Charly’s Choice


As I crossed the square toward my office that morning, I saw a lone figure standing at the far stairway. As I drew nearer, I realized that it was Charlene, called Charly by her friends. She had come to work in my department about four months ago. Although we haven’t had much to do with each other, I did find her rather attractive.

She was a mere slip of a girl, standing about 5’2″ and probably 115 pounds wringing wet. Her brown hair is best called “nondescript” as it doesn’t really stand out but it frames her oval face nicely. She has grey-green eyes that I noticed at times appear to have little devils dancing in them, especially when she smiles. The rest of her body is literally an hourglass figure although she rarely wears clothes that show it off. Every now and then she will wear some revealing blouse or a very short skirt or both and every eye in the place follows her when she walks around.

She seems to have made a number of friends among the other employees although I have found it very difficult to strike up a conversation with her. She is about half my age and work matters only bring us together on the odd occasion. Still, she has been very friendly when I have had dealings with her. We have had a number of conversations in the past few days that could be considered friendly as opposed to work related but she probably doesn’t remember.

I wonder who she is waiting for as her pose clearly implies that she is waiting for someone. It would be too much to hope that she could be waiting for me. Still, hope springs eternal in the human breast. As I near her position, she shifts her stance and I can clearly see her face brighten. I look quickly around. No, there is no one else approaching her except me. I stop about a foot away from her.

“Good morning, Charlene.”

“Good morning, Tony, please call me Charly, won’t you?” and she smiles her 1000 megawatt smile.

I am overcome by the smile. I reach out with both of my hands, placing one on each side of her face, and kiss her gently but firmly on the lips. In that instant, crazed thoughts are suddenly racing through my head. “My God, what have I done! She is not moving! At least she hasn’t hit me yet! She is not kissing me back either! Just standing there! How can I possibly explain this?” In the next instant, I break the kiss and release her face.

“Please forgive me.” I stammer, “I just got carried away. I shouldn’t have done that.”

As I raise my eyes to her face I can’t believe what I see. She is smiling broadly at me. Even her eyes are smiling at me.

“Silly boy,” she whispers, “that’s what I have been waiting for.”

Then she wraps her arms around my neck, steps closer, and kisses me, open mouthed, with the softest lips I have ever met. It takes me a few seconds to fully realize what has happened. Then I fold her into my arms and return her kiss with all the intensity I can muster.

Her tongue invades my mouth, gently probing, trying to determine if it is welcome. I suck her tongue and lightly parry with my own. Our breathing is becoming more labored as we tongue lash each other, bodies pressed tightly together. Finally we allow our kiss to end with a series of small kisses, lips, nose, cheeks, forehead. We looked for and found acceptance. As we stand there in the square, there are tears in both of our eyes, but they are tears of pure joy.

She looks up at me and says, “What do we do now?”

“I guess we go to work and try not to rape each other before lunchtime.” I reply with a silly grin.

“That may not be so easy.” she says, “In this mood, I could rape you right now. Seriously, though, how do we handle ourselves now that we have finally made contact?”

I suggest that for the morning, at least, we try to act as normal as possible. If we get through the morning, we can talk more about our situation at lunch. We have managed to survive the morning. It is now midday and she suggests we meet in the lobby of the building so that it appears that we have left separately. When I reach the lobby, she is waiting in the corner near the door. As we exit to the street, I ask where she would like to go and she replies.

“My place, it’s only a few minutes walk from here.”

I agree and we set off. As we lose sight of the office building, she takes my hand and squeezes it tightly. Her face is slightly flushed and her smile is dazzling. I am walking about two feet above the pavement. We reach her building and take the lift to her floor. She unlocks the apartment door and we enter. I wait just inside the door as she closes and locks the door. She turns and throws herself into my arms and submerses me in a searing kiss. Her lips are on fire and the small flame within me is instantly turned into a raging wildfire. Our hands are exploring each other in every detail as our mouths are locked together.

With her fingers in my hair and her body held tightly against me, I grasp her buttocks with both hands and press her even closer. Her hips are gyrating against Kastamonu Escort my pelvic region. She is sending me mad with lust. She breaks off the kiss and begins to unbutton my shirt. I attack the buttons of her blouse. In seconds I have her naked to the waist and I am admiring her pert breasts. She has removed my shirt and tie and I can now press her against me, flesh to flesh. This embrace is less hurried than the previous one. This time we are feeling each other’s skin.

