown and gripped the one thing I needed so badly that I would do anything to get it. I moved my head closer and closer until the tip of my tongue could touch the little hole where hopefully Bill’s cum would erupt if I could do it right. I licked the end and could taste the salty pre-cum that was beginning to ooze out of the hole. I licked the full length of his cock from the tip down to his balls and then back up again before wrapping my lips around the head. At this point I felt Bill’s hands on the back of my head and suddenly he pushed my head down as he thrust his cock up into the back of my throat. Now instead of giving him a blowjob, he was fucking my face with real force. I tried to pull back but it was too late I was going to get fucked whether I wanted to or not. He pulled my head onto his cock harder and faster as he built up to his orgasm. He was groaning and shouting “suck me, suck me harder you bitch”. My wife was shouting “fuck him, fuck his mouth with your fat cock”. Even Steve was telling his friend to “fuck his face, fill the bitch with your cum”. My hand went to his swinging balls holding them gently as I could feel the cum building up in them. I waited with my eyes shut tight as he got closer and closer to filling my hungry mouth with his hot salty juices. When he finally came he exploded with a huge spurt that filled my mouth to overflowing. I tried to swallow but he kept coming over and over again and it was too much for me and his cum dribbled down my chin, onto the floor. Finally Bill stopped coming in my mouth I was able to swallow the cum in my mouth but my wife wasn’t finished with me. “Clean his cock and then you can clean his cum off the floor.” She said as she held my head so I couldn’t pull away even if I wanted which I didn’t. I wanted as much of his cum as I could and happily licked every last drop of his cock before licking the floor clean too. My ordeal wasn’t over, she pushed my head to the floor with one hand and pulled down my boxers with the other. She lifted my bare ass in the air and slapped it hard. I moaned as the sting of the slap spread across my cheeks. Two more slaps stung my flesh before she sat with her legs spread wide on the sofa and then pulled me between her legs and onto her boiling hot and soaking wet cunt. She ground my face into it as she moaned “lick me you bitch, lick with your dirty tongue”. In seconds she came with a huge scream, her own juices pouring from her slit. I drank from her cunt as fast as I could but it was too much and it covered my face, mixing with Bill’s cum still on my chin. She fell back onto the sofa with the echoes of her orgasm still shaking her body. Steve was looking at me with a kind of lust I had never seen before. He grabbed my arm and said, “It’s my turn now.” He pulled my head onto his manisa escort cock and I could still taste my wife’s juices as well as the pre-cum that oozed from his rock hard cock. After a few minutes she had recovered enough to think about what she was going to do to be next. “Steve I want you to fuck the sissy bitch, fuck him in his virgin ass!” she pulled me over to the end of the sofa and pushed me forward over the arm of the chair. She pushed my head down and lifted up my ass. She slapped my ass a few times, each one harder than the one before. Bill had recovered enough to watch Steve as she slapped my bare ass and I could see that it was making him horny again. His cock was limply hanging between his legs but as I watched she started to jerk it and it started to stiffen again. She moved him close enough for me to reach his cock with my hand so I could jerk him while she slapped me. She guided Steve behind me and she laid on the sofa and swung her leg over the back of the sofa and pulled my head down onto her cunt. Bill moved closer so my wife could suck him as I licked my wife’s cunt. I could feel Steve standing behind me. He started rubbing his cock along the crack of my ass and I moaned as I waited for what I knew was going to happen next. I didn’t need to wait long as Steve lowered the end of his cock until it was pressed against the opening to my anus. He wasn’t going wait long either and he wasn’t going to be gentle either. He pushed hard against the tender entrance and didn’t stop pushing until his balls slapped against the back of my thighs. I thought he was going to tear me in half and I screamed in pain into my wife’s cunt but he didn’t stop, pulling out and then slamming it back in even harder. Each time Steve rammed his cock into my ass he pushed my face into her cunt making her come over and over again. I don’t know how long he fucked me but slowly the pain eased and I started to enjoy being used so completely. He slapped me and fucked me over and over but almost too soon he stiffened and with one more thrust he came filling my rectum with hot fluid. As that first spasm hit the top of my hole I started cumming as well. I have never cum as hard as I did then, I could feel my cum splashing against the chair. Steve kept thrusting in and out even as he came in me. Steve came so much I could feel his cum escaping from my ass and running down my legs. After a while I could feel Steve almost collapsed on my back as his orgasm finally subsided. His cock softened and then slipped from my ass but before I could move, Bill moved behind me and slammed his cock into my very sore ass. He fucked me just as hard as Steve had and Steve made sure I licked his cock clean while he fingered my wife’s wet cunt. Steve’s cum had made my ass slick and I could hear the sloppy sound of Bill’s cock as it used it to lubricate its passage deep into my sore man-cunt. Probably because he had already cum once in my mouth Bill was able to hold on for a long time before he filled my ass up with fresh cum. We were all completely drained from the fucking, we staggered to a chair and collapsed into them. My wife looked over and with a cruel grin said, “You’re my bitch now.” I couldn’t disagree with her as I knew that I might never fuck her again but I would probably be fucked again by every man she brought home. She reached behind the sofa to find her clothes and found her panties, bra and dress. “Here bitch put your new clothes on.” She said as she threw them at me. Her panties landed on my face and I could smell the musky scent of her cunt. Completely defeated I put them over my shriveled cock before struggling to fasten her bra around my chest. It was too small but Steve was happy to force me to breathe out until he could clip it shut. He pulled the dress up and fastened it around my waist. Again it was too tight but it didn’t matter. “I will need to buy some bigger dresses for you and get some underwear that fits too. I don’t want you to ruin my good clothes.” She said as she walked around me looking at me dressed in her clothes. She grabbed my crutch and squeezed my cock trapped in her tight skimpy panties. “If you are good I might even let you use this occasionally but if you are bad I am going to get a big fat strap-on dildo so I can fuck you and I’ll do it harder and longer than they just did. Most of the time I am going to get you to serve drinks and suck the cocks of real men so that they are hard before they fuck me. Maybe, while they are waiting for me to get ready, they can fuck you so they don’t cum in me too soon.” I looked at her as she mused about how life in this house was going to be like from now on. I could feel the wet patch in the pair of her panties I was wearing as Bill’s and Steve’s cum seeped out my ass. Their cum was still running down the inside of my legs and her juices coated my face as I hoped this new life would start soon when Steve stood up and pulled my head down to his cock. “Suck me so I can fuck your wife again.” I started working on his cock with a smile.

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