Chav Sex Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – Michelle’s Punishment

When I finished my call, I looked back at the bed, and was surprised to see both girls fast asleep.

Looking out of the window onto the drab concrete grey of the apartment block, I noticed it was beginning to get light. Checking my watch, I saw it was just before four in the morning.

Even though the sight of the naked girls asleep in each other’s arms was stimulating, the long night and recent orgasm started to take it’s toll, my desire abated and I lay down next to them, covered us with a sheet and soon, fell into a heavy sleep.


Too soon, I found myself awaking to the wonderful sensation of a warm and wet mouth engulfing my penis, making it stiffen and grow. The room was much lighter now, and I guessed it was mid-morning. Shaking the sleep from my eyes and my head, I noticed that my pleasurer was, once again, the adept Michelle. There was more to this girl than met the eye. Seeing me stir in more than one sense, she looked up from her ministrations, immediately replacing her mouth with her hand.

“My mistress is taking a shower, I ‘ave got to get you ready,” she said softly.

“I guess I should shower too,” I replied.

“You don’t ‘ave to. I like your smell,” she said and without waiting for a response, slowly started licking me. Like a cat cleaning itself, she started with my testicles, before returning for a short while to my cock, deep throating with wet slurping noises, simultaneously pumping the shaft with her hand, as her head moved up and down.

Almost reluctantly, she started up my hairy chest. I knew what would come next, and lifted my arms, as she greedily licked my fetid armpits.

“Very good, slave,” said Becky’s now familiar voice of command from the bathroom door. She had showered, but not changed. She was naked except for her stilettos and her ankle chain. Her hair was still piled up, showing her huge gold hoops. One hand was on her hips, but in the other, to my shock and awe, was a huge black whip. Instead of one length of rope, it had multiple leather thongs, and a long leather handle, shaped like a phallus. This was no ordinary Ann Summers toy.

I was spellbound at the sight of the tiny dominatrix. She had just trumped me in our battle of wills, and momentarily I desired to be at the end of her flogging.

Michelle looked up at her mistresses voice, and shuddered involuntarily at the sight of the whip. Becky slowly advanced, turned the whip round in her hand and brutally thrust the phallic handle into Michelle’s vagina. Becky yelped in surprise.

“Now then, slave whore, get changed into our favourite outfit. And hurry,” commanded Becky.

Michelle swiftly departed.

“Has my slave been good to you?” Becky asked me, as she straddled me, pushing my Bostancı escort bayan cock into her vagina, and then slowly moving up and down.

“You have trained her well.”

“Call me ‘Mistress’,” she suggested.

“How about I call you ‘Chav cunt’,” I replied.

She slapped me hard on the face. I slapped her back. She drove down hard on my cock. I bucked up hard, and we succeeded in hurting each other. While she continued to fuck me, she put both hands on my throat, and I responded by mauling her tits and nipples. Our passion eased our anger, and we began to fuck passionately. I had never been so eroticised by such simple sex. Her cunt was small and tight. It fitted me like a glove. She bent forward and kissed me, deeply, like long time lovers. It was clear she was not totally in command here. But then, neither was I. I increased the pace of my thrusts, and she slowed hers down.

“Slow down, mate, we must punish our slave first,” she gasped.

I decided to let her run things for now, and we settled down to a slow, sensual coupling, looking into each others eyes, and strangely, I felt myself falling in love. As we screwed, I caressed her skinny body, her tiny tits, and her neck with my hands.

“Please, lover, let me be in charge just a little bit. Just for now,” she whispered huskily in my ear, as if Michelle might overhear her pleading.

I nodded, and she leaned forward and held down my wrists with her tiny hands, while dictating the pace of our lovemaking with her hips. I stopped thrusting and let her lead. She closed her eyes and her forehead knotted in concentration, biting her lips as she ground her mound and her clit on me. Moments later, she came, gently, and collapsed on my chest with a smile on her face.

“You’re a great shag for an old geezer,” she said, in her best Kent cockney accent. “Good body too, how old are yer?”

“45, but I play squash at lunchtimes, which keeps me fit. How old are you?”

“19. So is Michelle. We went to school together. Got expelled together too at 15,” she laughed.

“What did you do?” I asked. My cock was still in her, and still unsated, I kept up small movements in and out of her sopping cunt.

“I was her pimp,” she grinned, “used to sell blow jobs round the bike sheds for a tenner a pop. Got caught by one of the teachers, and that was that. School is a waste of time anyway.”

Her hard face, which looked almost pretty while she had been reminiscing, suddenly took on a dark look, as she remembered that Michelle wasn’t back.

“Where are you, you fat cunt!” She shouted. “Get in ‘ere now!”

This one didn’t play at being a dominatrix.