As her hands caress my back, I kiss the side of her neck. I nibble on the lobe of her ear, which sends shivers throughout her body. As my kisses trail down the side of her neck, her breathing becomes increasingly labored. She too is beside herself with lust. The strain of waiting is becoming unbearable. Finally I take the nipple of her breast into my mouth. She cries out and crushes my head to her chest. I suck the breast, I lick the nipple, I nibble carefully on the nipple with my teeth, all the while eliciting little moans of passion from her.

A look of complete ecstasy is on her face. Her eyes are closed and she is moaning repeatedly.

“Yes, Yes, Yes, kiss them, bite them, Oh Yes, more please.”

I move to the other breast and the moans keep coming. She is beginning to sway, getting weak in the knees from the sheer pleasure being visited upon her. I stand up and release her breast. Her eyes pop wide open.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” she cries.

“I haven’t stopped, I’m just changing direction.” I reply.

With that I unbutton her skirt and release the zipper, allowing it to fall to the floor. I remove her panties so she is now completely naked before me. Being slight of build, it is easy for me to sweep her up into my arms and carry her to the bedroom. I lay her on the bed and begin my ministrations all over again, kissing her mouth, eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, neck and finally her breasts.

She is moaning loudly now and writhing all over the bed. I quickly remove the balance of my clothing and climb onto the bed. I move between her legs and lean forward to kiss her belly. She is rotating her hips in small circles now, anticipating the act of penetration. I trail kisses down from her belly to her bush. My hands have moved to grasp her buttocks now and her legs are thrown wide apart.

My tongue darts into the patch of hair just above her pussy entrance and contacts her clit. She stiffens and calls out. As she releases her muscles, I lick her clit again and she stiffens a second time.

“Now, now, fuck me now.” She cries and I insert my tongue into her hot pussy. As I lick upwards, her hips move faster and faster. Her hands are on the back of my head, trying to push me into her pussy. I lick up past her clit once more and she screams in orgasm. Her scream is partially muffled by her thighs tightening over my ears. Her entire body stiffens and her pussy is suspended in midair. When she recovers from her orgasm a few minutes later, she pulls my head up to hers and kisses me soundly.

“That was fantastic.” She says, “Now it’s my turn.”

She rolls me over onto my back and begins kissing me all over. While her lips are working on my neck and chest, her hand is caressing my stiff cock. She works her way down my belly and, kneeling sideways to me, places her lips over the tip of my cock. I groan and reach out to touch her buttocks. My fingers just graze the side of her thigh and she moves closer to give me better access to her. As she is sucking my cock, my hands are caressing the insides of her thighs from knee to buttock, just grazing the entrance to her pussy.

Each time I touch her pussy lips, she squeals and gulps at my cock. I begin to tease her pussy by running my fingertips through the outer lips and across the opening to her asshole without penetrating either entrance. She is squirming madly now and sucking my cock for all she is worth. In the position she is in, it is easy for me push two fingers into her pussy. Her mouth freezes in position on my cock while she takes a deep breath and arches her back.

Her pussy is changing to accommodate these intruders. In the next instant, I push my thumb into the trench covering her clit. She goes completely wild and begins to buck like a wild horse, breathing heavily with each violent movement.

I maintain my contact and allow her to administer the movements she needs by moving her body. She moves with great abandon, plunging my fingers deeper and deeper into her opening. Finally, she stiffens and, although my cock is still in her mouth, she cries out in ecstasy and collapses on the bed beside me with my fingers still firmly embedded within her. She is rolling languidly from side to side and moaning over and over while chewing lightly on my cock.

She stiffens as I extract my fingers from her nether regions and massage her buttocks lightly. Finally, she removes her mouth from my cock and says,

“Oh, Tony, that was the most fantastic thrill.”

“Rest Kastamonu Escort Bayan a bit, my love, there is still more to come.”

As she rests, my cock is still in her hand. From time to time she casually gives it a lick. After several licks, she is again becoming interested in it and rolls over onto her belly. As she reaches for my cock with her mouth, I grab her legs and start to pull her pussy down to my face. In a moment we are in the classic 69 position and she is humping my face furiously. My tongue touches her clit just right from this position and she comes after a very short time, collapsing on top of me. As she regains her breath, she whispers, “Please, can I have this cock inside of me?” I roll her off me and onto her back on the bed.

I sit up, slide off the bed, and retrieve a condom from my pants pocket. As I open the package, she squeals, “Oh, let me do it.” I hand her the package and she unrolls the condom over my hard cock. She immediately lays back down with her legs spread and a huge grin on her face. I move into position between her legs and lean forward, allowing the head of my cock to contact her pussy lips.

“Push, push,” she urges, “push it all the way in. Oh please fuck me.”

I push and the cock slides easily into her wet, hot pussy. In one slow motion, I am completely engulfed by her. She sighs audibly, “OOOOOHHHH” and I lean forward to kiss her, supporting my weight on my forearms. As I slide into her velvety pussy, Charly curls her legs around my waist. I start to stroke in and out and she whispers, “Yes, ride me, Tony, ride me.” The words came faster and faster and I continue my strokes. Suddenly, quite without warning, she tenses all of her muscles. Her hands are clawing at my back and her legs are gripping me as tightly as she can. She bucks two or three times in this fashion, crying out loudly each time. “Yes, yes, fuck, fuck, Oh God, yes.” She is so worked up from her earlier peaks that she comes after only a few strokes. She cums twice more in fairly rapid succession as I continue stroking her pussy towards my own climax.

When she comes the fourth time she is practically exhausted. When she realizes that I am coming with her, the exhaustion gives way to renewed gyrations of her hips and tighter contractions of her pussy muscles. After that, we both rest for several minutes, still locked together, while regaining our strength. I took this time to cover her face with hundreds of little kisses. Her arms were still holding me tight when I notice a tear stream from her eye.

“Why are you crying?” I ask.

“Because I’m so happy.” She replies. I kiss the tear away and hold her just a bit tighter.

We suddenly realize that we have to go back to work. We get up from the bed and go into the bathroom to shower together.

“No fooling around.” She says, “We have to just shower and get back to work.”

When the water temperature is properly adjusted, she steps into the shower with me behind her. I grab the soap and begin soaping myself as she washes her front side. We change positions and I stand with my back to the shower spray with her standing in front of me. I reach forward and pull her to me, her back to my front, and start to wash her breasts.

She sighs and leans back into me, allowing her hand to trail down to my cock. As I hold her steady with one hand, I begin to wash down to her belly and, in between strokes, taking little grabs at her nipples. She is leaning harder into me and her hand is hanging limply around my cock. I move my hand lower to cover her bush and a sharp gasp escaped her mouth. She raises her arms over her head to encircle my neck, arching her back to receive my ministrations to her pussy.

As lightly as I can, I soap her clit and her pussy, reaching between her legs to her asshole. Each time my finger touch the edge of her asshole, I can feel a tremble course through her body. She is holding my neck tightly now and standing spread-legged in front of me with her hips thrust forward. I cover her pussy with the flat of my palm and massage it gently, allowing the tips of my fingers to penetrate only slightly before moving on to touch the opening of her asshole. Then I move my middle finger through her pussy lips and insert it deeply into her asshole.

She stiffens, grips my neck hard, pulling my head down to hers and crushing her lips to mine in a fierce kiss. Still standing, she bucks her hips to drive my finger in and out of her asshole while the palm of my hand puts pressure on the opening of her pussy. In a few seconds, she comes for the eighth time in the last hour.

I slowly remove my finger from her asshole and turn her toward me. I hold her close, supporting her weight until her legs steady enough to allow her to stand. She kisses me, tongue diving into my mouth, arms looped around my neck.

“You wonderful fucking bastard, if I never see you again I will remember this day always.”

Just at that moment, the water Escort Kastamonu in the shower starts to cool off, forcing us to towel and dress. We walk hand in hand back to the office. As we near the building, she asks, “When will I see you again?”

“Tonight” I reply, “if you’d like.”

“I definitely would like.” She answers.