Presently, a sheepish Michelle came to the door. She had transformed. She wore 4 inch black heels, black fishnet Escort Bostancı stockings, no knickers, a very tight black basque, which actually formed an hourglass out of her fat body. It lifted up her breasts, so that you saw a wide swathe of bosom, Her nipples were just visible. Clasped to her neck was a black collar, studded with fake jewels, like something you gave to your prize poodle. She had put on make up: plenty of mascara and bright red lipstick.

“Turn around,” Becky ordered.

Michelle did so. Now that her waist had been accentuated, she looked more feminine. Her fleshy buttocks had been given a greater curve. I couldn’t help but think they looked very spankable. Michelle had been transformed from a fat nondescript, chav into a voluptuous plaything.

“I want to fuck her,” I said plainly.

“Not yet. I want to hurt her,” came the brutal reply.

Becky got up, picked up her phallic crop, and grabbed Michelle by the hair. Forcing her to bend over the bed.

“Now, bitch, your punishment.”

She started whipping her on the buttocks, slowly, but with hard strokes, forcing little whimpers from her slave. Red marks appeared on Michelle’s buttocks.

“Mistress, no!” whispered Michelle, “it hurts.”

“It doesn’t hurt enough, you cunt,” came the cold reply.

I agreed. I wanted to have her and to hurt her. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her head by her hair over to me. Forcing her to suck me, while she was being whipped. She did so. I reached under and grasped her breasts, sought out her hardened nipples and twisted them, hard and cruelly. She moaned in pain and shock. I forced her head hard down on my rod and she gagged. I held it down for a few seconds more, even though she gagged. I lifted her head up, slapped her face, spat in her mouth, and replaced it on my cock.

At last, Becky, stopped the flaying. Turned the whip round and forced the phallic handle into Michelle’s vagina. She started fucking her with it, with forceful strokes, making Michelle grunt with every entry. Becky leaned forward, grabbed my head with her free hand and we kissed.

“You have permission to fuck her now,” she said, “but you must finish by coming in me.”

I lay back on the bed and signaled Michelle to mount me. Dressed in the basque, she didn’t seem too bad. It did a good job of hiding the folds of fat round her belly; and the fishnets, while cold to the touch, were slimming and accentuated the curves on her legs nicely. As she started fucking me slowly, I reached up, pulled her breasts out of the top of the basque and massaged them with my hands. I then lifted myself up to nibble her large nipples, biting them hard enough to make her wince.

Then Becky did a surprising thing. She climbed onto the bed in her heels, Bostancı Rus Escort and approached Michelle from behind, whip in hand. She tugged her head back with her hair, and then started lightly strapping her on her exposed back and shoulders. She pulled her hair further, so her head was tilted right back. The action forced my prick into a slightly uncomfortable angle, but I was too excited to care.

Becky then started lightly whipping Michelle’s breasts and nipples, reddening them. Despite Michelle’s little yelps of pain at every lash, she too was clearly enjoying her punishment – her hand sought out her clitoris as she continued to grind herself on my cock.

Becky forced open Michelle’s mouth, and dribbled saliva into it.

“Don’t swallow it yet, bitch. Share it with my new lover – your new master.”

She then pushed her head down and Michelle and I had our first kiss. Her mouth overflowed with Becky’s spit. I was both disgusted and turned on. We shared it and swallowed it, then continued to wetly kiss.

As I looked into her eyes, I saw them suddenly widen and she gasped aloud. Behind her, Becky had her white stiletto planted on her bum, whip in hand, looking triumphantly down on us. Then a new pressure on my cock told me that she had inserted the heel into Michelle’s anus! She then joined in our rhythm, pushing Michelle’s bum on the upstroke, and releasing the pressure on the downstroke.

Michelle continued to masturbate and kiss me at the same time. She was getting close, and frigged herself faster and faster.

“Do I… have… permission… to come… Mistress?” she gasped.

“Yes, cunt,” came the curt reply.

Michelle’s orgasm was immediate and violent, but short-lived. Becky viciously pulled her hair and thrust her aside, and immediately got on top of my throbbing penis. But I had had enough of being told what to do. And I had been holding out for far too long myself. Desperate for both control and release, I picked up her skinny body with one hand under her bum. Sensing what I was about to do, she clung on to my neck as I swung her round so that I was on top and she had her back on the bed.

I then slammed into her tiny cunt with all my might, looking into her eyes. She gasped at every drive, but held my gaze with cynical eyes. Indeed, challenging me to go harder, she entwined her skinny legs round my back, and contributed to my thrusts, occasionally raking me with her merciless heels.

I responded in kind by driving the middle finger of my hand supporting her bum fully into her anus. Swiftly, I set up a rythmn where each thrust of my cock coincided with that of my finger. Becky’s hard gaze suddenly melted, she looked away, widened her legs so that I could achieve greater penetration, and ground her groin and clitoris against me.

We came together; Becky’s: an intense but stifled moan; mine: noisy, barking with every spurt into her womb.

As we lay there, sweaty, exhausted, my cock still in her vagina, my finger still in her arse, she eventually managed to quip:

“Lets call it a draw.”

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