Lunchtime was over and Charly and I went back to work. I told her I would come to her place at 7:30 that night. We tried hard to avoid each other throughout the afternoon and almost succeeded. I couldn’t help myself and purposely stopped by her desk at one point. It was the dumbest conversation one could possibly have with another human being, especially one you just thoroughly fucked, but I needed to hear her voice.

Later on I received and email that simply said “My pussy is dripping.” At last 5 o’clock came around and we left the building almost together.

After our co-workers had walked off, we went around the corner and immediately fell into a passionate embrace. I almost bruised her ribs holding her so tightly and she almost broke my neck in return as our lips meshed together. Although we were reluctant to part, it was necessary for a short time. I watched her start her walk home, hips swaying on purpose to seduce me, and then I turned and ran to the bus station. As I sat on the bus for the ride home, I thought sure that my cock would rip through my pants at any moment.

I shave for the second time today, shower, feed the cat, select fresh clothes and still it is only 6:15. I have an hour to kill because it is only a 10-minute drive to her apartment. I put a CD in the player, sit down to read a book and try to concentrate on the words. Look at the clock and it’s only 6:25. Why is time creeping? After what seems like an eternity, it is time to leave. Drive slowly and patiently, an accident or a ticket is the last thing I need tonight. Parked safely outside her apartment building now and it’s 7:25.

I press the security buzzer for her apartment and wait for an answer.

“Who is it?” she asks. “It’s Tony.” I reply.

“Tony who?” the voice says, and I am shocked.

Trying not to show my agitation, “Tony Cummins”, I reply.

“Oh, just a moment.” the voice says.

The buzzer sounds and I enter the foyer. I wonder silently if she is joking or if I have made some colossal mistake. I exit at her floor and ring the bell to her apartment. The door opens slightly, still barred by the security chain and her eyes peek around the edge.

“Hi”, she says, “just being cautious. I’ll have it open in a second.”

She closes the door. I hear the security chain rattle then the door opens to admit me. She is standing completely behind the door, out of sight, and says, “Come in.” I enter and she closes and chains the door. I am startled to see that she is wearing an old neck to floor length bathrobe. Her hair is in disarray and I suspect that I have interrupted her shower.

“I hope I’m not too early.” I manage to stammer.

“Not at all.” She says and drops the robe to reveal her naked body. I stare in disbelief and now it is her turn to wonder if she has done the right thing. I can see the questions forming in her eyes and quickly move to wrap her in my arms and kiss her soundly. My kiss is firmly returned as my hands roam her back and buttocks. With her arms around my neck, she breaks the kiss and, without moving back from my embrace, she asks.

“Did I do the right thing? I mean, I wanted to meet you naked but then I chickened out at the last minute and put the robe on.”

“I don’t believe you, Charly,” I reply. “You are standing in my arms, completely naked, and ask if you have done the right thing. Is your pussy wet?”

“Yes”, she replies.

“Then you have done exactly the right thing.” I reply, inserting two fingers into her wet cavity. She gasps and groans and tightens her hold on my neck. Her eyes are closed and she is rocking back and forth on my hand. Small groans and gasps are escaping from her mouth as she kisses my neck and continues to rock her body.

“So have you, Tony, oh yes, so have you.”

She clings tightly to me as she rocks herself through a mini-orgasm. When her breathing is returning to normal and she is not squeezing me quite so tightly, I extract my fingers from her wet pussy.

“Ooohhhh”, she groans as the fingers come out of her then immediately clamps her mouth over mine with her tongue anxiously invading my mouth. When we break the kiss she starts unbuttoning my shirt.

“It’s a warm night and I don’t want to be naked alone.” she says.

When I am completely undressed, she seizes my hard cock in her hand and gives it a squeeze.

“Now we are almost even.” she grins.

She begins to walk toward the living room, leading me by my cock. When we reach the lounge, she instructs me to sit down with my back firmly against the backrest. Then she spreads her legs and sits on my lap so that my cock is just touching the entrance to her pussy. Very slowly, she captures my hard cock. As she slides down, engulfing my cock with her already wet pussy, her eyes are closed, her head is thrown back, and her fingers are digging into my shoulders. A long, slow moan escapes her mouth as she takes me deep inside her.

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